Incredible might swept over the area and crushed Zhang Xuan.

With the five Ancient Sages exerting their prowess simultaneously, it felt as if the apocalypse had come. The world turned pitch black as the surrounding space dissipated into dust. If one got close, one would be torn apart by the massive force that they were exerting and vanish from the world.

Seeing such force, Ancient Sage Mo Ling's face paled as he trembled in fear. "We need to leave now…"

It was apparent that the five of them had practiced some kind of collaborative formation, or else it would have been impossible for them to exert such immense strength.

It was questionable whether or not Blood Reincarnation realm consummation experts would be able to survive that strike, let alone him.

He had been thinking that the tables were starting to turn in their favor now that a new guild leader had appeared in their Soul Oracle Guild. They would be able to return to their original identity and allow their descendants to stand proudly on the Master Teacher Continent once more. Yet, who could have known that this fellow was actually so unreliable?

They had only met a moment ago, but this fellow was already charging into the gates of hell!

What the heck?

Ancient Sage Mo Ling hurriedly rushed to Zhang Xuan's side and grabbed the latter's palm, hoping to pull him to safety. However, the latter shook his head and flung his arms to shake free from his grip.

"Come at me then!"

Perplexed, Ancient Sage Mo Ling turned to look at the young man, only to see the latter looking at the five Ancient Sages in the air with a provocative smile on his lips.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Ancient Sage Mo Ling felt his hair standing on end.

Just what the heck did their soul oracles do to deserve such an unreliable guild leader?

Ancient Sage Mo Ling felt so stifled that he could have imploded on the spot. He hesitated for a moment, but he still could not let the future hope of the soul oracles lose his life. Thus, he gathered his strength to grab Zhang Xuan once more, but before he could come into contact with the latter, the latter had already raised both of his arms and bellowed, "Activate!"


At the same time, the black force also crashed into Zhang Xuan. However, contrary to what Ancient Sage Mo Ling expected, the latter did not dissipate into dust. Instead, just as the attack reached less than two centimeters away from him, it suddenly split into five portions and was assimilated into the surroundings.

"This is… the effect of his formation?" Ancient Sage Mo Ling narrowed his eyes in shock.

Sensing an incredible energy protecting the young man, Ancient Sage Mo Ling hurriedly turned his gaze downward, only to see that all of the inscriptions had lit up simultaneously. In other words, all of the formations had come to life at once to protect Zhang Xuan.

An unimaginable amount of spiritual energy had gathered above the young man to form a five-sided energy barrier.

The attack launched by the five Ancient Sages was absorbed by this very energy barrier and into the formation.

"This is… a barrier that absorbs any force as energy?" Ancient Sage Mo Ling was stunned.

He knew just how powerful the five Ancient Sages were when they were collaborating with one another. Even if there were three of him working together, it would still be impossible for him to withstand their might.

But not only did the young man manage to withstand their attack, he even absorbed their energy. Was this really a formation that was set up within ten breaths?

It was already tough enough to construct a formation on top of all of the miscellaneous formations in the area, but the massive formation that he had constructed actually complemented all of the other miscellaneous formations in the area to boost its prowess.

This was a feat that could only be described with the word 'miraculous'!

Oblivious to Ancient Sage Mo Ling's shock, Zhang Xuan turned his palm toward the five Ancient Sages and uttered, "Return!"

The five-sided energy barrier immediately gathered the energy that had just been absorbed to form an energy prison around the five Ancient Sages before swiftly closing in on them.


"Cr*p, this is really bad…"

The five Ancient Sages did not expect their collaborative offense to be undone that quickly. Not only so, the young man had even returned the favor to them in his own way.

Their faces paled in horror, and they quickly put their strength together once more to deal with the energy prison that was swiftly shrinking toward them.


The forces of both sides collided with one another. The five Ancient Sages spurted blood simultaneously as they retreated under the impact.

In the first place, the formations in Sovereign Chen Ling's sleeping chamber were designed to withstand an attack from even the strongest Blood Reincarnation realm experts. Put together with Zhang Xuan's formation, the prowess that the formations harnessed was far beyond anyone's expectations. Even the collaboration of the five Ancient Sages was insufficient to overcome it.

