Luo Ruoxin glanced at the young man in the sky and said, "His efforts won't be wasted. Haven't you realized that Yuan Tao is intentionally suppressing his cultivation so as to not achieve a breakthrough?"

"He's intentionally suppressing his cultivation?" Zhang Xuan frowned in confusion.

"That's right." Luo Ruoxin nodded. "It's true that it is much harder to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage on one's second attempt. For this reason, most people are determined to succeed on the first try. However, this also makes for the weakest Ancient Sage!

"A breakthrough to Ancient Sage can be seen as an attempt to wrestle power from the heavens so as to become an existence equaling to the heavens themselves. Those who achieve a breakthrough on the first try are able to achieve this feat as well, but at the same time, the strength that they gain from the heavens is severely limited. The very attempt to oppose the heavens is a good opportunity to temper one's power and refine one's use of energy. Subsequent attempts to overcome the Ancient Sage Ordeal do become much harder, but if one can pull through, it makes the future progression of one's cultivation much easier!"

"This… Is it similar to Kong shi's superior breakthrough method to Great Sage? Is it some form of trial as well?" Zhang Xuan asked.

There was the Saint Ascension Decipher to achieve a breakthrough to Sainthood, as well as a superior breakthrough method to reaching Great Sage. They were much harder ways to push for a breakthrough, but those who succeed would attain power far greater than their peers. Could there be something similar for Ancient Sage as well?

Luo Ruoxin placed her hand behind her back as she looked into the distance with deep eyes. "You could put it that way. Pushing for a breakthrough to Ancient Sage is similar to having a huge tidal wave washing away the sand within one's body. The more times one confronts the Ancient Sage Ordeal, the finer and more condensed one's zhenqi will become.

"During his breakthrough, Kong shi held himself back three times when he was on the verge of breakthrough to Ancient Sage, and it was only on the fourth time that he finally succeeded. That was also how he managed to rise as the World's Teacher, becoming an existence that rivaled the world!

"Even though it might seem like Yuan Tao has failed to push for a breakthrough to Ancient Sage, his physical body has successfully assimilated the power of the Ancient Sage blood. In other words, he already possesses the body of an Ancient Sage. While he isn't a true Ancient Sage yet, the power that he wields is already sufficient to deal with nascent Ancient Sages!"

"This…" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was already plenty impressive that Yuan Tao wielded strength comparable to nascent Ancient Sages despite still being at Sempiternal realm consummation. Yet, Kong shi had actually held himself back three times before finally pushing for a breakthrough to Ancient Sage. If so, how powerful could he have been?

There was no cultivator in the world who did not desire to surpass their limits and become an existence that towered above the heavens. Yet, Kong shi had been able to overcome such temptation and calmly temper himself before finally surpassing his limits. From that, it could be seen that his mental resilience was extraordinary.

It was no wonder that he had led mankind to prosperity. Even though Zhang Xuan did not harbor the reverence that those of the Master Teacher Continent had toward Kong shi, he had to say that he was filled with respect for the latter.

Zhang Xuan suddenly froze on the spot. "Hmm? Wait a moment, there shouldn't be too many people who knew about this secret, right? Why would Yuan Tao do it?"

It was likely that not even Yang shi nor Sword Saint Xing and the others were aware of this fact. Knowing that Luo Ruoxin likely originated from some incredible power, it was not too surprising for her to be aware of all this. However, Yuan Tao had followed him from the Tianxuan Kingdom, so how did he know it as well?

The temptation to reach Ancient Sage was incredible. If one did not have such knowledge in advance, it was unlikely that one would take a gamble and forsake what could be said to have been their only chance to achieve a breakthrough.

"He has assimilated Kong shi's phantasm, so his understanding of cultivation probably surpasses even the seventy-two Sages at this point," Luo Ruoxin explained. "It's just that assimilating the phantasm makes one very susceptible to being influenced by Kong shi, and that would be extremely disadvantageous to your growth. Otherwise, I would have had you assimilate the phantasm instead."

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan could not help but shake his head bitterly. "Disadvantageous to my growth?"

He had known that if he could make a breakthrough to Ancient Sage, there was hardly anyone in the world who would have been able to pose a threat to him. By then, what would he have to worry about growth?

"You are a Celestial Master Teacher as well, and you are destined to walk a different route from Kong shi. If you attempt to walk his route, all you will become is another one of the seventy-two Sages. You would never be able to surpass him," Luo Ruoxin said calmly.

Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before nodding.

To surpass the predecessors, one had to first denounce their path.

If all one could do was emulate the actions of the predecessors, it would only eventually lead to stagnation.

