"Taken away by Kong shi?" Zhang Xuan felt as if he was listening to an exaggerated fairy tale.

To be able to plant something within Sovereign Chen Yong's father… The strength of the Immortal's Envoy must have exceeded even Blood Reincarnation! If Kong shi was able to capture an expert of such a caliber, just how powerful had he been?

It was no wonder that he had been able to strike fear so deep into the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe that they dared not move for tens of thousands of years. Given his strength, no one would oppose him.

"Even if they are controlled, as long as we go all out, we should be able to defeat them. It's just that…" Sovereign Chen Yong frowned in worry.

"Are you worrying about the origin of the Seeds of Acquiescence?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The Seeds of Acquiescence came with the Immortal's Envoy, and they should have disappeared many years ago. There should not have been any even under the Three Sovereigns' control. Yet, for Sovereign Chen Ling to actually bring them out and even use them at that very moment… Where in the world did he get them from?

What did this signify?

"That's right! The appearance of the Seeds of Acquiescence likely means that… an Immortal's Envoy will appear as well. That's a real Ancient Sage 4-dan expert, capable of shattering dimensions and standing in the midst of a void unharmed. If Sovereign Chen Ling truly has the help of someone of that caliber, we will be completely helpless no matter how many people we have on our side!" Sovereign Chen Yong said.

It might only have been a realm of difference between Ancient Sage 4-dan and Ancient Sage 3-dan, but there was a vast difference in their levels of existence.

One was capable of shattering space and entering a higher dimension whereas the other was doomed to remain there for life. Just from this alone, the difference in their strengths were apparent.

For tens of thousands of years, while the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and mankind had not spawned too many Ancient Sages, there should have been several thousand of them. The strongest among them only boasted strength similar to his, Blood Reincarnation realm consummation, and the only ones who had reached 4-dan were Kong shi and Vicious.

As for the others, no matter how hard they struggled, they were simply unable to overcome that final bottleneck.

If even a single Immortal's Envoy appeared at that moment, putting aside exacting vengeance, it was likely that they would all lose their lives there!

At such a level, no number of people would be able to make up for the difference in strength!

"Calm down! Our world has its own rules. An Immortal's Envoy cannot descend to our world that easily. As long as we move quickly and slay Sovereign Chen Ling, there will be nothing for us to worry about!" Ancient Sage Allfire harrumphed coldly.

He was also fearful of Immortal Envoys, but… the other party had not appeared yet, right?

There was no point worrying over what that had not happened. Once Sovereign Chen Ling was dead, what else could he possibly pull on them?

"You're right!" Sovereign Chen Yong nodded solemnly.

Raising his hand, he was just about to instruct everyone to make a move together when Sovereign Chen Ling suddenly turned his gaze over with a smile on his face.

He could tell that they had been discussing something earlier, but he had chosen to leave them be, not interfering at all. It was either that he was confident of victory or that this was another ploy of his to plant a seed of fear in their hearts.

"Sovereign Chen Yong, do you know why you landed in the current state you are in?" Sovereign Chen Ling asked.

Those words provoked a frown on Sovereign Chen Yong's forehead.

"It's very simple, actually. You just aren't as vicious as me. I admit that I am inferior to you in terms of strength and wits, but I surpass you in terms of callousness. I can sacrifice the lives of countless tribesmen in order to recover from my injuries. I am willing to collude with the humans to have you killed. In fact, I would willingly cast aside my life and soul and serve another just to bring about your death! You don't have the decisiveness I have to do all that is necessary, and that's why you failed to achieve anything significant during your reign!" Sovereign Chen Ling sneered.

"Cast aside your life and soul? What do you mean by that?" Sovereign Chen Yong's eyebrows shot up in astonishment.

He sharply caught onto the anomaly in Sovereign Chen Ling's words. He knew of the former two incidents, colluding with the humans and sacrificing the lives of countless tribesmen, but he had not heard about Sovereign Chen Ling offering his life and soul to serve another!

What did all of that mean?

"That's none of your business. All you have to know is that all heroes have a streak of viciousness in them. If one fusses over the small details, one will never come to be anything great. You lack my callousness, and that's why this battle will definitely end in my victory!" Sovereign Chen Ling laughed heartily before waving his hand imposingly. "Kill them all!"



