Previously, Zhang Xuan had roamed all around the palace with his Primordial Spirit, allowing him to commit the outline of the entire area to memory. Thus, it did not take him too long to arrive at the sleeping chamber.

He took out a token from his storage ring and pressed it lightly against the entrance. An opening slowly appeared in the seal, and he lifted his feet and made his way in.

The first thing that came into Zhang Xuan's sight was a vast courtyard with all kinds of lush plants growing. Taking a closer look, he realized it was a herb garden, and every single one of the plants growing out was an invaluable medicinal herb.

Zhang Xuan discreetly extended his Spiritual Perception around the courtyard to take a look, and soon, a slight frown emerged on his forehead.

There were several hundred different kinds of medicinal herbs in the herb garden, and every single one of them boasted incredible medicinal energy. However, the Dragonscale Grass that Ancient Sage Hao Xun spoke of was nowhere in sight.

Could it be that there was really no dragon blood there?

Instructing the Dragonbone Divine Spear, which was wrapped around him waist disguised as a belt, to carefully sense for the presence of any dragon blood in the area, Zhang Xuan slowly walked along the paved path while carefully scanning the area.

"Lan Ya, what are you dilly-dallying for? Hurry up!"

Just as Zhang Xuan was slowly checking the area with his Spiritual Perception, a voice suddenly reverberated in the herb garden. Turning his head over, he saw an elder looking at him with an infuriated look on his face.

This elder appeared to be in his sixties, and as if reflecting the many years that he had lived, his eyes were a little murky. While the aura that he emanated did not seem to be too powerful, the pressure that he commanded seemed to seep right into one's soul, commanding the obedience of others.

Ancient Sage 2-dan Great Philosopher realm… Zhang Xuan could immediately see through the other party's cultivation.

Back at the Temple of Confucius, Zhang Xuan had met dozens of Ancient Sages, and his storage ring had plenty of Great Philosopher realm Ancient Sage corpses. He was already well-versed with the various realms of Ancient Sages.

Despite the unflattering appearance of the elder, he was actually stronger than Lan Ya in terms of cultivation.

Such thoughts flashed through Zhang Xuan's mind in an instant as he hurriedly nodded and walked over. "Yes!"

Noticing that something was amiss with the other party's behavior, the elder stared at Zhang Xuan intently with a deep frown on his face. However, there was no mistake about it—the person standing before him was indeed Lan Ya. Thus, he lowered his voice and sternly reminded, "Today is the very last day. Nothing can go wrong, or else our heads will roll!"

"I understand!"

Even though Zhang Xuan had no idea what the elder was talking about, he was not dumb enough to ask about it. Thus, he nodded before following the other party into the main hall.

The main hall had neither Night Illumination Pearls nor candles or the sort for lighting, so the area appeared to be peculiarly dark. Stepping into the room felt like stepping into another world; everything around him seemed to vanish all of a sudden, be it auras or sounds.

What a powerful seal! Zhang Xuan thought as he discreetly scanned his surroundings with a stoic expression.

As expected of Sovereign Chen Ling's true nest, there were literally runic inscriptions everywhere that isolated this space from the rest of the palace. It was almost like a fortress within a fortress.

Had he not walked through the door, not even an Ancient Sage 3-dan Blood Reincarnation realm expert would have been able to peer through the seals to see what was happening inside.

At the very center of the hall was a round altar with a blazing flame burning menacingly above it. Over a hundred black-armored Otherworldly Demons were seated around the altar, and they were all Great Sage experts.

Seeing this elaborate set up, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up as an ominous feeling weighed on his heart.

Even though Great Sage cultivators were not as rare as Ancient Sages, they were still considered the top experts of the world. Even among the army of 110,000 that had planned to invade the Master Teacher Continent back then, there had only been dozens of Great Sage cultivators. Yet, over a hundred of them were gathered at that very moment.

Did Sovereign Chen Ling really have so many cards up his sleeves?

"Where is the spring water?" Seeing that Lan Ya had fallen into a daze, the elder berated furiously him. "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and pour it in!"

"Ah, here is the spring water!" Zhang Xuan took out the gourd with a flick of his wrist and passed it over to the elder.

"Why the heck are you giving it to me?"

The elder was caught off guard by the unexpected response from the other party, but he still instinctively caught the gourd.

