The sharpness of the Infernal Blacksaber was not to be underestimated. It easily tore through the assaulting branches, thus undoing their offense. However, the incredible force behind their movements still left Zhang Xuan's arms feeling terribly numb, and he was forced to retreat a step due to the impact.

The reason Zhang Xuan was able to oppose Sempiternal realm consummation experts despite the current limitations of his cultivation was mostly due to the powerful artifacts in his possession. In terms of sheer strength, he was still far beneath most experts.

Sou sou sou sou!

The severing of its branches did not seem to inflict the slightest pain or damage on the massive tree. Instead, it swiftly sent even more branches to assault Zhang Xuan, each of them carrying strength rivaling Great Sage 4-dan Sempiternal realm consummation experts. With the tremendous pressure from the movements of the branches, even the surrounding space moaned under the strain, seemingly ready to collapse at any moment.


Not expecting the elder to actually start fighting with the tree in the midst of his observation, the crowd was alarmed. They swiftly realized that the tree was likely the culprit behind the death of the middle-aged man, and they quickly rushed in to offer their aid as well.

"Don't come over!"

However, Zhang Xuan's voice halted them.

Given how even he was having trouble dealing with the tree, they would only be courting death by joining the fray.


But the next moment, countless roots suddenly rose from beneath the sand to assault the crowd.

"Roots? Ah, I get it now. You have spread your roots throughout the entire desert, and it's through your roots that you were able to enchant those sand giants!" Zhang Xuan remarked in realization.

While the tree was considerably tall in comparison to humans, it could not be said to be towering compared to other trees in the Master Teacher Continent. Yet, it wielded strength comparable to Great Sage 4-dan Sempiternal realm consummation cultivators. For it to gain such much power, its roots were bound to stretch far and wide. It was probably through its roots that it was able to enchant cultivators who had died dozens or even hundreds of li away.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It went without saying that Zhang Xuan did not believe that the tree would be capable of remote spirit enchantment when even he was incapable of it.

"You might have plenty of roots, but I do have ways to deal with you too…" Having uncovered the trump card of the tree, Zhang Xuan could not be bothered to waste his breath anymore.

He flicked his wrist.


The Five Monarchs immediately materialized right before him, exuding the powerful auras of superior beings. At Zhang Xuan's command, they charged toward the massive tree simultaneously.


"That elder actually has so many beasts with him?"

"Is it just me or is every single one of them actually at Sempiternal realm consummation?"

"Any one of those beasts would be more than enough to wipe out our whole party…"

Seeing the young elder releasing so many powerful tamed beasts at once, the crowd watching the battle could not help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva as their lips trembled in fear.

It already would be a huge blessing if an average Great Sage cultivator had successfully tamed a Great Sage beast, but this young man actually had so many tamed beasts, and every single one of them was incredibly powerful at that. They had thought that they already thought very highly of the young elder before them, but it seemed like they had been underestimating him!

This visual shock left them stunned for a very long time.

As soon as the Five Monarchs joined the battle, the massive tree immediately showed signs of being suppressed on all fronts.

A short moment into the battle, the Celestialfire Phoenix declared confidently, "Master, don't worry. Allow me to deal with him!"


A blazing inferno poured forth from its mouth, dyeing half the sky scarlet. As soon as the massive tree encountered the flames, it immediately recoiled in fear. The imposing disposition that it had commanded a moment ago vanished altogether.

While the massive tree was able to release cotton buds that would burn even Great Sage cultivators down into yellow sand, it was ultimately still a tree. It was inevitable that it was fearful of direct flames.

Xiong xiong xiong!

Fully aware of the massive tree's weakness, the Celestialfire Phoenix continued pouring flames down. Before long, the massive tree began to dry up, and its lush leaves withered yellow. Its strength was swiftly wilting away.

"I know that you are a sentient being capable of thought. Submit to me, and I can spare you from death. Otherwise, you will meet your end today!" Zhang Xuan placed his hands behind his back and remarked coldly, as if he had little regard for the tree's life.

Having tamed the Five Monarchs, he was practically invincible against cultivators beneath Ancient Sage. Unless an Ancient Sage made an appearance, no one would be able to stop him anymore.

Given that the tree had intentionally harmed so many cultivators and enchanted them into sand giants, it was apparent that it was an intelligent lifeform.

Since that was the case, it would be best for him to collect it for his own use. After all, he could never have too many trump cards.

Barely a moment after Zhang Xuan said those words, a thought surfaced in his mind. "You want me to submit to you? Dream on!"

