"What do you intend to do?"

Seeing the young man rushing out of the cavern, Ancient Sage Allfire suddenly felt a bad premonition. He wanted to stop the young man, but a chilling aura suddenly crushed down on him.

Under normal circumstances, he would have been able to overcome such power with ease and even launch a powerful counterattack. However, with the severe injuries that he had sustained, he found himself unable to exert the slightest power.

"Ancient Sage Mo Ling, you b*stard! I swear that I'll kill you once I recover to full strength!" Ancient Sage Allfire roared frenziedly.

"I'll be waiting!" Ancient Sage Mo Ling replied nonchalantly as he continued exerting strength on the other party, pinning him firmly to the wall.

Roar roar! Wu wu!

While the two Ancient Sages were stuck with one another, countless beast calls reverberated outside the cavern. It was as if the young man had started a massacre right after leaving the cavern.

"No, you b*stard! I swear I'll tear your flesh into shreds and sear your soul to oblivion!" Hearing those cries of agony, Ancient Sage Allfire's body trembled in utter rage and desolation as he roared furiously. "You scoundrel! How can you prey on the weak like that? Where is your dignity?"

His voice reverberated loudly throughout the entire mountain range, but it seemed like the young man could not hear him at all.

The cries of agony continued echoing loudly in the air.

Seeing that he was unable to escape and his shouts were not reaching at all, Ancient Sage Allfire frantically turned to the soul oracle before him and made his case. "Mo Ling, you are an Ancient Sage just like that. Even though we have never met one another, I have heard about your affairs and know a bit about your temperament. You are righteous person who can't stand oppression… Are you going to watch quietly as your guild leader commits genocide? Is that how far the Soul Oracle Guild has fallen?"

"This…" Ancient Sage Mo Ling lowered his head in shame.

Clearly, he did not expect the guild leader to rush right out and use his superior strength to oppress those ordinary beasts either.

Even in the lawless otherworldly battlefield, there were some unspoken rules. If Ancient Sages were allowed to target the younglings of one another, it would be a guaranteed recipe for mutually assured destruction, thus the convention against such actions.

However, as a subordinate, Ancient Sage Mo Ling had already made up his mind to follow the orders of the young man no matter what they were. So, despite harboring doubts in his mind, he chose to stay out of the matter.

"I apologize, but I'm simply following orders!" Ancient Sage Mo Ling shook his head as he continued exerting his strength to pin the other party to the wall.

"You…" Ancient Sage Allfire was so furious that his voice began quivering. "If I get out of this alive, I swear I'll eradicate your entire lineage of soul oracles!"

He was truly furious.

An expert whom even he was no match for had actually gone to the extent of massacring his juniors. This was such a shameless act!

He roared on and on furiously but to no avail. The cries of agony that reverberated in his ears seemed to continue for an eternity before everything fell silent. In that instant, Ancient Sage Allfire's heart turned cold with despair.

The young man soon returned with a relaxed look on his face.

"You b*stard! You killed my tribesmen and destroyed my lineage. If I get out of here alive, I'll surely destroy everything that you hold dear!" Ancient Sage howled with a warped look on his face. Overflowing resentment flowed out of his eyes, wanting to drown everything in sight.

"Killed your tribesmen?" Seeing how furious Ancient Sage Allfire was, Zhang Xuan stunned for a moment before shaking his head helplessly. "You're overthinking it. I am a gentle and loving person who is passionate for peace, so how could I possibly commit genocide? Ancient Sage Mo Ling, let go of him and allow him to go out and take a look!"

"This…" Ancient Sage Mo Ling hesitated for a brief moment before retracting his strength.


Ancient Sage Allfire fell from the wall. He hurriedly got to his feet before rushing out of the cavern. Zhang Xuan and Ancient Sage Mo Ling followed leisurely behind him.

Outside of the cavern, the light from the crimson moon was slightly glaring. Ancient Sage Allfire quickly scanned his surroundings, only to see many of his descendants gathered outside, alive and kicking. Every single one of them was roaring passionately, their red eyes reflecting excitement.

