Zhang Xuan frowned. "It doesn't make a difference whether you offer yourself up to him or not. The Beast Tribe is particularly vindictive; this is not something that can be resolved just by apologizing!"

As a beast tamer, he knew that racial conflicts infringed on the very dignity of the Beast Tribe, and they were less than willing to compromise on such matters. In other words, this was not a conflict that could be resolved with an apology.

If Wu Chen had not been assaulted, with his prowess as the number one expert of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, his promise might still have been of value to Ancient Sage Allfire. However, it would be a blessing if the latter did not make use of this opportunity to stab a dagger in his back, let alone support his cause!

"What should we do then?" Wu Chen was well aware of this, but he had been holding onto a sliver of hope that his Young Master might have a solution.

"There's no other way around this," Zhang Xuan said grimly. "For the time being, we need to find the blood essence of a Pureblooded Dragon of the Dragon Tribe!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Wu Chen and Ancient Sage Hao Xun exchanged bewildered glances. The sudden leap in logic had caught them off guard.

"I don't think that Ancient Sage Allfire has anything to do with the Dragon Tribe," Wu Chen said.

It was true that the Dragon Tribe was famed to be the supreme leader of the Beast Tribe, and it was common knowledge that beasts who possessed purer Dragon Bloodlines were able to suppress those whose bloodlines were less pure.

However, this ability did not work against those who were not related to the Dragon Tribe, and Ancient Sage Allfire did not have the slightest hint of the Dragon Bloodline flowing through his veins. It did not seem possible to sway his mind just by procuring a bit of dragon blood.

Zhang Xuan's train of thought was truly hard to keep up with.

"The reason I need the blood essence of a Pureblooded Dragon isn't to suppress Ancient Sage Allfire but to remove the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear!" Zhang Xuan said.

If he wanted to use his Beast Pummeling Taming Method, he would have to possess superior fighting prowess to the beast that he wanted to deal with.

While he had improved quickly over the past few days, such that his cultivation had already reached Sempiternal realm consummation, he was still far from matching Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sages.

The fastest way for him to raise his fighting prowess at the moment was to release the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear, thus returning it to its peak strength.

There were two known ways that he could release the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear. Firstly, he would have to reach the Ancient Sage realm and nourish it with his Ancient Sage zhenqi.

Secondly, he had to find the blood essence of a member of the Dragon Tribe that possessed an even purer Dragon Bloodline than the Dragonbone Divine Spear.

The first method was something that was unlikely for him to do in the short run. It was true that he was just a step away from reaching Ancient Sage, but who knew when the impetus required for a breakthrough would come to him? It would not be reliable to count on that.

As such, the second method seemed much more viable and reliable. As long as he could remove the seal that Ancient Sage Ran Qiu had cast upon the Dragonbone Divine Spear, the latter would be able to swiftly regain its strength as a pinnacle Ancient Sage weapon!

With that, he would gain the strength to defeat Ancient Sage Allfire and force him into submission!

Of course, he could choose to tap into Vicious' strength as well. After assimilating the two arms, Vicious' cultivation seemed to be approaching the pinnacle of the Blood Reincarnation realm. However, brute strength itself was unlikely to be sufficient to make Ancient Sage Allfire submit to him.

Understanding the motive behind Zhang Xuan's instructions, Wu Chen shook his head and said, "Pureblooded Dragons, just like the Spirit God, are true gods. The Master Teacher Continent isn't strong enough to bear their powers…"

The Dragon Bloodline that was within the beasts of the Master Teacher Continent and the otherworldly battlefield was extremely sparse. In terms of purity, they could not even be considered wyverns or serpents, let alone Pureblooded Dragons.

It was precisely due to this that Zhang Xuan was able to suppress them easily through his Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragon.

All in all, it did not seem too likely for them to find the blood essence of Pureblooded Dragons.

At that moment, Ancient Sage Hao Xun suddenly spoke up. "I know where we can find what you need!"

Zhang Xuan immediately turned his gaze over.

"If I'm not mistaken, what you are looking for isn't the blood essence of a Pureblooded Dragon. Rather, what you require is the blood essence of a Dragon Tribe Ancient Sage in order to undo the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear, am I right?" Ancient Sage Hao Xun asked.

It was impossible to find any Pureblooded Dragons on the Master Teacher Continent, but it was still not completely impossible to find the blood essence of Dragon Tribe Ancient Sages around.

Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before nodding.

Ancient Sages were already the top experts of the Master Teacher Continent. It should be possible to undo the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear if he had the blood essence of a Dragon Tribe Ancient Sage.

"If that's the case, I know where you can procure some!" Ancient Sage Hao Xun said.