Hearing the command, all of the Ancient Sages immediately dashed forward to attack Zhang Xuan and the others.

At the same time, Sovereign Chen Ling pressed his fingers downward, and a tremendous strength poured forth from his fingers. In that instant, it felt like the world had approached doomsday.

Peng peng peng peng!

The heads of the kneeling Saint cultivators around the pedestal suddenly burst apart, causing fresh blood to scatter all around the area before dripping down on the stairs. Just like that, the pedestal was dyed with a deeper layer of crimson.


Not expecting the other party to be so vicious as to kill so many more of his tribesmen, Sovereign Chen Yong was on the verge of losing his mind. His eyes reddened in fury as he charged straight toward Sovereign Chen Ling, wanting to rip him apart.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Despite the severity of his injuries, he could not have cared less at the moment.

There was only one thought that dominated his heart—either Sovereign Chen Ling would die that day, or he would drag the other party together to hell with him!

Otherwise, the Spirit Tribe would only gradually fall apart under the other party's leadership, possibly ending in utter destruction.

"Your opponent is me!"


However, before Sovereign Chen Yong could make a move, an Ancient Sage suddenly appeared before him. With a long staff in his hand, the Ancient Sage swung his weapon right toward Sovereign Chen Yong's face.

It was one of the Ancient Sages who was controlled by a Seed of Acquiescence.

Even though this Ancient Sage had only barely reached the Blood Reincarnation realm, given Sovereign Chen Yong's current physical state, even if he used his full strength, it would be difficult for him to win against the other party.

The staff surged through the air nimbly, leaving many after-shadows in its wake. Reminiscent of a curtain being raised with a stick, the sheer strength behind the movements of the staff caused spatial ripples to collapse toward Sovereign Chen Yong, trapping the latter in place.

Under the Ancient Sage's relentless offense, Sovereign Chen Yong's face turned paler and paler by the second, and even his breathing became slightly ragged.

Had it been in the past, he would have been able to defeat many of such opponents with a wave of his hand. However, all he could do at the current moment was take evasive measures, causing him to completely fall into the other party's flow. Just thinking about how powerless he was at the moment left him deeply stifled.

"Your Majesty, we're here to help you!"

At that moment, a loud bellow sounded from below. Glancing downward, Sovereign Chen Yong saw Liu Yang and the others arriving with countless Otherworldly Demon soldiers.


Synergizing their strengths together, their combined might pierced right into the sky and struck the staff of the Ancient Sage, causing it to break apart in the middle.

There was a vast difference between the strength of an Ancient Sage and Great Sage. Under normal circumstances, there was no way that they could even battle with one another; it would be a completely one-sided slaughter.

However, Liu Yang and the others had cleverly put the strength of the ten thousand of them together via a collaborative formation, thus temporarily producing a combined might that could match even a Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sage.

If one could put the strength of the masses to good use, even an army of ants could bite an elephant to death! A well-organized army would be able to instill fear even in a Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sage!

Of course, power that could only be amassed through a collaborative formation was bound to have many limitations. As long as a Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sage was given sufficient time to move around, they would eventually find an opening in the collaborative formation to exploit and defeat the entire army.

"You are courting death!"

Seeing how his weapon had been destroyed by a bunch of Great Sage and Saint cultivators, the Ancient Sage narrowed his eyes in fury. With a deafening roar, he raised his palm and thrust it toward Liu Yang and the others.

As long as the attack struck its target, there was no doubt that Liu Yang and the others around him would be goners!


But just as the attack was about to strike Liu Yang, a cold harrumph sounded in the air. Following which, a spear shot out of seemingly nowhere.


The tip of the spear impaled the Ancient Sage's hand, causing fresh blood to spill down.

Following which… just as the Ancient Sage thought that the sudden assailant would press on with his attack and kill him, he saw the other party taking out a jade bottle and carefully collecting the blood that he had spilled.

There was a hint of excitement on the other party's face as the other party collected his blood droplets with an earnest look on his face.

"…" The Ancient Sage.



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