Sovereign Chen Yong was able to use his blood to drive Vicious' skeletal arms, and that only pointed at a single possibility. He shared the same blood origin as Vicious.

"He's my grandfather!" Sovereign Chen Yong replied without hiding anything.

"Grandfather?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He did not think that their relationship would actually be so close. He had thought that they would be many generations apart.

Vicious was an expert who had lived tens of thousands of years ago, yet Sovereign Chen Yong was still alive despite being his grandson. The longevity of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was truly frightening.

"The Spirit God told me that you have already gathered much of my grandfather's body parts, Young Master, and she instructed me to coordinate with you on this matter. Since that's the case, I'll give this pair of arms to you. Even though it's insufficient to allow my grandfather to return to his peak, it should be sufficient for him to recover to the Blood Reincarnation realm!"

With a flick of his wrist, the two arms on the ground flew over to Zhang Xuan's side.


It was true that he was collecting Vicious' body parts. Since Sovereign Chen Yong was willing to give the arms to him, he had no intention of standing on ceremony.

He took out a Book of Heaven's Path, and before long, the arms had already fully fused with the Vicious sealed within the book.

Sensing the perfect fusion of the arms with the body⁠, which meant that Vicious did not go into hibernation as a result of the conflicting wills among the body parts, Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully, "You have removed the consciousness inside the arms?"

"The Spirit God helped me to remove the consciousness within the skeletal arms and replaced it with my own will. Since I'm giving them to you, Young Master, I dare not to leave my own consciousness within," Sovereign Chen Yong explained.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Having witnessed the young man's unbelievable talent and his relationship with the Spirit God, Sovereign Chen Yong dared not to disrespect him.

As Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing had not had much contact with the Spirit God, they were not clear of just how powerful the Spirit God was. However, there was no way that Sovereign Chen Yong could be unaware of it.

If the Spirit God truly released her powers, the entire Master Teacher Continent would be destroyed!

How could a person who could catch the eye of the Spirit God possibly be average?

In view of that, Sovereign Chen Yong would not give up on any opportunity to establish goodwill with the young man. Besides, the young man had also just saved his life.

"Thank you." Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Vicious was one of his greatest trump cards at the moment, and it would be a pity if Vicious fell into a coma as a result of conflicting wills. As long as Vicious obtained sufficient energy, he would be able to recover to his peak soon enough!

With a tap of his finger, a jade bottle was brought into the Library of Heaven's Path. It was filled with the Otherworldly Demon Ancient Sage blood that he had gathered thus far.

Vicious swiftly took in the Otherworldly Demon Ancient Sage blood, and the next instant, incredible energy was surging through his body.

"Reinforce your cultivation," Zhang Xuan instructed before closing the Book of Heaven's Path and stowing it back into the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Right, Young Master! This is the straw garment that my grandfather left behind. If you assimilate it and fuse it together with his body, it'll quicken the process which my grandfather is able to develop his flesh and blood at!" Sovereign Chen Yong said as he pointed at the artifact above.

"It'll help Vicious develop flesh and blood?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up upon hearing those words.

According to Vicious, the fastest way to quicken his revival was to devour the flesh and blood of master teachers. As such, while some parts of Vicious' body had already developed flesh and blood, others like the upper body remained as skeleton.

Naturally, Zhang Xuan would not resort to such means, so he had put off the matter so far.

If the straw garment was really able to help Vicious develop blood and flesh, that would enhance Vicious' fighting prowess significantly.

Zhang Xuan leaped up and reached out for the straw garment.

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan's actions, the face of Old Geezer Yu, who was in the midst of recuperating from his injuries, darkened. "What are you doing? That's a property of Sovereign Chen Ling!"

However, before he could finish his words, a burst of sword qi suddenly surged in his direction.

Puhe! Puhe!

Two bloodied holes were torn through his body as fresh blood spurted frenziedly from his mouth.

"Zhang Hongtian, what the heck are you trying to pull?" Old Geezer Yu roared in fury.

The person who had just made a move was none other than Zhang Xuan's predecessor, Zhang Hongtian!

It was just a moment ago that they had put aside their differences to deal with Sovereign Chen Yong together. Why would the other party suddenly make a move on him?

"What am I trying to pull here? Nothing much, really. It was with no other options that I collaborated with you to deal with Sovereign Chen Yong, but don't you think that it's about time for us to resolve our personal grudges?" Zhang Hongtian scoffed coldly as he raised the sword in his hand imposingly.

