Zhang Xuan flitted around the battlefield with his clone, the Golden Origin Cauldron, the Infernal Blacksaber, and the Dragonbone Divine Spear. They would usually hide themselves amid the crowd, and as soon as an opportunity to strike surfaced, they would swiftly make their move.

In less than ten minutes, the number of Otherworldly Demons above Saint 9-dan who had fallen to him already numbered several hundred.

All of the commanders are already dead…

Zhang Xuan swiftly combed the battlefield and found that all of the black armored commanders and generals had been killed, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

Having cultivated the Saint Ascension Decipher and successfully achieved a breakthrough using Kong shi's superior breakthrough method, his zhenqi could be said to be boundless. Furthermore, the incredible chaos happening around him served as the perfect cover to conceal his tracks. With his disguise ability, no one was able to see through him at all.

Basically, the fate of any Otherworldly Demon whom he set his eyes upon would immediately be sealed.

In fact, he had singlehandedly killed more than two-thirds of the commanders and generals!

Now, this is what I call utter chaos!

Without any commanders and generals to control the crowd, the order that was still barely maintained among the soldiers fell through completely. On a battlefield of a hundred thousand soldiers, at least a couple of Otherworldly Demon died every single second.

Even by conservative estimates, at least twenty thousand Otherworldly Demons had already died amid the chaos.

Now, the key lies in the two High Commanders above. As long as they survive, it's only a matter of time before they recover from their irrationality and exert control over their soldiers, thus calming the situation down… Zhang Xuan thought as he turned his gaze toward the sky.

At this moment, Wu Shu and Bei Xin were still locked in an intense fight with one another. Their attacks bore a striking resemblance with one another, and it seemed like they were familiar with each other's moves as well. Thus, while they had sustained some injuries in their prolonged fight, there was still no decisive outcome to their battle.

As long as these two men remained standing, they would be able to swiftly bring order back to the army.

As High Commanders, they were definitely no fools. It was true that they had let anger get the better of them for a moment, but they would surely calm down after fighting for a moment and notice that something was amiss.

This would be especially so after they realized that all of their commanders and generals had been assassinated. No matter how foolish they could be, it would be obvious that they had fallen into someone else's trap.

I need to kill at least one of them before they come back to their senses…

A sharp glint flashed across Zhang Xuan's eyes as he racked his brain for a solution.

At this moment, however, Wu Shu deflected Bei Xin's spear with a powerful brandish of his saber before retreating a few steps. Following which, he declared in a cold voice, "Bei Xin, we won't be able to determine a victor today. Let's just leave it like this for the time being. However, let it be known that I won't let this matter slide!"

"Rest assured that I'll never forget this matter either," Bei Xin spat coldly.

As they possessed near equal fighting prowess with one another, they did not have the spare attention to keep track of their surroundings. They knew that chaos had broken out amid the army, but they thought that their commanders and generals would be able to keep the situation under control and limit the casualties. They could not have imagined that so many soldiers would have died within such a short span of time.

If they knew, they would have spurted blood on the spot.

Before Bei Xin could finish his words, he saw one of his subordinates thrusting his spear right for Wu Shu. "We can't let this matter slide like this, High Commander. We should kill him right now. How else can we face the brothers whom his subordinates have slaughtered in cold blood?"

Recognizing the person assailing Wu Shu as one of his subordinates, a Sempiternal realm primary stage cultivator, Bei Xin roared furiously. "Hua Muzhe, what the hell are you doing? Stand down!"

The gap between Hua Muzhe and Wu Shu was too great! Such an action was tantamount to suicide!

"Pardon me for disobeying your commands, but he killed too many of our brothers. Even if I lose my life today, I can't let the deaths of our brothers go to waste!" Hua Muzhe bellowed with a hint of madness in his voice as he drove his spear forward furiously.

Facing Hua Muzhe's attacks, Wu Shu was on the verge of going insane.

The other party spoke of dying at his hands, but the truth was that he was the one having difficulties coping with the other party's offense!

He had heard of Hua Muzhe's name before, and he was known to be a rather average commander in Bei Xin's faction. When did the other party grow so formidable to be able to pose a threat to him?


Hua Muzhe's spear grew faster and faster, forcing Wu Shu to retreat in a fluster. At the same time, he bellowed to Bei Xin behind him, "High Commander, let's kill him together!"

"This…" At this moment, Bei Xin hesitated.

