Sovereign Chen Ling was immediately rendered dumbstruck.

Similarly, Zhang Xuan was rooted to the spot as he felt countless divine beasts stampeding through his mind, leaving a cloud of dust obscuring his thoughts.

That gourd was the Dongxu Gourd, which had once hidden in his dantian. After he fed it a meteorite piece, the other party had been resting in his storage ring, hardly moving at all. Why would it suddenly leap out to join the commotion at a time like this?

Not to mention… it had even devoured the droplet of dragon blood!

That was the crux to removing the seal on the Dragonbone Divine Spear! Without it, the Dragonbone Divine Spear would not be able to regain its true strength, and with just the prowess of Vicious, it would be impossible for him to get out of there safely. In the worst-case scenario, he might even meet his end there!

"My blood… My dragon blood…"

The collapsed Dragonbone Divine Spear twitched in horror upon seeing this sight, and tears flowed freely down its sunken eyes.

That was the key for it to return to its prime, but it had been swallowed by a mere gourd.

Ridiculous! A gourd did not have a mouth, so how could it swallow anything at all?


After devouring the dragon blood, the Dongxu Gourd burped loudly before heading back in Zhang Xuan's direction with a satisfied shake of its bottom.

Sovereign Chen Ling finally returned to his senses, and insanity overwhelmed his rationality. He charged over furiously as his palm large swathes of space around him.

"Give my dragon blood back!"

Seeing that, Zhang Xuan nearly fainted on the spot.

With his current strength, getting involved in a fight between Ancient Sage 3-dan Blood Reincarnation realm experts was as good as committing suicide. Thus, it had never crossed his mind that he could charge forward to snatch the dragon blood.

As a result of that, he had been observing the battle carefully the whole time. If the situation ever turned against him, he would immediately turn tail and flee. Yet, who could have thought that the gourd would snatch the dragon blood and return to his side, not neglecting to pull Sovereign Chen Ling's aggression to him in the meantime?

You b*stard! Just what in the world did I do to you for you to do this to me?

It was out of goodwill that I allowed you to stay in my dantian and nourished you. I even gave you the meteorite… but this is how you repay me?

Profanities that would leave even the most foul mouthed of individuals reddening in shame flashed through Zhang Xuan's mind. Of course, his body did not freeze in space. He swiftly moved to distance himself from the Dongxu Gourd so as to avoid Sovereign Chen Ling's wrath, but before he could make a move, the Dongxu Gourd had already dived back into his dantian and found a comfortable spot to rest.

"You…" Zhang Xuan's head nearly burst apart from frenzy in that instant.

However, this wasn't the moment to confront the Dongxu Gourd. He quickly activated the Zhang Clan bloodline, causing time to slow down. At the same time, he executed the Heaven's Path Movement Art and darted forward with incredible agility, reaching Vicious' side within a heartbeat.

The only reliable card that he had against Sovereign Chen Ling was this fellow.


Seeing the gourd that had stolen the dragon blood disappearing into Zhang Xuan, Sovereign Chen Ling immediately realized that the gourd was one of the other party's possessions. With his lips twitching in rage, he pulled both of his hands downward forcefully.

The next moment, it felt as if the surrounding air had been sapped dry. Zhang Xuan felt his stiffening body flying in Sovereign Chen Ling's direction, as if he was offering his life up to the other party.


Seeing such a sight, Vicious could not possibly continue allowing himself to be tied down by those two Ancient Sages. His other arm flew out of the Book of Heaven's Path to grab Zhang Xuan's shoulder, thus preventing the latter from flying toward Sovereign Chen Ling.

At the same time, the other arm pushed against the Book of Heaven's Path, dragging out an incomplete skeletal frame from within.

Given that he was bound to Zhang Xuan by a soul contract, if Zhang Xuan died, he would lose his life as well. As such, he had to save Zhang Xuan regardless of the cost.


As soon as the skeletal frame appeared, spiritual energy began surging over, creating a hurricane in the room. The skeletal frame lifted its palm and pressed it downward onto the incoming Sovereign Chen Ling.

Leaving the Book of Heaven's Path had boosted Vicious' fighting prowess significantly. As soon as he collided with Sovereign Chen Ling's offense, the latter was sent flying into the distance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Perhaps, Sovereign Chen Ling might not have feared the unrecovered Vicious prior to him getting injured, but in his current state… he simply did not stand a chance at all!

Seeing that Vicious was indeed able to stop Sovereign Chen Ling, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He focused his attention onto dantian and berated, "Didn't you agree not to enter my dantian?"

