Passing through boulder after boulder, it did not take long for Zhang Xuan to reach the stone platform at the very center. He could not help but frown in astonishment.

 I'm not getting attacked at all… Could it be that this technique has reached the level of a Heaven's Path technique as well? If that's the case, who in the world would be able to cultivate it?

The sequence that he had used was based on the perfect manual that he had compiled using the Library of Heaven's Path, and it was actually the correct answer to clearing the stone forest!

Did this not mean that the secret art left in this stone forest had also reached the level of a Heaven's Path technique?

Could Kong shi really possess the Library of Heaven's Path, just like me? Zhang Xuan deduced contemplatively.

Considering that this trial was in one of the Subordinate Halls, it was likely that the secret art had been left behind by Kong shi. Zhang Xuan was certain that it would be impossible for anyone who did not possess the Heaven's Path zhenqi to successfully practice any Heaven's Path technique.

Otherwise, he would not have had to impart a simplified version to them each and every time.

The fact that Kong shi had created such a secret art meant that it was highly likely that the other party possessed the Heaven's Path zhenqi and was able to practice Heaven's Path techniques. The only possibility of that happening was if Kong shi possessed the Library of Heaven's Path as well!

Zhang Xuan pondered on this matter for a while, but he knew that the only way to verify it was for him to meet Kong shi once more. Thus, he decisively tossed the matter to the back of his head and calmed his mind down. Following which, he slowly walked up to the Stone of Divine Crusade on top of the stone platform and grabbed it.


Sensing Zhang Xuan's approaching hand, the Stone of Divine Crusade emanated a blinding light. In an instant, Zhang Xuan felt as if someone had plunged his soul into the midst of burning lava, causing searing heat to suffuse his body.


Given how Zhang Xuan was able to survive even the Empyrean Heavenly Flame, what could heat of this level possibly do to him? He swiftly suppressed the burning sensation within before biting his finger and dripping a droplet of blood on the Stone of Divine Crusade.

It did not take long before the Stone of Divine Crusade finally abandoned all attempts to retaliate and acknowledged him as its master.

As soon as he received the acknowledgement of the Stone of Divine Crusade, the searing sensation swiftly vanished, replaced with a feeling of warmth. As the silhouette on the Stone of Divine Crusade moved, a surge of concentrated soul energy gushed into his body, nourishing his Primordial Spirit.

Zhang Xuan immediately knew that this was a good opportunity for him to push for a breakthrough, so he crossed his legs and sat down. He drew his Primordial Spirit out of his body and touched the Stone of Divine Crusade.

Hong long long!

As concentrated soul energy flowed from the Stone of Divine Crusade into his Primordial Spirit, Zhang Xuan could feel himself growing stronger and stronger. It did not take long before his current bottleneck was torn down, and his soul cultivation surged into higher realms.

Two hours later…

He had already reached Great Sage 3-dan Intuitive Impulse realm consummation.

After reaching that realm, the rate of advancement of his soul cultivation suddenly slowed considerably. Lowering his gaze, he noticed that the silhouette dancing on the Stone of Divine Crusade had already come to a halt, as if fatigued from all its dancing.

"It seems like the Stone of Divine Crusade needs to recharge…" Zhang Xuan chuckled softly.

The Stone of Divine Crusade harnessed concentrated soul energy that could be used to raise one's soul cultivation, but just like spirit stones, the amount of soul energy within it was limited. It could not supply an endless stream of soul energy.

However, after taming the Stone of Divine Crusade, Zhang Xuan knew that unlike spirit stones, the Stone of Divine Crusade was not a one-time use artifact. It could be reused once more after it was allowed to recharge for some time.

Otherwise, it would not have been placed at the center of one of the Subordinate Halls, requiring one to overcome numerous trials to acquire.

Now that my soul cultivation has reached the Intuitive Impulse realm, I wonder if that is possible…

At the Intuitive Impulse realm, a cultivator would be able to vaguely sense the will of the heavens, allowing him to take steps to avert danger. As one who possessed the Library of Heaven's Path, he knew that he would suffer the backlash of heavens if he raised his cultivation to that level. So, he wondered if it would be the same for his soul cultivation as well.

Thus, he returned his Primordial Spirit to his physical body and tried to grasp at the intangible will of the heavens.

Kacha! Kacha!

The next moment, a powerful streak of lightning descended from the heavens, causing his body to convulse under its might.

"Indeed…" Zhang Xuan's cheeks twitched as he grumbled with a darkened face.

He had thought that his Primordial Spirit might be an exception to the rule, but it seemed like that was not the case.

From the looks of it, it was impossible for him to try peering into the secrets of the heavens. Divine retribution would instantaneously fall upon him the moment that he tried to do so.

