"He's wasting a precious artifact for nothing…"

Not expecting the young man to actually make an offering to the predecessors after they had ignored him, Mu Xu frowned in disapproval.

Each attempt to invoke the predecessors would require them to tribute an invaluable amount of treasures, such that they did not dare do it recklessly despite the wealth that they possessed as 9-star master teachers.

Yet, the young man actually invoked the predecessors within ten minutes of his arrival, before he could even make sense of what was going on.

Just what kind of unreliable ally did they find themselves?

"He seems to be terribly conceited. Whatever. Once he fails, he will understand the difficulty in sequencing the moves. It isn't something that one can possibly come up with on the spur of the moment!"

"What a waste of artifacts though!"

The silhouette on the boulder began moving amid the discussions of the master teachers, and Zhang Xuan hurriedly followed it while executing the movements that he had compiled using the Library of Heaven's Path.

The internal breathing method and the movements harmonized impeccably with one another.


The crowd was stunned.

They had studied the boulders for eighteen hours, but they had not managed to sequence the movements to such an extent. This fellow had only been there for six minutes, but he had already managed to harmonize his movements with the internal breathing.

Their eyes widened into huge circles as they watched the sight before them with incredulity.

"No, that's not it. His movements are starting to diverge with the internal breathing method of the silhouette!" Mu Xu suddenly remarked.

The crowd quickly turned their gazes over. Just as Mu Xu had said, some discrepancies were starting to show between the movements of the young man and the internal breathing technique of the silhouette in the boulder. Disharmony was starting to appear.

"See, it's just as I have guessed. It's impossible to succeed in one try!"

It should not have been something to celebrate over, considering how they were supposedly on the same front, but somehow, the crowd could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

They did want to leave this dimension and enter the corresponding Subordinate Hall. However, if the young man successfully found the right sequence within five minutes, all of their pride, dignity, and ego would be completely shattered! Their hearts were not strong enough to accept something like that!

As a result, they could not help but feel gladdened by the young man's failure.

However, their gladness did not last too long. The young man suddenly halted his movements and glared at the silhouette on the boulder with a disapproving frown. As if an elder disappointed by the incompetence of a junior, he sternly lectured, "The sequence you are practicing the internal breathing is wrong!"


The silhouette in the boulder spurted blood.

"…" Mu Xu and the others.

"Follow my movements!" Zhang Xuan commanded sternly before continuing on with his execution. The silhouette in the boulder visibly hesitated for a moment before following Zhang Xuan's movements as well.


Mu Xu and the others were shocked speechless. This had to be the uncanniest sight that they had ever seen!

They had spent eighteen hours there desperately searching for the correct sequence in futility, but within minutes of his arrival, that fellow had not only found the correct sequence but was even lecturing the silhouette in the boulder, berating the latter for having gotten it wrong.

The one who had left behind this secret art was either Kong shi or one of the seventy-two Sages, and yet, to tell the other party that they were wrong…

It was as if a mini explosion had occurred in their heads! All of a sudden, they did not feel so good.

"That's more like it! After giving my version a try, don't you think that the technique has gotten much stronger? Aren't the movements harmonizing much better with the internal breathing?"

Soon, the demonstration came to an end, and Zhang Xuan looked at the silhouette on the boulder with a slight smile.


Before it could respond, the silhouette suddenly wavered lightly before vanishing from sight. Following which, the boulder split open, revealing a massive stone portal.

Beyond the portal, one could vaguely see a majestic palace. It was likely to be the Hall of Divine Crusade that Mu Xu had mentioned earlier.

"Let's go together!" Zhang Xuan beckoned for others for follow him before taking the lead into the portal.


The crowd glanced at one another uncertainly before eventually entering the portal. Even at that point in time, they could not help but feel a little dreamy on the inside.

Crossing the stone portal, they swiftly found that they were transported into another world. Not too far away, the Hall of Divine Crusade towered in the air.

Unable to hold back his curiosity any longer, Mu Xu walked up to Zhang Xuan and asked, "The sequence that you have come up with is clearly incompatible with the internal breathing method shown by the silhouette. Why were you still able to open the stone portal?"

Mu Xu was not the only one who was curious about this. The others also found this occurrence unbelievable.

It was apparent to them that the young man's sequence of movements did not harmonize with the internal breathing method shown by the silhouette. Yet, why did the silhouette choose to follow his movements instead and even open the stone portal?

