"Zhang shi!"

As soon as Zhang Xuan arrived in the area as well, Ren shi from the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters immediately headed forward to greet him.

Following which, the Luo Clan's Luo Ganzhen, Jiang Clan's Jiang Fangyou, and a couple other powerhouses from the Master Teacher Continent gathered around him.

It seemed like those people had stumbled upon their own fortuitous encounters as well. Just like his parents, they had all reached Sempiternal realm consummation!

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Zhang Xuan realized that other than the six outer dimensions and the Subordinate Halls, there were a few unique space-time regions in the Temple of Confucius. Those who managed to stumble upon one would find their flow of time accelerating, and overcoming the bottlenecks that they faced in their cultivation would be much easier.

From the looks of it, it was clear that they had benefited greatly from the Temple of Confucius, and their journey had not been wasted.

On the contrary, it seemed like it was only Zhang Xuan, who had been busy wandering around the area and did not spend too much time cultivating, who was lagging behind the others.

"First and foremost, I should save Yuan Tao…"

While he was chatting, Zhang Xuan caught sight of Yuan Tao's figure amid the crowd where the offspring of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers were gathered.

Just like Zhao Ya and Wei Ruyan, Yuan Tao's senses had been sealed, so he could not sense that Zhang Xuan was in the vicinity.

Upon seeing that Zhang Xuan was intending to head over, Ren shi hurriedly tried to persuade him. "Zhang shi, the Ancient Sages have already announced that the different powers aren't to make a move on one another. Anyone who violates the rules will be killed on the spot!"

"That's a rule that the Ancient Sages decided upon in order to secure the safety of the younger generation. Otherwise, if a battle erupted and all of their geniuses who have a chance of advancing to Ancient Sage were killed, their journey here would have been in vain!" Luo Ganzhen added.

"Given the current circumstances, it would be best not to get into a conflict with them. Besides, with our Ancient Sages around, I doubt that they will dare harm Yuan Tao!"

"This…" Zhang Xuan knew that what Luo Ganzhen said was right, but he could not help hesitating.

"They're right," Luo Ruoxin remarked with a smile. "The Hundred Schools of Philosophers won't harm Yuan Tao yet. If we make a reckless move here, the situation could take a turn for the worse. It would be better to save him after we enter the Apricot Pavilion, where the Ancient Sages can no longer interfere. Besides, this might also be a good opportunity for Yuan Tao!"

"Good opportunity?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Un. The Apricot Pavilion is the area where Kong shi imparted his teachings to others, so his words echo within the entire building. Since the Hundred Schools of Philosophers has kidnapped Yuan Tao, it's certain that they have made preparations for something with his Emperor Bloodline. This could be an opportunity for him, and it would be a huge loss if we saved him right now. Taking a step back, even if he is placed in a dangerous position, we can step in and save him at any moment!" Luo Ruoxin said.

Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

He did not know that the Apricot Pavilion was the place where Kong shi had imparted his teachings to others.

Back then, when he was still in the Hongyuan Empire, he had made a reputation for himself with his Impartation of Heaven's Will by inducing the breakthrough of cultivators, animals, and even plants. Considering that Kong shi was far stronger than him, his teachings were bound to be on a far higher level.

It was no wonder a mere root was able to trap so many powerful experts at once. Most likely, the root had also listened to Kong shi's teachings, and its sentience blossomed, thus bestowing it extraordinary capabilities!

"It's going to open very soon!"

While the few of them were talking among themselves, a loud rumbling sound reminiscent of thunder echoed from the underground. Following which, the seal shrouding the Apricot Pavilion emanated a brilliant flash of light.

With the experience from the Hall of Great Accomplishment, Zhang Xuan knew that this was a sign that the Subordinate Hall was about to open, and his hands could not help but tremble slightly in anticipation.


Soon, the massive gates slowly creaked open.

"Let's go!" a person amid the crowd bellowed.

After that, Yuan Tao made an incision at the tip of his finger and squeezed out a droplet of blood. The energy within the blood swiftly enveloped the group from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, and they began making their way to the seal. They were able to slip right through the seal without any issues.

A lot of the Otherworldly Demons also made their way to the seal as well. It was unsure what kind of secret art they used, but shockingly, they were actually able to bypass the seal to enter the Apricot Pavilion!

Noting the doubtful look on Zhang Xuan's face, Luo Ruoxin telepathically explained, "There are some Otherworldly Demons who possess similar constitutions to Yuan Tao."

Hearing that, Zhang Xuan nodded in response.

Unique constitutions were not a trait unique to just humans. It was not too surprising that the Otherworldly Demons had unique constitutions similar to those of humans.

Hu la!

After the Otherworldly Demons entered, those from the Beast Tribe quickly flew toward the seal as well.

