Knowing that he would not be able to change the mind of his Young Master, Wu Chen worriedly advised, "Young Master, you have to be careful!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If any harm came to this young man, the Spirit God might just destroy the entire Spirit Tribe with a wave of her hand.

While others might be oblivious to Spirit God's prowess, he was well aware of the destruction that she could potentially bring to the world in a fit of rage. Even when she first descended upon the Master Teacher Continent, the entire dimension had nearly collapsed due to her overwhelming aura. If she really bore malicious intentions against the Master Teacher Continent, no one would be able to stop her.

"Rest assured!" Knowing what Wu Chen was worried about, Zhang Xuan waved his hand. "I'll prioritize my own safety and won't take unnecessary risks. Meanwhile, try to get as many Ancient Sages as possible to our side. I'll be looking forward to the results of your search!"

In the search for the Blood Lake, it would be easier for him to hide himself the fewer people there were. With the mystical effects of the disguise amulet, together with Vicious and the Infernal Blacksaber, even if he was discovered somehow, escaping should not be too difficult for him.

Having decided on their next moves, they swiftly divided into two groups and parted with one another.

Zhang Xuan returned to the capital of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and swiftly found Liu Yang.

As Liu Yang had been taken there by Sovereign Chen Yong, his current position in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was extremely awkward. The only reason that the two Sovereigns had not made a move on him yet was because he was one of the most notable figures among the younger Otherworldly Demons at the moment.

If not for the fame and popularity that he enjoyed, he would have already lost his life.

Sitting in a silent chamber, Zhang Xuan erected an isolation barrier around the area and asked Liu Yang, "What happened after you left the Qingyuan Empire?"

After his student departed from his side back at the Qingyuan Empire, he seemed to have suddenly vanished without a trace. Zhang Xuan had wondered many times whether he had fallen into a perilous position or gotten himself trapped in some perilous lands, but who could have known that he had found his way to the otherworldly battlefield and even become Sovereign Chen Yong's successor?

Under the personal tutelage of the number one Otherworldly Demon Emperor, Liu Yang had managed to keep up with his other direct disciples, reaching Sempiternal realm consummation as well.

Liu Yang did not respond to his teacher's question right away. Instead, he kneeled to the floor and kowtowed deeply. "Teacher, I have caused you to worry for leaving without bidding farewell. I deserve death for my actions!"

His teacher had done many things for him and was his greatest benefactor, but as a student, he had actually fled in the face of danger. That was truly an unfilial act from him.

"It's good as long as you're doing fine!" Zhang Xuan said as he hurriedly stepped forward to help Liu Yang up.

What Liu Yang had chosen to do was indeed wrong, but he could understand the feelings of his student.

Zheng Yang had become the Progeny of Combat and had a bright future ahead of him. Zhao Ya was the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court, and she was on track to become one of the powerhouses of the Master Teacher Continent. The same went for Wang Ying, Yuan Tao, Wei Ruyan, Lu Chong… All of them had already found their own paths.

In contrast, he had nearly been put down by the Master Teacher Pavilion. The pressure that he had been under then was immense.

"Teacher, thank you for your benevolence!" Liu Yang was deeply relieved to hear that his teacher had no intention of blaming him, but he still did not intend to get up.

Instead, he began going through the events that had transpired after he left.

"Back when I left Qingyuan City, I thought that I was a good-for-nothing. Compared to the others, I had no particular strength, and I felt that my future was bleak. In a moment of inattention, I stepped into the lair of a powerful beast and was nearly killed. Pushed to a corner, I unintentionally drove the cultivation technique that you imparted to me in reverse, but I ended up releasing something reminiscent of the Otherworldly Demon's Zhenqi of Slaughter!"

"You drove the cultivation technique in reverse?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

"That's right!" Liu Yang nodded as he began driving his zhenqi.

As expected, Zhang Xuan felt concentrated killing intent crushing down on his body. It was an aura reminiscent of an Otherworldly Demon Emperor.

In terms of concentration, it was shockingly on par with even Sovereign Chen Yong himself!

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. It's possible for even the simplified Heaven's Path Divine Art to bring out such prowess?

All along, he had thought that imitating the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe's Zhenqi of Slaughter was a unique ability of the Heaven's Path zhenqi. Who could have known that it was possible to emulate the same effects through reversing the circulation of the Heaven's Path Divine Art?

Of course, this might also be something unique to Liu Yang. At the very least, Zheng Yang, Zhao Ya, and the others had cultivated the simplified Heaven's Path Divine Art as well, but they had never brought forth such an ability.

