The young man who had tamed the beasts and stepped into the midst of the apricot trees was, of course, none other than Zhang Xuan.

Seeing that there were so many beasts who wielded strength on par with the Five Monarchs, there was no way that he was going to pass on this ideal opportunity to bolster his forces. Thus, when he saw the tree branches whipping them viciously, his first reaction had been to dash forward and save them before pummeling them himself.

Through injecting the Heaven's Path zhenqi into their bodies, he was able to heal their injuries and remove whatever traumas were within their bodies. His actions had immediately won him the respect and gratitude of the beasts, and they had willingly acknowledged him as their master.

At that very moment, he was completely surrounded by a thick layer of apricot trees. They were eyeing him intently, and it seemed as if they would lash him dead the moment that he showed an opening.

Nevertheless, Zhang Xuan did not panic at all. Instead, he flicked his wrist and took out a jade-like root.


It was as if the apricot trees had seen a seal of approval, and they quickly opened up a path for Zhang Xuan to pass through.

Zhang Xuan had intended on passing right through the opened path, but he suddenly halted and pondered for a moment. Then, he sent a telepathic message to the apricot trees. "Wait a moment. The reason you are so powerful is that you listened to Kong shi's teachings, right? Why don't I conduct a lecture for you, too?"

The apricot trees were so formidable because they had listened to Kong shi's teachings. Previously, Zhang Xuan had wondered if Kong shi had the Library of Heaven's Path as well, especially given the fact that the latter was able to cultivate a technique at the level of Heaven's Path. Since these apricot trees had heard Kong shi's teachings before, they should be able to deem whether his lecture or Kong shi's was better.

This could serve as a gauge for him to determine whether Kong shi really possessed the Library of Heaven's Path or not.

It was an indirect manner of doing so, but this was the best he could do at the moment.


The apricot trees shook their branches in confusion.

We have already opened up a path for you to pass. Why do you still want to conduct a lecture for us?

Paying no heed to the confusion of the apricot trees, Zhang Xuan began on his lecture. "The path of cultivation isn't just limited to men and beasts. Plants are able to seek enlightenment through cultivation as well…"


The apricot trees were a little perplexed at the start, but after listening to a portion of the lecture, they began to dance excitedly around the area. It seemed as if they could not curb the overflowing exhilaration in their hearts!

The content of the other party's lecture was as deep and profound as Kong shi's, and every single word that he spoke seemed to hammer right into the core of their existence.

In other words… while the young man before them might not seem like anything much, in terms of imparting knowledge, he was already on par with Kong shi!

While Zhang Xuan was busy imparting knowledge to the apricot trees, Yan Xue, the other offspring of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, and the Otherworldly Demons frowned in incomprehension to the bizarre situation before them.

They had expected that fellow to be whipped viciously once he stepped into the midst of the apricot trees, similar to what had happened with the beasts. Yet, contrary to their expectations, the apricot trees did not make a move on him at all. Instead, they seemed to have fallen into a daze.

"He's sat down. He seems to be saying something… Is he conducting a lecture for the apricot trees?" shouted someone in the crowd.

Upon hearing those words, the crowd swiftly noticed that the lips of the young man were moving nonstop. It was hard to tell what he was saying—it could have been a lecture, or he might just have been conversing with the apricot trees.


Before they could recover from their shock, a few apricot trees suddenly lowered all of their tree branches on the ground, as if earnestly paying respect to the young man before them.

"They are trees that have heard Kong shi's teachings, yet… they are acknowledging the young man's lecture?"

Everyone was stunned.

These were trees that had grown to Sempiternal realm consummation listening to Kong shi's lectures. They were strong enough to subdue any cultivators in the same realm as them… So, why in the world were they so obedient toward the young man?

This did not make sense at all!

Hong long long!

At this moment, the ground suddenly quaked. Following which, the crowd saw the wilting leaves fallen on the ground standing up one after another, and they sprinted agitatedly toward the young man, as if drawn in by his teachings.

"Even tree leaves are able to benefit from his teachings?"

The crowd felt as if the boundary between reality and fantasy had been blurred.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was one thing if trees were able to listen to his lecture. After all, Kong shi had imparted his teachings there for many years, so it was no wonder that the trees had gradually become sentient and gained the ability to cultivate. But those tree leaves… they were already half wilted, and they were on the verge of returning to the earth at any moment. Yet, they were still able to run over to listen to the lecture!

Was this not a little too exaggerated?

