As soon as the Great Codex of Spring and Autumn was tamed, it disappeared from the young lady's palm, as if having been stowed away.


With the furious surge in Luo Ruoxin's strength, the blueprint that had sealed the surrounding space was placed under great strain, such that huge cracks were starting to surface all around.

Those cracks crept all around the place, revealing pitch black rifts that resembled the doors to the netherworld.

As those cracks began appearing, an overwhelming suction force poured forth from them to tug at the young lady, seemingly trying to drag her away.

The young lady frowned. With a wave of her hand, the alter in the sky flew over and landed beneath her feet. Standing atop the altar, the suction force that was pulling her away finally alleviated slightly, allowing her to stand her ground for the time being.

"Zhang Xuan…"

Steadying her figure, the young lady looked around the room before finally halting her gaze on Zhang Xuan.

Looking at the silhouette on the altar, Zhang Xuan's body suddenly froze. Her silhouette slowly fused together with another one in his memories, and he suddenly felt a splitting headache assaulting his mind.

"You are… You are the Spirit God of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe?"

The silhouette that he had seen back in the Qiu Wu Palace and the dimension of four seasons had seemed strikingly familiar for some reason, but he had not been able to figure out why. To think that it would actually be Luo Ruoxin!

She was neither an expert of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers nor the transmogrification of an expert of the Beast Tribe. Rather… she was the highest god of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe!

How could that be?

At that instant, Zhang Xuan felt a crushing pressure on his heart, seemingly squeezing the life out of his breath.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he asked, "Didn't you tell me that you aren't an Otherworldly Demon?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He could not understand Luo Ruoxin's fervent desire to hide her identity, but he was willing to wait for the day that she could come clean. Nevertheless, he had been afraid that they would be standing on opposite ends eventually, so he had asked her if she was an Otherworldly Demon and if she intended any harm toward mankind.

Back then, she had said that she was not an Otherworldly Demon and that she did not intend any harm toward mankind.

Was that all a lie?

He would not have minded no matter who Luo Ruoxin was and which power she was affiliated to, but he could not stand being deceived and made use of by the one he loved.

Seeing Zhang Xuan's frenzied state, Luo Ruoxin's eyes reddened.

A rare hint of panic could be heard in her voice as she anxiously tried to explain herself. "I am not an Otherworldly Demon, and there's a reason why I am the Spirit God of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe…"

However, before she could finish her explanation, the dimension rifts all around suddenly widened, and the suction force dragging her away intensified. She was beginning to lose control of her body.

As the energy from the darkness roared furiously, the entire Temple of Confucius began shaking nonstop. Even the Master Teacher Continent had begun tremoring.

It was as if the end of the world had just begun.

"My current strength has exceeded what this world is able to endure, so I can't stay here any longer. Otherwise, the entire Master Teacher Continent will come to ruin…" Watching the gradual devastation happening all around, Luo Ruoxin shook her head. Lowering her head slightly, she murmured, "Goodbye, Zhang Xuan. I was happy to meet you… Really, really happy…"


The darkness descended upon the altar and began devouring the young lady's silhouette.

As if falling into a pool of ink, Luo Ruoxin looked as if she would disappear at any moment.

"Ruoxin… Why? You haven't explained anything to me yet. What is going on?"

Seeing that the darkness was going to pull her away very soon, Zhang Xuan quickly whipped out the Infernal Blacksaber, and stepping atop it, he dashed right to her side.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, intending to pull her out from the darkness. Alas, no matter how he tugged, she would not budge at all.

The darkness before him seemed like an endless abyss. Those who fell into it, even if they were Ancient Sages, would not be able to escape.

"Zhang Xuan, it's fine. Don't waste your strength. Each world has its own rules. If I forcefully remain here, I'll only bring calamity to this world," Luo Ruoxin said as she grabbed Zhang Xuan's hand tightly. "Please, trust me. I have never said a single lie to you…"

Her gentle touch and soothing voice filled Zhang Xuan's cold body with warmth. There were many doubts in his mind, but he wanted to trust the young lady before him. All their experiences and the time that they had spent together, he did not believe that they were all lies.

With a slightly choked voice, he asked, "How do I find you in the future?"

He knew that this phenomenon signified her departure, and the very notion of parting with her eternally was one that was too painful for him to bear.

