Everyone's face immediately turned grim.

Making a move on the new Sovereign Chen Yong during the inauguration ceremony was practically a recipe for certain death. All of the strongest experts of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe were gathered there, and if things went wrong, all of them could end up dead!

"Do we have to do it during the inauguration ceremony?" the plump man asked in incomprehension. "Wouldn't our chances at victory be higher if we were to assault him at some other occasion?"

There was no doubt that the defenses around the new Sovereign Chen Yong would be extremely tight during the inauguration ceremony. Was it really suitable for them to do it at that moment?

"There are three benefits to it!"

The person who spoke then was not the young lady seated at the center but the other one who had brought the plump man over. "Firstly, the inauguration ceremony is one of the grandest celebrations of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. If our assassination succeeds, all those rumors about the mandate of the heavens would be swiftly unraveled. This will cause the Otherworldly Demons, who have just been rallied together, to swiftly disperse. It will also make it much harder for anyone to unite the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe once more!"

The plump man nodded in agreement.

If the new Sovereign Chen Yong was killed shortly after all of the rumors about how he had the mandate of the heavens and so on, the effects would indeed be the most pronounced. Fear and panic would swiftly spread throughout the crowd, making the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe weaker than ever!

"Secondly, for the past tens of thousands of years, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe has been under the shared leadership of the three Sovereigns. However, all of a sudden, it has turned into a one man show… While the new Sovereign Chen Yong has crushed all of the opposition thus far, and no one dares to oppose him due to the overwhelming strength that he wields… the problem is that he still lacks legitimacy. Not everyone will accept his rule. That's also why he sent storytellers all around the capital to spread the word that he has the mandate of the heavens!" the young lady explained.

"The reason that they are causing such a huge commotion right now is out of fear that the new Sovereign Chen Yong will be unable to gain the support of the populace. As such, this might be our best chance to strike."

"Our best chance to strike?" The plump man was unable to comprehend the leap in logic.

"Those who are opposed to Sovereign Chen Yong's rule will surely be watching the inauguration ceremony as well. If they see someone make a move against the inaugurated Sovereign Chen Yong, there's a good chance that they will be incited to create more chaos. If so, it will be much easier for us to succeed than if we conduct a surprise assault!" the young lady explained.

"This…" The plump man fell into deep thought.

In terms of understanding the minds of others, he was nowhere near those two young ladies.

If they factored that into the equation as well, their chances of success during the inauguration ceremony could very well be much higher.

The factions built up by Sovereign Chen Ling and Sovereign Chen Xing would not simply vanish just with the deaths of the two of them. Even if the new Sovereign Chen Yong had forced the members of those two factions to submit to him with force, there was a good chance that they would still view the new Sovereign Chen Yong with hostility.

Thus, if someone attempted an assassination on the new Sovereign Chen Yong right before them, they might just be more than willing to lend a hand.

"I'll share the third point!" the young lady sitting at the center of the room said. "I caught sight of Ancient Sage Mo Ling and Ancient Sage Allfire hurriedly leaving the capital earlier this morning. The two of them are the strongest experts aiding the new Sovereign Chen Yong at the moment, and as long as they aren't around, our chances of success are fairly high!"

"Those two old farts actually left prior to the inauguration ceremony? Aren't they the protectors of the new Sovereign Chen Yong? How could they leave at such a crucial moment?" the plump man wondered in bewilderment.

"I'm not too certain about the exact reason either, but the chances are that they have left the area to quell some other rebellion so as to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the inauguration," the young lady replied.

"Furthermore, based on my investigations, it seems like there's a segment during the inauguration ceremony that requires the new Sovereign Chen Yong to pay respects to his predecessors. During the process, the new Sovereign Chen Yong must humbly listen to the teachings of his predecessor, so he cannot utilize his Spiritual Perception or zhenqi at all. In other words, this is an ideal opportunity for us to strike. As long as we plan things out well, we do stand a decent chance at success!"

Hearing the analysis, the plump man nodded and replied, "Since that's the case… I'll follow your plan, Senior!"

"Good. Since we have come to a consensus, let's prepare ourselves!"

As she spoke, the young lady seated in the center stood up. She looked at the five faces before her and said, "I know what all of you are thinking… A while ago, our teacher was forced by the Hundred Schools of Philosophers to end his life in the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters due to his association with the Spirit God.

"We know that it's just a concealment for him to sneak into the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, but his injuries are simply so severe that it's impossible for him to have recovered in such a short period. However, with the inauguration of the new Sovereign Chen Yong, the unification of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe is lying just around the corner. We don't have time to look for our teacher anymore!

