The other party did not show the slightest hostility to him despite knowing of his deeds in the Subterranean Gallery. Instead, the other party even labeled his deeds as 'contributions to mankind'. Those were words that would only typically be spoken by master teachers!

Could the other party be one of the Ancient Sages of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters?

But if the other party was a master teacher as well, why was the other party stopping him from entering the Pavilion of Frozen Winter?

"I am not from the Master Teacher Pavilion, but…"

The Ancient Sage began explaining, but before he could finish his words, a crisp echo suddenly sounded from the Pavilion of Frozen Winter, as if some kind of seal had just been broken. Concentrated cold energy burst out from the broken seal into the surroundings, cloaking the Pavilion of Frozen Winter with a layer of frost in the blink of an eye.

"Zhao Ya is indeed in there!" Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

It was the exact same cold energy that Zhao Ya had emanated after he successfully altered her meridians! There was no mistake!

Hu la!

Paying no heed to the Ancient Sage, Zhang Xuan dived right into the Pavilion of Frozen Winter.

It was apparent to him now that the other party was simply stalling for time to achieve their goals!

So what if the enemy that he had to face was an Ancient Sage?

If worst came to worst, he would just have to use his golden page and toss the Book of Heaven's Path at the other party!

For his student's safety, this was a price that he was willing to pay!

Hu la!

Light flooded out from the Pavilion of Frozen Winter and formed a thin barrier around the building. Zhang Xuan rammed right into the barrier, but he found that he was unable to breach it with his current strength.

"You can't enter now!" the imposing voice of the Ancient Sage exclaimed.

"Scram!" Zhang Xuan roared as he whipped out the Dragonbone Divine Spear and pierced it toward the light barrier.


The attack of the Dragonbone Divine Spear caused the light barrier to waver a little, but the light barrier swiftly stabilized without the slightest scratch on it.


Unwilling to give up, Zhang Xuan infused all of his strength into the Dragonbone Divine Spear and thrust it toward the light barrier once more. This time around, however, bundles of black flames began emerging from the surface of the spear.

Having undergone the trial of the Empyrean Heavenly Flame thrice, his body was already able to harness this devastating force of nature. Focusing all of the Empyrean Heavenly Flame that he had absorbed into the tip of the Dragonbone Divine Spear, it did not take long for the light barrier to be set alight.

"Empyrean Heavenly Flame?"

The Ancient Sage hidden by the side was astonished. He was just about to raise his hand to extinguish the flame when the sound of a millstone scraping against the ground reverberated loudly in the air. Following which, the four pavilions began trembling simultaneously.

"What's going on?" Knowing that something major had just happened, Zhang Xuan could only abandon his attempt to breach the light barrier in order to scan his surroundings.

A loud explosion sounded from the towering Hall of Great Accomplishment, and a crack opened between the tightly shut entrance gates.

An aura of history poured forth from the depths of the Hall of Great Accomplishment, suffusing the Pavilions of Warm Spring, Irate Summer, Cooling Autumn, and Frozen Winter. In an instant, the crowd could vaguely see the passing of the seasons unfolding swiftly before their eyes.

As the Celestial Amulet of Legacy in Sword Saint Xing's hands came into contact with the aura of history, a warm glow burst forth from it, forming a light sphere that covered a diameter of ten meters.


Tugged by a compelling force, the Xingmeng Sword Saints and the others found their bodies being pulled uncontrollably toward the depths of the Hall of Great Accomplishment

"The Hall of Great Accomplishment has opened! Xuan-er, let's go," Sword Saint Xing shouted anxiously.

"I have to save Zhao Ya first!" Zhang Xuan exclaimed anxiously as he turned his sights back to the Pavilion of Frozen Winter once more.

Since he had finally found Zhao Ya, as her teacher, he was obliged to bring her back unharmed!


Launching a barrage of stabs with the Dragonbone Divine Spear, it did not take long for the light barrier to be pushed to its limits and shatter under the pressure. Zhang Xuan immediately made use of this opportunity to dash into the pavilion.

However, just as he was making his way in, a light sphere formed of cold energy bolted out from the Pavilion of Frozen Winter. It followed closely behind the Xingmeng Sword Saints and the others, heading into the Hall of Great Accomplishment.

Within the light barrier, Zhang Xuan noticed a slender figure shrouded in an icy aura. Who else could it be other than Zhao Ya?

The light sphere seemed to have been formed using her powers.

The Xingmeng Sword Saints and the others were able to enter the Hall of Great Accomplishment successfully due to the Celestial Amulet of Legacy in their possession. However, the group that was in the light sphere constructed by Zhao Ya was able to pass through the cracks in the entrance of the Hall of Great Accomplishment without any problem as well.

