"Alliance?" Ren Qingyuan was alarmed by the news.

"Based on what I've heard, it seems like the two Sovereigns have amassed a hundred-thousand-man-strong army. If they follow through with the alliance, it's likely that we might face a major invasion soon… If the intelligence I have received is true, the location will be the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters' Subterranean Gallery!" Jiang Fangyou said grimly.

"Most of the Sempiternal realm grand elders of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters have already gone to the Temple of Confucius, and our master teachers are spread across the many Subterranean Galleries throughout the Master Teacher Continent. Even if we attempt to gather them now, they won't be able to make it back here in time. We could use Teleportation Formations to get some of them over, but most of them are too weak to withstand the spatial turbulence!" Ren Qingyuan said with a deep frown.

If Jiang Fangyou's intelligence was true, mankind was truly in huge danger this time around.

Even he was unable to think of a feasible solution to resolve this issue at the moment.

"I know that this matter concerns the survival of mankind, so Brother Luo and I have brought the elites of the Jiang Clan and the Luo Clan over so as to aid the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters in the defense of its Subterranean Gallery!" Jiang Fangyou said.

"Allow me thank you on behalf of mankind, Brother Jiang. Given that a full-blown invasion by the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe lies just ahead of us, we have no time to lose. Let's head down to the Subterranean Gallery right away and discuss our battle plans on the way there. I fear that they will begin on their assault before we manage to get anything concrete out…"

Without any hesitation, Ren Qingyuan and the others quickly made their way over to the Subterranean Gallery beneath the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters.

Just like the Zhang Clan's Dracotiger Mountain Subterranean Gallery, there was a massive fortress behind the spatial seal to serve as the last line of defense against the Otherworldly Demons.

Unless the Otherworldly Demons breached the fortress, they would never be able to step foot on the Master Teacher Continent.

"What is the situation on the other side?" Ren Qingyuan quickly landed on the sentry post and questioned the 9-star master teacher standing guard there.

"There have been no movements from the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe since a while ago. We have just received word from our scouts that their soldiers have retreated through the spatial seal, seemingly planning something. As the killing intent lingering in the otherworldly battlefield affects one's rationality, they didn't dare advance too deep. As such, they aren't certain about the exact situation either!" the 9-star master teacher reported.

"I see!" Ren Qingyuan nodded.

A crimson moon loomed over the otherworldly battlefield where the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe resided, causing concentrated killing intent to linger in the area. If normal master teachers entered the otherworldly battlefield recklessly, it would not be too long before their rationality was corroded by the killing intent, turning them into machines who knew nothing more than slaughter.

It was for this reason that mankind had chosen to maintain a defensive stance against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe over the past tens of thousands of years. It was not because they did not want to eradicate the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe once and for all, but they were not able to do so.

Otherwise, given the countless experts within the ranks of the Master Teacher Pavilion over the past tens of thousands of years, there was no reason for them to give the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe a breather and allow them to recover from the severe blow that they had suffered during Kong shi's era.

Jiang Fangyou pondered for a moment before saying, "It isn't a solution to continue waiting here blindly either. I'll head over there to check on the situation personally. We need more intelligence to prepare for what is to come. The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe usually neglect to guard their borders of the spatial seal, so I should be able to sneak in without alarming them."

"Brother Jiang, allow me to go with you." Luo Ganzhen stepped forward. "I have recently made some advancements in my comprehension of space. As long as the opponent's cultivation isn't above mine, I will be able to conceal us easily from the gazes of any Otherworldly Demon!"

"This…" Ren Qingyuan hesitated for a moment before turning around to the 9-star master teacher to instruct, "Organize our forces and have them prepare themselves for battle at any moment. I'll head over to the otherworldly battlefield to check on the situation with Brother Jiang and Brother Luo."

Since the scouts were unable to advance too deeply into the otherworldly battlefield, the information that they could acquire was limited. It would be better for him to make a move personally.

"Deputy pavilion master! You mustn't!"

"It's too dangerous!"

Many 9-star master teachers attempted to dissuade Ren Qingyuan from making this move.

"Don't worry, I'm only going there to do some scouting. With Brother Luo and Brother Jiang around, we won't face too much trouble!" Ren Qingyuan interrupted the crowd to appease them.

Seeing that Ren Qingyuan was determined, the crowd knew that it would be futile to attempt to change his mind. They could only sigh deeply and fall silent.

As this matter was of the utmost urgency, the trio quickly hid their figures and advanced forward.

It did not take them too long to arrive before the spatial seal.

Just as the 9-star master teacher earlier had said, the Otherworldly Demons did not put up too much defense. The soldiers left behind to guard the area were not very strong; the group of three was able to bypass them with ease.