"Very well. I hope that you enjoy being burned into cinders like the cultivators you have harmed!" Zhang Xuan replied coolly with a grand wave of his hand.

Xiong xiong!

The Celestialfire Phoenix turned into the scarlet color of flames as it darted toward the massive tree while pouring flames down on it.

The incredible outpour of flames caused the surroundings to turn incomparably scorching. The massive tree swiftly withered under the searing heat, and it did not take long for it to become charred dead.


Seeing how the massive tree had refused to submit even when it was on the verge of death, Zhang Xuan frowned. He glanced at the floor, and his lips crept up. "Terra Qilin, sweep up all of the roots underground for the Celestialfire Phoenix to burn. I don't believe that the tree will be able to survive this!"

Hearing Zhang Xuan's command, the Terra Qilin swiftly dived into the desert. A moment later, amid intense quakes, a massive web of roots was rooted out from the ground.

Without any hesitation, the Celestialfire Phoenix burned the roots as well.

The inferno swiftly spread to create a sea of flames.

While the flames breathed out by the Celestialfire Phoenix could not compete with heavenly flames, its prowess was far superior to earth flames.

If it ignited its bloodline to further enhance its flames, it might be able to melt down even Great Sage artifacts!

"There's no way I'll submit to mere humans. Give up on this futility!"

Despite having its roots burned to ashes, the massive tree still refused to give up. A weak will was transmitted over to Zhang Xuan, carrying a persevering spirit.

"It still isn't going to submit to me even with this?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

It was just a mere tree. Did it really need to have so much backbone?

Even without the tree trunk, as long as the roots remained intact, the massive tree might still be able to resuscitate itself. However, if it lost its roots as well, the only fate that awaited it was death!

"No, that's not right. If it's able to remain unfazed even with this, it's likely that destroying the roots will not kill that tree…" Zhang Xuan fell into deep thought.

Unlike master teachers, most spirits were unbounded by principles and rules. When survival was at stake, there was no reason for them to clutch onto their dignity and refuse to submit.

There was no reason for a mere tree to be so obstinate, refusing to submit even with its life on the line!

This meant that it probably had something that would ensure its survival. At the very least, the massive tree was confident that burning its trunk and roots would not be enough to kill it…

"The lake!" A spark flashed across Zhang Xuan's mind as he lowered his gaze to the lake not too far away.

He had not noticed it earlier, but despite the searing heat from the Celestialfire Phoenix's flames, it did not seem like the water in the lake had reduced at all.

"Acheron Blacktortoise, you possess the water attribute. I want you to sap away all of the water in this lake. I would like to see how long that tree can last!" Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Yes, Master!"

The Acheron Blacktortoise slowly made its way over to the lake and opened its massive mouth.


The water in the lake immediately began gushing into its mouth at a frightening speed. It was almost as if there was a vortex in its mouth!

It did not take long for it to finish devouring all of the water in the lake. At the very bottom of the lake, there was a tiny, white root. It had a texture that reminded one of warm jade.

Without any hesitation, Zhang Xuan tore the root out from the ground and held it in his palm. The next instant, the tree trunk and roots that the Celestialfire Phoenix was torching suddenly withered into yellow sand, as if they had lost the foundation supporting them.

"Indeed, this is the main body…"

Upon seeing such a sight, how could Zhang Xuan still not understand what was going on?

The massive tree and its roots were all just extensions of the main body, reminiscent of puppets that the root had taken under its control. It was no wonder the massive tree had refused to submit to them. As long as they failed to find its main body, there was no way they could have killed it!

"Celestialfire Phoenix, burn this root for me! Golden Origin Cauldron, if we aren't able to burn it, I'll need you to help me sear it into cinders!" Zhang Xuan instructed as he tossed the root out.

The next moment, the Golden Origin Cauldron, the Celestialfire Phoenix, and the other beasts and artifacts swiftly converged on the tiny root.

"Pl-please don't kill me!"

Seeing so many experts eyeing it with hostility, the root trembled in fear. It cried out in despair, "I'm willing to submit! I'm willing to submit!"

If it had never been rooted out, as long as its main body remained, it could regrow the massive tree and its long web of roots anytime it wanted. However, given the current circumstances, it did not seem like it had any other way out of this than to submit!

"That's more like it!" Seeing how the root had cast aside its bravado after being caught, Zhang Xuan nodded in contentment.

He quickly sealed a contract with the root.

With this, the culprit who had left all of the cultivators in the desert trembling in fear had become his tamed beast.



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