Zhang Xuan nodded as he reached out to grab the Dragonbone Divine Spear.

In an instant, he felt boundless strength surging into his body from the body of the spear. It felt as if a simple flick of his wrist would allow him to pierce through space to enter a much deeper world.

The powerful Ancient Sages that were way out of his league in the past had become existences whom he could slay with a single pierce, barely a challenge at all.

Zhang Xuan turned to Ancient Sage Mo Ling and asked, "Do you know where Ancient Sage Allfire lives?"

"Ancient Sage Allfire? Why are you looking for him? He's one of the old ancestors of the Beast Tribe. Many years back, he fought with Sovereign Chen Yong and ended up getting chased out from his place of residence. If I recall correctly, he's currently living in exile somewhere close to the Battlefield of Firefeather!" Ancient Sage Mo Ling replied with a perplexed tone.

Even though he was not an Otherworldly Demon, he had lived in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe for many years, so he knew quite a lot about the otherworldly battlefield.

"He's in the vicinity? Take me to his nest then!" Zhang Xuan said.

The main motive for him wanting to upgrade the Dragonbone Divine Spear was so that he could tame Ancient Sage Allfire. Since the latter happened to be in the vicinity, it was a good time to get it over and done with.

"This…" Ancient Sage Mo Ling felt conflicted upon hearing Zhang Xuan's request. "I heard that Ancient Sage Allfire has quite the temper… Why are you looking for him?"

Honestly, he really found it hard to follow the train of thought of the guild leader. Why would he suddenly look for Ancient Sage Allfire?

"We still need more people on our side in order to guarantee a victory against Sovereign Chen Ling. Since Ancient Sage Allfire is in the vicinity, taming him would be great!" Zhang Xuan replied with a smile.

"Tame him?" Ancient Sage Mo Ling was rendered speechless.

The other party was the old ancestor of the Beast Tribe, such that even Sovereign Chen Yong was unable to make him submit…

Are you pulling my leg?

"Guild leader… I know that you have an exceptional aptitude in formations, but beast taming isn't as easy as it seems. It takes a long time to nurture goodwill and build intimacy before a beast is willing to submit to you," Ancient Sage Mo Ling advised.

He acknowledged that the new guild leader was indeed very formidable, but if he had to pick a bone with him, it was that his thoughts were scarily impractical.

If it was that easy to tame the old ancestor of the Beast Tribe, Sovereign Chen Yong would not have had such a headache dealing with him before.

Too lazy to explain the matter, Zhang Xuan simply replied with a smile. "I know where you're coming from, but how do you know it won't work without giving it a try?"

"… Very well then!"

Seeing that the guild leader's obstinacy was working up once more, Ancient Sage Mo Ling knew that he would not be able to change the other party's mind, so he decided to say no more. Whipping out a map and a compass, he quickly verified their location before pointing in a certain direction. "Ancient Sage Allfire and the members of the Beast Tribe live roughly two hundred thousand li away from here!"

"Two hundred thousand li away from here? Alright then!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He flicked his spear and pierced the space before him lightly.

Si la!

A spatial passageway materialized, and Zhang Xuan quickly leaped in. "Let's go!"

When they left the spatial passageway, they were already two hundred thousand li away. A barren mountain towered ahead, and countless beasts soared above them.

There were few differences between the beasts in the otherworldly battlefield and the beasts on the Master Teacher Continent. However, under the effects of the blood moon, their eyes were slightly red, making them seem exceptionally violent and savage.

There was a large variety of beasts flying around the mountain, and their numbers were astounding.

Instead of entering the mountain straight away, the two of them halted before the entrance. Zhang Xuan turned to Ancient Sage Mo Ling and said, "Send a letter over saying that we're here to pay a visit to Ancient Sage Allfire!"

Ancient Sage Mo Ling nodded. A name scroll flew forth from his fingertips and darted toward the barren mountain. A thunderous voice echoed from the name scroll and reverberated across the entire valley.

"Soul Oracle Mo Ling—together with the new leader of the Soul Oracle Guild, Zhang Xuan—has come to pay a visit to Ancient Sage Allfire!"

Hong long long!

The unexpected arrival of guests caused the many beasts flying in the sky to simultaneously turn their heads over to look at Zhang Xuan and Ancient Sage Mo Ling with hostility reflected in their eyes.

