Shameless, unscrupulous, and monstrously talented… Just when did such a difficult character appear amid the humans?

If this man was left to be, his existence would eventually become the greatest threat to the Spirit Tribe!

Had Sovereign Chen Ling known that there was such a powerful foe among the humans, there was no way he would have schemed against Sovereign Chen Yong. Instead, he would have collaborated with Sovereign Chen Yong to get rid of this threat!

As stifled as Sovereign Chen Ling felt, he soon heaved a sigh of relief.

There should be no reason for that b*stard to continue absorbing the energy once he healed his toes. Then, he would be able to make use of the remaining energy to heal himself.

Once he recovered to full strength, he was confident that he would be able to tear that b*stard into shreds!

With a grim look on his face, Sovereign Chen Ling turned his attention back to absorbing the energy. Just as he had expected, it did not take long for the other party to regenerate his toes. He thought that it was finally time for him to speed up his healing process, but contrary to his expectations, the other party suddenly took out a painting and began frenziedly drawing the surrounding energy into the painting.

Screw this…

Sovereign Chen Ling's body trembled in disbelief upon seeing this sight.

Aren't you one greedy little b*stard?

After having your fill of the energy, you even want to take the rest away with you?

Sovereign Chen Ling felt as if there was a puddle of fresh blood accumulating at the back of his throat, ready to spurt forth at any moment.

That fellow was really getting worse and worse by the moment!

Furthermore, what the heck was with that painting? This energy was bestowed directly from the deity, so what kind of painting could possibly have the ability to store even that?

"Wait a moment… is that Kong shi's Canvas of Four Seasons?"

With a swift glance, Sovereign Chen Ling came to a sudden realization.

The painting had its own independent spatial and temporal laws, such that it could be called an independent world by itself. The only painting that was known to have achieved such a level was Kong shi's Canvas of Four Seasons.

He could tell that the other party had also achieved a breakthrough to Ancient Sage through tapping into the Aeon of Ancient Sage sealed within the painting.

The other party's arms swayed around frantically, almost as if a Thousand Hands Buddha. The concentration of energy in the area swiftly grew sparser and sparser as it was pumped furiously into the painting. Shockingly, the rate at which the painting was devouring the energy was at least ten times faster than that of Sovereign Chen Ling!

In other words, no matter how he tussled with the painting over the energy, the result was that he would only receive, at most, a tenth of the limited energy remaining!

This energy should have been mine! It's all mine!

Knowing that there was no way he would be able to fully recover from his energy at this rate, Sovereign Chen Ling could not remain calm. He gathered the entirety of his energy and dashed forward.

"You piece of sh*t, I'm going to slaughter you!"

Unfortunately, the gaze of the deity was already upon this area.


Before he could reach Zhang Xuan, the palm from the dimension rift struck down once more, causing Sovereign Chen Ling's body to slam forcefully onto the ground.

At that point, he was truly already on the brink of tears.

Was he going to lose the support of the deity whom he had worshipped for so long over such shady lies of the other party?


Seeing the look on Sovereign Chen Ling's face, Zhang Xuan shook his head coldly. "Jeez…"

Of course, it was not that the deity trusted his words. The reason that the deity made a move on Sovereign Chen Ling was because the latter had broken the rules and used his powers recklessly.

The deity is already on the verge of climbing out of the dimension rift to pass judgement upon us, but you still dared to make a move before him. Aren't you simply asking for trouble?

That's why humility is always the way to go! Live a humble life, and trouble won't come knocking on your door!

Doing too much before the deities often has the opposite effect. The trick is to maintain a calm heart… Just take a look at me, aren't I the perfect example?

While praising himself for his distinguished traits, he turned his attention back to his own body, and his eyes shone in delight.

To allow him to recover to his peak from a pile of bones so swiftly, the means of the deities were indeed formidable.


Zhang Xuan continued flapping his hands as if a fan to guide the movement of the surrounding energy into the painting. In a short three minutes, all of the remaining energy lingering in the surroundings had already been fully transferred into the painting.

With such a huge inventory of the energy from a deity, even if he were to get injured in the future, there would be very little he would have to be worried about.

In fact, if things went well, he could even use the energy to help Vicious fully recover from his current state.

After all that was done, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze upward and saw that the dimension rift had become even darker. Half of a towering figure had already traveled across the dimension rift to descend upon this world.

At this point in time, he was already certain that the deity was not Luo Ruoxin. The deity had an appearance resembling that of a young man.