It was true that he was infuriated after seeing his subordinates dying right before his eyes, but he had never truly intended to claim Wu Shu's life. Wu Shu was Sovereign Chen Ling's subordinate, and if he died there, the alliance would surely fall through.

"Hua Muzhe, I understand your feelings, but I need you to stand down right now. We'll talk about killing Wu Shu later on…" Bei Xin attempted to diffuse the situation.

However, before he could finish his words, he suddenly saw Hua Muzhe's figure accelerating abruptly. With a speed almost on the level of teleportation, he charged right up to Wu Shu. At the same time, the space around Wu Shu suddenly froze, rendering the latter in capable of moving.

Bei Xin immediately realized that something was amiss, and he exclaimed in horror, "You… You aren't Hua Muzhe!"


Along with the horrified exclamation, Bei Xin immediately dashed forward with his spear and deflected Hua Muzhe's spear with a powerful pierce.


As the two spears collided with one another, a huge shock rippled into the surroundings. Hua Muzhe's spear swiftly disintegrated into dust.

Deng deng deng deng!

At the same time, Wu Shu managed to break out of his sealed space, and he hurriedly retreated multiple steps. Cold sweat poured down from his forehead.

If not for Bei Xin's timely assistance, Hua Muzhe's spear would have pierced right through his throat, bringing him instant death.

"Who in the world are you? Are you the one who killed our commanders earlier too?"

After knocking back Hua Muzhe, Bei Xin pointed his spear menacingly at his 'subordinate' as he questioned him with a wintry tone.

He knew full well how powerful the real Hua Muzhe was, but the person before him was actually able to execute three different Quintessences simultaneously. This was a feat that even he, a High Commander, was incapable of!

He would have to be a real fool not to know that Hua Muzhe had been replaced at this point in time!

At the same time, all of the suspicions that had drifted through his mind earlier swiftly clicked together, forming a nearly complete picture in his mind.

Who would have thought that both he and Wu Shu, two of the strongest High Commanders of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, had actually been played like fools?

"Hahaha! I guess I have been exposed… Yes, you are right. I was the one who killed your subordinates!" Seeing that his identity had been compromised, Hua Muzhe burst into laughter before transforming into the appearance of a young man.

He was none other than Zhang Xuan.

He had been thinking that as long as he could kill one of the High Commanders, everything else would be simple. Who would have thought that he would end up giving himself away instead?

In truth, if he had used the Dragonbone Divine Spear earlier, even if Bei Xin had noticed that he was an impersonator, it would have been too late. However, in order not to expose his own identity, he had no choice but to use Hua Muzhe's weapon. Due to the lacking resilience of the weapon, Bei Xin had been able to easily deflect his attack, thus saving Wu Shu's life.

"Die!" Realizing that he had been played for a fool, Bei Xin flew into a rage and thrust his spear furiously toward Zhang Xuan.

"You b*stard!" Wu Shu also swiftly realized what was going on, and he could not accept the fact that he had been toyed with. Recalling the demise of his subordinates, he furiously hacked his saber down upon Zhang Xuan as well.


Even though Bei Xin and Wu Shu had never practiced their coordination before, they were well-versed in the collaboration formations of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Their spear and saber moved together with impeccable timing to corner Zhang Xuan, forcing the young man to retreat time and time again.

Zhang Xuan swiftly whipped out the Dragonbone Divine Spear to retaliate.

While the two High Commanders had sustained some damage and had exhausted themselves considerably in the previous battle, they were still Sempiternal realm consummation cultivators. Having to face two of such experts simultaneously, Zhang Xuan swiftly found himself being overwhelmed under their offense.

With the pressure on him weighing greater and greater, Zhang Xuan thought bitterly, It seems like I have underestimated them…

He had thought that the crisis could be resolved with him slaying one of the High Commanders, but the situation was starting to turn against him.

At this rate, the soldiers would also swiftly notice that something was amiss and halt their attacks. That would render his plan to eradicate this threat once and for all futile.

After retreating another eight steps, Zhang Xuan was still trying to figure out a way to turn the tables around when Wu Shu and Bei Xin's heads suddenly exploded with a burst of blood. As their blood descended to the ground, a figure appeared before him.

"I told you that we should have just killed them with a punch instead of going through so much trouble, but you just wouldn't listen!" Zhang Xuan's clone remarked disdainfully as he placed his hands behind his back.



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