A thought suddenly arose in Wu Chen's head as his complexion turned awry. "Are you possibly referring to…"

"Indeed. I am referring to that place!" Ancient Sage Hao Xun nodded. "A long time ago, the grandfather of Sovereign Chen Ling, Great Autarch Ying, slew an Ancient Sage Black Dragon. He harvested the blood essence from the Black Dragon and created a Blood Lake in his own sleeping chamber. Hoping to grow a new Black Dragon out of the Blood Lake and tame it, he used the blood essence of dozens of Ancient Sages to nourish it. However, for some reason, his plans failed. Shortly after Great Autarch Ying passed away, his sleeping chamber was sealed up, and no one was allowed to enter the premises. If I'm not mistaken, there's a good chance that the Blood Lake is still there!"

There was no living being who was not drawn to the immense power of the Dragon Tribe. If one could tame a member of the Dragon Tribe, one's fighting prowess would surely soar by leaps and bounds.

Sovereign Chen Ling's grandfather, Great Autarch Ying, was someone who had lived in the same era as Vicious, and he had been infatuated with the idea of taming a member of the Dragon Tribe as his subordinate. He had devoted his time and effort into finding a Black Dragon who had inherited the bloodline of a Serpentine Dragon and had gone to great efforts to slay it. After that, he had spent a great deal of his fortune and resources to purchase the blood essence of other Ancient Sages to nourish it, hoping to spawn a hatchling of the Dragon Tribe. If so, he would have had an opportunity to tame it while it was still young.

However, it seemed like something had gone awry in the end, and his plans had eventually failed to come to fruition.

"These are only legends of the past," Wu Chen said with a deep frown. "It has been so long that it's impossible to verify their authenticity."

It was true that this matter was recorded in the annals of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, but it had happened tens of thousands of years ago, so it was questionable whether the matter was even true or not. It was too much of a risk to sneak into the capital and creep into Great Autarch Ying's sealed sleeping chamber to seek the Blood Lake, which might not even exist in the first place.

"I think that there's a good chance that it's true. Before I came to the Primal Lodestone Mountain, I went to Sovereign Chen Ling's palace to request for some Dragonscale Grass. As you know, the Dragonscale Grass is a medicinal herb that only grows in environments where a member of the Dragon Tribe has once lived before. Considering how Sovereign Chen Ling has no Dragon Tribe experts under his command but has plenty of well-developed Dragonscale Grass in his inventory, I think that the legend recorded in the annals could very well be true!" Ancient Sage Hao Xun countered.

The Dragonscale Grass was a medicinal herb that was nourished by the aura emanated by members of the Dragon Tribe. It had the effect of strengthening one's physical body and purifying one's bloodline, which made it highly valuable to those of the Beast Tribe. As such, it was an invaluable commodity.

Back then, Ancient Sage Hao Xun had searched many places for the Dragonscale Grass to no avail. Eventually, his search had led him to the palace of Sovereign Chen Ling, and he had finally found what he needed there. At the same time, this matter had cast some doubts in his mind.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Zhang Xuan turned to Ancient Sage Hao Xun and asked, "Is Great Autarch Ying's bedroom located in the capital, near where Sovereign Chen Ling's palace is?"

"That's right!" Ancient Sage Hao Xun nodded.

Zhang Xuan fell into deep thought.

Wu Chen could tell that Zhang Xuan was moved by what Ancient Sage Hao Xun had said, and he anxiously advised, "Young Master, it wasn't too long ago that Sovereign Chen Ling suffered a huge setback, so his guard is bound to be up at the moment. His palace will surely be heavily fortified, and there will be countless experts patrolling around its premises. It will be near impossible for us to enter the area!"

"You're right. It will indeed be tough, but as long as we look closely, we should be able to find an opening that we're able to exploit!" Zhang Xuan remarked contemplatively as he stroked his lower jaw.


"For the time being, the two of you should seek out other Ancient Sages and see if you are able to bring them over to our side. Meanwhile, I'll enter the capital to take a look. Rest assured, with my disguise capabilities, there's no way that they'll be able to catch me!" Zhang Xuan said.

The worst place that he could be at the moment was the capital of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Given the limitations of his strength, it would be best for him not to take the risk. However, if he could really find the Blood Lake and undo the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear, he could potentially gain the strength to subdue even Blood Reincarnation realm experts. Thus, this was a risk that he would willingly bear!

"Sigh… I guess there's no choice then!" Seeing that Zhang Xuan's mind was made up, Wu Chen decided not to say anything more.

The disguise amulet given to them by the Spirit God was extremely powerful, so it was indeed unlikely that anyone would be able to see through his disguise. Furthermore, after the incident at the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, Sovereign Chen Ling and the others probably thought that his Young Master was dead. His Young Master might just be able to use those two edges to his advantage and pull this off.



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