"Your cultivation…" Ancient Sage Allfire was stunned.

Having spent countless years with his descendants on this barren mountain, he was extremely clear about their cultivation. After being forced to this land, due to the sparse spiritual energy in the area, it was already a blessing that they had maintained their current level of cultivation. Any advancement was pretty much impossible…

But at that moment, the tens of thousands of beasts had made breakthroughs in their cultivation, such that their overall prowess had grown significantly!

This was especially for those that he held in high regard. Not only was there a rise in their cultivation, it seemed like they had happened upon an epiphany. It felt like they were ready to push further into higher realms as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Furthermore, they were no longer yellow-skinned, malnourished beasts. Each of them looked physically powerful and spiritually revitalized, as if they had been born anew.

It was just a short moment of absence, but it felt like everything had changed!

"Paying respects to the old ancestor!"

The many beasts swiftly bowed down to pay respect to Ancient Sage Allfire.

"You…" Ancient Sage Allfire's lips quivered. There were countless questions on the tip of his tongue, but he was too shaken to say anything.

The beasts that had brought Zhang Xuan into the cavern earlier lowered themselves to the ground and said, "Old ancestor, our master is a compassionate man, and we have already submitted to him. We beseech you to make a decision swiftly!"

"You have already submitted to him?" Ancient Sage Allfire felt as if he was dreaming. "All of you have acknowledged him as your master?"

"That's right!" The beasts nodded simultaneously. They turned to Zhang Xuan and bowed down once more. "Paying respects to Master!"

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction before turning his gaze back to Ancient Sage Allfire. "How is it? Your tribesmen have already acknowledged me as their master, and they are supportive of you submitting to me as well. Is there anything else that you are hesitant about?"

"Old ancestor, we beseech you to join us!"

The eyes of the beasts gathered were glimmering in excitement.

"All of you…"

Ancient Sage Allfire felt as if a mini explosion had just erupted in his head. He took several steps back as he looked on at the sight before him in disbelief, wondering if what he was seeing was truly reality.

These were the elites of his descendants. Back then, during the battle with Sovereign Chen Yong, they had savagely torn Otherworldly Demon after Otherworldly Demon apart, not yielding to any opponent. Yet, they had all submitted to a single soul oracle…

Ancient Sage Allfire was not the only one who had such an expression on his face. Even Ancient Sage Mo Ling looked as if he had seen a ghost.

How long had it been since the guild leader had left the cavern?

Ten minutes? Twenty minutes?

Within that short span of time, he had actually managed to tame tens of thousands of beasts…

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He had known that the guild leader was able to set up formations swiftly, but he did not think that the other party would be even faster when it came to taming beasts!

"Old ancestor, if you acknowledge our master, we'll be able to raise our cultivation swiftly… You mustn't hesitate!"

"The rise of our tribe depends on your decision! Please don't reject our master's goodwill!"

"Under our master's leadership, we'll be able to cleanse ourselves of our previous humiliation, and our Beast Tribe will swiftly grow stronger over time!"

Many beasts roared in agreement.

Ancient Sage Allfire was rendered speechless.

Previously, he had still thought that his descendants had backbone and would not submit easily. Who could have known that all of them would defect so quickly?

From the looks of it, if he did not agree to it, his descendants would continue heaping pressure onto him until he finally succumbed.

"You value your dignity because you wish to set a good example for your descendants and allow them to live a prideful life. I am able to give your tribe what you want to give them. Acknowledge me as your master, and I swear that I won't let you down!" Zhang Xuan said.

"I won't force you into making a decision right now. I have a cultivation technique here that will not only allow you to recover to your peak, you'll also be able to exert incredible fighting prowess without tapping into the lava in your cavern!"

Before Ancient Sage Allfire could react, he suddenly felt a jolt in his head. A new cultivation technique had appeared in his head.


Upon taking a look at it, Ancient Sage Allfire's body suddenly began trembling uncontrollably. He was so agitated that he was unable to voice his words properly.



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