The cultivation technique that the young man had just imparted to him not only resolved the flaws in his cultivation, it even complemented his strengths. If Ancient Sage Allfire cultivated according to it, even without the lava in its cavern, he would easily be able to reach Ancient Sage 4-dan or even higher!

It was no exaggeration to say that this cultivation technique was tailored just for him! As long as he cultivated according to it, he would grow by leaps and bounds.

After carefully going through the cultivation technique in his mind, Ancient Sage Allfire finally came to a realization. There was no doubt that the young man was a person with great capabilities, and he would eventually rise to the top of the world. Thus, he lowered his body on the ground and sent a droplet of blood essence into the young man's glabella. "Allfire pays respects to Master!"

Although he had been hesitant previously, at that very moment, all doubts had been removed from his mind. Despite the other party's young age and lower cultivation, he was qualified to become his master. Following behind the other party would surely bring him to greater heights.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief after assimilating the blood essence.

It seemed like his trip had not been wasted. A Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sage with so many tamed beasts… Even if he encountered Sovereign Chen Ling once more, he would have the power to protect himself!

Several figures were flitting swiftly in the air.

They were Sovereign Chen Yong and Ancient Sage Hao Xun, who had separated from Zhang Xuan a while back.

Following behind them were four Ancient Sage 2-dan Great Philosopher realm cultivators.

Even though they were weaker than the two leading the way, there was no doubt that they were the strongest experts on the Master Teacher Continent. In a battle, their might would be something to behold.

They were the Ancient Sages whom the two of them had managed to rally to their side within this period of time.

Seeing the space before him shattering again and again as they surged forward, one of the Ancient Sages following behind could not help but ask, "Your Majesty, where are we heading right now?"

"We're heading to the Battlefield of Firefeather!" Sovereign Chen Yong replied calmly.

"Battlefield of Firefeather?" The Ancient Sage who had just asked the question pondered for a moment before replying. "Given how remote that place is, there shouldn't be any Ancient Sages there, right?"

"If I recall correctly, the Beast Tribe's Ancient Sage Allfire resides there," another Ancient Sage added.

"Ancient Sage Allfire?"

Upon hearing this name, the remaining members of the group recoiled in horror a little before swiftly turning their gazes toward Sovereign Chen Yong.

There was no one on the otherworldly battlefield who had not heard of the conflict between Ancient Sage Allfire and Sovereign Chen Yong. Yet, to run over right now to look for the other party… was that not courting death?

"I don't deny that there's a grudge between me and Ancient Sage Allfire. However, if we wish to expose the crimes of Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing, there's no doubt that we'll need that fellow's strength!"

Since he had already rallied those Ancient Sages to his side, he had no intention of hiding anything from them.

"But the conflict back then caused the relationship between the two of you to turn so stale…"

"There's no choice no matter how stale it is. I can only hope for the best…" Sovereign Chen Yong shook his head.

If he had a choice, he would not have wanted to forsake his dignity to request help from his enemy. He knew that he would definitely be humiliated, and it might even backfire on him. However, given the current circumstances, he did not have any other choice.

Ancient Sage Hao Xun turned his gaze over and asked, "Didn't Elder Zhang Xuan say that… he'll find a way to tame Ancient Sage Allfire after finding the dragon blood? Are we not waiting for him?"

"Tame?" Hearing those words, Sovereign Chen Yong shook his head. "Do you think that Allfire will ever allow himself become another person's tamed beast?"

Ancient Sage Hao Xun fell silent.

He could not say for sure when it came to other beasts, but Ancient Sage Allfire was one hell of an obstinate fellow. In the past, Sovereign Chen Yong had used all kinds of methods on the latter, but the latter had seemed completely impervious to his bait and threats. He would even rather migrate to this barren land with scarce spiritual energy than submit to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe…

From this, it could be seen just how prideful Ancient Sage Allfire was.

Was it even possible for such a prideful beast to submit to a person who had not even reached Ancient Sage?

"The Young Master has never met Allfire before, so it's no surprise that he's unfamiliar with his temperament. On the other hand, as people who have met and interacted with him, we are very clear that it's impossible to tame him!"

At that point, Sovereign Chen Yong sighed deeply. "Since that's the case, rather than hope for the impossible, we might as well head over and have a good talk with Allfire. Back then, I was the one who forced him into exile, so I should be the one undoing the damage!"

