That day, the royalty and nobles of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe were gathered in the capital, all for the purpose of commemorating the inauguration of the next Sovereign Chen Yong. The streets of the massive city were bustling, bringing an unprecedented vibrancy to the area.

From time to time, there would be an unfathomable expert walking across the wide streets that left any Saint 9-dan cultivators present trembling in fear. These were the Great Sages of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

Experts of that caliber usually dominated large swathes of land with none daring to oppose their domination. Yet, in the capital, they dared not act out of line. The newly appointed Sovereign Chen Yong had quelled all opposition against him and united the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe as one. All of the major powers and top experts had submitted to him.

If anyone dared cause any trouble… who could know if the person standing right next to them would be a widely feared Ancient Sage who had already submitted to the new Sovereign Chen Yong?

"The newly appointed Sovereign Chen Yong is truly a formidable figure unprecedented in the history of our Spirit Tribe. Back then, Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Yong colluded with the humans to injure the old Sovereign Chen Yong. In order to avenge his predecessor, he stood forward and confronted the two of them. Not only did he manage to unravel their scheme, he even destroyed a deity from a higher dimension with a single move, thus giving rise to his reputation of invincibility!"

On the streets, a storyteller waved the fan in his hand as he described the exploits of the new Sovereign Chen Yong with vivid gestures.

"Wait a moment, there seems to be something wrong with your story, isn't there? I was present during the major battle here in the capital a month ago, and I saw with my own eyes that the new Sovereign Chen Yong was only a Great Sage back then. There's no way that he could have interfered in a battle of that caliber back then. It was an unknown Ancient Sage who stood in and killed the deity!" a passerby challenged the storyteller.

It had only been a month since that major battle, and many in the capital had witnessed the sight with their own eyes. What they had seen varied vastly from what the storyteller had illustrated.

The former had been singing praises of the new Sovereign Chen Yong's accomplishments, but everyone who had spectated the battle knew that the person who had stood out the most during the battle was not the new Sovereign Chen Yong but an Ancient Sage whom no one had ever seen before.

Seeing that he had been challenged by one of the listeners, the storyteller asked with a smile, "Do you know who that unknown Ancient Sage is then?"

"I… I'm afraid that I don't really know!" the passerby replied with a shake of his head.

The other listeners also had slightly confused expressions on their faces.

"That man never said his name. In fact, he has not appeared since that day. Could it be that you know who that person is?" one of the listeners asked.

Upon hearing those words, the crowd's ears perked up.

The entire capital was filled with curiosity as to who that mysterious expert was. There was an itch in their hearts that would not be relieved until they finally knew the background of that mysterious expert.

"Of course I know!"

Seeing that he had managed to hook everyone's appetite, the storyteller chuckled softly as he stroked his beard gleefully. He tapped on the copper pot in front of him with his finger rhythmically, as if hinting something.

"Tell us!"

A slightly plump figure wearing a veil flicked his wrist and tossed a couple of Great Yong coins into the copper pot, producing a resounding ring.

Seeing that there was some money, the eyes of the storyteller lit up. He quickly slipped the Great Yong coins into his sleeves before leaning in to explain with a lowered voice, "It's said that the mysterious Ancient Sage is Sovereign Chen Yong's mentor. He's an expert who had long gone into seclusion. It was under his tutelage that the new Sovereign Chen Yong was able to achieve the spectacular feat of uniting the entire Spirit Tribe despite his young age. Not only so, it's said that the mysterious Ancient Sage even tamed Ancient Sage Allfire and made Ancient Sage Mo Ling submit to him. That is also why the two of them are so devoted to protecting the new Sovereign Chen Yong…"

"Sovereign Chen Yong's teacher?"

"Are you sure you know what you're talking about? The new Sovereign Chen Yong has received the heritage of the old Sovereign Chen Yong, so shouldn't his mentor be the old Sovereign Chen Yong?"

Some of the listeners expressed their doubts toward the words of the storyteller.

"Of course not! The old Sovereign Chen Yong is indeed formidable; there's no denying that. However, he isn't qualified to become Sovereign Chen Yong's teacher yet! In fact, I even heard that the old Sovereign Chen Yong even has to bow respectfully and address that person as 'Young Master'!" the storyteller refuted.