For example, each of the seventy-two Sages were astoundingly talented individuals who achieved great things in their time. While it could be said that it was Kong shi who brought them to their eventual heights, ironically, it was very likely that Kong shi was their limitation as well. They had been so confined within Kong shi's heritage that they were unable to truly surpass themselves and discover their own paths.

In fact, this could also be why the Hundred Schools of Philosophers was unable to surpass their founders.

At the same time, to cast away one's heritage and attempt to search for one's own path could be considered an act of lunacy. It was a heritage that guaranteed a path to greatness, and casting it aside could condemn one to a life of mediocrity.

Ultimately, surpassing one's predecessors was an act easier said than done.

To tread on a path that was bound to greatness or to cast everything aside to struggle for an incredibly slim chance of overcoming one's limitations…

There was no right or wrong answer to this question, and this was a choice that one would have to make by oneself.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

As Zhang Xuan was deep in thought, a brilliant ray of light suddenly rose from the altar ahead of him, soaring right into the heavens.

Following which, he saw another five rays of light converging from the distance as well. The tremendous energy pierced through the deep blue sky, and a pitch-black dimension rift slowly expanded from the point of convergence of the six rays.

Beyond the pitch-black dimension rift, the silhouette of a humongous palace came into sight.

"T-this… this is the Prime Hall! The Prime Hall of the Temple of Confucius has finally surfaced!" Ren Qingyuan exclaimed in agitation.

So far, the crowd had only explored the six Subordinate Halls, but none of them had found the Prime Hall. However, with all six Subordinate Halls activated, the energies that they released destroyed the final seal on the Temple of Confucius, causing the Prime Hall to appear.

The legendary artifact that was said to be able to dictate the fate of the Master Teacher Continent lay within the humongous palace right before them⁠—the Great Codex of Spring and Autumn!

"Let's head over!"

Yan Xue took a look at the Prime Hall in the sky before turning to glance at Yuan Tao and Zhang Xuan. Even though he was deeply reluctant, he knew that there was nothing that he could do anymore. Thus, he beckoned the crowd from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers over before dashing toward the dimension rift.

The Otherworldly Demons also quickly made their way toward the dimension rift.

Seeing that Ren shi and the others were trembling in excitement, Zhang Xuan said with a smile, "You go on ahead!"

He knew that there was still some time before the entrance of the Prime Hall would be opened, so he was in no hurry to head over. Instead, he turned his attention to Yuan Tao.

At this point in time, his student had already reinforced his cultivation, and the Ancient Sage Ordeal had fully retreated as well.


Opening his eyes, Yuan Tao felt the strength coursing through his body, and he could not help but tremble in agitation. He swiftly walked up to his teacher and kneeled before him.

His six senses had initially been sealed, but the seal had broken as soon as he took the phantasm into his body. He knew that it was all thanks to his teacher's help that he possessed his current strength.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

This was truly a huge fortuitous encounter for Yuan Tao. To assimilate Kong shi's phantasm and push for multiple breakthroughs all at once, he had surpassed Yuan Tao, Wei Ruyan, and even Zhang Xuan in a single shot.

"Even though you possess the physical body of an Ancient Sage, your state of mind and soul are still slightly lacking. I have a cultivation technique and Bodhi Fruit over here that will do you much good!" Zhang Xuan said as he passed the Bodhi Fruit over.

While Yuan Tao had inherited Kong shi's phantasm, he still had to temper his state of mind a step at a time.

"Yes!" Taking the Bodhi Fruit, Yuan Tao quickly swallowed it, and the next moment, he could feel his state of mind swiftly reinforcing itself.

Had it been Zhao Ya or Wei Ruyan, they would still have had to make some preparations and condition their bodies before consuming the Bodhi Fruit. However, possessing the body of an Ancient Sage, Yuan Tao did not have such concerns.


After dealing with Yuan Tao, Zhang Xuan brought Zhao Ya, Wei Ruyan, Luo Qiqi, and the others out from his Myriad Anthive Nest.

"The Prime Hall has opened. Do you want to follow me to search for more fortuitous encounters or continue cultivating here?"

This was the first time that the Prime Hall of the Temple of Confucius had opened in dozens of millennia, and it was likely filled with both risks and opportunities. Even though he was their teacher, he felt that he should entrust the choice to them.

"I wish to enter the Prime Hall to take a look!" Zhao Ya said firmly.

"Me too!"

The other two replied in unison.

Meanwhile, Luo Ruoxin shot a glance over when she saw Luo Qiqi coming out of Zhang Xuan's Myriad Anthive Nest, and an inconspicuous frown crept onto her forehead. However, she chose not to say a word.



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