As soon as they entered the otherworldly battlefield, they felt an intense wave of killing intent gushing toward them. Even with their level of cultivation, they were still unable to prevent such overwhelming killing intent from seeping into their body. Thus, they could only hasten their movements.

"I feel great disturbances in the flow of spiritual energy over there. Let's head that way to take a look!"

After flying briefly, the group of three felt something that could be described as a raging storm of spiritual energy coming from a certain direction. They traded gazes with one another and swiftly proceeded over.

Before arriving in the area, they made sure to conceal their figures entirely and proceed with full wariness. They feared that the slightest ripple that they made in their surroundings would betray their presence to the enemy.

It was not easy for them to arrive in the vicinity of the disturbances. Standing at the peak of a mountain, Ren Qingyuan glanced down at the valley before him, and his figure jolted in astonishment.

Seeing Ren Qingyuan's state, Jiang Fangyou frowned in bewilderment. "What's wrong?"

"Take a look at it yourself!" Ren Qingyuan remarked with trembling lips.

Luo Ganzhen and Jiang Fangyou were perplexed. They quickly glanced downward as well, and in the blink of an eye, their eyes were bulging, and their mouths were agape.

"These Otherworldly Demons… are all dead?"

The valley before them was filled with countless Otherworldly Demon corpses. They piled up on one another like many mini hills in the midst of the valley, forming a rather gruesome sight. This could probably only be described as a 'sea of corpses'.

They had been worried about an invasion by the Otherworldly Demons and were frantically preparing in place many countermeasures to deal with them… Yet, before these Otherworldly Demons had even gotten beyond the spatial seal, they had already been completely wiped out. What in the world was happening?

"Let's head over to take a look!"

Since the Otherworldly Demons were already dead, there was nothing for them to fear. Thus, they hurriedly made their ways over.

They quickly flew into the valley and swept across the corpses.

Analyzing the traces around them, Jiang Fangyou remarked in astonishment, "This should be the encampment for the allied soldiers of Sovereign Chen Xing and Sovereign Chen Ling. From the looks of it… it seems like they died from fighting one another!"

The soul oracles hidden amid the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had secretly sent a message to inform him of the alliance between the two Sovereigns. There was no doubt that such an alliance posed a major threat to mankind, so it was of the utmost importance for mankind to make preparations beforehand.

After learning of this news, Jiang Fangyou had been plagued with worry. He had trembled just thinking of what would become of mankind if they failed to fend off the Otherworldly Demons. But before the enemy even appeared, they had already all been killed.

The hell! What the heck is going on here?

Can anyone explain the situation to me?

"Could it be that the two Sovereigns had a falling out over the alliance and came to a fight as a result, thus causing the entire allied army to be wiped out?" Luo Ganzhen asked.

It was an extremely ludicrous reason, but he could not think of any alternative ways to explain this matter.

"Even if the two Sovereigns turned against one another, causing a battle to break out between the two factions, it's impossible for the entire army to be wiped out like that… Someone must have gone around killing all of the survivors. Furthermore, don't you think that there's a striking similarity among how they died? The thousand Otherworldly Demons over here have all been crushed flat by some immense force, the thousand Otherworldly Demons over there had their hearts impaled, and the thousand Otherworldly Demons there had their heads lopped off…" Ren Qingyuan shook his head and rejected Luo Ganzhen's hypothesis.

As a 9-star master teacher, he was extremely sharp in his observation and analysis. From the traces left behind, he could tell that not a single Otherworldly Demon of the army of a hundred thousand had escaped alive from this battle.

If the factions of the two Sovereigns were equally matched, it was possible for the war to end with many deaths. However, without the involvement of any external powers, it was impossible for all of them to die off so cleanly.

"Pavilion Master Ren is right. Not only so, the equipment and resources of the Otherworldly Demons have also vanished without a trace. I can't see a single storage ring around… Without a doubt, someone must have plundered them!" Jiang Fangyou added.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hearing those words, Luo Ganzhen swiftly swept his gaze over the countless Otherworldly Demons around, only to see their empty fingers. There really was not a single storage ring to be seen. Furthermore, even though most of the tents had been burned down to cinders, there were no military supplies to be seen.

How could such a large army have no military supplies at all?

There was only a single explanation for such a sight⁠—a third party had been there. Chances were that this massacre had been orchestrated by the third party.


Who in the world had the ability to destroy a hundred thousand Otherworldly Demon strong army in less than a day?


At this moment, a sharp sound of wind could be heard from the distance. Following which, a figure appeared above the mountain valley that they were in.



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