That's my power!

I sacrificed 100,000 tribesmen and countless treasures in exchange for this power, so how dare you snatch it away from me! You want to recover your thighs? I'll smash your head into smithereens!

Sovereign Chen Ling looked as if he was convulsing so intensely that he was suffering from a stroke.

The young man before him was truly infuriating! Every word that came out of his mouth made him feel as if he could choke on his own breath!

How can you speak so brazenly despite being a petty thief? Do you have no sense of pride whatsoever?

Grinding his teeth, Sovereign Chen Ling sent yet another powerful palm strike toward Zhang Xuan.


The surroundings turned utterly dark. Sovereign Chen Ling's might was so great that even the heavens seemed to tremor in deference to him.

Zhang Xuan dodged his attack yet again. However, seeing that the other party was getting fiercer and fiercer, hindering him from absorbing the energy and recovering, he finally blew his top. He raised his head and bellowed, "Deity of the higher dimension, this fellow not only disguised himself as me to steal your power, he even dares to make a move on me in your presence. It's obvious that he has a complete lack of respect for you. It's of the utmost importance that you punish him severely!"

Why the heck are you causing such a huge ruckus? Can't you just sit quietly by the side and absorb the energy?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What a wonderful thing it is to enjoy the peaceful silence and immerse one's senses in the wonders of the world!

Don't you think that it's crude to go around killing others?

To think that you are even respected as one of the Sovereigns of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, yet you don't even have the patience to hold yourself still. Horrible!

Seeing the other party speak the words that he wanted to say, Sovereign Chen Ling's body staggered. "Screw you!"

His blood billowed furiously through his organs, leaving him feeling as if he would vomit large mouthfuls of blood at any moment.

You scoundrel, remember your place! You are the one who has come here as a robber… How can you be so shameless as to report me first?

Grasping at his hair frenziedly, Sovereign Chen Ling knew that he would only anger himself further the more he spoke. Thus, he decided to put aside all words and smash his palm right toward Zhang Xuan.

This time, his palm strike harnessed his entire rage, making it several times more powerful than before.

Sensing danger from the palm strike, Zhang Xuan instantaneously moved to dodge the attack. However, he felt as if something was holding his body still, preventing him from moving at all.

"Damn it! I'll just have to go all out!"

Knowing that he might lose his life if he continued taking the matter lightly, Zhang Xuan had no choice but to grit his teeth regretfully as he halted the absorption of the surrounding energy. He raised his palm, but before he could exert his strength, he suddenly felt an intense jolt from above. The jolt rippled downward and shook Sovereign Chen Ling and him as if they were lone boats in the face of an extreme current.

He staggered in the air and nearly plummeted to the ground.


Under the jolt, Sovereign Chen Ling's attack also dissipated without a trace.

"What's going on?" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes as he turned his gaze upward, the direction where the jolt had originated from.

The dimension rift, which was emanating the energy that had facilitated his recovery, had become even darker and more glaring. Slowly, an arm was slowly reaching out from it.

The intense energy jolt earlier had originated from this arm.

"This is bad… There's really a deity above!"

Given how a mere arm was able to render such helplessness within him, there was no doubt that the being above them had far surpassed Blood Reincarnation realm consummation. Zhang Xuan's face darkened as he hurriedly drove his zhenqi to absorb the energy lingering in the area.

He knew that he would lose his opportunity to absorb the energy and heal up the moment that the deity descended upon their world.

He had mostly recovered, and all that remained were his two thighs. As long as he hurried, he might just be able to make it in time.

Otherwise, even if it was just his two thighs, it would probably take him many years to heal them back to their original state.


The muscles in his thighs recovered at a rate visible to the eye, and before long, one of his thighs was already completely healed.

Seeing how the other party dared to continue absorbing the energy despite the appearance of the arm of the deity, Sovereign Chen Ling grew frenzied.

Of all of the greedy people in the world, there was probably no one who could hold a candle to the young man before him.

If not for the fact that he did not manage to calculate the value of the artifacts properly prior to the ritual, causing the energy bestowed to be far greater than what he needed, there was no way that he would have been able to fully recover with this fellow barging in and absorbing the energy as he liked.

Despite that, he had only recovered by roughly eighty percent so far. He was still some way off from making a full recovery.

On the other hand… the other party had recovered by at least ninety percent!

