"Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing have already thrown their all in and no longer have a path of retreat, so your current circumstances are very dangerous. However, if you flee right now, they'll place the title of a traitor above your head, making it impossible for you to return," Zhang Xuan said.

Knowing the current situation that his direct disciple was in, he fell into deep thought, but he was unable to think of any better plan at the moment. Thus, he flicked his wrist and said, "This is the blood essence left behind by Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sages. Hurry up and assimilate it. This way, you'll have an additional layer of protection even if they intend you harm!"

Liu Yang accepted the blood essence with gratitude. Without much hesitation, he took it and swallowed it.

The power of the blood essence immediately began billowing within Liu Yang's body. At the same time, Zhang Xuan walked to the latter's back and pumped surges of zhenqi into his body in order to facilitate the assimilation of the blood essence. Within a short hour, the latter had already fully absorbed the Ancient Sage blood.

After assimilating the blood essence, Liu Yang could feel his strength growing significantly. However, he was still some distance away from achieving a breakthrough to Ancient Sage.

"This is a portion of a land that I have sealed that contains Aeon of Ancient Sage. It should be able to help you in your breakthrough to the Ancient Sage realm. Also, I have a technique that allows you to cultivate your Soul Depth, and I'll impart it to you right now. Try your best to reach Ancient Sage as soon as possible!" Zhang Xuan instructed as he took out a painting and passed it over.

The circle of Otherworldly Demons was fraught with treachery and danger. If Liu Yang wanted to survive in such a circle, he would have to quickly reach the level of an Ancient Sage!

The fact that Liu Yang's disguise had not been seen through by Sovereign Chen Yong was something huge. If he walked down this route, he might be able to achieve something amazing in the future.

If he could establish his standing in the current internal struggle or perhaps even gain dominance over this seemingly uncontrollable race, it would definitely be a cause for celebration for mankind. There would be no better outcome than that.

"Thank you, Teacher!" Liu Yang said.

Even though he had only been in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe for several months, he had already undergone many different trials and calamities. He was no longer the headstrong and egotistical young man that he had once been.

He knew that despite how easily his teacher was taking those things out, they were actually incomparably valuable treasures that would cause countless cultivators to vie over any one of them. Even Ancient Sages would dive right into the fight as well.

Despite his unfilial actions, his teacher did not blame him at all. Instead, the latter even bestowed such invaluable treasures. This left him deeply ashamed of himself.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As if seeing through Liu Yang's thoughts, Zhang Xuan said, "Everyone has their own encounters in life, so there's no need to envy others. Such emotions will only narrow the scope of your outlook and limit your state of mind, thus diminishing your future accomplishments."

His voice seemed to pierce right into Liu Yang's soul, striking his core.

Negative emotions such as envy, hatred, and resentment would only unnerve one's mind, rendering one incapable of finding inner peace. In the worst-case scenario, one might even become a slave to one's own emotions.

Of his many disciples, Liu Yang was not a person who particularly stood out, and he had unwittingly gotten himself into deep trouble, which had created an inferiority complex. That was also the reason for him simply turning around and leaving, hoping that he would be able to find a world that belonged to him. Ultimately, his hope was just to stand proudly on equal terms with Zheng Yang, Zhao Ya, and the others.

Such emotions could be a powerful pushing force, tempering one to be more resilient than ever. At the same time, it could also push one into a corner, causing one to lose sight of one's surroundings.

Zhang Xuan had neglected this back when Liu Yang was still by his side, so he felt that he should voice this advice to the latter right now so that he would not stray down the wrong path.

"I understand!" Liu Yang said grimly.

"In order to become a true expert, your heart must be broad. The reason that Kong shi was able to rise above the others is due to the vastness of his mind, which allowed him to see past differences to encompass all beings within him. No one else has achieved the same state of mind as him, which is why he remains the most respected individual in the world, remembered even after tens of thousands of years!" Zhang Xuan said.

It was only after entering the Temple of Confucius that he realized just how powerful and great Kong shi truly was.

It was true that Kong shi's strength had remained unrivaled ever since his era, but the world remembered him not for his might but his teachings. Just from that, it could be seen just how respectable a person he was.

