Those who had reached the pinnacle of painting were capable of constructing worlds that anyone could enter and live in. More frighteningly, the world that they created could be so lifelike that one would not even realize that one was in a painting.

It was said that tens of thousands of years ago, the Painter Guild had been blessed with a painter of unparalleled talent. He had created his masterpiece, consisting of a massive world and a ravishing beauty, when he was in his prime. Obsessed with his work, he had spent much time in his masterpiece along with the ravishing beauty, and as time passed, he had even fallen in love with the ravishing beauty. One day, he had entered the painting and never left it again.

As a painting created by Kong shi himself, the Canvas of Four Seasons was a work far above the tier of any 9-star painter, be it in terms of conceptualization of the work or the grasp of space-time. The painting was almost no different from a massive folded space, where the end was nowhere in sight.

"There's spiritual energy within this painting, and it's extremely concentrated at that!"

Standing on top of a boulder, Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, and he could not help but be astounded by the capabilities of Kong shi.

There was no doubt that this painting had surpassed the level of 9-star painters, achieving the realm of Unadorned Reality.

Everything that was within the painting felt perfectly natural, such that it was impossible to discern any difference between it and the world outside. With an attack of the Dragonbone Divine Spear, Zhang Xuan was still able to open dimension rifts within the painting and traverse through it. More astoundingly, the dimension rifts would slowly repair themselves as well.

Had he not known that it was a painting, he would have never been able to imagine that it was a simulation of reality.

Zhang Xuan swiftly found a clearing before calling the shocked Xingmeng Sword Saints over. "Give it a try and see if you are able to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage here!"

As his cultivation was only at Aureate Body realm consummation, he was unable to sense the 'quality' that was required for one to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage. However, his parents were already at Sempiternal realm consummation, and they were just a step away from reaching that legendary level.


Knowing that there was bound to be a reason behind their son's words, the duo swiftly sat down and began cultivating quietly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hong long long!

As they began cultivating, the spiritual energy in the area swiftly converged on them and surged into their bodies. Slowly, their auras grew stronger and stronger.

Some time later, the two of them halted their cultivation and stood up.

"We are able to feel the bottleneck of our cultivation, and it feels like we'll be able to overcome the bottleneck with sufficient time… At this rate, it might really be possible for us to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage!" Sword Saint Meng said.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

It was only a deduction from him and Little Amulet that one would be able to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage in the Canvas of Four Seasons. However, if that was truly the case, the value of this painting was truly phenomenal!

"Since that's the case, why don't you two try to push for a breakthrough right now?" Zhang Xuan suggested with a smile.

Considering how he had kicked out the offspring of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, it was likely that the Ancient Sage who had stopped him from entering the Pavilion of Frozen Winter earlier would be enraged.

If his parents could achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage right now, they would at least be less defenseless against other Ancient Sages.

"Right now?" Hearing those words, the Xingmeng Sword Saints exchanged glances before shaking their heads bitterly. "You are thinking too lightly of Ancient Sages!"

"It's true that a fragmented piece of the ancient world is sealed here, and the 'quality' of the air in here allows one to take the final step forward and achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage. However," Sword Saint Xing said, "it will still take a lot of time and effort in order to do so. It's not something that can be achieved in the spur of the moment!"

"Even among Kong shi's three thousand students, only seventy-two of them successfully reached Ancient Sage. This is not an undertaking that anyone can succeed in! It's true that the aura lingering in this painting is crucial to achieving a breakthrough to Ancient Sage… but if one's accumulation is insufficient, the presence of the 'quality' in the air won't make any difference!"

Zhang Xuan was startled for a moment before nodding. "You're right…"

His parents were right.

Reaching Ancient Sage was a major breakthrough, and it was highly demanding on one's comprehension of the world. If one could not even meet the prerequisites for a breakthrough, it was impossible to succeed even if one was in a suitable environment.

Even in the ancient era, not every cultivator was able to become an Ancient Sage. Those who were able to reach that realm were all top-notch geniuses.

