Si la!

It sounded as if the fabric of space was being torn apart. The movements of the Crimsonfrons White Tiger were so powerful and swift that they produced sonic booms in the air.

The blatant contempt that Zhang Xuan had shown it had truly enraged it.

This maneuver was clearly much stronger than the moves that it had used to subdue Mu Xiao and the others. Even a Saint pinnacle artifact would be destroyed under its crushing force.

On the receiving end, it seemed as if the young man facing the Crimsonfrons White Tiger had been scared silly. He remained completely stationary, not attempting to dodge the attack at all!

I was still wondering what kind of expert you are, but who would have thought that you are just another coward!

The Crimsonfrons White Tiger sneered coldly as it smacked its claws down upon the young man's head.


Contrary to everyone's expectations, a crimson explosion of gray matter did not happen. Instead, a metallic reverberation echoed in the air instead. The Crimsonfrons White Tiger narrowed its eyes as it hurriedly retracted its trembling claws.

It had used its full might to crush the young man's head, but not only was the young man completely fine, its claws had been jolted numb instead!

In an instant, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger realized that even though the young man appeared to only be at the Aureate Body realm on the surface, his strength had already far surpassed it.


With a low growl, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger turned tail and fled.

What the heck is this…

It had just planned to grab a small snack to fill its empty belly, but who could have known that it would end up encountering such a tough nut!

There must have been a problem with the posture that it had woken up in!

This would not do. It should return to bed and sleep for a while, and perhaps, it would find that it was just a nasty nightmare…

The beasts inside the folded space had not experienced too many battles, and their intelligence was considerably lower than the beasts on the Master Teacher Continent. Nevertheless, that did not mean that they were so foolish as to court death.

If it was unable to crush the young man's head after exerting its full strength, it was apparent that the young man was not an opponent that it could defeat. As the saying goes, 'Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is the way to go'!

"Did I permit you to leave?"

How could Zhang Xuan allow the Crimsonfrons White Tiger to leave as it pleased after smacking his head? Without any hesitation, he sent a kick over.


The Crimsonfrons White Tiger skidded over ten meters on the floor before collapsing weakly to the ground. Its head was spinning so much that even maintaining its balance was an arduous task!

"You've had your fun. It's time to submit to me!" Zhang Xuan said as he sent another kick at the Crimsonfrons White Tiger's face.

A minute later…

A droplet of blood essence drifted into Zhang Xuan's glabella. The Crimsonfrons White Tiger had finally submitted!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That's more like it!" Zhang Xuan nodded contentedly. He hopped onto the back of the tiger before turning his gaze to the bulging-eyed crowd behind him. "I still have some matters to attend to, so I'll be leaving now."

Leaving those words behind, he nudged the tiger's belly with his leg. The latter immediately began galloping ahead, disappearing into the mountain forest in the blink of an eye. It was as if it had never appeared before.

"He… managed to tame a Crimsonfrons White Tiger alone?"

"Did he even take three minutes for that? My gosh! What in the world did I just see?"

Mu Xiao and the others gulped down several mouthfuls of saliva each.

They had thought that the other party was just a Bronze, but who could have known that he was a hidden Challenger!

They found themselves unable to keep up with the abrupt turn of events.

"If I had known earlier, I would have tried harder to get on good terms with him. With the backing of such a powerful expert, I would have been able to make bountiful gains here!"

"We were blinded by the paltry gains before us. Of the three beasts that we have slain earlier, we distributed none of it to him at all. Considering how we've offended him, we should already be thankful that he was willing to make a move to save our lives…"

"Hai! We have truly missed an ideal opportunity…"

The crowd dearly regretted their earlier actions.

It was true that there were many treasures waiting to be uncovered in the Temple of Confucius, but equally great were the dangers as well.

If they had an expert to cover them, they would definitely have been able to increase their gains. Unfortunately, their greed had foiled an opportunity delivered right to their doorstep, and it was unlikely that such a chance would present itself to them once more.

Oblivious to the emotions of the group that he had left behind, Zhang Xuan was advancing swiftly on the back of the Crimsonfrons White Tiger.

"You are a beast residing in this folded space. Do you know where the Temple of Confucius is located?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The many means that he had at his disposal had failed in helping him locate the whereabouts of the Temple of Confucius. Considering how the Crimsonfrons White Tiger had grown up there, he should be familiar with the surroundings. It would be best to have a local guide take him around instead of wandering aimlessly around the area.

"Master… what is the Temple of Confucius?" the Crimsonfrons White Tiger asked uncertainly.

Zhang Xuan frowned upon hearing the question. "Do you really not know?"