Unlike the other two groups, they threw an amulet into the air, and the amulet swiftly enveloped them in a unique layer of energy. It was the last Celestial Amulet of Legacy!

As many had guessed, it was really in the hands of the Beast Tribe!

"Let's enter as well!" Seeing that most of the powers had entered the Subordinate Hall, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and took Little Amulet.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He was just about to shroud the entire crowd with the powers of Little Amulet when Wu Chen suddenly clasped his fist and said, "Milady and Zhang shi, I'll wait outside for the two of you."

After saying those words, he took a step back and retreated from the area shrouded by Little Amulet.

As if knowing that Wu Chen would make such a decision, Luo Ruoxin nodded calmly in response. "Un. Let's go!"

"He…" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

"He's already an Ancient Sage. Even with the powers of the Prime Amulet, he won't be able to enter the Subordinate Hall!" Luo Ruoxin explained.

"As expected…" Hearing Luo Ruoxin admitting it, Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

He had guessed that earlier, but to think that it was actually true!

It seemed like the Aeon of Ancient Sage in the Hall of Great Accomplishment was not the only way for one to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage in the Temple of Confucius. Most likely, Wu Chen had stumbled upon some fortuitous encounter of his own.


Zhang Xuan released some of the tamed beasts from his Myriad Anthive Nest and brought Luo Ganzhen, Jiang Fangyou, and the others into the majestic palace before him instead.

Unlike the other Subordinate Halls, what lay beyond the entrance was not a vast room but a courtyard that spanned a diameter of a hundred meters. At the very center was a towering altar locked down by some kind of seal. Nevertheless, an oppressive aura could be felt drifting forth from it, keeping everyone at bay.

On the two sides of the towering altar were dozens of apricot trees planted neatly in two rows. It was still in the midst of winter in the Apricot Hall, so the trees had already shed their leaves, leaving behind forlorn branches.

The space directly in front of the towering altar was filled with round cushions. With just a swift glance, Zhang Xuan could tell that there were at least three thousand of them. Most likely, this corresponded to Kong shi's three thousand students.

"So, this is the Apricot Pavilion." Zhang Xuan frowned.

He had thought that the place would appear to be more sacred or deific. Contrary to his expectations, it looked very ordinary.

"When Kong shi imparted his teachings, his students would be listening below!" Luo Ruoxin explained with a nod. "Don't underestimate this place. As shabby as it might appear to you, it's actually the most important location in the Temple of Confucius aside from the Prime Hall!"

"It's the most important location aside from the Prime Hall?" Zhang Xuan frowned in confusion.

Other than the towering altar and a couple of trees, there was nothing that seemed to be of significance within this courtyard. It did not feel like a place where treasures would be kept. He honestly could not tell how important this place was supposed to be.

"Kong shi's Impartation of Heaven's Will reached an advanced level. Those cushions and apricot trees likely possess lives of their own. Otherwise, those from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers would have already charged right ahead to the altar. They wouldn't be standing there motionlessly, clearly biding their time!" Luo Ruoxin told Zhang Xuan telepathically.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows leaped up in astonishment.

When he utilized the Impartation of Heaven's Will back at the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, he had managed to instill spirit even within ordinary weapons. As such, it was no wonder that Kong shi was able to bestow sentience upon mere cushions and trees.

Seeing that the Hundred Schools of Philosophers were dawdling in front, refusing to proceed at all, one of the beasts impatiently growled, "Are you all heading forward or not? Otherwise, we'll be making our way over first…"

"If you aren't going to enter, we'll be moving ahead of you. You'd better not dream of snatching whatever treasure we obtain from us, or else we'll give you hell to pay for!" another beast spat coldly.

A young man from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, seemingly their leader, chuckled softly and said, "Feel free to enter if you wish to. We're intending to wait a little longer!"

He was none other than the scholarly young man whom Zhang Xuan had encountered at the White Creek Mountain, the descendant of Ancient Sage Zi Yuan, Yan Xue.

"So be it!" Seeing that the Hundred Schools of Philosophers was really not intending to make a move, the beast harrumphed coldly. "A useless bunch of cowards you lot are. Since they don't dare enter, let's go in!"

With that, the beast began dashing toward the cushions right in front.

From experience, the beast knew that even the most ordinary looking object in the Temple of Confucius could possibly be an invaluable treasure. Considering how these cushions had remained perfectly intact even after the passing of tens of thousands of years, there was no doubt that there was something special about them.


But before the beast could even reach the cushions, the sharp sound of something piercing through the air echoed. It hurriedly turned its head around, only to see a tree branch surging in its direction. The branch's movement was so forceful that it tore a black rift in its path of motion.


At the same time, a couple of apricot trees marched forward and encircled the beasts.



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