"Soul offense?"

The Heavenwood Greenserpent was taken aback. It did not expect the Aureate Body realm cultivator to have such a technique at his disposal

"So what if it's a soul offense? Cloudtiger has been training her soul energy in order to prevent her killing intent from clouding her mind," the calm Acheron Blacktortoise said. "She has just been caught off guard at the moment; once she recovers, she will be able to destroy that fellow with a single move! Besides, soul offense is a double-edged sword. At the very most, he will only be able to launch a single effective attack on the soul of a Sempiternal realm cultivator… There's no way he will be able to do it a second time!"

It was not just its movements that were slow—even the pacing of its speech was slow as well.

The Heavenwood Greenserpent nodded in agreement to the Acheron Blacktortoise's judgement.

The five of them had inherited the bloodlines of the Ancient Divine Beasts. While their souls might have been their weakness, it was not a weakness that anyone could exploit.

Besides, soul offense was a double-edged sword. As powerful as soul attacks were, it would cause considerable backlash to the practitioner as well. Even if the young man was a skilled soul cultivator, how many times could he launch an attack as powerful as that?

Shortly after the Acheron Blacktortoise said those words, the Goldspirit Cloudtiger also recovered from its disorientated state. With a howl of fury, it charged toward the young man before it.

This time, it was truly enraged.

To think that a Monarch like it would end up falling for the soul offense of a mere Aureate Body realm cultivator. It was fortunate that the other party had not used the opportunity to assault it, or else it would have been in deep trouble. If it really lost to the other party, it would not be able to face its subordinates anymore!

"What? At the very most, I'll just die together with you!"

Seeing how swiftly the Goldspirit Cloudtiger had recovered, Zhang Xuan's eyes paled in horror. In a slight fluster and with desperation in his movements, he pushed his spear furiously to counter the other party's offense.

"You are still thinking of retaliating, are you? Dream on!" the Goldspirit Tiger spat coldly.

It was already bad enough for it to have succumbed to the young man's soul offense once. Was the young man really so naive as to think that his soul offense would work on it once its guard was up?

It gathered all of its concentration on reinforcing its mind in an attempt to defend against the young man's soul offense, but the next moment, it heard a whoosh sound above its head.

It seemed as if something heavy was swiftly approaching it.

"Cr*p, I fell for his trap…" Feeling a crushing pressure overhead, the Goldspirit Cloudtiger immediately realized that it was a feint.

The killing move was actually hidden above it!

Raising its head, it was just about to see what was falling on it when it suddenly felt a powerful will intruding into its mind, causing a bout of light-headedness.

"That fellow's pale face is a trick as well!" The Goldspirit Cloudtiger widened its eyes in realization as its mind swiftly blanked out.

If the young man was truly as weakened as he looked, how could he possibly be able to execute such a powerful soul offense?

It was apparent that the young man was feigning weakness in order to make it lower its guard!

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Barely after it made sense of the situation, an immense force had already smashed right into its head, causing its body to sway weakly from side to side.

While it was unsure what kind of artifact it was, the fact that it was able to inflict such tremendous damage on it meant that it was a Great Sage artifact at the minimum!

"This is… a Great Sage brick?" the Heavenwood Greenserpent murmured with a hint of disbelief in its voice. It could hardly believe what it was seeing.

"It seems to have been infused with several tons of Golden Origin Spirit Stone!" the Acheron Blacktortoise added with twitching lips. "Golden Origin Spirit Stone is so rare that not much of it can be found in the world. Yet, it was actually used it to forge a mere brick…"

It was so extravagant that they could hardly wrap their minds around the concept!

That was the invaluable Golden Origin Spirit Stone that they were talking about! Just adding a sprinkle of it into the forging process would turn a Saint pinnacle artifact into a Great Sage artifact!

Yet, to use several tons of such a valuable ore to forge a dumb old brick…

Bro, can you tell me which wastrel forged you? I'll pummel some sense into that idiot!

While the two divine beasts were still overwhelmed by how wasteful human cultivators were, they heard the brick exclaiming excitedly, "Hahaha! Hurry up and surrender, stupid tiger! Otherwise, I, the Golden Origin Cauldron, shall burn you into cinders!"

"The Golden Origin Cauldron? Could it be that… this brick is supposed to be a cauldron?" The Heavenwood Greenserpent gritted its teeth so tightly together that its gums were starting to feel a bit numb.