"What exactly is the 'quality' in the air that allows one to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"I can't point out exactly what it is either, but I do know that people named it the Aeon of Ancient Sages. As long as one's accumulation reaches a certain level, one will be able to tap into the Aeon of Ancient Sages to rise to greater heights!" Sword Saint Xing explained.

"Aeon of Ancient Sages?" Zhang Xuan nodded contemplatively. "Does this thing exist naturally in our environment, or is it something that could be depleted?"

"There aren't any records as to where the Aeon of Ancient Sages comes from and why it exists in our world, so I have no way of answering your question for sure," Sword Saint Xing explained slowly. "However, based on my deduction, it's likely to be a depletable resource just like rare ores. Once we run out of it, it'll be nigh impossible to bring it back.

"Back when people realized that it was no longer possible to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage, a huge panic broke out amid the upper echelons of the Master Teacher Continent. There were many remarkable talents who had already accumulated enough to push for a breakthrough, but for some reason, they just weren't able to take the final step forward. It was also around that period of time that they discovered the existence of the Aeon of Ancient Sages!"

As the ex-head of the Zhang Clan, he had heard of this story from his predecessor.

The realization that no one was able to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage anymore had cast a cloak of despair over the Master Teacher Continent. Those who had cultivated all their life and reached Sempiternal realm consummation with much difficulty suddenly found their cultivation limited. No matter how hard they pushed themselves, they had simply been unable to advance any further. It was inevitable that they would be terrified.

Furthermore, the Otherworldly Demons had also made use of the opportunity to launch attacks on the Master Teacher Continent. It had truly been a period of nightmares for mankind. Humans had nearly succumbed to despair then.

It was fortunate that the Ancient Sages had then decided to devote their lives to protecting mankind by going into hibernation!

Realizing that they were still able to fend against the Otherworldly Demons for the time being, the panic had gradually calmed down.

Were it not for the sacrifices made by the Ancient Sages, mankind would have already ceased to exist!

"I understand that the Aeon of Ancient Sages is a crucial quality to making a breakthrough to Ancient Sage, but exactly what else is required other than that?" Zhang Xuan asked.

His parents had said that they were unable to achieve a breakthrough due to their accumulation being insufficient, but what exactly did that mean? What did they have to accumulate that was insufficient?

Or to put it in other words, what requirements did one have to meet in order to push for a breakthrough to the highest realm?

"Ever since ancient times, Ancient Sages have been the symbol of the highest fighting prowess in the world. There has been a lot of research done on it to study the requirements in order to achieve a breakthrough to that pinnacle realm. Firstly, the presence of the Aeon of Ancient Sages is necessary. Secondly, one's Soul Depth must reach 30.0. Thirdly, one must achieve a soul span of a million kilometers!" Sword Saint Xing explained.

"Soul span of a million kilometers?" Zhang Xuan frowned. "What does that mean?"

He could understand the first two requirements that Sword Saint Xing had mentioned, but what did the third one mean?

"It's really simple. When you refine your soul energy into a soul thread and extend it outward, the longest distance that your soul thread is able to reach will be your soul span!"

Zhang Xuan fell into deep thought.

Hid soul had been tempered by lightning and heavenly flames, making it extraordinarily powerful. He had also used his soul energy to perceive his surroundings before. However, he had never tried threading his soul energy and extending it as far as possible.

Seeing the expression on Zhang Xuan's face, Sword Saint Xing could tell that his son had never tried testing his soul span before, so he asked with a chuckle, "Do you want to give it a try and see what your soul span is?"

Those who were unaware of the conditions required to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage would not bother testing their souls in such a manner. It was dangerous to spread one's soul too far outward. If the soul thread snapped, one could potentially incur severe damage.

"Alright, I'll give it a try!" Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement. He was also curious how far he could go.

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan began refining his soul energy into a soul thread before pushing it outward.

100,000 kilometers!

200,000 kilometers!

300,000 kilometers!

In the blink of an eye, he had already passed the 500,000 kilometers mark, but his soul thread showed no signs of slowing down. In fact… he realized that he had not even used a tenth of his soul energy yet!



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