"Alright, let's stop here today. Cultivate on your own!" Zhang Xuan said.

Beyond Great Sage, there was very little that he could help his students with through lecturing. What was more important was their own talent and hard work.

It was because he had imparted too much to his students that they were losing the ability to create what was uniquely theirs, thus resulting in this farce.

After cultivating for a while, Zhao Ya suddenly asked, "Teacher, is Sovereign Chen Yong your student as well?"

The others also directed their gazes over.

They had heard that the new Sovereign Chen Yong had a mentor comparable to the deities, and they had thought that it was a fabricated story for the latter to consolidate his power. Never in their wildest dream did they think that the so-called mentor would actually be their teacher!

"You still haven't recognized him?" Zhang Xuan shook his head.


Everyone was taken aback.

Wang Ying was the first to think of something, and her eyes widened in disbelief. With quivering lips, she asked, "Could it be that… he's Junior Liu Yang?"

For a while, she had been thinking that there was something weird about their battle with the new Sovereign Chen Yong. The latter clearly knew their flaws, and he had been able to exploit them in crucial moments to turn the tables. Such a thing could be attributed to coincidence if it had only happened once or twice, but the fact that it had continued throughout the battle was really something worth contemplating over.

She had been wondering if they had crossed paths with the new Sovereign Chen Yong somewhere somehow, but if the other party was their missing junior, the situation would make sense!

Just that… was Liu Yang not a human? How did he turn into Sovereign Chen Yong of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe? Not to mention, his disguise was actually one that they had been unable to see through!

Zhao Ya and the others were also stunned by this revelation, and they could hardly believe what they were hearing. They immediately turned to look at Zhang Xuan, wanting to hear the words right from the mouth of their teacher.

"That's right." Zhang Xuan nodded. "He's indeed Liu Yang. It's due to some fortuitous encounters that he stumbled upon that he ended up in his current position. However, you must make sure to never reveal this matter, or else he will face great trouble and danger."

Even though Liu Yang's inauguration ceremony would legitimize his position as the only Sovereign of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, his power was built upon the pretext that he was an Otherworldly Demon.

If others learnt that he was actually a human, there was no doubt that he would be overthrown in a heartbeat. The situation that had just settled down would be thrown into chaos, and all of their effort would be unraveled.

"He's actually Liu Yang…"

Hearing the confirmation right from their teacher's mouth, Zhao Ya and the others had some mixed feelings on the inside.

They had thought that their teacher was still recuperating, and they had wanted to do something to cleanse their teacher's name. Yet, who could have known that their teacher had already resolved the entire crisis before their arrival?

With Liu Yang standing at the top of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, the latter would no longer be a threat to the humans anymore.

Zhang Xuan had his students enter his Myriad Anthive Nest and instructed them to cultivate in there before heading back to the capital.

The inauguration ceremony was still ongoing when Zhang Xuan returned to the square.

If there had still been some dissatisfaction regarding the new Sovereign Chen Yong usurping the shared jurisdiction of the Three Sovereigns, after what had happened earlier, there was no one who dared voice their opposition anymore.

"This is our one and only Sovereign, a figure whom none can replace."

"It seems like an era of prosperity is soon going to descend upon our Spirit Tribe…"

Anticipation could be seen in everyone's eyes.

Sitting down on the regal throne, Liu Yang felt his heart beating wildly.

Thinking back, if he had not met his teacher, he would have been an ordinary student in Tianxuan Kingdom's Hongtian Academy. Perhaps, he would not even have reached Fighter 3-dan yet. Somehow, he found himself sitting at the very center of an entire race, becoming the person who governed over the greatest threat to humanity.

Had it been a year earlier, he would never have dared to even dream of something like that.

"If there is no opposition…"

As his heart palpated in agitation, Liu Yang rose to his feet and gazed upon the crowd beneath regally.

"… Today, I shall proclaim myself the Sovereign of the Spirit Tribe!"

