With a sweep of his hand, Zhang Xuan swiftly stowed the two plummeting corpses into his storage ring.

When he revealed his true identity earlier, he had made sure to seal the space beneath him so as to not catch the attention of the soldiers below. Otherwise, if they had realized that someone was making a move on their High Commanders, he would have been knocked out of the sky before he could do anything at all.

Zhang Xuan swiftly scanned the area beneath him, and after confirming that he had not given himself away yet, he heaved a sigh of relief. After which, he turned his sights to his clone, and his lips twitched a little.

He had known that there was a chance that his plan to assassinate Wu Shu could fall through, and it would be difficult for him to deal with the two High Commanders simultaneously. Thus, he had made his clone lie in wait within a sealed space, prepared to ambush the two High Commanders should his initial plan fall through. Fortunately, while his initial plan did not go as smoothly as he had thought it would, his backup plan worked without a hitch.

But still… No matter what, Wu Shu and Bei Xin were still Great Sage 4-dan consummation experts. He had thought that even if his clone caught them off guard, he would only be able to distract them momentarily and keep them tied down. Yet, who would have thought that his clone would actually be able to burst their heads with two punches?

Could it be that… this fellow's strength had grown even stronger than before?

Zhang Xuan had thought that he would be able to teach his clone a lesson after his recent breakthrough, but it seemed like he was thinking too much.

If he tried it, he would surely end up with a bruised face once more.

"You should go down and find an opportune moment to make an appearance later on!" Knowing that he would surely be traumatized if he spoke to his clone for too long, Zhang Xuan issued an instruction as he descended to the battlefield beneath.

By the time he appeared before the sights of the Otherworldly Demon soldiers below, he had already morphed himself to assume Wu Shu's appearance.

"I have already slain Bei Xin! Soldiers of Sovereign Chen Ling, hear my words! Charge and slaughter those traitors!"

Even amid the deafening metallic reverberations and war cries on the battlefield, those words resounded in the ears of every soldier present loud and clear.

"Kill those b*stards!"

"Let them know our prowess!"

Hearing the commands from their own High Commander, the morale of the soldiers from Sovereign Chen Ling's faction rose to a new high.

On the other hand, the soldiers from Sovereign Chen Xing's faction plummeted to rock bottom.

The two factions had initially been equally matched with one another, but it did not take long for the scales to lose balance.

As the casualties on Sovereign Chen Xing's faction started to pile up, the soldiers were starting to show signs of flight.

However, just when the forces on Sovereign Chen Xing's faction were about to fall through, a bloodied figure suddenly descended from the sky and punched Wu Shu into the ground.

"Hahaha, how could I, Bei Xin, fall so easily? I only feigned death in order to deceive this fool. Brothers, now that I have killed Wu Shu, it's time for us to make a comeback! We are from Sovereign Chen Xing's faction, we can't possibly fall to these weaklings!" the bloodied figure declared passionately.

Those words injected fighting will into the subdued soldiers of Sovereign Chen Xing's faction, driving them to straighten their slumped backs, raise their arms, and roar ferociously once more.

Since our High Commander is still with us, how can we possibly let him down?

We have to kill them and let them know that we are no pushovers!

As the morale of Sovereign Chen Xing's faction was pushed to a new high, miserable cries rang out from the soldiers of Sovereign Chen Ling's faction.

With their High Commander emerging victorious in the battle among the top echelon, they had thought that their victory was assured. Yet, who would have thought that Bei Xin would make such a comeback!

With the disappearance of their High Commander, their backbone, the soldiers swiftly flew into a fluster.

It did not take long for the tables to turn.

The momentum of Sovereign Chen Xing's faction swiftly built up, and before long, the soldiers of Sovereign Chen Ling's faction were starting to flee frightfully.

However, right before the complete defeat of Sovereign Chen Ling's faction, another figure emerged from the ground and knocked Bei Xin flying.

"Do you think that you are the only one who knows how to play dead? I, Wu Shu, can do the same! In the end, I am still the one who has the last laugh! Soldiers, I have slain Bei Xin. Raise your weapons and show the enemy the might of those who serve Sovereign Chen Ling!"

Hearing those words, the crowd turned their sights upward and saw that Wu Shu, who should have died earlier, was gazing down upon the battlefield with an imposing air.

The soldiers from both factions were stunned.

While we are pitting our lives on the line, our High Commanders are continuously feigning their deaths…

Is this really fine?

Why does it feel like they are treating this intense war as nothing more than a child's play?

More importantly…

Brother, can you at least give a clear signal as to who is alive and who is dead?