If she left one day, he would devote his entire life to searching for her!

"We'll meet again when fate allows us to. Otherwise, my presence will only harm you…" With slightly moist eyes, Luo Ruoxin looked at the young man standing before her and muttered, "Farewell… the man I love!"


The next instant, the young lady was devoured by the darkness and disappeared from sight.

"No!" Zhang Xuan howled desperately as he dashed forward furiously.

He was intending to barge into the crack in space as well, but to his horror, he felt as if he had rushed into a wall and was pushed back.

"This can't be! I can't allow this to happen!" Zhang Xuan roared as he flicked the Infernal Blacksaber furiously at the cracks.

Ding ding ding ding!

Sparks flew all around.

Even though Luo Ruoxin had been dragged into the black cracks so easily, he found them even more resilient than Ancient Sage artifacts. No matter how he exerted himself, he was unable to faze it in the least.

It was as if the Infernal Blacksaber was a blob of cotton candy knocking against a metal wall; it did not leave the slightest mark.


Shortly after Luo Ruoxin entered, the crack grew smaller and smaller before vanishing eventually.


It was as if Zhang Xuan had lost himself. He flung his sword frantically, but no matter how powerful the Infernal Blacksaber was, it could not open the crack once more. It was as if everything that had just happened was just a mere illusion.

"Master, there's no point slashing anymore." A voice sounded in Zhang Xuan's mind. "Your girlfriend must have come from a higher world. Unless your strength reaches the mark, you won't be able to overcome the dimension barrier!"

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan drove his soul energy and calmed himself from his irate state. Clenching his fists tightly, he asked, "You said that Ruoxin came from a higher world?"

The one who had just spoken was none other than Vicious.

In terms of understanding of the Master Teacher Continent, Vicious was definitely more knowledgeable than him.

"Indeed. While I was still alive, I noticed that there's a dimension that's even more stable than the Master Teacher Continent, and the lifeforms that exist there are even stronger than us. It's likely that our Spirit Tribe originates from one of those worlds but was exiled to the Master Teacher Continent," Vicious replied.

It seemed like he had regained some of his memories.

"However, the barrier between the two worlds is extremely powerful, requiring one to wield tremendous strength in order to break it apart. Back then, even with my strength as a Void Shattering realm Ancient Sage, I was still unable to tear the barrier down."

"Not even a Void Shattering realm Ancient Sage is able to tear the barrier down? Doesn't that effectively mean that no one is able to do it?" Zhang Xuan gritted his teeth in astonishment.

Void Shattering was the highest realm that an Ancient Sage could reach. If even experts of that caliber were unable to achieve this feat, who else would be able to do it?

"Even though I was unable to do it, it doesn't mean that no one else is able to! If I'm not mistaken, it's likely that Kong shi succeeded in doing it in the past!" Vicious said.

"Kong shi?"

"Indeed. Based on the history of the Master Teacher Pavilion, Kong shi disappeared before his lifespan was up. Given his strength, there's no one who could have posed a threat to him. If he needed to, he could have gone into hibernation or used any external means to extend his lifespan. How could he have just disappeared without a trace?"

"This…" Zhang Xuan fell silent.

He had never thought too deeply about Kong shi disappearance before. However, the emergence of the black dimension rifts that swallowed Luo Ruoxin and the knowledge that there were higher worlds above the Master Teacher Continent sprouted some thoughts in his mind.

Perhaps, just like Luo Ruoxin, Kong shi's strength had surpassed the limits of the world, and left with no choice, he had been forced to depart from the Master Teacher Continent.

Due to that, his disappearance had been quiet and abrupt, such that it was not even recorded in history.

"If Kong shi reached such heights, I will surely be able to as well," Zhang Xuan muttered through tightly gritted teeth.

No matter what, he was determined to find Luo Ruoxin once more. Since Kong shi had been able to shatter the dimension barrier and reach a higher world, he would surely be able to do the same!

"Since Milady has left, I'll take my leave!"

The silence in the air was suddenly shattered by the hearty laughter of the number one Otherworldly Demon Emperor.

Luo Ruoxin's previous outburst of strength had completely destroyed the blueprint, thus creating an opening for Sovereign Chen Yong to escape.



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