This figure looked neither tall nor imposing, and the aura that he emanated was nothing special. Yet, his appearance caused the two sides fighting to halt their attacks and freeze on the spot, not daring to move at all.

"What's wrong?"

The crowd in the square were all bewildered by this turn of events.

Had they not been fighting one another to the death just a moment ago? Why would they suddenly stop just because a person said a word?

"That person must have sealed the surrounding space or used some kind of special power to suppress them, causing them to be unable to make a move." An elder amid the crowd clenched his fists tightly as he remarked contemplatively.

He had heard that those who had reached Saint 9-dan Macrocosm Ascendancy realm would often use the sealing of space as one of their offensive means to corner their opponents. It was very likely that the figure who had just appeared had used such a method on the new Sovereign Chen Yong and his assassins.

Otherwise, why would both sides suddenly halt their attacks in unison, as if they had planned it in advance?

"If that figure is able to seal the movements of the new Sovereign Chen Yong and the others all at once… just how powerful must he be?"

"Could that person possibly be… Sovereign Chen Yong's deity mentor?"

"Now that you mention it, the silhouette of that figure does seem to resemble the person from that day. During the battle back then, they flew too high, so I didn't manage to get a good look. However, it's very likely him!"

"No wonder he's able to render everyone motionless and incapable of battling…"

The crowd widened their eyes in realization as awe filled their gazes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If they had been skeptical to have heard from the storytellers that Sovereign Chen Yong had a mentor whose strength matched the deities', after seeing such a sight, all of their doubts dissipated.

The might wielded by that person had likely surpassed even their wildest imagination.

"How is it?"

Some of the Ancient Sages hidden amid the crowd communicated via telepathy.

"I can't see through that person's cultivation, but his very feat of halting so many experts simultaneously shows that his strength definitely exceeds the Blood Reincarnation realm!"

"Is it really possible for such powerful experts to exist in our world?"

"Don't forget Sovereign Vicious and Kong shi. Back in their era, our cultivation would have meant nothing to them at all…"

"You're right. The opening of Temple of Confucius and the descent of a deity… it wouldn't be too surprising for any astoundingly powerful experts to appear at this moment. To be able to execute a spatial seal while eluding all of our notice simultaneously, making it appear as if he hasn't done anything at all… I cannot fathom just how powerful he truly is!"

Some of the Ancient Sages hidden amid the crowd were in intense discussions with one another. The more they talked about the matter, the paler their faces became.

Just the fact that they were unable to see through the cultivation of the silhouette in the sky was already a major cause of fear for them all.

Of course, there was a chance that they could be overthinking it, but given the spectacular might displayed by that figure during the major battle a month ago, it was inevitable that they would be so fearful.

To be able to kill a deity from a higher dimension just by tossing a random book at him… If that person was able to draw forth so much power just by tossing a book, they could not imagine just what would happen if he threw a sword or a spear at them instead!


Upon seeing the approaching figure, Liu Yang did not dare move. Just as he was wondering what his teacher was going to do, he saw the latter walking up to Zheng Yang, and without any warning, the latter lifted up his feet and threw a kick right toward Zheng Yang's chest.

Zheng Yang's body cowered in fear at that kick, but before he could even react at all, he was sent flying into the ground.

"Just what the heck were you doing earlier? If you'd stopped that spear by a third of a breath, its might would have increased exponentially! Yet, you just had to rush your way into it! Are you that short for time? Are you rushing to be reincarnated?

"And you! What the hell were you flinging your sword around for? Where's your sword qi? Where's your Sword Intent? Do you really expect to get to your opponent with such a half-assed move?

"As for you, are you a dimwit? Do you think that you are invincible just because your defense is superior to that of others? Using your own chest to block a punch, are you very proud of your valiance? What happened to your fist? Just where in the world has your head gone to? All you know is to ram your way around! Are you a buffalo incapable of thought?

"You bunch of wastrels! Can you even call that a battle? Even if I gathered a bunch of pigs and trained them for three days, they would be able to do much better than the lot of you!"

The more Zhang Xuan thought about it, the more infuriated he became. It was to the point where he was pointing fingers at each of his disciples and berating them viciously.