"I guess we can only hope for the best!" Ancient Sage Hao Xun nodded.

Given that Sovereign Chen Yong was the culprit who had turned Ancient Sage Allfire against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, if they wanted to placate Ancient Sage Allfire and bring him over to their side, it would indeed be good to start with him.

"We're here…"

Amid their discussion, the Ancient Sages finally arrived at a location in proximity to the Battlefield of Firefeather. A barren mountain range unfolded before their eyes.

"This is the Battlefield of Firefeather? Is it really possible to live in such a place?" one of the Ancient Sages remarked in shock, sensing the incredibly thin spiritual energy in the air.

Without any resources and spiritual energy, the only thing one could do in such a place was survive. There was no way one could advance one's cultivation in a place like this!

Considering how Sovereign Chen Yong had driven Ancient Sage Allfire to such a barren place, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to engage his help to deal with the other two Sovereigns. The situation simply did not look too good.

Noticing the crowd's worry, Sovereign Chen Yong shook his head bitterly. "Let's find a beast and ask him where Ancient Sage Allfire is!"

With a flicker, he appeared right before one of the beasts loitering around the mountain range.

The beast immediately recoiled in alarm.

Sovereign Chen Yong hurriedly stopped the beast from shouting for help and sent a zhenqi telepathic message. "I am a friend of your old ancestor, Ancient Sage Allfire. Is it possible for you to take me to him?"

Suppressed to the point where it was completely unable to send out any signals, the beast had no choice but to reply obediently. "Our old ancestor… is currently in the midst instructing our tribesmen to pack up…"

"Pack up? Where are you all heading?"

The group of Ancient Sages looked at one another in bewilderment.

It was true that the condition of the Battlefield of Firefeather was horrendous, but they had managed to live there for many years. Why were they suddenly packing up at that moment?

"We are heading to the capital!" the beast quickly replied.

This beast was only at Saint 1-dan, and it had lived in the outer perimeters of the mountain range. As such, Zhang Xuan could not be bothered to tame it.

"You are returning to the capital?" Hearing those words, Sovereign Chen Yong's face warped in horror. "Could it be that… Sovereign Chen Yong has made a move ahead of us and successfully rallied Ancient Sage Allfire over to his side?"

It was no wonder that it harbored such thoughts. The capital was currently under Sovereign Chen Ling's control, and considering how Ancient Sage Allfire had a feud with him, it was not unthinkable for Sovereign Chen Ling to try rally the latter against him.

"Have any guests come here recently?" Sovereign Chen Yong asked.

The beast pondered for a moment before replying. "Not too long ago, an Ancient Sage named Mo Ling came over along with our old ancestor's master! They should still be around at the moment!"

"Wait a moment… Master?"

Sovereign Chen Yong was just about to ask who the master was when Ancient Sage Hao Xun suddenly spoke up. "Ancient Sage Mo Ling is the strongest expert among the soul oracles at the moment, and he's one of the trusty aides of Sovereign Chen Ling. He played a huge role in planning the encirclement against you…"

Ancient Sage Hao Xun had received a fair bit of insider news from his subordinates and descendants after leaving the Primal Lodestone Mountain, so he was privy to a lot of specifics.

As a Blood Reincarnation realm expert serving under Sovereign Chen Ling, it was inevitable that others would keep tabs on Ancient Sage Mo Ling in an attempt to figure out Sovereign Chen Ling's plans.

"Considering how Ancient Sage Mo Ling is subordinated to Sovereign Chen Ling, and Ancient Sage Allfire has acknowledged that person as his master… Could that person be Sovereign Chen Ling? Did Sovereign Chen Ling really manage to tame Ancient Sage Allfire?"


Sovereign Chen Yong's heart skipped a beat.

If that was truly the case, they were in deep trouble.

After asking a few more questions to confirm Ancient Sage Allfire's location, Sovereign Chen Yong tapped his finger on the beast's head to knock it out before turning his head around and instructing, "Let's head there secretly. We have to make sure that Ancient Sage Allfire doesn't notice…"

Given that Sovereign Chen Ling was still in the vicinity, they had to head over to take a look no matter what.

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Knowing how serious this matter was, the crowd quickly nodded. They concealed their auras and proceeded forward while flying close to the ground so as to prevent themselves from getting noticed.


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