Liu Yang was stunned for a moment before he suddenly realized the disparity in his current identity.

He was not Liu Yang at the moment but the new Sovereign of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe! On the other hand, his juniors and seniors were the elite forces of mankind. It was perfectly understandable for them to sneak into the otherworldly battlefield and attempt to claim his life.

Liu Yang's first instinct was to send a telepathic message to the crowd to tell him his true identity. However, recalling that this was a crucial moment of the inauguration ceremony, it would be bad if he gave away anything that risked revealing his true identity. It might potentially ruin all of the careful preparations made by his teacher. Thus, he quickly halted himself.

Soon, however, his bewilderment was replaced with curiosity.

This works fine for me as well! To be honest, I am also eager to know how far the rest of you have come!


Thus, Liu Yang turned around and directed a punch right at the soul oracle surging in his direction.

The massive strength from the punch caused the earth to collapse inward. It was almost as if two worlds had collided with one another. In an instant, Lu Chong's soul was hammered right into the ground.

What a powerful fist technique, Lu Chong thought with narrowed eyes.

The only people he knew that possessed such a violent fist technique were his teacher and Senior Liu Yang. Who would have thought that the newly appointed Sovereign Chen Yong would have reached such a level as well?

No wonder he was able to unite the entire Otherworldly Demonic Tribe together. The might that he wielded was indeed fearsome!

After knocking Lu Chong back with a single punch, Liu Yang simultaneously raised his fists to knock away Zheng Yang's spear and Zhao Ya's sword.

Even though it was a one against two, Liu Yang did not seem to be in a disadvantageous position at all.

After assimilating the power that the old Sovereign Chen Yong had imparted to him, his current cultivation realm had reached Ancient Sage 3-dan Blood Reincarnation realm advanced stage, not too far away from reaching consummation. While his seniors and juniors had improved swiftly over the past few months, they were still a little lacking compared to him.

Peng peng!

There were two hollow echoes, and both Zheng Yang and Zhao Ya were sent staggering backward.


At the same time, the Otherworldly Demon soldiers finally came to and rushed forward to reinforce their new Sovereign.

"Don't make a move without my command!" With a cold harrumph, Liu Yang halted the crowd, who were in the midst of preparing a collaborative formation. At the same time, he swiped at Zhao Ya.

Under the immense force, Zhao Ya felt as if her sword would fly from her grip at any moment.

A frown emerged on her forehead as she narrowed her eyes. She had not thought that the new Sovereign Chen Yong would actually be so powerful as to see through the flaws in her swordsmanship in an instant and attempt to snatch her sword away.

Knowing that their assassination attempt would likely fail if the other party succeeded in knocking away her sword, Zhao Ya roared, "Activate!"


Driving her Pure Yin Body to the limits, in an instant, the area within a hundred li of her suddenly became so frigid that it started snowing. It seemed as if winter was setting in.

With the immense pressure that she was under, her stagnated cultivation also overcame its bottleneck and rose to a new level.

Ancient Sage 2-dan Great Philosopher realm!

She had already reached Sempiternal realm consummation back at the Temple of Confucius. With the Bodhi Fruit and ice crystal bestowed to her by her teacher, her cultivation had surged. Even though she did not have the Hall of Spring and Autumn to use, she had still been able to keep up with Zheng Yang's growth.

If not, Yuan Tao would not have been so frightened of Zhao Ya.

Along with the breakthrough, Zhao Ya's sword grew even sharper and more aggressive. In an instant, it appeared that her fighting prowess had increased manyfold. Numerous surges of sword qi flew forth along the movements of her sword, as if a relentless waterfall.

At the same time, Zheng Yang charged forward and drove his spear forward valiantly, forming a streak of light. He moved with a momentum that seemed as if he would impale anything that stood in his path.


Zhang Xuan had been calmly watching the commotion so far, but upon seeing this sight, a frown formed between his eyebrows as rage flurried in the depths of his heart.

It was just a short two months of absence, but what had this bunch of wastrels become?