The Crimsonfrons White Tiger shook its head.

Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before asking, "Do you know of any restricted grounds in this area that you are forbidden from entering?"

It was likely that the Temple of Confucius would be a restricted area where the beasts were denied entry. While the Crimsonfrons White Tiger might be unfamiliar with the term 'Temple of Confucius', it should at least know of the various restricted grounds.

Hearing Zhang Xuan's question, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger pondered for a moment before replying, "There is one restricted ground in the area—the territory of the Goldspirit Cloudtiger. There was one time when I accidentally stepped into his territory and ended up being nearly pummeled to death. Master, the Goldspirit Cloudtiger is the Monarch of everything within a radius of ten thousand li from here. It should be able to help you in whatever you are looking for!"

"The Goldspirit Cloudtiger?" Zhang Xuan frowned upon hearing an unfamiliar name.

Having read through the books in the Sanctum of Sages, he had a decent knowledge of the many beasts in the world, and this included those that had gone extinct. However, he had never heard of a Goldspirit Cloudtiger before.

"That's right… It's a tigress. I once tried to court her, but… Cough cough, I didn't succeed…" the Crimsonfrons White Tiger said awkwardly.

Back then, it had prided itself on its silky white fur and dashing appearance, so it had attempted to court the Goldspirit Cloudtiger. Yet, shortly after it arrived in the other party's territory, before it could even meet the other party, it had been thrown out with its tail between its legs.

It was extremely embarrassing even when it thought back on it now.

Tigresses were indeed existences not to be trifled with!

It was then that it had made up its mind to never find a tigress for its wife, or else it would not know when it would be killed in its sleep. For the time being, the female wolf next door looked rather demure and gentle.

Unaware that the thoughts of the Crimsonfrons White Tiger had begun wandering around the place, Zhang Xuan asked, "How strong is it?"

Even though the mount that he had just acquired was only at Intuitive Impulse realm consummation, its superior defense and astounding strength allowed it to rival even Sempiternal realm intermediate stage beasts in a battle.

Despite that, it had still been crushed by the so-called Goldspirit Cloudtiger. Just how powerful was the other party?

"It's at Sempiternal realm consummation! It's one of the Five Monarchs of this forest!" the Crimsonfrons White Tiger explained.

"Five Monarchs?"

"Un. They are the five strongest existences in this forest, having reached Sempiternal realm consummation. In comparison, I can only be considered to be in the lower middle tier within the forest!" the Crimsonfrons White Tiger replied honestly, not daring to lie to its new master.

"Master, if you wish to seek anything, they will surely know better than me!"

Zhang Xuan nodded in response.

The higher one's standing was, the more one was bound to know.

"Bring me to the Goldspirit Cloudtiger!" Zhang Xuan commanded.

"Yes, Master!" Not daring to utter another word, the Crimsonfrons White Tiger immediately confirmed the location before galloping ahead furiously.

Ding ding ding!

During their journey, Zhang Xuan heard the sound of metallic clangs sounding ahead. Coming a bit closer, he saw two groups of people coming to blows over a stalk of a medicinal herb.

On the other hand, the two groups of people swiftly halted their actions upon hearing the flurried footsteps. A moment later, they saw a young man seated atop a massive white tiger slowly approaching them.

"Is that an Intuitive Impulse realm consummation Crimsonfrons White Tiger?"

"Who in the world is that fellow? Why is he sitting on the back of the tiger?"

"Wait a moment… could he possibly have tamed the Crimsonfrons White Tiger?"

The two groups of people were horrified to see Zhang Xuan and his tiger, such that they even forgot about their conflict. On instinct alone, they opened up a pathway for Zhang Xuan to pass by.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan waved his hand at the crowd beneath with a smile. As though a superior checking on the work of his subordinates, he said earnestly, "Hello! I see that you have all been working hard. Carry on, carry on! There's no need to be affected by my presence. I am just passing by…"

As he said these words, he knocked the tiger's belly lightly once more with his leg.


The Crimsonfrons White Tiger warped into a streak of white light as it flitted through the crowd. With the lighting effect from the sun, the young man on the tiger's back appeared to be towering and powerful, almost as if a deity.

"That must be what a true expert is like…"

The crowd muttered among themselves.

While they were still struggling to survive and adapt to this new environment, the other party had already tamed a powerful saint beast to explore the area.

That was the despairing gap between a true expert and commoners like them.

"… I nearly forgot. Give me that medicinal herb!"

"No! It's mine…"

After recovering from their shock, they resumed their furious shouting and tussling over the medicinal herb.



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