Seeing how rashly Zhang Xuan had agreed to Old Geezer Yu's challenge, the old ancestor of the Zhang Clan was horrified.

"Have you thought this matter through?" he asked Zhang Xuan worriedly. "You won't be allowed to use your tamed beasts or the seedling; you'll only be able to use your own weapon! It's not too late to back down now."

"I don't intend to back down, and I hope that the other party won't back down either!" Zhang Xuan replied with an indomitable air. With a straightened back, he said, "Suppressing the Otherworldly Demons is part of my responsibility as a master teacher. Even if I'm no match for them and all of this is nothing more than a futile sacrifice, I won't back down!"

"Well said!" the old ancestor of the Zhang Clan roared with a hearty laughter.

"Put your mind at ease and focus your attention on eradicating those Otherworldly Demons. Since we have already agreed on the rules, that Old Geezer Yu wouldn't dare to renege on his promise and interfere in the duel. If he were to so make a move, he can be certain that he will have to face the rage of my sword!"

"Hah! I'll be glad as long as you don't renege on your promise!" Old Geezer Yu sneered eerily in response. "As you have all heard, that young brat wants to challenge all of you, and you have the option of swarming him together if you want to… We of the Spirit Tribe have inherited the bloodline of the Gods. We are unparalleled, and we can't allow ourselves to be defeated by mere humans! If you lose in this battle, I don't think that there's any need for you to exist in this world anymore. On the other hand, if you successfully defeat him, I'll bestow upon each of you a droplet of my blood!"

"A droplet of our lord's blood?"

"Lord, please rest assured. We won't let you down!"

Upon hearing the reward, the faces of the Otherworldly Demons flushed in agitation as a brilliant light shone from their eyes.

"Let's begin then!"


Shortly after those words were said, dozens of Otherworldly Demons immediately encircled Zhang Xuan, sealing all of his escape routes.


Not expecting the Otherworldly Demons to be so shameless as to really gang up on Zhang Xuan, the faces of the master teachers in the Pavilion of Warm Spring turned livid in fury.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's fine, I can handle them. There's no need to breach the rules over something as minor as this…" Seeing that the master teachers were intending to head forward to aid him, Zhang Xuan waved his hand and chuckled softly. After which, he turned to the Otherworldly Demons and asked coldly, "We agreed earlier that I'm allowed to use my weapons, right?"

"Of course!" Old Geezer Yu's voice echoed loudly in the air.

"Very well then! Allow me to draw my weapon first before proceeding with the duel!" Zhang Xuan nodded. He flicked his wrist, and the Dragonbone Divine Spear immediately materialized in his grasp. With a simple swing, it warped into a massive ancient dragon that soared across the air.

"This is… Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's Dragonbone Divine Spear, a real Ancient Sage artifact? No, that's not it. Its powers have been sealed, so it can only exert the strength of a Great Sage artifact at the moment… This won't be sufficient to pose a threat to them…" Seeing the weapon that Zhang Xuan had taken out, Old Geezer Yu widened his eyes in astonishment before falling into deep contemplation.

There was no doubt that the Dragonbone Divine Spear had been a formidable weapon at its peak, and even he would have had to run as far as possible if he encountered it. However, it was a different matter now that its power had been sealed.

Most of his subordinates had reached the Sempiternal realm, and nearly all of them had a Great Sage artifact in their possession. They should at least be a match against the severely weakened Dragonbone Divine Spear.

Old Geezer Yu was confident that his subordinates would be able to stand their ground, but the next moment, the young man flicked his wrist and took out a gigantic slab of metal.

It was also a Great Sage artifact.

"A Great Sage brick artifact? Furthermore, it seems to be forged out of Golden Origin Spirit Stone… Who in the world is so extravagant as to use the Golden Origin Spirit Stone in such a wasteful manner?" Old Geezer Yu frowned.

However, that was not the end of it yet.

Hu hu hu hu hu!

In the blink of an eye, more weapons materialized in the surroundings, forming a defensive circle around Zhang Xuan.

The Infernal Blacksaber, Bei Xin's spear, the Soultheft Shackle, Ancient Sage Zi Rong's inkstone…

These six artifacts emanated a fearsome pressure reminiscent of six separate Sempiternal realm consummation experts.

"You… How do you possess so many powerful artifacts?"

Everyone had thought that the young man would only bring out a single Great Sage artifact to aid him in his battle—after all, each Great Sage artifact was an invaluable treasure. Yet, who could have known that he would bring out so many of them in the blink of an eye?

Such extravagance had stunned everyone watching the scene.