"Wait a moment? You are telling me that there is a new Sovereign to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, and on the day of his inauguration, he announced a ceasefire to the conflict and ordered a peaceful coexistence for the next thousand years?"

"He even requested to establish trade relations with the Master Teacher Pavilion by creating new markets within the Subterranean Galleries?"

"If an official trading market is created in the Subterranean Galleries, there's no doubt that many master teachers will dive right in. Aren't they afraid that we will make use of this opportunity to assault them and eradicate them once and for all?"

"That isn't the most shocking news yet. According to what I heard, the new Sovereign promotes the virtues of teaching, preaching the importance of respect and formalities. He encourages Otherworldly Demons to listen to the lectures of the master teachers, and he pushes for interracial matrimony. It feels like he's really after a peaceful coexistence…"

The surviving Ancient Sages of the Master Teacher Pavilion did not go back to hibernation right after returning from the Temple of Confucius. Instead, browsing through the reports that they had received, they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

When they heard that a new Sovereign Chen Yong had risen to power and united the entire Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, they had prepared themselves for a tough battle. However, contrary to their expectations, the new Sovereign Chen Yong had actually proposed so many favorable terms for mankind.

If those plans were put into action, the scales were likely to tip in mankind's favor.

There was a brief moment of silence as the Ancient Sages racked their minds in an attempt to figure out what was going on, but at that moment, an elder suddenly spoke up. "I think that this might have something to do with my senior!"

Yang Xuan.

"The senior you speak of refers to Celestial Master Teacher Zhang Xuan, right?" one of the Ancient Sages asked.

Previously, Yang shi had informed the Ancient Sages that his senior was a Celestial Master Teacher, just like Kong shi, an existence who had been recognized by the heavens.

"Indeed, that's him. According to the intelligence I have received so far, he has been in the otherworldly battlefield for two months now," Yang shi said.

"You can't seriously think that he has resolved the threat of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe by convincing them to make peace with us within just two short months, right?" another Ancient Sage scoffed.

This was a feat that they and their ancestors had worked toward for tens of thousands of years but failed to achieve. For a fellow who had not even reached Ancient Sage to do it within two months…

Do you think that this is playing house?

"Sage Qian is right. Yang shi, aren't you taking this matter too lightly?" Several voices chirped in agreement.

"Whether I am taking this matter too lightly or not, we'll know with a swift analysis." Yang shi did not lose his cool upon hearing that his viewpoint was being challenged. Instead, he calmly looked at the other Ancient Sages before remarking, "I believe that all of you are aware of the name of the newly inaugurated Sovereign Chen Yong, right?"

"The Sovereign's name?" The Ancient Sages lowered their gazes to look at the information that they had received, and one of them replied with a nod, "Yang Liu."

"That's right, his name is Yang Liu… As you might know, my senior has eight direct disciples. One of his direct disciples, who went missing a while ago, goes by the name of Liu Yang."

"Liu Yang?" The crowd glanced at one another. "Yang Liu… Are you suspecting that the new Sovereign Chen Yong, Yang Liu, is Liu Yang?"

"Indeed. Not only are their names similar, the fact that the new Sovereign Chen Yong is rumored to have an exceptionally powerful mentor is also a point that we should be thinking about." Yang shi revealed his conjecture.

"There were six assassins who appeared during the inauguration ceremony, and the descriptions that I have received match Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and the others. According to an eye-witness' report, they were exceptionally receptive to the words of the new Sovereign Chen Yong's mentor, obeying his orders without any opposition. I can't think of anyone who holds so much sway over the six of them other than my senior!"

The crowd immediately fell silent.

With so much evidence laid out clearly before them, they would really be diminishing their own intelligence if they continued denying the matter.

For Zhang shi to lead his student and single-handedly conquer the entire Otherworldly Demonic Tribe… Unbelievable!


Author's Note: The thirteenth arc, [The Sovereign of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe], comes to an end! From the next arc onward, Zhang Xuan shall begin to trace Kong shi's footsteps and rise higher and higher, eventually becoming the World's Teacher. Please look forward to it!

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