They were already filled with hatred toward Sovereign Chen Yong for driving them toward this barren land.

They had never heard of Guild Leader Zhang Xuan before, but Ancient Sage Mo Ling was still a person whose name resounded far and wide within the otherworldly battlefield.

A Sempiternal realm beast flew over and said, "The old ancestor is currently in seclusion, so it's not convenient for him to meet any guests. Please come back another day!"

"It's not convenient for him to meet us? Tell your old ancestor that we come bearing goodwill. We intend no harm toward the Beast Tribe, and we believe that we could potentially help the Beast Tribe out of its current predicament!" Zhang Xuan said.

"You are going to help us out of our current predicament?" the Sempiternal realm beast sneered coldly. "Am I to believe that you are so kind as to help us without asking for anything in return? Please leave right now, or else I'll lose my temper!"


Many of the beasts flying in the air quickly gathered around with killing intent flaring from them.

"I can assure you that your worries are unfounded!" Seeing how wary the beasts were, Zhang Xuan calmly placated them. "Have you heard the news about Sovereign Chen Yong being killed by the humans and that Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing have sustained severe injuries and are on the verge of death? If so, you should know that the entire Spirit Tribe is on the verge of a massive revolution!"

Not expecting to hear such words from the young man, the Sempiternal realm beast paused for a moment before replying, "I have heard bits and pieces of it!"

Even though they had been exiled to such a remote location, they were still able to acquire some news about huge events in the otherworldly battlefield.

"Since Sovereign Chen Yong has been killed, the previous promise with him doesn't have to be kept anymore. This is the ideal opportunity for the Beast Tribe to return to its homeland. Do you really want to live your life in this barren land, which lacks spiritual energy and delectable food? At this rate, it's just a matter of time before the entire Beast Tribe falls!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"This…" The Sempiternal realm beast fell into deep thought.

The other party was right.

The lack of delectable food was not an issue to them, but the scarcity of spiritual energy would cause the advancement of their cultivation to slow, and their eventual accomplishment would be limited as well.

This was not an issue in the short term, but it was certain that the entire Beast Tribe would weaken as time went on. Eventually, they would become completely helpless against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe!

"I know that you are unable to make the decision, so I'll have to trouble you to relay what I have said and the news that you have heard to the old ancestor. I believe that he will be able to come to a wise decision as to whether he should meet me or not!" Seeing the look on the Sempiternal realm beast's face, Zhang Xuan advised with a wave of his hand.

"… Alright, I'll inform the old ancestor of this matter!"

Knowing that there was some truth to what the other party was saying, and that it was indeed a good opportunity for their Beast Tribe to break out from its current predicament, the Sempiternal realm beast hesitated for a moment before nodding. Its massive body turned around and flew into the depths of the mountain range.

Watching as the Sempiternal realm beast left, Zhang Xuan softly chuckled.

In order to tame Ancient Sage Allfire, he would have to get a meeting with the other party first, and in order to do so, he would need to offer the Beast Tribe something tangible.

Roughly an hour later, the Sempiternal realm beast finally returned. With a wave of its massive claws, it said, "Our old ancestor invites you in!"

"Thank you!"

Zhang Xuan and Ancient Sage Mo Ling quickly proceeded into the mountain range.

It really had to be said that the mountain range was truly barren. There were only sparse patches of plants, and they were all filled with spikes. There were hardly any medicinal herbs or greenery to be seen at all.

If not for the boulders and the soil, they might have thought that they were in a desert.

As there was no stream within the mountain range, the atmosphere was rather arid. This was indeed a climate that was unsuited for survival.

Zhang Xuan could not help but notice that the beasts he encountered along the way had starved looks on their faces.

This was a natural phenomenon. It was similar to how if powerful beasts headed to the Tianxuan Kingdom and resided there for too long, it would only be a matter of time before their cultivation began plummeting due to starvation of spiritual energy.

Even the smartest business elite would become no different from a barbarian when stranded on a remote island.

The crowd soon arrived before a cavern. The Sempiternal realm beast stopped at the entrance of the cavern and said, "The old ancestor is in this cavern. I'll be standing guard outside."

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded before heading in with Ancient Sage Mo Ling.

Before even getting far, they felt a gust of warm air blowing in their direction, threatening to set someone's hair alight…Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.



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