A thought suddenly flashed across Yan Xue's mind as he exclaimed in astonishment, "Wait a moment. These trees have already reached Sempiternal realm consummation… so why would they still shed leaves? More importantly, why would these leaves wilt?"


Hearing those questions, the crowd behind was stunned.

Indeed! If the tree was able to reach this level of cultivation, every single one of its branches and leaves was comparable to Great Sage artifacts. Be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the changing of the seasons would not be able to faze it at all!

"Perhaps the fallen leaves and their wilting might just be a natural process it follows… In other words, when spring comes, these leaves automatically return to the branches instead of growing out new ones!" Yan Xue remarked deeply.

Barely after he finished his words, the wilted leaves that were in the midst of listening to Zhang Xuan's lecture suddenly shuddered a little. Following which, they flew atop the branches of the apricot trees, and their yellowish exterior gradually returned to their former lush green.

At the same time, the apricot trees seemed to have welcomed a new spring.

A youth from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers suddenly recalled something, and he gulped in shock.

"Dictum of Absolute Truth, Decree to Dictate Spring and Autumn… this is an ability that only Kong shi possessed…"

Legend had it that while Kong shi was traveling around the world, he stumbled upon an old tree that had withered to death. Out of compassion, he held a lecture beneath the old tree, and not long later, the old tree was born anew. Strength and vitality returned to its trunk, fresh green leaves began sprouting on the branches, and delectable fruits grew from blossoming flowers. The old tree had ushered in its new spring.

Out of awe for Kong shi's deeds, his students came up with the analogy 'Decree to Dictate Spring and Autumn'…

Could it be that the young man before them possessed such an ability as well?

"This isn't Dictum of Absolute Truth! The old tree that Kong shi lectured under was already dead whereas these apricot trees are all Sempiternal realm experts. How can the two feats possibly be compared to one another?" Yan Xue exclaimed through gritted teeth.

The Hundred Schools of Philosophers boasted the most complete heritage from Kong shi. Yet, it was ironic how they ended up finding themselves completely helpless in the Temple of Confucius. On the other hand, the fellow was able to make astonishing moves one after another.

This had left Yan Xue feeling deeply humiliated.

"Yan Xue, since the apricot trees and the leaves are in the midst of listening to that fellow's lesson, can't we make use of this opportunity to slip through? It not now, when else should we strike?" a young man said to Yan Xue telepathically.

"This…" Hesitation surfaced in Yan Xue's eyes.

There was some truth to what the young man had told him. The greatest obstruction to them was those apricot trees, and their attention was focused on the young man before them. This was indeed an ideal opportunity for them to strike.

Yan Xue pondered for a moment longer, but he still felt a little worried about the matter. Thus, he turned to the young man who had proposed the idea earlier and said, "You can give it a try then…"

The young man nodded in agreement before making his way forward.

Sou sou sou!

However, before he could even get close to the apricot trees, a sharp moaning sound suddenly resonated in the air. Turning his head anxiously, he saw a huge chunk of tree leaves darting right his way!


In an instant, the young man found his chest impaled by dozens of leaves, and fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

Everything happened too quickly. Before the thought of retaliating could even formulate in his mind, he was already severely injured!


No one had thought that the tree leaves would be so powerful. After witnessing the sight, no one in the area dared to step forward.

Yan Xue's lips quivered in shock. For a very long time, he was unable to find any words.

He had thought that it was an opportunity for them to strike, but who would have thought that the tree leaves would remain fully on guard even while they were in the midst of listening to the fellow's lecture? It seemed like they were determined not to allow anyone to get past them.

"A wind…"

The crowd was plunged into silence. Just as everyone was at a complete loss as to what to do, a light breeze suddenly whistled from the distance, and it lightly caressed their faces. However, it swiftly grew stronger and stronger, to the point that the tree leaves began rustling noisily.

Soon, the earth also started to quake as well.


Everyone hurriedly raised their heads, and they saw that the altar nearby had started radiating a blinding light. There seemed to be a figure floating quietly in the air. Following which, a grand voice filled the air.

"T-this is… the Empyrean Resonance! It's finally here…" Yan Xue's eyes lit up as his body trembled in agitation.This is one of the terms with layered meanings. To look at it in a simpler manner, Dictate Spring and Autumn simply means an ability so great that even the seasons bowed down to one's might. However, Spring and Autumn also happens to be an era of Chinese history, and it referred to the chaotic period which Kong shi lived in. The ability to Dictate Spring and Autumn can also mean the ability to calm the chaos and rise above all those powers and bring peace to the world.



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