"Right now, what we have to do is kill the new Sovereign Chen Yong in the shortest time possible to eliminate this potential threat! This is the only way we can cleanse our teacher of his dishonor to let the Master Teacher Pavilion and the entire world know that our teacher has always been with mankind, and that has never changed at all. At the same time, only as our reputation grows will our teacher be able to find us more easily!"

Since they did not know where their teacher was, they would just have to stand at the most brilliant place possible so that their teacher would be able to find them!

"We understand!" the others replied in unison.

The group that was gathered in the room consisted of none other than Zhang Xuan's six direct disciples.

Zhao Ya, Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, Wei Ruyan, Yuan Tao, and Lu Chong.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It had been two months since their teacher ended his life at the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters. Fearing that something would happen to their teacher, a month ago, just like most other cultivators, they had descended into a Subterranean Gallery and launched an extensive search. However, they had still been unable to gather any news regarding their teacher despite their best efforts.

However, the investigation did bring the recent changes in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe to their attention. They had noticed the threat that was brewing in the otherworldly battlefield and realized that it could be too late if they did not make a move to curb the threat swiftly. Thus, they had chosen to gather in the capital to discuss a countermeasure.

"Since we have a common understanding over here, let's swiftly share our current cultivation realms!" Zhao Ya said. "Ever since our teacher departed, Zheng Yang has been spending his time cultivating in the Hall of Spring and Autumn, and he has already reached Ancient Sage 1-dan Bloodline Continuance realm consummation. In terms of fighting prowess, he should be on par with most Great Philosopher realm cultivators. There should be nothing wrong with my information, right?"

"That's right," Zheng Yang replied.

When he heard that his teacher had ended his life in the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, while he knew that it was just a cover, the thought of the humiliation that his teacher had to bear had nearly driven him crazy.

Thus, he had locked himself in the Hall of Spring and Autumn and cultivated frenziedly. Due to his hard work and his various fortuitous encounters in the Temple of Confucius, he actually managed to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage. Following which, he spent almost a year within the Hall of Spring and Autumn reinforcing his cultivation, causing his cultivation to rise to Bloodline Continuance realm consummation.

Even though he was still only at Ancient Sage 1-dan, due to his superior cultivation techniques and battle techniques, his fighting prowess would not lose out to the average Ancient Sage 2-dan Great Philosopher realm cultivator!

"Zheng Yang, you and I will be the vanguard for the operation," Zhao Ya said. She then turned her gaze to the other young lady sitting by the other side. "Ruyan, you have also achieved a breakthrough to Ancient Sage, right? While you aren't as powerful as Lu Chong yet, your mastery of poison makes you a frightening opponent. Even Great Philosopher realm cultivators could die to your poison if they are caught unaware."

The young lady whom Zhao Ya was addressing had remained extremely quiet throughout the entire conversation. She was none other than the disciple that possessed the Innate Poison Body and Poison Soul Constitution, Wei Ruyan.

Despite her silence, everyone knew that she was likely to be the most terrifying of them all in a real battle.

"Un. I'll try to tie down the others to prevent them from supporting Sovereign Chen Yong. If any of them dare approach, my poison shall corrode them inside out. If I need to, I'll even massacre the entire city!" Wei Ruyan remarked nonchalantly.

Even when she spoke of massacring the entire city, there was not the slightest change in her facial expression. It was almost as if she was speaking of crushing an ant.

Back in the Temple of Confucius, she had received her teacher's heritage and the Bodhi Fruit, which had allowed her to achieve a breakthrough in her state of mind. Together with her fortuitous encounter back then, she had successfully pushed for a breakthrough to Ancient Sage a month ago. While she was slightly beneath Zheng Yang in terms of offensive ability, there was no doubt that her poison was an invaluable asset when it came to dealing with multiple enemies simultaneously.

Anyone who dared charge into the area of attack would simply succumb to her poison. This would render the numerical advantage of the new Sovereign Chen Yong's forces absolutely meaningless.

"Alright, I'll be counting on you for that. As for Yuan Tao, we'll be relying on you for defense. When will your second Ancient Sage Ordeal come?" Zhao Ya turned to look at the plump man with a slight frown on her forehead.

Yuan Tao had already challenged the Ancient Sage Ordeal once at the Temple of Confucius, but he had forcefully suppressed it. Till now, his second Ancient Sage Ordeal had yet to come. In other words, despite his incredible potential, he had yet to reach Ancient Sage!



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