In terms of appearance, there was nothing that set him aside from ordinary humans. However, the aura that he emanated was deep and intense. Even without making any moves, his presence caused the space around him to shatter layer after layer. It was as if the world that they lived in was unable to withstand the weight of his existence.

Sovereign Chen Yong sent a telepathic message over to Zhang Xuan. "He's a Dimension Shatterer realm expert!"

"This is the prowess of a Dimension Shatterer realm cultivator?" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes.

The strength that the deity wielded was so powerful that this world was unable to assimilate his presence into it.

If the world was an ocean, the deity was a droplet of oil. No matter how powerful the oceanic currents were, the droplet of oil would remain a transcendent being floating on the surface.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Dimension Shatterer realm experts are also known as Immortal's Envoys. Back when Kong shi was still around, someone prayed to a higher dimension in order to summon an Immortal's Envoy onto this world. Who could have thought that history would repeat itself after so many years!"

"It might be due to the emergence of the Temple of Confucius…"

"What does the Temple of Confucius have to do with the descent of an Immortal's Envoy?"

"Rumor has it that the Temple of Confucius is located in a void that seals the passageway between the higher dimensions to our world. The emergence of the Temple of Confucius means that the stopper that prevents any higher beings from descending to our world has been released, thus allowing any Immortal's Envoy to travel to our world!"

"If that's the case, doesn't it mean that the power balance on the Master Teacher Continent is going to be reshuffled very soon?"

"That might not necessarily be so. It isn't that easy for Immortal's Envoys to descend onto our world. Not only will they have to pay a heavy price in the process, they must also suppress their cultivation to a very low level in order to avoid being ejected by our world. It's likely that they will only be able to utilize strength comparable to a Dimension Shatterer realm primary stage cultivator. Of course, that's a strength to behold as well, but as long as we unite together to stand up against them, we should be able to stand our ground against them…"

Ancient Sage Allfire, Ancient Sage Mo Ling, and the other Otherworldly Demon Lords swiftly communicated with one another.

The deity who was descending upon their world was an Immortal's Envoy from a higher dimension. If the deity chose to aid Sovereign Chen Ling, they would really be in great danger.

Is this the strength that Luo Ruoxin wields too? Zhang Xuan wondered as he assessed the descending deity intently with his Eye of Insight.

The sight when Luo Ruoxin left played in his mind.

She was an existence that could not be assimilated into the world as well, but there was a major difference between her and the deity that was descending to their world.

It felt like the world had rejected Luo Ruoxin's existence more vehemently than it was rejecting the descending deity's presence.

Did this mean that Luo Ruoxin's strength was even greater than that of the deity who was traversing over to their world?

It took Sovereign Chen Ling a long while before he recovered from that slap. By the time he recollected himself, the energy lingering in the air had already been completely stored into the Canvas of Four Seasons. Knowing that there was no reason to make a move anymore, he gritted his teeth and turned his attention to the deity in the sky.

"O great deity, I am the real Sovereign Chen Ling! He's the fake!"

So as to not lose out, Zhang Xuan quickly argued back. "I am the real one. He's the one who is a poor excuse of an imitation. How dare you even think of lying in the presence of a deity? You must be out of your mind!"

The effects of the disguise amulet far surpassed his imagination. Under its prowess, there was no physical difference that allowed one to distinguish him from Sovereign Chen Ling, such that it was likely that even the deity would be unable to tell the difference between them. Since he had already gone so far, he could try pushing on and see where it would take him.

Hong long!

The dimension rift jolted one last time.

During their discussion, the deity had managed to traverse completely through the dimension rift. Floating in the air, he took a deep breath before opening his beady eyes.

Kacha! Kacha!

The eyes of the deity seemed to be reflected with lightning. A fear-inducing aura was swiftly diffusing outward, and it felt as if the sky would be shattered into pieces under the intensity of his aura.

There was an unnatural vibe to the strength that he emanated, as if he was an anomalous existence that did not fit into the world.

Even Blood Reincarnation realm experts would tremble frightfully before this might, let alone ordinary humans!

"A lower lifeform from a lower dimension actually thinks that he's able to fool me. How preposterous!" The deity harrumphed coldly as he turned his gaze upon the two of them.

The next moment, Zhang Xuan's entire body tensed up amid spasmodic convulsions. It was as if he was surrounded by countless terrifying primordial beasts, causing sweat to rain down his body.



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