In the past, when the sequence differed, the one to spurt blood was them!

"I looked through the movements and realized that there were some fundamental flaws with the secret art left behind by the silhouette. So, I modified it a little in order to make it more logical and stronger. Seeing that the secret art that I modified was more correct than his, it goes without saying that it learned from me instead!" Zhang Xuan replied as a matter-of-factly.

Any cultivation technique filtered through the Library of Heaven's Path would eventually end up in its most perfect form.

Since the secret art practiced by the silhouette was flawed. It went without saying that the silhouette would be delighted to have him correcting the flaws for it.

"Not only did he find the right sequence, he even corrected the mistakes made by the predecessors…"

In this moment, Mu Xu and the others found themselves so suffocated that they could not say a word at all.

Just what kind of monster had they encountered?

Proceeding ahead in the Subordinate Hall, it did not take long before they arrived in a massive square. There was a huge crowd gathered in the area. It was likely that they had entered there from the stone forest dimension, just like Mu Xu.

However, as they did not have the Celestial Amulet of Legacy, they could not enter the Subordinate Hall and had no choice but to remain outside.

Murals were inscribed on the walls of the Subordinate Hall, detailing countless formidable techniques. The crowd was studying them intently, completely absorbed in them.

Back in the stone forest dimension, they could only deduce the sequence and hope that what they had deduced was right. However, at that moment, the correct sequence was shown to them through the murals on the walls.

This was similar to a diligent student being shown the answer sheet after going through a difficult examination. It went without saying that they would have to internalize everything on the answer sheet so that they could do better next time around!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhang Xuan quickly took all of those murals into the Library of Heaven's Path with a swift glance before turning his gaze to the entrance of the Subordinate Hall.

The plaque above the Subordinate Hall displayed the words 'Hall of Divine Crusade'. Those words carried an imposing presence, weighing in the hearts of those gazing upon them.

The massive gates at the entrance were open, and access was only restricted by the invisible barrier shrouding the Subordinate Hall. Most likely, someone had already entered it.

"Let me go in to take a look!"

With a wave of his hand, Zhang Xuan took out the Little Amulet and began making his way in.

Unlike the crowd gathered outside, he passed right through the barrier and entered the Subordinate Hall without any problems.

Sou! Sou!

Before Zhang Xuan could properly land his footing into the Hall of Divine Crusade, he suddenly felt two surges of sword qi surging right toward his heart.

His face immediately darkened as he halted his footsteps. With an agile sidestep, he narrowly dodged the two surges of sword qi.

Gazing forward, he saw two young men standing in front of him with a sword in their hands. Intense killing intent could be felt from the depths of their eyes, leaving the blood of others running cold.

These two young men were dressed in master teacher robes. From the exterior, they seemed no different from other master teachers. However, the sheer intensity of their killing intent left one feeling as if one would be dragged down into the netherworld.

"Otherworldly Demons?" Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed in alarm.

He did not think that he would actually encounter Otherworldly Demons in there!

Since that was the case, it meant that they had managed to lay their hands upon the Celestial Amulet of Legacy corresponding to the Hall of Divine Crusade!

There were six known Celestial Amulets of Legacy in the world. One of them was with the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, one was with the Zhang Clan, and one was with the Luo Clan. As for the rest, their whereabouts were a complete mystery.

Judging by the current situation, the Zhang Clan's amulet corresponded to the Hall of Great Accomplishment, and it was likely that the Luo Clan's amulet corresponded to the Hall of Lull. Otherwise, Luo Qiqi would not have been able to get into that Subordinate Hall!

Since there were Otherworldly Demons there, it was likely that one of the Celestial Amulets of Legacy had fallen into their hands.


However, it did not seem like the two Otherworldly Demons were about to give him any more time to ponder about this matter. They flicked their wrists and sent a barrage of sword qi over, not allowing them to rest for a breather at all.

It was as if a roaring river was charging right at him, threatening to sweep him away with its force.

These two Otherworldly Demons were actually Sempiternal realm consummation experts!

"Humph!" Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.

With a flick of his wrist, he whipped out the Dragonbone Divine Spear and pierced it toward one of the two Otherworldly Demons. At the same time, he brought out the Golden Origin Cauldron along with his other artifacts and sent them toward the other Otherworldly Demon.



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