In the capital of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, there was a sealed room filled with all kinds of seals that isolated the space from the rest of the world, hindering even one's Spiritual Perception from passing through.


With a loud smack on the table, a middle-aged man with sharp eyebrows stood up wrathfully, shouting, "That scoundrel! This is no different from a revolt!"

A younger Otherworldly Demon scanned the crowd and furiously bellowed, "The three Sovereigns of the Spirit Tribe have always looked after one another, but that b*stard actually disregarded the rules and colluded with the humans to kill Sovereign Chen Yong! That wretched traitor of the Spirit Tribe! As proud citizens of the Spirit Tribe, we must come together to overthrow this nonsense!"

If Zhang Xuan was there, he would definitely have been able to tell that this Otherworldly Demon was the student of his that had infiltrated the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe… Liu Yang!

At this very moment, he had assembled a group of 'patriotic warriors' to expose Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing's crimes.

Around a month ago, Sovereign Chen Ling had returned to the otherworldly battlefield and announced to the whole world that Sovereign Chen Yong had been assaulted and killed by the experts of mankind. In an attempt to save the latter, he and Sovereign Chen Xing had ended up sustaining severe wounds, but they had been unable to affect the outcome.

Back then, everyone in the Spirit Tribe had taken his words for real, but not too long later, as human cultivators began entering the Subterranean Galleries, another rumor began floating around. It was said that Sovereign Chen Ling had colluded with the Hundred Schools of Philosophers in order to get rid of Sovereign Chen Yong so that he could usurp the latter!

Initially, everyone had thought that the rumors floating around were a ploy from mankind in order to spark discord within the Spirit Tribe. However, as Sovereign Chen Ling began to take control of Sovereign Chen Yong's troops and massacre the latter's commanders, they swiftly sensed that something was amiss.

And just two hours ago, the appointed successor of Sovereign Chen Yong had suddenly gathered them together and recounted the happenings to them. Everything fitted together like pieces of a puzzle in an instant, and the realization of the truth filled them with rage.

It was due to the unity of the Three Sovereigns that the Spirit Tribe had instilled fear into mankind for many years. Of course, this unity was built upon a fragile balance of power, but it had served them well for tens of thousands of years. Yet, all of a sudden, one of the Sovereigns had colluded with the humans to turn against one of their own. Even among the lawless Otherworldly Demons, this was an unforgivable act of betrayal!

"Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing are incredibly powerful cultivators who ranks among the top of all Ancient Sages alive. What difference does it make even if we have learned of their treachery? There's no way we stand a chance against them!" One of the Otherworldly Demons shook his head and poured a bucket of cold water on the riled-up crowd.

He could understand the feelings of those who were gathered there, but no matter how severely wounded Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing were, they were still Blood Reincarnation realm consummation experts. They were not opponents whom a bunch of Great Sages like them could deal with!

The reason that the standing of the Three Sovereigns had remained unmovable over the past tens of thousands of years was not just because of their political acuity and the support of their followers; more than that, it was because they wielded the strength to quell any uprisings!

"I understand that as well, but rest assured! All is not hopeless yet! Since Sovereign Chen Yong is still alive, he'll surely return to clear out those traitors. All we have to do is move on his command and take back control of the various divisions so as to maintain internal stability!" Liu Yang said.

"Indeed! We might not be able to participate in the battle among the Ancient Sages, but we are still able to minimize the losses of the Spirit Tribe through our actions!"

"If things go wrong, mankind could make use of this temporary lapse in our defenses to destroy us. If so, the Spirit Tribe could be ruined!"

A couple of Otherworldly Demons nodded in agreement.

The battle among the Three Sovereigns was already far beyond what they could interfere with, but they could still calm down the armies and populace through their presence and reduce whatever damage would be incurred to the minimum.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing that he had won the support of those present for now, Liu Yang heaved a sigh of relief. "Since we share the same thoughts, I'll consider this alliance formed. As it's an alliance, we'll require a reliable alliance leader to coordinate all of our movements. Otherwise, if we simply move on our own, it could worsen the chaos!"

"I concur! We'll need an alliance leader to lead us all. Since Brother Yang is the successor of Sovereign Chen Yong and boasts the highest cultivation of us all, it goes without saying that he should assume the role of the alliance leader!"

"You are the only one who can help us wrestle back control over the situation!"

The crowd clasped their fists.