Did my teachings go in one ear and out the other ear?

It was just a short few days, and look at what has become of your skills. I'd die of embarrassment if anyone found out that you're my direct disciples!

As a proud master teacher, how did I manage to produce a bunch of fools like you lot?

Hearing their teacher's reprimand, the faces of Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and the others turned red in embarrassment. If there was pit in the ground, they might have dived right in.

They had thought that their teacher would be proud of them after all their training over the past two months, but who could have known that they would still incur his wrath?

However, they knew that what their teacher had said made sense. Even though their cultivation had advanced significantly, they had ended up neglecting their own skills instead, causing their moves to be all over the place.

Otherwise, with each of them putting their strengths together, they should have been able to defeat the new Sovereign Chen Yong with ease!

After berating Zheng Yang and the others, Zhang Xuan turned to Liu Yang and began criticizing him from head to toe.

"You're equally bad as well! Just what in the world were you trying to pull? Cowering indecisively at every move… Is that the kind of Sovereign you want to become? Sovereign my ass! There's a complete lack of soul in your movements! If you'd charged right in to stand against the rest of them earlier, you would've been able to shatter her sword and knock that brat's spear flying easily, thus ending the battle in an instant! You wouldn't have ended up facing so much trouble later on!"

Just a month of absence, and his cultivation had gone completely haywire. He had nearly fumed himself to death.

He should have been a really cultured and patient person, but seeing this group of fellows messing around, he simply lost his cool.

"Teacher, I…" Liu Yang's face flushed red as he attempted to speak, but he was unable to say a thing at all.

Not wanting to waste his breath, Zhang Xuan waved his hand and said, "Enough. I'll take these fellows away. Continue your inauguration, and come look for me after you are done!"


Zhao Ya and the others were immediately thrown into the Myriad Anthive Nest before Zhang Xuan vanished from the spot.

"That was such an epic battle, but in the eyes of that person, it was actually utter nonsense? Such that he lost his patience and interfered in the midst of the duel to offer his pointers?"

"So, the reason he halted the battle was because he found the battle too unsightly and couldn't watch on?"

"But that was such a profound battle! If he couldn't stand watching something like that, wouldn't we be utterly destroyed if we dared make a move?"

The crowd beneath trembled in horror, unable to say a word at all.

Just by the scale of the battle between Sovereign Chen Yong and the assassins, this was already an event that was worthy of being recorded and honored as a classic for the next tens of thousands of years. Yet, in the eyes of that deity, it was no different from a bunch of kids playing house!

This fact was extremely hard for them to accept even though they had just witnessed it with their own eyes.

"Leader, are we still… going to make a move?" an Ancient Sage amid the crowd suddenly asked.

"Make a move your head! I didn't even understand the battle that just happened earlier. If we make a move, won't we be smacked to death? Relay my orders! From today onward, no matter what orders Sovereign Chen Yong passes, our lineage will obey them unconditionally, and no one is to voice the slightest opposition!" the leader ordered through gritted teeth.

It might have appeared as though the other party was just making a couple of casual remarks, but through his sharp eye of discernment, the leader could tell that those words were filled with ingenuity. Even just comprehending a small portion of the wisdom behind what had been said would leave one feeling deeply enlightened!

Are you seriously asking me if we should make a move after witnessing that person's vast wisdom in the art of fighting? You dolt! Grow a brain or two!

What we should be doing right now is not moving at all! If you wish to see the crimson moon rise in the north tomorrow, you should remain deathly silent!

The same scene could be seen all around the crowd.

Even though the new Sovereign Chen Yong had quelled his opposition with crushing might, there was no denying that his position still was not stable. There were many people who had wished to exploit this instability to earn some benefits. However, from the moment that the new Sovereign Chen Yong's mentor appeared and sealed the space, keeping both sides frozen on the spot, before bellowing furiously at both sides for the inadequacies in their techniques… Well, there was probably nothing in the world that could dispel their courage as effectively as that did.

They could see a tragic fate awaiting them if they dared rise up against the new Sovereign Chen Yong.

That was truly a terrifying mentor that the other party had.



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