Sovereign Chen Ling knew that if he continued with his act of aggression when the deity from the ritual was already descending to their world, there was a good chance that he would be killed. Thus, he clenched his jaws hatefully before turning his attention back to absorbing the energy.

"You thief, that's mine!"

But barely after Sovereign Chen Ling started absorbing the energy once more, he suddenly heard an infuriated bellow sounding from the opposite side. Following which, he saw the other party raising his palm and striking it over.


A massive current of sword qi whizzed over, encircling him tightly.


Alarmed, Sovereign Chen Ling hurriedly stopped absorbing the energy to avoid the attack. However, just as he was about to do so, he realized that the massive current of sword qi was a feint. Despite its imposing appearance, the massive current of sword qi dissipated as if bubbles upon reaching him.

It was just an act to scare him.


Meanwhile, the other party continued to absorb the energy.

"Damn it!"

Sovereign Chen Ling trembled with rage as he cursed. Taking a deep breath, he opened up the acupoints in his body once more to absorb the energy again when the other party suddenly flicked his finger, and a burst of sword qi shot in his direction.

It went without saying that Sovereign Chen Ling immediately took evasive action to avoid the sword qi… only to find that it was another feint.

That fellow doesn't dare make a move in front of the deity either. He's intentionally preventing me from absorbing the energy to stop me from making a full recovery…

At this point, Sovereign Chen Ling finally understood what the other party was up to.

The fact that the arm of the deity had appeared was an indication that the deity could very well descend upon their world if they continued fooling around in his presence. No matter how brazen Zhang Xuan might be, there was no way that he would really make a move in the presence of the deity for fear of divine retribution.

In other words, the purpose behind Zhang Xuan's actions was not to hurt him but to hinder his cultivation so that he could devour more of the energy bestowed by the deity.

With such a thought in mind, Sovereign Chen Ling's heart was put at ease. He put his full attention into absorbing the energy lingering around the area. However, just as he was getting into the mood, he suddenly felt his hair standing on end. Out of sheer instinct, he reacted in a split second and took a side step.


It was a sharp, chilling sensation. A surge of sword qi had pierced through Sovereign Chen Ling's chest. If not for his powerful instincts, his heart might have been pierced through.

"The heck!" Sovereign Chen Ling was really on the verge of exploding.

Earlier, the other party had been afraid to make a move, using all sorts of tricks to slow him down. Yet, as soon as he started cultivating, the other party immediately flicked his sword qi over for real!

Are you really not afraid of the wrath of the deities?

Are you trying to drag me down together with you?

Filled with rage, Sovereign Chen Ling was just about to dash over to tussle with the other party when the other party suddenly stopped absorbing the energy altogether. The other party lowered his head and clasped his fist toward the deity.

"O great deity, I was simply too enraged at that scoundrel for impersonating me and absorbing your powers. How could a mere thief dare behave in such a preposterous manner? Please permit me to kill him! Otherwise, what will become of your reputation if such matters are simply left to be!"

Astonishingly, the words that he spoke were actually the authentic ancient language of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe!

Even Sovereign Chen Ling had practiced for a very long time before being able to speak the language.

SI la!

Those words incurred the wrath of the deity within the dimension rift. A vortex formed within the dimension rift, and another hand slowly crept out. With a slight flick of its wrist, Sovereign Chen Ling was slammed into the ground.

Lying weakly on the ground, Sovereign Chen Ling murmured in disbelief, "Deity…"

This was the deity whom he had been contacting all this while, an entirely different entirety from the Spirit God whom Sovereign Chen Yong worshipped. It was with such a trump card in hand that he had dared to scheme against Sovereign Chen Yong.

He had been constantly offering treasures and artifacts to this deity, and in return, he had been granted great strength that allowed him to stand his ground even against the powerful Sovereign Chen Yong.

Yet, the deity whom he had been worshipping actually turned against him just because of a couple of words uttered by this scoundrel!

Was the deity really unable to tell that he was the real one?

Trembling in fury, Sovereign Chen Ling swung his finger in Zhang Xuan's direction, intending to expose the latter's false identity to the deity. However, what he saw was the young man sitting peacefully in the air with his acupoints fully open, absorbing the energy lingering in the area.

His thighs had recovered together with his feet, and all that was left were his ten toes.

"The heck…"

Sovereign Chen Ling felt an ache in his heart, and all that was left in his mind were unspeakable expletives.



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