Weng weng!

Seeing the altar being plucked off the ground sent the apricot trees into a rage. In an instant, branches and leaves shot forth to strike down Yuan Tao.

"This is bad…" Zhang Xuan's face warped in horror.

He had witnessed the prowess of the apricot trees and their leaves earlier. Even he would have sustained severe injuries if he was struck, let alone Yuan Tao, whose cultivation was far lower than his.

Zhang Xuan wanted to dash forward to save him, only to be stopped by a tug on his wrist. Turning his head, he saw Luo Ruoxin shaking her head at him.

He was deeply conflicted within, but he knew that Luo Ruoxin had her reasons for stopping him. Trusting her, he chose to suppress his worries and watch how the situation unfolded.


The branches and leaves had already arrived by Yuan Tao's side at that moment. In response to their assault, a light hum echoed from Yuan Tao's body as he seemed to have activated some kind of defensive barrier. A warm glow wrapped itself around his body and materialized in the form of light armor.

The armor was not too thick, but no matter how the branches and leaves struck the armor, they were unable to penetrate it.

"Is that the Panoply of Golden Words of the Ancient Sages?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

He had heard of this before. Similar to the Golden Warriors of Mentor's Calligraphy, the Panoply of Golden Words was a kind of manifestation of an Ancient Sage's power in the form of armor that was impenetrable by anyone beneath Ancient Sage.

It seemed like the experts from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers had foreseen the dangers in retrieving the altar, so they had prepared such a trick in order to protect Yuan Tao.


However, under the furious lashing of the apricot trees, the Panoply of Golden Words shrouding Yuan Tao gradually faded. It was ultimately still a manifestation of energy, so it would eventually be depleted especially when placed under furious assault.


Even though Yuan Tao's six senses were sealed, which made it nigh impossible for him to perceive his surroundings, he was still somehow able to sense the aggression launched against him. With a furious roar, he pushed his strength to its very limits.

Xiong xiong xiong!

The Emperor Bloodline coursing through his body ignited, and the avatar of a for visiting.

Everything happened in an instant, so those from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers and the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had no time to react at all. Before anyone could make a move, the phantasm was struck right into Yuan Tao's glabella.

There was a brief moment of absolute silence before a huge commotion broke out in the area.

"What the heck are you doing?" Yan Xue's goosebumps rose up from the sheer horror of what he had just seen, and he roared maniacally.

The reason that they had attempted to steal the altar was to acquire the phantasm, but the young man had actually struck the phantasm into Yuan Tao's body. Overwhelming indignation and rage flooded Yan Xue's mind, and he was actually lost for a moment.

It was completely ridiculous!

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan quietly landed on the ground and returned to where he had stood earlier.

However, he then saw Yuan Tao's body expanding furiously after accepting the phantasm. His plump body further swelled up into a balloon, such that it seemed as if he would rise into the air at any moment.

Geji! Geji!

In the blink of an eye, he had already become completely round. His height and width exceeded two meters, and he looked like a massive boulder.

"What is going on?" Zhang Xuan was stunned by the changes in Yuan Tao's body.

Never in his wildest dream did he think that something like this would actually happen.A Longxi is a mythical beast that resembles an armored rhinoceros. https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E9%BE%99%E7%8A%80/22290732



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