However, the most powerful ability that Intuitive Impulse realm experts wielded was their ability to predict the future in advance. If he could not utilize that ability, his fighting prowess would be severely compromised.

Since that could not be helped, he would just have to regard this as a simple advancement in his zhenqi and strength.

Previously, he would still have struggled a little to confront a Sempiternal realm consummation expert with the Dragonbone Divine Spear. If he wanted to kill the other party, he would have to either launch an unexpected assault or use other means to support him. However, with the advancement in his soul cultivation, he could already crush the other party through sheer strength.


Knowing that it would be hard for him to further advance his cultivation within a short period of time, Zhang Xuan was just about to place the Stone of Divine Crusade back into his storage ring when he heard an anxious voice. "Master, can you lend me that stone in your hand?"

Hearing that voice, Zhang Xuan's eyes widened in agitation.

"Vicious, when did you wake up?" he asked anxiously.

The voice came from none other than Vicious, who had gone into hibernation while trying to assimilate his upper body.

Zhang Xuan did not think that the other party would awaken at a time like this.

"I woke up after sensing the soul energy emanated by the Stone of Divine Crusade. Master, can you lend me that for a use? My soul is currently a little weak, and that stone will help me swiftly recover from my weakness!" Vicious requested.

Zhang Xuan was slightly surprised to see that Vicious was able to recognize the Stone of Divine Crusade, but considering that he had fought on equal terms with Kong shi in the past, it was indeed likely that he would be well-versed in the treasures of Kong shi.

"But I have already absorbed all the soul energy in the Stone of Divine Crusade," Zhang Xuan replied with a frown.

Similar to a spirit stone devoid of spiritual energy, he did not see how the empty Stone of Divine Crusade would be of any use to Vicious.

"Master, if all the Stone of Divine Crusade is capable of was storing soul energy, it would be unqualified to be considered as one of Kong shi's prized possessions. Master, please bring me out and pass the stone to me!" Vicious implored.

"Alright then!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

With a flick of his wrist, he took out the Book of Heaven's Path and placed the Stone of Divine Crusade on it.


The Book of Heaven's Path opened, revealing half of Vicious' body. With a light tap, the Stone of Divine Crusade flew out and revolved steadily around the Otherworldly Demons who had been killed in the stone forest earlier.


A few moments later, the silhouette on the surface of the Stone of Divine Crusade began moving once more as a brilliant light shone from it.

"This… The Stone of Divine Crusade is absorbing the souls of others!" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

Through the Eye of Insight, he could see the Stone of Divine Crusade purifying the souls of the deceased Otherworldly Demons and converting them into concentrated soul energy.

"Un. The Stone of Divine Crusade has the ability to cleanse and devour souls. To soul cultivators, it's a treasure on par with Ancient Sage artifacts. In fact, the Seal of Souls of the Soul Oracle Guild is made out of the same material as the Stone of Divine Crusade!" Vicious explained.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The Seal of Souls is made out of the same material?" Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment before widening his eyes in realization.

It was no wonder he found the Stone of Divine Crusade rather familiar. So that was the reason!

One must know that the Seal of Souls was currently sitting quietly in his storage ring. It was just that he had not really used it yet.

"To be able to absorb souls and convert them into concentrated soul energy… the ability of the Stone of Divine Crusade is indeed terrifying!" Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.

If all the Stone of Divine Crusade was capable of doing was supplying one with concentrated soul energy between long intervals, it would be unworthy of being called an ultimate treasure. After all, there were probably plenty of resources out there that could substitute it. However, if it was able to recharge swiftly as well by absorbing and cleansing souls, it would indeed be a formidable artifact worthy of becoming any major clan's family heirloom!

"You can hold onto it!"

The ability of the Stone of Divine Crusade could be said to be a malevolent one. However, Zhang Xuan believed that it was foolish to classify artifacts as 'malevolent' or 'benevolent'. Ultimately, it depended on who was using it. In the hands of a good person, even the most vicious weapon could be used for good. Conversely, in the hands of a bad person, even the most seemingly harmless object could be used for evil.

Thinking back, the trial to obtain the Stone of Divine Crusade had been unbelievably harsh. The requirement to clear the stone forest was actually to cultivate a secret art that had reached the level of Heaven's Path… and this was a feat impossible for any cultivators without the Library of Heaven's Path!

Somehow, Zhang Xuan felt as if Kong shi was aware of his existence. It was as if the Stone of Divine Crusade had been left just for him.

After all, no one other than him could have reached the Stone of Divine Crusade!

"Thank you, Master!" Vicious thanked Zhang Xuan in agitation.

Following which, he began to absorb the soul energy of the Stone of Divine Crusade and reinforce his soul.



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