Ancient Sage Allfire's main body was an Inferno Behemoth. It was through using lava to temper his body that he had managed to overcome his bottleneck and achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage.

As such, it was inevitable that his presence resulted in searing heat filling the area.

After walking for a moment, droplets of sweat were starting to form on Ancient Sage Mo Ling's head.

As a soul oracle, his body was chilling in nature. Extreme heat was one of his nemeses. If not for the fact that he had already reached Ancient Sage, his soul might already have been jolted out of his body.

He discreetly turned to look at the guild leader, and he could not help but be deeply impressed.

The other party was only a Sempiternal realm consummation cultivator, but it was as if he was completely impervious to such searing energy.

Not only was there not the slightest droplet of perspiration, his soul was also extremely stable, showing no signs of fluctuations as a result of the heat.

At this moment, Ancient Sage Mo Ling could not help but recall how the other party's body-soul compatibility rate was an astounding one hundred. Unable to withstand his curiosity, he asked through zhenqi telepathy, "Guild leader, is your soul… unafraid of the heat?"

"There was a time when my soul was afraid of the heat," Zhang Xuan replied. "However, after the tempering of the heavenly flame, heat of such level can't faze me anymore!"

"Tempering of the heavenly flame? Wait a moment… You put your soul into the heavenly flame?" Ancient Sage Mo Ling's eyes were on the verge of popping out.

"Isn't there a Heavenly Flame Ordeal at the Aureate Body realm? Didn't you use the heavenly flame from the cultivation ordeal to temper your soul?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

This should not be a big deal at all, so why was the other party reacting in such a manner?

"Well…" Ancient Sage Mo Ling took a deep breath to calm his nerves after hearing what Zhang Xuan had said before explaining slowly. "It's true that what you have said is the typical way for ordinary cultivators. What we, soul oracles, often do is to have our Soulless Metal Humanoid endure the heavenly flame in our place."

"Such a thing is possible as well?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

"This is how it works…" Ancient Sage Mo Ling began explaining the entire process to Zhang Xuan.

Due to the chilling nature of soul oracles, chances were that they would be burned to cinders if they challenged the Heavenly Flame Ordeal. As such, soul oracles who had reached the Introspective Convalescence realm would usually possess an Aureate Body realm expert and seal a contract with the latter, thus turning the latter into their Soulless Metal Humanoid.

The person who was possessed would have their soul preserved as well. When the Heavenly Flame Ordeal descended, the physical body of the Aureate Body realm cultivator would serve as the first line of defense, and the heavenly flame would naturally focus the bulk of its attack on them. After that, the soul oracle would use the possessed soul to replace them.

And that was how soul oracles overcame the Heavenly Flame Ordeal of Aureate Body realm despite their fear of heat.

Even though it was heartless and sinister, it was effective in ensuring the survival of the soul oracle. It was something that the soul oracles had come up with after infiltrating the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

The lineage that Zhang Xuan had inherited was something that Lu Chong had taken from the Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles, so it did not contain such information. As such, he was unaware of this method.

Fearing that the guild leader would misunderstand, Ancient Sage Mo Ling hurriedly added, "I understand that such a method is unconventional and savage, so we have always used the bodies of Otherworldly Demons for our breakthroughs."

"I see… Such a method does lower the danger significantly, but having Introspective Convalescence realm soul oracles possess the body of an Aureate Body realm cultivator is also extremely dangerous. Alright, I'll impart a cultivation technique to you. In the future, as long as soul oracles cultivate according to it, they will be able to overcome their weaknesses of flame, lightning, and yang attribute energy!" Zhang Xuan flicked his finger and sent a set of cultivation techniques over.

It was the refined Heaven's Path Soul Art that Lu Chong was practicing as well.

Since he was the leader of the Soul Oracle Guild, and this occupation had willingly sacrificed itself time and time again to protect mankind, they more than deserved to receive those cultivation techniques from him.

"Cultivation techniques?"

Ancient Sage Mo Ling initially did not think too much of Zhang Xuan's cultivation techniques. However, when he took a closer look at them, he suddenly jolted in shock. Even his soul started fluctuating as a result of his intense emotions.