Can anyone tell me how in the world this lump of metal resembles a cauldron?

How in the world did you find the courage to call yourself a cauldron?

Don't you know what you look like? What Golden Origin Cauldron and burn you into cinders? Even if the Goldspirit Cloudtiger allows you to do whatever you please with it, you have no furnace to burn it down at all!

Not only were the divine beasts rendered frenzied by the sight before them, even the trapped Wu Changping and the others were utterly bewildered by the situation.

It sure was hard to understand the world of aristocrats…

While he was risking his life for a single divine beast, the other party was forging the incredibly invaluable Golden Origin Spirit Stone into a useless lump of metal.

Disregarding the mental breakdowns occurring around him, Zhang Xuan bellowed deeply once more, "Go!"


The Infernal Blacksaber, Wu Shu's golden saber, Bei Xin's spear, and the Dragonbone Divine Spear all flew forth.

Just like that, the Goldspirit Cloudtiger suddenly found itself coming under the simultaneous assault of five powerful artifacts. As if that was not enough, from time to time, an inkstone would suddenly charge forward and smash itself onto its face.

"The hell… Can this still be called a one-on-one?"

The Heavenwood Greenserpent, Terra Qilin, and the others felt their vision blacking out.

Earlier, that fellow declared righteously that he wanted to have a fair fight with the Goldspirit Cloudtiger in the hope of winning a chance at survival. They had anticipated a solemn duel between the two, but contrary to their expectations, the young man had actually dispatched so many artifacts to fight the Goldspirit Cloudtiger instead!

While other cultivators were praying fervently to acquire just a single Great Sage artifact, this fellow actually had six of them in his possession…

Are you actually the illegitimate son of the head of the Blacksmith Guild headquarters?

No… Not even the illegitimate son of the Blacksmith Guild headquarters would have so many Great Sage artifacts with him!

With those Great Sage artifacts moving alongside him, it was as if the Goldspirit Cloudtiger was facing the assault of six Sempiternal realm experts simultaneously…

Hand on heart, can you really consider this a one-on-one?

Seeing how its good friend was nearly being pummeled into a domestic cat, the Celestialfire Phoenix could hardly bring itself to watch on. "Should we interfere?"

"But that fellow has asked whether he's able to use his artifacts earlier, and we gave him our consent…" the Heavenwood Greenserpent replied awkwardly.

When the fellow asked him the question earlier, they had thought that the other party was just courteously asking for permission to use that spear of his…

But it seemed like they were still lacking in worldly experience.

The heck was that courtesy! That was a trap, and an utterly shameless one at that!

Which Sempiternal realm cultivator could possibly withstand the assault of so many artifacts at once?

"Wait a minute… What is that fellow doing over there?"

While the divine beasts were still raging over Zhang Xuan's shamelessness, they saw the young man raising his hand once more.


All of a sudden, six beasts appeared around the Goldspirit Cloudtiger. Their cultivation ranged from Intuitive Impulse realm consummation to Sempiternal realm…

As soon as they appeared, they pounced right toward the Goldspirit Cloudtiger.

The remaining four divine beasts glanced at one another, stupefied.

"Those are his tamed beasts?"

"They… seem to be from this region, right?"

"It seems so!"

"So, in the short period of time that the folded space appeared, he managed to tame six beasts?"

The Heavenwood Greenserpent trembled in rage. "When did our beasts become so prideless and cowardly?"

The fact that they were able to speak human tongue meant that they knew a fair bit about human culture. It was not surprising for them to know of the beast tamer occupation as well.

It had only been a couple of hours since the humans had entered the forest, and yet, the other party had already tamed six beasts. Was this not a little too fast?

"We have to make sure to settle this matter later on. We must make it clear to our subordinates that we, the Beast Tribe, mustn't lower our heads to others!" the Heavenwood Greenserpent uttered passionately. "This is especially so for the subordinates of Cloudtiger's region. Given how prideful she is, how can her subordinates be so weak-minded…"

The Goldspirit Cloudtiger was a noble beast who would go to any lengths to protect its pride and reputation. Why were its subordinates so cowardly?

But before the Heavenwood Greenserpent could finish its words, the Goldspirit Cloudtiger, who had still been battling furiously a moment ago, suddenly lowered itself on the ground.

A droplet of blood essence seeped out from its glabella and floated over to the young man.

The massive tiger placed its head on the ground subserviently. "Goldspirit Cloudtiger pays respects to master!"



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