The toughest parts of a beast were usually their fangs and claws. Everything aside from those two would be relatively inexpensive.

However, knowing the young man's strength, the crowd did not dare utter a word of complaint. They reluctantly nodded before getting to dismantling the carcass as well.

It did not take them long to dissect the massive wolf carcass.

The various body parts of the Goldface Skywolf were invaluable materials, but given Zhang Xuan's current wealth, they were not enough to catch his eye. Besides, those cultivators had gone through a lot in order to kill the beast. As a master teacher, it would be inappropriate for him to steal their loot.

From how they divided the spoils of victory, Zhang Xuan noticed a few subtle details.

He had thought that their group had known one another prior to entering the folded space, but that was not the case.

It was clear that they were guarded against one another, and in the distribution of the spoils of victory, they attempted to claim as much for themselves as possible. Despite having decided to group up together, it seemed like their hearts were not aligned with one another.

The strongest young man, who seemed to serve as the de facto leader of the group, suddenly approached Zhang Xuan. "Friend, it seems like you are wandering around the area alone. Why don't you join our group? The area around the Temple of Confucius is vast, and there are many experts and beasts roaming around. Not only is it dangerous for you to venture about the area alone, it will be difficult for you to acquire anything good given your limited fighting prowess!"

"We can watch each other's back in a group!"

"Putting everything aside, the Goldface Skywolf that we have just defeated has already gone extinct on the Master Teacher Continent, making it an extremely rare and invaluable existence! Without sufficient strength, it would be difficult to acquire even a clump of its hair, let alone its hide and claws!"

The others quickly nodded in agreement.

Venturing around in a group would mean having to split any loot with the group, but the Temple of Confucius was not short of treasures!

Besides, it would be difficult for an individual to fend off the dangers lurking in the area alone and acquire anything substantial. Furthermore, if a stronger expert robbed him, he would be completely helpless against the other party!

Back on the Master Teacher Continent, out of deference for the Master Teacher Pavilion, cultivators would dare not go overboard. However, they were currently in a folded space filled with threats at every corner. Even the arm of the Master Teacher Pavilion was not strong enough to enforce its rules within the folded space!

One could kill a couple of people and dispose of their corpses, and no one would be any the wiser!

This folded space was, in the truest sense, a land of lawlessness. The only thing that could bind one's actions were one's principles and morals.

Master teachers might still feel compelled to uphold their values, but what about the other unaffiliated cultivators? What about the Otherworldly Demons?

After a moment of contemplation, Zhang Xuan eventually nodded. "Alright!"

Since he had no direction at the moment, it would not hurt for him to follow this group. At the same time, it would serve to conceal his identity so that he would not draw anyone's suspicion.

Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's agreement, the young man stood up and introduced himself with an air of dignity. "I am Mu Xiao, an offspring of the Mu Clan!"

A hint of astonishment flashed across Zhang Xuan's eyes.

It turned out that the young man was an expert of the Mu Clan!

Considering his strength, it was likely that the young man was a trump card that the Mu Clan had kept hidden all this time.

Zhang Xuan clasped his fist and introduced himself. "I am Xuan Zhang, an unaffiliated cultivator!"

"So, it's Brother Xuan! It's a pleasure to meet you!" Mu Xiao replied out of courtesy.

The remaining members of the group also introduced themselves as well.

Of the group of seven, six of them were disciples of major powers. Only one of them was an unaffiliated cultivator.

"Let's continue ahead!"

After sealing their alliance, Mu Xiao beckoned for the crowd to gather, and they began advancing once more.

Zhang Xuan noted that they were walking in the same direction that he had been intending to head in earlier, and he quietly followed behind them.

This walk lasted four whole hours.

Within this period of time, they encountered another three beasts wielding strength on par with the Goldface Skywolf. Knowing that his exceptional strength would bring doubts to his identity, Zhang Xuan adjusted his fighting prowess to match that of an ordinary Aureate Body realm cultivator.

The truth was that the crowd had invited Zhang Xuan into their group anticipating that he would possess exceptional means and treasures, considering how he was able to walk around the folded space alone safely. However, when they saw that his fighting prowess was so-so, they swiftly lost their interest in him. Unknowingly, their attitude toward him turned cold as well.

"You hardly did anything at all, so I'm afraid that we can't share anything with you this time. You'll have to try harder to pull your weight next time!" Mu Xiao told Zhang Xuan as they dissected the third beast they encountered.

"Tsk! I thought that he would possess some formidable means! You really can't expect anything of an unaffiliated cultivator!"