"Zhao Ya…" Seeing that Zhao Ya had entered the Hall of Great Accomplishment, Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in panic.

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Following that, twenty beasts charged out of the Pavilion of Cooling Autumn and dashed straight toward the entrance of the Hall of Great Accomplishment. It seemed like they intended to sneak into the Subordinate Hall in the midst of the chaos. However, just inches away from the Hall of Great Accomplishment, they found themselves being halted by an invisible barrier. No matter how they tried to push forward, they were not able to advance a single step forward.

Most of these beasts were at Great Sage 3-dan and 4-dan, but it was apparent that their strength was nothing in comparison to the barrier. It was almost as if they were termites trying to bring down a towering tree! Even if they pushed with all their might, the barrier would not waver in the least.

"Those scoundrels have entered the Hall of Great Accomplishment by making use of Zhao Ya's unique constitution!" Zhang Xuan nearly exploded from fury as realization struck him.

How could he get so careless at a time like this? He should have known that the other party would make use of Zhao Ya to enter the Hall of Great Accomplishment! Blinded by his anxiety to save Zhao Ya, he had ended up missing the opportunity to enter the Hall of Great Accomplishment together with his parents. Now that they had all entered the Subordinate Hall, he was the only one left outside. What the heck was that?

"This won't do. I must enter the Hall of Great Accomplishment as well!" Zhang Xuan muttered anxiously as he charged furiously toward the entrance of the Subordinate Hall.

It had not been easy for him to find his student once more. He would never forgive himself if he lost this chance to save her because of a careless mistake on his part!

If worst came to worst, he would just have to make use of the Library of Heaven's Path to find the flaws in the barrier. Even if he had to tear the entire place down, he was determined to get in!


In the blink of an eye, Zhang Xuan reached the invisible barrier. He had thought that he would be kept out just like the other beasts clawing desperately ahead of them, but contrary to his expectations, a warm glow suddenly embraced his body. Before he knew it, he was already on the other side of the barrier.

Zhang Xuan was startled for a moment before realization struck him. How I could have forgotten about that? I have the Prime Amulet in my hands!

Previously, Luo Ruoxin had told him that the Celestial Amulets of Legacy only worked against the Subordinate Halls that they corresponded to whereas the Prime Amulet granted entry to all of the Subordinate Halls and the Prime Hall.

It was due to how useless Little Amulet had been in the outer dimensions that he had ended up forgetting about its existence. After all the disappointments that it had brought him, it was finally proving its value at a crucial time like this!

"Elder, please bring us along with you…"

Before Zhang Xuan could charge all the way into the Hall of Great Accomplishment, he suddenly heard desperate voices behind him, so he turned around to take a look.

They were from the beasts who were clawing frantically at the invisible barrier but to no avail.

Zhang Xuan gazed deeply at them for a moment before saying nonchalantly, "Become my tamed beast, and I'll bring you in!"


Hearing those words, the beasts were stunned for a moment before a huge commotion broke out.

"You want us to become your tamed beasts? You're dreaming!"

"The reason we of the Beast Tribe cultivate is so that we can live freely without deferring to anyone. You might be powerful, but there's no way you are going to make us submit to you!"

"At the very most, we'll just give up on the opportunity to enter the Hall of Great Accomplishment! We'll still be able to improve quickly by cultivating around the exterior of the Temple of Confucius anyway…"

"Even if I die here, I, the Verdantcloud Beast, will never submit to anyone!"

The main reason that they had entered the Temple of Confucius was to find their own fortuitous encounter and advance their cultivation. However, if they had to submit to a human and lose their free will over it, they would rather give up on this rare opportunity.

"Heh!" Hearing the words from the beasts, Zhang Xuan chuckled softly.

With a flick of his spear, he crossed the invisible barrier once more, dashing right into the horde of beasts.

Pipa! Pilipala!

Ten breaths later, he flicked his spear behind his back as he gazed quietly at the subdued beasts before him. "Are you ready to submit now?"

"… Paying respects to master!"


The beasts swiftly got to their knees and bowed down to Zhang Xuan. The arrogant Verdantcloud Beast even took the lead in offering its blood essence to Zhang Xuan to seal a contract with him.

The other beasts anxiously followed suit as well. It was as if they were afraid that their new master would not recognize them if they were too late in professing their submission.

"…" The old ancestor of the Zhang Clan.

"…" The anonymous Ancient Sage.

When did those of the Beast Tribe become so subservient?

Even they, as Ancient Sages, would not be able to force those of the Beast Tribe to do anything against their will. Otherwise, any Ancient Sage would have been able to easily form an army of Great Sage beasts.

Yet, this young man actually managed to do it within seconds.

In an instant, all the experts who were unable to enter the Hall of Great Accomplishment found themselves dumbstruck.



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