Putting aside the rarity and value of Great Sage artifacts, just taming a single Great Sage artifact could easily take several decades or even centuries of one's life.

Yet, a twenty-year-old man had actually managed to tame so many of them. This was too unbelievable!


Seeing as the number of Great Sage artifacts was growing by the second, the Otherworldly Demons realized that they could really lose against the young man at this rate. Thus, one of them immediately shouted the order for the group to launch their attack.

"Hold it a moment. I haven't taken out all of my artifacts yet…" Zhang Xuan grumbled as he continued flicking his wrist.

Hu hu hu!

Another four Great Sage artifacts appeared. It was the moon glaive and the other artifacts that he had won in the two earlier duels.

As soon as those four artifacts earlier, Zhang Xuan's fingers danced agilely among them, tapping them accurately on certain points.

Weng weng weng weng!

The four Great Sage artifacts echoed in unison, indicating their submission to Zhang Xuan. They had all acknowledged him as their master.


Following that, the four Great Sage artifacts rose into the air as well, directing their edges toward the Otherworldly Demons.

"Ten Great Sage artifacts? This… How is this a fair duel?"

"Is this what he means by 'Even if I'm no match for them and all of this is a futile sacrifice, I won't back down'?"

Seeing the legion of Great Sage artifacts floating around Zhang Xuan, the Otherworldly Demons felt goosebumps rising on their skin, and they nearly spurted blood in frustration.

They could overlook a single artifact, but ten of them… That was equivalent to facing ten Sempiternal realm cultivators at once! Did they even stand a chance against such a powerful force?

Thinking about the impassioned words of the young man earlier, as if a lone hero fighting off hordes of enemies, they felt their hearts stifling up.

No match your head!

Futile sacrifice my ass!

The one who is in a disadvantageous position is clearly us!

"What are you all waiting for? Are you waiting for your deaths?" Old Geezer Yu roared in frenzy.

As an Ancient Sage, he had lived for many years. Yet, he had never seen something as eerie as this.


The longer they waited to strike, the more time Zhang Xuan would have to coordinate his artifacts together. If those artifacts were really able to coordinate with one another impeccably, they would stand no chance. Thus, he charged forward furiously.

The Otherworldly Demon who had roared the command to attack earlier was the first one to charge forward and reach Zhang Xuan. The weapon that he wielded was a Great Sage crescent blade.

He was one of the initial six Sempiternal realm consummation experts, and in terms of strength, he was nearly on par with Bei Yuan. The tremendous strength that he boasted was brought out perfectly through his forceful weapon. With a simple hack, a deafening sonic boom echoed in the air, and even the surrounding space distorted slightly as a result of the force exerted.


Zhang Xuan felt a tremendous might descending right upon his head.

Just when it seemed like he would be split in half, his time suddenly accelerated. He easily turned around to face the crescent blade before adeptly tapping his fingers on it.


An excited buzz sounded from the crescent blade. Following which, its massive body jolted ferociously, and it escaped from the Otherworldly Demon's grip. It turned its blade against the Otherworldly Demon and swung itself down furiously.

"The heck…"

The eyes of the Otherworldly Demon widened in horror at this abrupt change.

The next moment, his head plopped to the ground. Even before he died, he still had no idea what was going on.

"This… Did he just tame that crescent blade?"

The master teachers were dumbstruck by what they were seeing.

And Old Geezer Yu looked utterly frenzied as well.

To be able to tame their weapons and turn them against their masters in the midst of battle… How were they supposed to face an enemy like this?

Before the crowd could recover from their shock, the young man had already charged into the crowd. Every weapon that came into contact with his finger would immediately turn on its master. At the same time, the brick, Dragonbone Divine Spear, and the other weapons were also collaborating closely with one another to destroy the Otherworldly Demons.

"Initially, I thought that the Otherworldly Demons were going too far by ganging up on Zhang shi, but why does it seem as if it's Zhang shi who is the one bullying them?"

"To actually snatch the enemies' weapons and turn them against their masters… I wonder how traumatized these Otherworldly Demons are!"

"There's no need to wonder about it, it's definitely worse than what you can ever imagine! It's no wonder Zhang shi dared challenge all of them at once… It seems like he was prepared for this. Right from the start, he was already planning to slaughter all of the Otherworldly Demons!"

Amid the discussions, Zhang Xuan had quietly backed out from the crowd. With his hands behind his back, he leisurely watched the massive battle between the Otherworldly Demons and the weapons.

He could not help but remark, "I am deeply grateful for the gifts that you have offered me. I'll humbly accept them!"



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