Not only did they abandon all of his teachings, they had even twisted the techniques that he had imparted to them to form something incredibly hideous and disgusting! This was truly embarrassing!


While Zhang Xuan was still cringing over his students' movements, both Zhao Ya and Zheng Yang's attacks arrived before Liu Yang. In response, Liu Yang thrust his palms forward with crushing might.

Kacha! Kacha!

Zheng Yang and Zhao Ya were knocked backward once more.



Unable to take it any longer, Wang Ying, Wei Ruyan, and Yuan Tao dashed forward to come to their aid.

Yuan Tao charged forward with his physical body to ram into Liu Yang. While he had not achieved a breakthrough to Ancient Sage, he had devoured Kong shi's avatar and undergone an Ancient Sage Ordeal, which had led to his physical body being on par with Ancient Sage artifacts. As a result, the force that he exerted was amazingly powerful.

At the same time, Wei Ruyan utilized her Innate Poison Body to scatter poison all around the area, preventing others from getting close. The surrounding space seemed to warp a little as a result of the overwhelming concentration of poison.

While Wang Ying was not driving her enchanted objects, her cultivation had also reached Ancient Sage 1-dan Bloodline Continuance realm. Through her meticulous observation, she was able to coordinate impeccably with the others to strike at every possible opening, thus becoming the most troublesome opponent for Liu Yang to deal with.

Deng deng deng!

The individual movements of the six of them came together to form a whole. Liu Yang found himself unable to stand his ground anymore, and he was forced to retreat again and again.

Even though his cultivation far surpassed the others', the six opponents that he was facing were his teacher's direct disciples. Every single one of them had cultivated the most profound cultivation techniques and battle techniques. If Liu Yang used just the heritage of Sovereign Chen Yong alone, he would really be no match for them.

However, the moment that he chose to use his teacher's heritage, the others would notice that it was him, and the battle would come to an abrupt halt.

Peng peng!

Plagued by excessive thoughts, Liu Yang's reaction ended up slowing a little. He suffered two consecutive blows that knocked him several steps back. He felt a sweetness at the back of his throat as blood seeped out from the corners of his lips.

He had thought that he would surely be able to triumph over the others after inheriting Sovereign Chen Yong's strength and heritage, but who could have known that the others would be so powerful as well?

"This Sovereign Chen Yong is a little weird…"

After numerous clashes, Zhao Ya and the others were starting to realize that something was amiss.

There was no doubt that Sovereign Chen Yong's fighting prowess was far greater than what they had imagined; however… it might just have been her imagination, but it felt like the other party was very familiar with their moves and coordination.

"It doesn't matter whether he's weird or not—we need to quickly take him down. Once the other Ancient Sages come to his aid, we'll really meet our end here!" Zheng Yang exclaimed anxiously.

No wonder the other party had been able to unite the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Despite his young age, his fighting prowess was really not to be underestimated. They had thought that they were already the most outstanding geniuses among the younger generation, but who could have known that despite the young age of the new Sovereign Chen Yong, he was able to fight against all six of them on equal ground?

Could it be that… he was really the disciple of a deity?

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Boom boom boom!

As the seven of them fought, the surrounding air billowed, and frenzied currents whipped up all around. From time to time, one could hear thunderous rumbling. The faces of all of the spectating Otherworldly Demons below flushed crimson with agitation.

This was the first time that they had witnessed such an intense battle among powerful Ancient Sages!

More importantly, the newly appointing Sovereign Chen Yong was even fending off six opponents simultaneously… They had never thought that the new Sovereign Chen Yong would actually be so powerful despite his young age!

Just as everyone was as flabbergasted as they could get, a deep voice suddenly reverberated across the entire capital.


Upon hearing this voice, the bodies of Zheng Yang, Zhao Ya, and the others stiffened, and they quickly backed away.

At the same time, the newly appointed Sovereign Chen Yong also froze on the spot.

Hong long!

A silhouette who had his hands behind his back slowly descended from the sky step by step.



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