"He hardly contributed anything in killing this beast! He has no right to take anything at all!"

Such discussions could be heard amid the group.

Their words were particularly jarring, but Zhang Xuan could not be bothered to waste his words on something as trivial as this. Instead, his eyes were fixated in the direction that the beast had appeared from previously, and his eyes slowly lit up in agitation.

He could not help but notice that the three beasts that they had encountered in the midst of their journey had all been traveling in the opposite direction to them. It seemed too much of a coincidence for them to all be heading in the opposite direction. Could it be that they were walking in the right direction and the Temple of Confucius lay right ahead of them?

With such a thought in mind, Zhang Xuan immediately wanted to break free of the group and advance forward individually. However, before he could do so, a rustling sound suddenly echoed from the forest around them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Following which, a Crimsonfrons White Tiger emerged from the woods ahead of them.

This beast was at Intuitive Impulse realm consummation. As soon as it appeared, it emanated a powerful pressure that caused one's heart to jolt in fright.

"Everyone, raise your arms!" Mu Xiao exclaimed anxiously upon catching sight of the beast.


There was no novice in the group of seven. Upon hearing the command, they immediately whipped out their weapons once more and got into their positions, ready to face any enemy that would pounce on them.


Seeing that someone dared block its path, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger flew into a rage. With a ferocious roar, it dashed right into the group.

With a single move, the large beast had already demonstrated its superior strength against the group. It tore its claws down, choking a suffocating moan from the surrounding air. Ripples of shockwave burst right for Mu Xiao as though sharp sword qi.

"Greenwood Barrier!"

Mu Xiao narrowed his eyes in astonishment. He quickly flicked his wrist and placed a dome-shaped wooden shield before him.

It was an artifact from the Mu Clan.


As powerful as the Greenwood Barrier was, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger was simply too powerful. With another flick of his claws, cracks had already started forming on the surface of the Greenwood Barrier.


Unable to take it any longer, Mu Xiao spurted a mouthful of fresh blood and was sent flying.

Knowing that they would be next victims if they did not make a move, someone amid the group bellowed, "Let's make a move together!"

Upon hearing the order, the remaining members of the group dashed forward simultaneously.

Brandishing their weapons furiously, they sent all sorts of powerful attacks toward the Crimsonfrons White Tiger. However, they were not even able to pierce the other party's skin.


With a ferocious roar, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger spun its body abruptly, sending the cultivators around it flying. Their pale faces and the spurts of blood showed that most of the cultivators had already suffered grievous injuries despite the short encounter with the massive beast.

To think that they would be no match for the Crimsonfrons White Tiger even after putting their strength together!

As expected of an Intuitive Impulse realm consummation beast, the strength that it wielded was indeed fearsome!

"Are we going to die here?"

Seeing how they were unable to breach the massive beast's defenses even after exerting their full strength, despair and horror surfaced on the faces of the cultivators. The realization that they could really lose their lives right there suddenly struck them, and this feeling left them feeling deeply terrified.

Had they known earlier, they would never have ventured so deeply into the area.

Just when they thought that death would fall upon them, the weakest fellow of their group suddenly strutted right up to the Crimsonfrons White Tiger.

"I can't fly here, and traveling on foot takes simply too long… It must be fate that has brought us here together. Since our fates have intertwined with one another, I'll bestow you a chance. Become my tamed beast!" the young man named Xuan Zhang said calmly.


The Crimsonfrons White Tiger was stunned.

Is there something wrong with this fellow's head?

You are going to give me a chance to become your tamed beast, are you? Did your head get jammed in between doors or something?

The other cultivators were also dumbstruck by what they had just heard.

All this while, the young man had not been able to contribute much even in their battles against Aureate Body realm beasts. Yet, at that moment, he actually wanted to take an Intuitive Impulse realm consummation beast as his tamed beast.

Even beast tamers would have to take several years to cultivate their feelings with a beast before they could convince it to seal a contact with them. No one knew how long the Temple of Confucius would remain open for, but it was certain that it would not last several years.

Putting aside the limitations of the young man's strength, it was already an impossible feat on the sole basis of time!

It was precisely for this reason that they had chosen to slay every single beast that came their way. They did not even bother to consider the possibility to taming one of the beasts and taking it back to the Master Teacher Continent.

Given that that fellow was only at the Aureate Body realm, was he not afraid of the Crimsonfrons White Tiger killing him with a single slap?

Before the doubtful gazes of the crowd, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger released a ferocious howl and slashed its claws down upon Zhang Xuan's head.



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