Previously, he had given the meteorite to the Dongxu Gourd in exchange for this condition, and the latter had given its word. Who could have known that the latter would renege on its promise at such a vital moment?

Furthermore, it had even provoked Sovereign Chen Ling and drawn the latter to him!

What the heck was with that?

If not for his swift reaction to activate the Zhang Clan bloodline and escape to Vicious' side, Zhang Xuan would have already lost his life.

"There's no need to sweat over minor details. I'm just resting in here for a moment." The Dongxu Gourd shook its bottom leisurely, as if it was completely unbothered by the situation.

Gritting his teeth angrily, Zhang Xuan was just about to continue giving the darned gourd a good tongue lashing when he suddenly felt a chill behind his back. Knowing that danger was approaching him, he activated the Zhang Clan bloodline once more and charged forward.

Boom boom boom!

A moment after he stepped away from his original spot, the space where he had been standing suddenly collapsed inward, leaving behind an empty void in its place. The shockwave from the abrupt collapse of space struck his back, causing fresh blood to spurt from his mouth.

He hurriedly turned around and saw the two Ancient Sages who had been holding down Vicious a moment earlier standing not too far away from him.

They might barely have been able to hold their ground against the powerful Vicious, but if they could not even get rid of a Sempiternal realm consummation cultivator, they would truly be worthless to Sovereign Chen Ling.

"Manipulation of temporal laws? He's indeed that darned human fellow. Let's rip him to shreds!" Seeing that his assault did not work, one of the Ancient Sages frowned slightly before raising his palm once more.

The other Ancient Sage swiftly launched a punch in coordination with his partner.

Before the palm strike and punch could land, the surrounding space began warping inward to Zhang Xuan. It was as if he was standing in the eye of a hurricane; he could not run away even if he wanted to.

Knowing that Vicious had his hands full dealing with Sovereign Chen Ling, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist as he spat through gritted teeth, "Tsk. You really think I'm a pushover, don't you?"


Two Ancient Sage corpses appeared before him, blocking the palm strike and punch.

Back at the Temple of Confucius, when Sovereign Chen Yong was battling with multiple Ancient Sages at once, Zhang Xuan had taken away quite a number of Otherworldly Demon corpses with him. He had not been able to forge them into Soulless Metal Humanoids as he had been severely injured over the past few days, but they could still act as temporary shields.

Peng! Peng!

The two attacks ended up landing on the corpses instead and sent them flying.

Even though Zhang Xuan had survived the ordeal for the time being, he knew that this was not a long-term solution. It was just a matter of time before he ran out of shields, and by then, he would be a goner. As such, he was prepared to bring out his final golden page to kill at least one of the two Ancient Sages when he suddenly heard a hurried gust of wind coming from behind him.

Following which, a chilling aura wrapped itself around him like a rope before forcefully tugging him out of Sovereign Chen Ling's sleeping chamber.

"Guild leader, hurry up and leave!"

It was Ancient Sage Mo Ling.

He had also noticed that something was amiss, so he had drawn his soul out from his body and dashed right in.

"Where do you think you're going?"

How could the two Ancient Sages within Sovereign Chen Ling's sleeping chamber allow Zhang Xuan to get away so easily? They immediately flitted over to pursue him.

In response, Ancient Sage Mo Ling retaliated with a powerful palm strike.

The clash between the two sides caused a powerful shockwave to ripple through the sleeping chamber, tearing down the resilient building. A cloud of dust rose into the air, obscuring everything from sight.

After pushing away the two Ancient Sages, Ancient Sage Mo Ling made use of this momentary reprieve to grab Zhang Xuan and flee from the sleeping chamber.

Being a Blood Reincarnation realm expert, he was far stronger than the two Ancient Sages. As long as Sovereign Chen Ling did not make a move, it would be impossible for those two to stop him.

After escorting Zhang Xuan out of the sleeping chamber, Ancient Sage Mo Ling hurriedly instructed, "Guild leader, I have already activated the formation outside, so you'll be safe for the time being. You should quickly leave. I'll block those two for you…"

"The Dragonbone Divine Spear and Vicious are still inside," Zhang Xuan replied anxiously. "If I leave now, they won't be able to get away."

The Dragonbone Divine Spear had sustained significant injuries whereas Vicious was held down by Sovereign Chen Ling and the formation. Considering that they were in Sovereign Chen Ling's palace, the situation would only turn against them as more reinforcements arrived. If he fled, those two would be doomed!

Putting aside everything else, those two were his strongest trump cards. He could not afford to lose them!



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