"Even the old Sovereign Chen Yong calls him Young Master? Aren't you getting a little too overboard with your bragging? Or do you mean to say that the mysterious Ancient Sage is actually a deity too?" the plump figure wearing a veil scoffed.

"Of course he's a deity! If he isn't a deity, how could he have killed the other deity that has come from a higher dimension so easily?" the storyteller replied matter-of-factly. "For the past tens of thousands of years, other than our Spirit Tribe's Vicious and mankind's Kong shi, have you heard of anyone who wielded such power?"

Everyone was rendered speechless.


Just the name itself was a symbol of invincibility.

In the entire history of the Master Teacher Continent, there were only two individuals who had managed to kill a deity.

Yet, an Ancient Sage had suddenly appeared in this era and easily killed a deity… It was hard to believe that the other party was not a deity himself!

"It's because the new Sovereign Chen Yong is a direct disciple of a deity that he has been able to unite our great Spirit Tribe together. It's a mandate from the heavens, the gods are favoring our Spirit Tribe! With such a leader, our Spirit Tribe will only rise higher and higher!" The storyteller became more and more zealous with each word.

"Indeed. It's an honor to be able to live in the same era as the new Sovereign Chen Yong!"

"A future of prosperity and greatness awaits our Spirit Tribe…"

"This is our generation, our era!"

The crowd trembled in agitation upon hearing those words.

"Humph! What bullsh*t you are spouting? I say that you are intentionally crafting stories to beguile the hearts of others so as to rally them under the flag of…" the plump man harrumphed coldly.

But halfway through his words, he suddenly felt someone tugging on his clothes.

With a deep frown, he turned around, only to find himself faced with a tall and slender young lady dressed in humble wear. "Let's return!"

Taken aback, the plump man quickly stuffed the final piece of meat into his mouth before reasoning with the young lady. "What? Wait a moment. I came here to gather information, not to eat. Just give me a while more…"

What he was faced with was the icy voice of the young lady. "Senior told me to call you back. If you don't want to head back, you can remain here for all eternity!"


The plump man shuddered a little fearfully before hurriedly laughing it off. "Hahaha, what are you saying? How would I possibly dare to go against Senior's orders? Let's head over right now! It would be terrible to keep Senior waiting…"

Thus, the two of them took their leave. Under the lead of the young lady, they maneuvered through various alleys before finally arriving at a small courtyard. The young lady pushed the door to the courtyard open and walked in.

A little further from the entrance was a tightly sealed room. This room had been sealed using many unique means, such that it would be impossible for any sound or Spiritual Perception to enter or leave the room.

There were several people sat within the room. From their appearances, they were not Otherworldly Demons but humans.

Faced with the disapproving frown from the young lady seated at the middle of the room, the plump man scratched his head in embarrassment and explained, "Hehe, I just went out to gather some intelligence…"

"What intelligence have you gathered so far? Share it with us!" a young man seated by the side asked with a smile. Behind him was a spear reflecting a cold glint leaning diagonally against the wall.

"Well… it seems like the newly appointed Sovereign Chen Yong is truly a shrewd individual. Not only did he manage to take down all of his opposition, he even dispatched storytellers all over the capital to spread the news that he has the mandate of the heavens. At this very moment, pretty much everyone in the capital believes that he's someone chosen by the heavens to lead the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe to greatness!" the plump man said after pondering for a moment.

"I have heard of this matter as well. The new Sovereign Chen Yong is an extremely astute person. Under his lead, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe will surely grow more and more powerful. This will indubitably place mankind in a perilous position!" the young man said with a frown.

He turned to the young lady in the center and asked, "Senior, what are your current thoughts?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Given that the new Sovereign Chen Yong is just about to be inaugurated, he definitely needs all kinds of publicity in order to win the loyalty of the entire Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. It's within our expectations for him to be spreading news like that!" The young lady tapped her finger lightly on the table.

"However, just as Zhang Yang has said, the unification of the Spirit Tribe doesn't bode well for mankind. Thus… we have to make the first move! If we can assassinate him during the inauguration ceremony, we can spread chaos and discord among the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and return them to the pile of scattered sand that they were!"



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