He did not want to hinder the plans of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers earlier, so he had no choice but to temporarily work together with the Ancient Sages of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. However, with the matter regarding Sovereign Chen Yong resolved, it was about time for them to resolve their grudges.

"You want to kill me? Do you think that I'm afraid of you?" Old Geezer Yu stood up and roared. "However, let's make things clear first. If you lose, you'd better obediently step aside and allow us to leave!"

It was not that he chose to foolishly linger around the area after the end of the battle, but with the Ancient Sages of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers and the Master Teacher Pavilion eyeing them warily, they dared not to make a move recklessly.

Since Zhang Hongtian was intending to resolve their personal differences, it would be good if they could settle the both of them together.

Old Geezer Yu knew that the humans would attempt to make a move on them after dealing with Sovereign Chen Yong, so he had intentionally held back a little during the battle earlier. As such, the injuries that he had sustained were significantly lighter than Zhang Hongtian's. If they faced one another in a battle, it was hard to tell who the ultimate victor would be.

"I'll agree to your request!" Zhang Hongtian nodded. He turned to the crowd and said, "Today, I'll be settling the personal grudges between me and Old Geezer Yu. If I lose by any chance, it will be due to my own weakness. I'll have to ask you not to exact vengeance for me and allow him to leave!"

"Brother Hongtian…" Ancient Sage Yan Qing frowned.

He did not think that the other party would abruptly make such a decision, and he did not think that it was a good idea either given the state that Zhang Hongtian was in.

"My mind is made up!" Zhang Hongtian waved his hand resolutely.

This was not a spontaneous decision from his side. He had been thinking about the matter for quite a while.

With the severe injuries that he had sustained in the battle with Sovereign Chen Yong, he had realized that he would not be able to look over the Zhang Clan for much longer. It was long overdue for him to entrust the responsibility to the newer generations to shoulder.

He had a very favorable view of the current head of the Zhang Clan, and he believed that the Zhang Clan would prosper under his leadership. As someone whose time was nearly up, the last gift that he could offer the Zhang Clan was to remove one of the threats lurking around it.

With this, he would be able to face his predecessors and brothers who had died protecting the Zhang Clan and mankind. This would be the final sacrifice that he made for mankind.

Having made up his mind, Zhang Hongtian slashed out a deluge of sword qi toward Old Geezer Yu, engulfing the latter in devastating attacks.


Seeing that Zhang Hongtian's might had dwindled significantly due to his injuries, Old Geezer Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Concentrating his zhenqi on his arms, a pair of phantasmagoric claws overlapped with his hands.

Ding ding ding ding!

The two Ancient Sage experts began clashing with one another.

As Blood Reincarnation realm experts, they had many tricks up their sleeves. For the moment, they seemed to be equally matched with one another.

"Brother Hongtian overexerted himself in the battle against Sovereign Chen Yong earlier, and he has sustained significant injuries in the battle as well. I fear that he won't be an opponent for Old Geezer Yu," one of the Ancient Sages of the Master Teacher Pavilion remarked worriedly.

"Old Geezer Yu is incredibly cunning. By going on the defensive, it's apparent that he's trying to stall for time till Brother Hongtian runs out of stamina before launching a counterattack. Should we step in and help him?" an Ancient Sage from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers asked.

The movements of the two Ancient Sages were sharp and ingenious, and it seemed as if they were equally matched with one another. However, the Ancient Sages could easily tell that Zhang Hongtian's strength was far beneath what he was usually capable of, and he would only continue growing weaker throughout the course of the battle. If it continued, even his life would be threatened!

In comparison, Old Geezer Yu was much more energetic. He had been flitting around the area, finding opportunities to slip blows in.

"Rest assured! Brother Hongtian will not lose!" Yang shi chuckled softly.

"He won't lose?"

The other two Ancient Sages who had been speaking a moment earlier were slightly perplexed by those words.

As veteran Ancient Sages, it was apparent to them that Zhang Hongtian was in a disadvantageous position. Yet, as an Ancient Sage who had made a breakthrough not too long ago, how could Yang shi be so certain that Zhang Hongtian would win?

Yang shi noticed the doubt in their voices, but he did not explain himself. Instead, he turned his gaze toward the young man in the sky, who was in the midst of assimilating the straw garment.

Earlier, that young man had given Zhang Hongtian a jade token filled with the flaws of Old Geezer Yu's cultivation. With such knowledge, Zhang Hongtian's victory was practically guaranteed!



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