"Through reversing the flow of my zhenqi, I managed to kill the beast in the end. However, I also sustained severe injuries in the midst of doing so. Fortunately, the intensity of my killing intent ended up drawing Sovereign Chen Yong over. He noticed my talents and abilities, and he wanted to pass down his heritage to me!" Liu Yang fell into the passageway of memories as he recounted his previous encounters.

"I knew that your wish is to eliminate the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. I thought that if I could get into their ranks, I might just be able to help your cause. So, I agreed to become his successor…"

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan frowned.

The cultivation technique that Liu Yang practiced was the simplified version of the Heaven's Path Divine Art. It had already enhanced his constitution and his talents, such that the potential within him would not lose out to anyone across the entire Master Teacher Continent!

It might have been a stroke of luck that Liu Yang managed to reverse the flow of the Heaven's Path Divine Art and converted it into Zhenqi of Slaughter, thus receiving Sovereign Chen Yong's appreciation. However… was all of this not too much of a coincidence?

For the highest leader of Otherworldly Demonic Tribe to suddenly chance upon a 'highly talented Otherworldly Demon' on the Master Teacher Continent, was this not something very suspicious?

Given that Luo Ruoxin and I parted in the Qingyuan Empire, and that Luo Ruoxin is the Spirit God and Sovereign Chen Yong is her subordinate… could it be her doing?

A thought came into Zhang Xuan's mind, and he quickly asked, "Have you ever met Ruoxin while following behind Sovereign Chen Yong? I'm referring to Luo laoshi from the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy."

Liu Yang, Wang Ying, and the others had met Luo Ruoxin while she was still a teacher at the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy.

If the two of them had met one another, he would surely recognize him.

"I haven't seen Luo laoshi since leaving Qingyuan City…" Liu Yang shook his head.

Zhang Xuan frowned upon hearing those words.

Could he have guessed wrong?

If Ruoxin was not behind it, was Liu Yang not really lucky to have met Sovereign Chen Yong albeit the odds?

"Then… have you heard of the Spirit God?" Zhang Xuan pressed on further.

"Teacher, you mean the Spirit God of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe? There's no one here who hasn't heard of the Spirit God!" Liu Yang replied.

"She's the faith of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, such that not even the Three Sovereigns dare to undermine her. Sovereign Chen Yong told me that he only found me through the guidance of the Spirit God. However, I have only heard rumors about the Spirit God so far, so I don't really know too much about it!"

"The guidance of the Spirit God?" Hearing those words, a smile crept onto Zhang Xuan's lips.

It seemed like he had guessed right.

Luo Ruoxin was indeed behind Liu Yang becoming the successor of Sovereign Chen Yong.

He was thankful to her for saving Liu Yang, but she should have met Liu Yang and known that he was a human. To bring him into the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe… what kind of intentions did she have in mind?

Zhang Xuan was getting more and more confused by the situation.

"Upon coming to the otherworldly battlefield, I realized that I could improve quickly by absorbing the power of the blood moon through driving my cultivation technique in reverse. Sovereign Chen Yong also treats me very well, going to the extent of conducting a ritual for me to raise my cultivation. As such, I managed to overcome the Great Sage bottleneck within a few months and reach my current level of strength!"

In the first place, as Liu Yang's body had been tempered by the simplified Heaven's Path Divine Art, his talent could be considered superior to most cultivators. On top of that, Luo Ruoxin had been caring for him from the side, and the number one Otherworldly Demon Emperor had been grooming him personally. It would be difficult for him not to become strong.

"As such, I managed to rise above the younger generation and make a bit of fame for myself in the capital. After that, Sovereign Chen Yong said that he had some matters he needed to leave for a while. Not too long later, Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing returned and proclaimed that Sovereign Chen Yong had been killed by the Master Teacher Pavilion. As a result of that, I'm also gradually being sidelined within the capital," Liu Yang swiftly explained his current situation.

Considering that he had been brought there by Sovereign Chen Yong and was viewed as the latter's successor, if not for the popularity that he enjoyed in the capital and his wariness, he might have been killed already, just like the other subordinates of Sovereign Chen Yong.

Of course, it might also have been because he did not wield any actual authority that Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing did not view him as a threat. If he truly wielded military power, he would probably have been killed by now.

Nevertheless, Liu Yang still moved around warily, fearing to even step out of his house. He was afraid that the slightest carelessness would bring him into the very jaws of the enemies.



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