"Vicious, get the Dragonbone Divine Spear and come with me!"

Even though Zhang Xuan's attack had worked, he did not press on with his offense. Instead, he turned to Vicious, who was still fighting with Sovereign Chen Ling, and beckoned him over.

At the same time, a streak of black light gathered at the corner of the five-sided barrier before zapping Sovereign Chen Ling.

Vicious successfully freed himself from Sovereign Chen Ling's relentless offense. With a wave of his arm, the Dragonbone Divine Spear and the three Ancient Sage corpses on the ground flew into his hands.

"Let's go!"

After that was done, Zhang Xuan waved his arm once more, and the five-sided barrier created a spatial passageway. Vicious, Ancient Sage Mo Ling, and Zhang Xuan leaped into the spatial passageway and vanished without a trace.

Seeing that Zhang Xuan had gotten away, Sovereign Chen Ling nearly exploded on the spot. He turned to the five Ancient Sages and bellowed, "What are you all doing? Quick, chase them!"

"You'd better look into how he's able to control the formations in your sleeping chamber first!"

"Given how powerful this formation is, we'll get injured if we try to breach it forcefully!"

The five Ancient Sages replied impassively, showing no interest in pursuing Zhang Xuan.

As tempted as they were to obtain what Sovereign Chen Ling had promised them, they would not put their lives on the line for him. In any case, they knew that Sovereign Chen Ling still needed them, so there was bound to be some other way that they could get it from him.

As such, after they were knocked back by the formation, they halted their offense and stepped back. It was not because they were unable to win but because they were not willing to put themselves at risk.


Sovereign Chen Ling's face turned white with rage. He knew that his relationship with the other Ancient Sages was more like an alliance than one of subordination. It was not bad that they had been willing to help him stall Zhang Xuan; to make them risk their lives to pursue Zhang Xuan was indeed expecting too much of them.

The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was born with superior strength and longevity. Given the natural advantages that their race wielded over mankind, it should have been very easy for them to reconquer the Master Teacher Continent. The only reason they had not been able to succeed even after the passing of tens of thousands of years was that each of them was simply too selfish!

Given that none of them were willing to put themselves at risk, there was no way that they could unite!

This did not apply just to the Three Sovereigns but the many Lords under them as well. If they had been able to join together to fight valiantly alongside one another just like the master teachers, they would not have remained confined to the otherworldly battlefield for so many years.

Of course, what was even more important was that they lacked a decisively strong leader who could unite all of them under the same flag, like Vicious in the past.

Even though Sovereign Chen Yong was known as the strongest expert in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, his strength was only slightly above that of the other two Sovereigns. As a result, he was unable to get the other two Sovereigns to submit to him.

Sovereign Chen Ling took out a pill and swallowed it. When his complexion finally recovered a little, he finally turned his gaze back to the formation beneath him.

The formation of the sleeping chamber was something that he and his predecessors had devoted much time and effort to. Only Sovereign Chen Ling and those who obeyed him were granted the ability to control it, so why would it follow that fellow's commands to block the five Ancient Sages?

Furthermore, the prowess that it had displayed was beyond ordinary.

Unable to figure anything out, Sovereign Chen Ling cut his finger and squeezed out a droplet of blood.

The key to controlling the formation was his bloodline. As long as he brought out his blood, he would be able to re-establish full control of the formation.


As soon as he squeezed out his blood, the formation beneath began whirring into action. Surges of energy shone brilliantly as they converged swiftly at the center.

Just as he was able to control the energy to form a huge protective dome around him as he recovered from his exertion, a loud grinding noise suddenly rumbled from below. It was so loud that it sounded as if it would pop one's eardrums.


All of a sudden, a tremendous amount of energy burst forth from the center of the formation. Countless historical buildings in Sovereign Chen Ling's palace, which had stood for tens of thousands of years, collapsed in the face of the tremendous burst of energy, turning into rubble.

The formation beneath had run out of control and self-exploded!



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