Not only was Sword Saint Xing stupefied by what he was seeing, even the middle-aged man was standing petrified on the spot. It looked as if he had just seen a ghost!

Complete silence loomed in the air.

It was just a moment ago that they had been praising Yang shi for raising his Soul Depth by 0.2 so swiftly, but that was the result of a sudden epiphany, and it had taken him two whole hours in order to do so. On the other hand… to jump up by 0.1 every ten seconds, how in the world was the young man doing it?

Even 1-star master teachers with Soul Depths of 3.0 would not be able to do it so swiftly!

"Could the crystal ball be spoiled?" the middle-aged man muttered as he hurried forward to check on the artifact.

However, the crystal ball was completely intact. There was not the slightest trace of damage that could be seen on it.

If the crystal ball was not faulty, it meant that the changes had come from the young man himself, but was such a matter humanly possible?

Wu Chen's eyebrows danced frenziedly around the place, and he looked as if he was about to lose his mind.

This was not cultivation but Soul Depth that they were talking about, and the other party's Soul Depth was beyond 29.0 at that! To be increasing 0.1 every ten seconds…

"He has a strong foundation for his state of mind, having cultivated every realm of his Will of Mind impeccably. This has made his state of mind incomparably wholesome. As a result, he faces little impediment in the advancement of his Soul Depth, thus allowing him to raise it swiftly!" Luo Ruoxin placed her hands behind her back as she calmly explained the situation.

There was not the slightest hint of surprise on her face, as if she had expected such a matter to happen.

As a Celestial Master Teacher, Zhang Xuan had a strong foundation for his state of mind. Using the tower analogy once more, if the lower blocks were laid impeccably, it would be much easier to build the top layers.

"Strong foundation…"

Coming to realize what was going on, bitter smiles appeared on the faces of the crowd.

This was especially so for Sword Saint Xing. He was so embarrassed that he could have found a hole to bury himself in!

He had been thinking that his son's state of mind would be lagging behind due to him advancing his cultivation too quickly. However, this matter had told him loud and clear that his son's cultivation was not fast at all… On the contrary, his cultivation was having difficulty keeping up with his state of mind!

Since he had already met the necessary requirements to push for a breakthrough in his cultivation, what was the point of him remaining stationary on the spot?

Before everyone's shocked gazes, the number on the crystal ball finally came to a halt.


Exhaling deeply, Zhang Xuan retracted his palm from the crystal ball and shook his head. "This seems to be my limit!"

Cultivating the Heaven's Path Heart Tempering Art, he had indeed been able to advance his Soul Depth swiftly at the start. However, as soon as it struck 29.9, he realized that he was unable to raise his Soul depth any higher. It was if there was a massive barrier standing ahead of him, obstructing his path forward.

No matter how hard he tried to push through it, the barrier simply would not falter. He swiftly realized that it was impossible for him to break the barrier with his current strength.

Watching as Zhang Xuan walked back in his direction, the middle-aged man's eyes were widened as though large bells. "Just like that… you are already done cultivating?"

Normal cultivators would find even ten hours too short for their cultivation, but this fellow had actually reached his bottleneck within just two minutes.

"Un. I just paid for two hours straight, so we should still have some time left. Do any of you want to give it a try?" Zhang Xuan asked as he turned to the crowd.

"I'll give it a try!" Sword Saint Meng said.

She still had a gleeful smile on her face, overjoyed by her son's incredible feat.

"Give me a moment. I had an epiphany after browsing through the cultivation techniques inscribed on the walls, so I created one of my own. Allow me to impart it to you!" Zhang Xuan said.

"You created a new cultivation technique?" Even Sword Saint Meng could not help but be startled by what she had just heard.

It hasn't even been three minutes from the moment we entered the room till now, but not only have you raised your Soul Depth by 0.8, you even managed to create a cultivation technique?

"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan nodded, not bothering to explain the matter any further.

With a tap of his finger, a sliver of his will dived into Sword Saint Meng's consciousness.

Swiftly going through the knowledge that had just been imprinted into her mind, Sword Saint Meng's body stiffened in shock.

As an Intuitive Impulse realm expert, she had her own heart tempering cultivation technique to reinforce her state of mind. However, when she looked at the heart tempering cultivation technique that her son had sent over, she realized that what she had cultivated previously was no different from trash!