Zhang Xuan could see the knot in Liu Yang's heart slowly unraveling as he thought things through, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

The greatest weakness of this student of his was that he was simply too competitive. Be it consciously or subconsciously, he would always pit himself against Zheng Yang and the others, comparing who was better.

The relations among those of the same lineage should be built upon mutual support. There was no doubt that rivalry was a powerful force of motivation, but a relationship should never be built solely upon rivalry. Otherwise, if those feelings were to intensify and exceed a certain point, they could become toxic and breed resentment.

"I understand!" Liu Yang nodded in realization. Having let go of everything that had been bogging down his mind, he turned Zhang Xuan and asked, "Teacher, is there some reason that you chose to come to the capital alone?"

"I plan to head to Sovereign Chen Ling's palace to find some dragon blood!" Zhang Xuan said, not hiding anything from his student.

"Sovereign Chen Ling's palace?" Liu Yang frowned. "Teacher, even though I have never been there myself, I have heard of how guarded the place is. It's impossible for outsiders to enter the premises!"

"I understand that, but I have a compelling reason for needing to enter that place at any cost!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

There were too many things that he wanted to achieve that required greater power, such as resolving the threat of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and looking for Luo Ruoxin.

To do that, unsealing the Dragonbone Divine Spear was definitely the fastest way to raise his fighting prowess.

From Zhang Xuan's attitude, Liu Yang could see that his teacher was determined to get into Sovereign Chen Ling's palace. He stood up, and with a deep frown on his forehead, he said, "Sovereign Chen Ling's palace has thirteen layers of defenses. Even soul oracles would have trouble entering the area! As for attempting to barge in forcefully, it is questionable whether even an Ancient Sage would be pull it off or not. Furthermore, we don't have a clear idea where the dragon blood is stored. If Sovereign Chen Ling discovers your aim somehow, it will be far more difficult to find it!"

Without a doubt, barging in forcefully was not an option. First and foremost, his strength was severely lacking. While he would still be able to escape from Otherworldly Demon Ancient Sages with Vicious and the Infernal Blacksaber, it was a wholly different matter if he was charging right into their midst. Furthermore, considering that nothing could be confirmed yet, it did not seem wise for him to make such a reckless move.

"I have to sneak in first!" In truth, Zhang Xuan had been thinking over this matter, and he already had a rough idea in mind. "First and foremost, I head toward Sovereign Chen Ling's palace to check out the area!"

It went without saying that the first thing he had to do was gather some information about the place that he wanted to break into. As long as he could come close enough to trigger the Library of Heaven's Path, the rest would not pose a problem.

"Liu Yang, I need you to help me look around for any opportunity to enter Sovereign Chen Ling's palace. For one, he was severely injured by Sovereign Chen Yong not too long ago, so has he tried finding any physicians to treat him?"

Vicious' arm had plunged right into Sovereign Chen Ling, and that had shaken the very foundation of his cultivation. Even without any news about Sovereign Chen Ling, it was clear that there was no way that he could have recovered from such severe injuries so quickly.

In other words, there was a good chance that Sovereign Chen Ling was still seeking treatment and required the help of physicians.

This could possibly be a good chance for him to sneak into Sovereign Chen Ling's palace.

"I'll go take a look!" Seeing that his teacher already had an idea in mind, Liu Yang turned around and left the room.

As the successor looked upon favorably by Sovereign Chen Yong, Liu Yang had already established his own intelligence network in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe in the couple of months that he had been there.

In less than two hours' time, he returned to the room.

"Just as you guessed, Sovereign Chen Ling's palace is indeed recruiting. However, what they are looking isn't physicians!" Liu Yang said with a bizarre look on his face, as if he could not believe what he had just heard.

"They aren't looking for physicians? What are they looking for then?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

It had been his deduction that Sovereign Chen Ling was looking for physicians in order to receive treatment. Given the severity of his condition, it was unlikely that ordinary physicians would be able to treat him, so he would attempt to gather talents all around to diagnose him.

If that was the case, he could make use of this chance to sneak up.

"That's right!" Liu Yang paused for a moment before continuing. "They are looking for appraisers!"



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