Other than the Ancient Sages, the person who boasted the greatest rallying ability was indubitably Liu Yang. If not for his popularity among the Otherworldly Demons, Sovereign Chen Ling would have killed him right away. It was in consideration of Liu Yang only being a Sempiternal realm consummation whom could still be controlled and the repercussions that would come with the other party's death that Sovereign Chen Ling had chosen to spare him for the time being.

It went without saying that Liu Yang was indeed the most suitable figure to serve as the alliance leader.

"Since everyone has nominated me, I'll humbly take on the position. That being said, there's one thing that I would like to say that I hope everyone can keep in mind." Rising to his feet, Liu Yang placed a clenched fist on his chest and spoke with unwavering determination. "No matter what we do, it's all for the Spirit Tribe!"

After coming to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, there was no way that Liu Yang could continue using his original name. Thus, he had become known as 'Yang Liu' instead, and he was the Brother Yang whom everyone spoke of.

Since he did not have much of a reputation on the Master Teacher Continent anyway, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to figure out his true identity just through his reversed name.

What he was doing right now was rallying everyone within his sphere of connections and attempting to wrestle power from Sovereign Chen Ling and the others. This was the mission that his teacher had entrusted him with before entering Sovereign Chen Ling's palace.

"No matter what we do, it's all for the Spirit Tribe!"

The other Otherworldly Demons rose to their feet and chanted passionately.

As expected of the successor whom Sovereign Chen Yong had chosen, he was indeed someone who would become a powerful supporting pillar of the Spirit Tribe in the near future!

"Since we have sealed the alliance, let's settle on our future course of action…" Seeing that he had won everyone over, Liu Yang was just about to set future directions for their alliance when he suddenly fell silent.

With a frown on his forehead, he flicked his wrist.


A Communication Jade Token materialized in his hand. With just a look, his eyes immediately narrowed menacingly.

"Brother Yang, is something wrong?" one of the Otherworldly Demons asked.

Liu Yang was quiet for a moment before he solemnly said, "Sovereign Chen Ling has erected an altar at the center of the capital, and he's going around capturing cultivators above Saint 1-dan to tribute them. According to the intelligence that I've received, there are already more than thirty thousand casualties…"

"Thirty thousand casualties?"

"That beast…"

Hearing such a piece of news, the crowd could not remain calm any longer. They swiftly rose to their feet in anger.

Even with the superior talents of the Spirit Tribe, the number of them who eventually made it to Sainthood was still rather limited. Yet, Sovereign Chen Ling was using their lives as tributes and had even slaughtered over thirty thousand of them in a single shot… Was he insane?

"Brother Yang, what should we do now?"

Everyone in the room quickly turned their gazes to Liu Yang as they waited impatiently for his directives.

"Judging by his actions over the past few days, I reckon that he's intending to offer a tribute to the Spirit God in exchange for the recovery of his injuries and strength!" Liu Yang said.

The crowd nodded silently in agreement.

While there was no concrete news about Sovereign Chen Ling's physical condition, the fact that he had disappeared from public view for some time had raised some speculation about his current condition. If there was little hope of him recovering from his injuries through normal means, his best bet would be to turn to the Spirit God for help.

However, obtaining the Spirit God's blessing came with an incredibly steep cost. Not only did it require the tribute of countless artifacts, one also had to make an offering of fresh blood.

The laws of the world dictated that a gain had to come with a loss. Not even the Spirit God was an exception to the rule!

The very fact that Sovereign Chen Ling had gone around slaughtering tens of thousands of people meant that he was preparing for a major ritual.

"What we have to do now is gather our forces and hinder the ritual. Otherwise, this could result in an irrecoverable blow for our Spirit Tribe!" Liu Yang harrumphed.


The crowd nodded in agreement.

They had to stop Sovereign Chen Ling at all costs. It would be one thing if Sovereign Chen Ling recovered to full strength, but who knew how many more lives would have to be sacrificed in order for that to happen?

Hong long long!

Just as Liu Yang was about to tear down the restrictions around him to stop Sovereign Chen Ling's tribute, the ground intensely shuddered. Vaguely, the sound of rumbling thunder could be heard in the atmosphere.

Liu Yang dashed out of the room and headed to where the sound was coming from. Soon, he saw a massive influx of energy gathering at the very center of the capital, where Sovereign Chen Ling was preparing his tribute.

If an explosion occurred over there, did it mean that the ritual was a failure?

"What happened?" Liu Yang turned to a nearby guard.

With an agitated look on his face, the guard exclaimed in a high-pitched voice, "It's Sovereign Chen Yong… Sovereign Chen Yong isn't dead yet… He has returned!"



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