She quickly internalized the heart tempering cultivation technique that she had just received, and it did not take long for her to fully grasp it.

"Let me give it a try!" Taking a deep breath, Sword Saint Meng walked up to the crystal ball and placed her palm on it.


Numbers surfaced on the crystal ball—27.3.

She was a powerful cultivator, and her swordsmanship was nothing short of impressive. However, her Soul Depth had stagnated shortly after she reached the mark required to become a 9-star master teacher.

Feeling the pressure coming from the crystal ball, Sword Saint Meng closed her eyes and began to drive the heart tempering cultivation technique that her son had imparted to her.


The numbers on the crystal ball flickered—27.4.

A minute later, 27.5.

Yet another minute later, 27.6…

It swiftly formed a fixed pattern, similar to what had happened in Zhang Xuan's case. The only difference was that Zhang Xuan's increment had happened once every ten seconds whereas Sword Saint Meng's came once every minute.


Sword Saint Xing widened his eyes in horror once more.

If there was anyone in the world who knew Sword Saint Meng the best, it was none other than him.

His wife had a fiery temper and fidgety demeanor, which made it extremely difficult for her to raise her Soul Depth. He had to search for all sorts of treasures that were beneficial to raising one's Soul Depth, and in order to cater to his restless wife, he had even designed a collaborative swordsmanship for the two of them to practice together just to temper her state of mind. Even so, it had taken a very long time before her Soul Depth reached 27.3.

And after that, it had simply stagnated there. For many years, it had not even moved a single inch.

But at that very moment, it was increasing by 0.1 every minute…

Sword Saint Xing quickly turned to his son and said, "Your heart tempering cultivation technique…"

Without a doubt, this miracle definitely had something to do with the cultivation technique that his son had imparted to his wife.

"Here you go. You can give it a try afterward!" Knowing what Sword Saint Xing was thinking of, Zhang Xuan chuckled softly as he tapped his finger and imparted the simplified version of the Heaven's Path Heart Tempering Art to him as well.

Sword Saint Xing swiftly browsed through it, and a moment later, he fell into a daze.

It was no wonder his wife was able to raise her Soul Depth so quickly! This heart tempering cultivation technique was truly out of that world!

The predecessors of the Zhang Clan had created innumerable cultivation techniques in order to temper their Soul Depth and overcome their limitations, but none of them came close to competing with the heart tempering cultivation technique that had just been imparted to him.

The more I look at him, the more I find myself unable to see through him… Sword Saint Xing shot a glance at his son and sighed deeply.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He knew that his son had many secrets, and he had thought that he would come to learn of them as they spent more time together. However, the closer they became to one another, the more mysterious his son became to him.

It was as if his son was the embodiment of omniscience. Any cultivation technique, even the most elementary ones, when placed in his hand, would showcase extraordinary effects, transforming into invaluable treasures that the world would die to lay their hands upon.

Legend has it that Kong shi wielded such an ability too. Could it be that my son is going to become an expert on par with Kong shi? Sword Saint Xing trembled in agitation at the thought.

According to the legends, Kong shi had possessed the ability to understand anything that he laid his eyes upon and master any craft in a moment's time. That was actually similar to what his son was able to do. Was his son really going to reach a level comparable to Kong shi?

Just the thought of it filled him with anticipation for the future.

"Come over. I have already reached my bottleneck, and I don't think I can go any further than this…"

While Sword Saint Xing was still deep in thought, his wife spoke. He quickly turned his gaze over and saw the number '29.9' on the crystal ball. Within such a short period of time, his wife's Soul Depth had actually increased by 2.6, reaching 29.9, the very limits of a 9-star master teacher!

"29.9 is the limit of a Great Sage. If you take another step forward, it will mean that your Soul Depth has reached a level comparable to Ancient Sages!" Wu Chen explained.

Achieving a breakthrough from 29.9 means that my Soul Depth has reached a level comparable to Ancient Sages? Zhang Xuan fell into deep thought.

I'm unable to advance my zhenqi or soul cultivation any further at the moment, but I do have a golden page on hand. If I use it, will I be able to raise my Soul Depth by another 5.0, thus reaching a level comparable to Ancient Sages?



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