As an Ancient Sage who had studied soul arts his entire life, there was no doubt about his eye for soul cultivation techniques. The techniques that had been imparted to him by the guild leader were incredibly profound, such that if one cultivated in accordance to them, one would be able to break free of the Five Soul Declines and truly become an eternal being!

At that moment, he even felt an urge to destroy his own cultivation to rebuild it from scratch.

Seeing through Ancient Sage Mo Ling's thoughts, Zhang Xuan sent another set of cultivation techniques over with a tap of his finger. "It's already too late for you to cultivate from scratch, but I have made some modifications to resolve the flaws in your cultivation technique. These are my suggestions for you."

Ancient Sage Mo Ling immediately browsed through the content, and before he knew it, his body was trembling in agitation.

It was as if the other party had explored his body thoroughly and uncovered all of its weaknesses. Every single word in the book was directed toward one of his openings, leaving him incapable of refuting it.

It could be seen that if he cultivated according to the technique imparted, all of his flaws would swiftly be resolved. He might even be able to achieve a breakthrough soon.

Despite only being at Sempiternal realm consummation, he was able to see through my weaknesses and formulate solutions to resolve them. This is really…

Ancient Sage Mo Ling looked at the young man in front of him with utter astonishment.

He had known that the new guild leader was extraordinary from his exchanges with Jiang Fangyou, but he did not think that the other party would actually be so overpowered!

Everything had far surpassed his expectations.

Just as Ancient Sage Mo Ling was still in shock, a thunderous voice suddenly echoed in his ears. "Ancient Sage Mo Ling, can I trust your words?"

Swiftly lifting his head, he saw a beast spanning ten meters in length floating above large swathes of lava. There were many cracks reminiscent of a lava crater on his golden exterior, and he emanated a frightening aura. In terms of strength, he seemed to be on par with even Sovereign Chen Ling at his peak.

It was no wonder that he had been able to unite the Beast Tribe together to stand against Sovereign Chen Yong!

"Pleased to meet you, Ancient Sage Allfire!" Understanding the other party's prowess, Ancient Sage Mo Ling chose to put himself in a humble position. He bent his body and clasped his fist respectfully. "This matter is a directive of our guild leader, and I am only following his instructions!"

He had no idea why the guild leader had chosen to make such a move, and he had even felt a hint of doubt earlier. However, the cultivation techniques provided by the guild leader had given him a glimpse into the young man's miraculous abilities, and unknowingly, a sliver of expectation had sprouted in his heart.

Perhaps, if it was the guild leader, he might be able to tame this massive fellow.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If that was the case, their lineage of soul oracles would gain a far greater say in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. With such prowess, they would be able to stand their ground even if they turned against the Three Sovereigns!

In the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, rules could be flouted at any time as long as greater interests were on the line. The only thing that could truly be relied on was one's strength.

It was the one who commanded the greatest strength who would be crowned king.

"Guild leader? You mean that Sempiternal realm little brat standing beside you?" Ancient Sage Allfire turned his massive head toward Zhang Xuan and sneered coldly. "I thought that you soul oracles were so prideful that even Kong shi was unable to make you submit? When did you fall so low as to recognize such a weakling as your guild leader?"

Ancient Sage Mo Ling's face immediately darkened upon hearing those words. "Ancient Sage Allfire, you may insult me if you want to, but you risk turning the entire Soul Oracle Guild against you by insulting our guild leader!"

Sensing the underlying rage in Ancient Sage Mo Ling's voice, Ancient Sage Allfire was stunned for a moment. "Oh? He really is your guild leader?"

He directed his gaze to Zhang Xuan once more, but no matter how he looked at the other party, all he could see was an average cultivator. However, he suppressed the doubts in his mind and said, "I have heard the news concerning the Three Sovereigns, but I know them very well. I have fought Sovereign Chen Yong, and I know the tricks that he has up his sleeves. There's no way that he could have been killed that easily!

"Besides, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe doesn't just consist of the Three Sovereigns. Even if all three of them died, there are still many other Lords to take their places. If we return, the chances are that we'll only face a massacre. Since Ancient Sage Mo Ling acknowledges you as the leader of the Soul Oracle Guild, I would like to hear how you intend to bring our Beast Tribe back to our homeland."

"It's very simple…" Zhang Xuan smiled. "All you have to do is become my tamed beast!"



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