Don't you know that you are making us really flustered like that?

Seeing that the soldiers were stunned still, Wu Shu bellowed furiously from the sky, "What are you waiting for? Bei Xin has already been killed by me! Hurry up and attack the enemies! Otherwise, I'll have you all executed under the crimes of war treason!"


Hearing that the High Commander had passed the order, the soldiers of Sovereign Chen Ling's faction roared ferociously and charged over.

It was yet another intense slaughter, and just when victory was in sight…

"Hahaha! Wu Shu, you never would have thought that I was playing dead once more, right? You should feel proud that you have died under my blade! Men, hear my instructions! We shall launch a counterattack and ensure than none of those dogs of Sovereign Chen Ling's faction will return alive from here!"

Yet again, Bei Xin's figure appeared from the horizon and smashed Wu Shu flying.

The soldiers were completely frenzied.

Can one of you two High Commanders really just drop dead so that we can have some closure?

To die and come back to life again and again… What are we supposed to make of this situation?

Don't you know how exhausted you are making us?

For the first time, all of the soldiers found themselves wishing that their High Commander would die for real instead of playing dead. It was like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows; their hearts really could not take such excitement!

"Alright, it's about time…"

Disregarding the soldiers, who were already on the verge of mental breakdown, Zhang Xuan saw that less than ten thousand soldiers were left of the initial hundred thousand strong army, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

Most of these ten thousand men were severely wounded. Judging from their states, they should not be able to form a collaborative formation strong enough to pose a threat to him anymore.

Nevertheless, there was no telling if the Otherworldly Demons still had some other trump cards in hand. Thus, he had the soldiers continue fighting with one another for roughly another hour. By the end of the hour, more than half of the ten thousand 'fortunate' survivors had been wiped out, leaving less than five thousand remaining.

At this moment, Zhang Xuan finally raised his hand, and his clone, the Golden Origin Cauldron, Infernal Blacksaber, and Dragonbone Divine Spear charged forth simultaneously.

These soldiers were only around Saint 3-dan to Saint 4-dan, and most of them were severely wounded. How could they possibly withstand the onslaught of these experts comparable to Sempiternal realm cultivators? In less than ten minutes, they were completely wiped out.

Looking at the corpses sprawled all over the ground, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. As the tension left his body, he felt a feeling of exhaustion consuming his body, and his head started to feel a little light.

Throughout the battle, he had put his entire effort into disguising himself so as to ensure that his disguise would not be seen through, and this was rather taxing on him.

At this point, his soul energy had nearly been completely depleted.

It was fortunate that he had succeeded in the very end.

Otherwise, if anyone had noticed that it was a ploy on his part, even with just ten thousand Otherworldly Demon soldiers remaining, the tables could possibly have turned on him. The power that could be amassed by ten thousand Saint 3-dan cultivators should never be underestimated!

Zhang Xuan entered the Myriad Anthive Nest, sat down in an empty clearing, and took out energy replenishing treasures. After absorbing furiously for an entire hour, he finally felt himself recovering a bit.

"Let me see how many treasures I have gathered this time around…"

It was a huge contribution for him to slaughter the hundred thousand strong army of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, thus foiling their plan to invade the Master Teacher Continent. However, what he was more concerned about at the moment was the spoils of war that he had earned from the battle.

Putting aside the personal possessions of the hundred thousand strong army, just the wealth of the two High Commanders and dozens of Sempiternal realm cultivators had already far exceeded what the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan had amassed over the past ten thousand years.

"This golden saber is comparable to the Infernal Blacksaber… This spear here is likely a Half-Ancient Sage treasure too…" Zhang Xuan analyzed as his eyes lit up in excitement.

Wu Shu's golden saber and Bei Xin's saber were actually comparable to Heng Jiang's Infernal Blacksaber. Of course, this was to be expected. Even though they had been done in by Zhang Xuan in the end, they were still the people in charge of the hundred thousand strong army.

Zhang Xuan drove his Heaven's Path zhenqi and converted it to the Zhenqi of Slaughter. It did not take him long to win the acknowledgement of the two artifacts.

"Soulslaying Blacksaber, Cloudpiercing Spear… I have another two weapons in my possession!

"Let's see if I can find any suitable cultivation techniques for me. While there are no standard cultivation techniques beyond Great Sage, it would still be good for me to take a look at the cultivation techniques of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Perhaps, I might be able to gather some inspiration from their cultivation techniques!"

Zhang Xuan continued searching through the storage rings, but he was not able to find any better weapons. Thus, he decided to turn his attention to the other items in there.



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