"You can put it in instead!" Zhang Xuan said.

He had no idea what he was supposed to do with the spring water. If he made a mistake, he might just give his identity away. Since that was the case, he might as well dump the responsibility on the elder.

"Sovereign Chen Ling personally instructed you to do it. It will be inappropriate for me to do it in your place!" the elder said with a frown.

"It's fine! His Majesty won't mind such trivialities," Zhang Xuan said with a dry laugh.

You must be joking! If I knew how I was supposed to use the spring water, do you think that I would waste my breath on you?

"You…" earing those words, the elder immediately flew into a rage. He was just about to give Lan Ya a good lecturing when the ground suddenly tremored, and the altar began to sway violently.

"There's no time to waste…"

Seeing that, the elder's eyes widened in alarm. He hurriedly uncorked the cap of the gourd and lightly shook the gourd.


The spring water flowed onto the altar and traced the uniquely patterned grooves onto its surface. Very quickly, it formed an insignia.

Xiong xiong xiong!

As soon as the flame came into contact with the flowing water, it immediately released a burst of astonishing heat as it crackled with greater fervor than before.

With the intensification of the flame, the insignia began to transform.

"Begin!" the elder ordered.

The Great Sage Otherworldly Demons around the altar immediately made incisions on their fingers and flicked their blood into the flame.


With the blood tribute, the temperature of the flame immediately shot up, such that the surrounding space started to distort under the immense heat.

Only at that moment did Zhang Xuan realize that there was a puddle of fresh, crimson blood being burned above the flames. It seemed like it was being refined through some kind of unique method.

This puddle of blood was roughly the size of a fist, and an indignant energy was roaring furiously from it. It felt as if a massive dragon was circling around it.

Just as a thought came into Zhang Xuan's mind, an anxious voice sounded in his mind. "Master, that's the dragon blood… They seem to be refining the dragon blood!"

The Dragonbone Divine Spear trembled in agitation around his waist.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That's the dragon blood?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes.

He had thought that it would take a great deal of effort to find the dragon blood, but who could have known that it would be presented right to him?

The only problem was that there were too many people surrounding the altar at the moment. Given the current circumstances, it would be nigh impossible for him to steal the dragon blood and get away safely.

It's good that I have managed to locate the dragon blood… but what are they doing? Zhang Xuan wondered silently.

To place the dragon blood on top of the altar and use the blood of Great Sage Otherworldly Demons to fuel the flame, it was clear that the other party was trying to refine the dragon blood. However, what were they trying to refine it into?

"It's our turn, Lan Ya. Hurry up and get over here!" the elder yelled.

Turning around, Zhang Xuan saw the elder creating an incision on his finger and flicking a droplet of blood essence toward the altar.

He knew that he would be suspected if he delayed at all, so he quickly squeezed out a droplet of blood and flicked it into the altar as well.


As soon as the altar devoured the elder's blood, the elder began withering as if someone was sapping him dry. His face turned ghastly pale, and his cheeks sunk inward.

Zhang Xuan hurriedly turned his gaze toward the other Great Sage Otherworldly Demons. They were also trembling intensely as energy was swiftly drawn from their bodies.

Not only does the altar consume blood, it's also able to devour one's spirit, vitality, and psyche through tracing the blood!

Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in horror. He finally understood why he had been able to kill Ancient Sage Lan Ya so easily.

Just by contributing a droplet of blood, his spirit was already feeling extremely withered, and a great deal of his energy had been consumed. From the looks of it, it was apparent that Lan Ya had been sustaining the altar all that time, contributing his blood essence to it every now and then. With such depletion, it was inevitable that his physical state had depleted to the point where he had become far weaker than a typical Ancient Sage.

To encounter a surprise assault from a Sempiternal realm consummation expert wielding an Ancient Sage artifact while being in such a condition… no wonder Lan Ya had collapsed after a single attack!

Roar roar!

After devouring Zhang Xuan and the elder's blood essences, the dragon avatar within the dragon blood grew clearer and clearer. At the same time, its vague cries grew into distinct roars, and it seemed as if it would soar into the air at any moment.

"This…" Seeing that, the Dragonbone Divine Spear trembled in agitation as it cried out, "They aren't just refining the dragon blood! Rather, they are trying to use a special method to nourish the dragon blood so as to enhance it by a tier!"



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