No matter what, Zheng Yang was her senior. He had offered his heart to Su Feifei back then, only to be cruelly rejected. If Su Feifei had lived her life properly since then, she would have had nothing to say. However, she had actually found an oversized old man to live with.

Of course, it was Su Feifei's right to choose how she wanted to live, but Wei Ruyan simply could not help but feel pissed at this turn of events.

And given that she was pissed, how could she possibly allow them to continue living happily?

Not expecting Wei Ruyan to refuse to leave, Zheng Yang suddenly had a bad premonition. "Junior, don't mess around. They are just ordinary people…"

"Don't worry, I don't plan on going too far!" Ignoring Zheng Yang's protests, Wei Ruyan took a seat at the tea stand and smiled sweetly at the owner. "Boss, a pot of tea here!"

After the pot of tea arrived, she sipped leisurely on the tea as if she was just idling her afternoon around in the area.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Knowing that it would be impossible for him to forcefully extricate Wei Ruyan from the area, Zheng Yang clutched his forehead before sitting right in front of her with a helpless look on his face.

Su Feifei looked at the middle-aged man beside her and asked, "Xiang-ge, are we really heading to the royal palace?"

"I instructed that Shen Zhui fellow to bring me some death soldiers, but he hasn't gotten it done yet. He probably doesn't want his emperor's seat anymore!" The middle-aged man addressed as Xiang-ge harrumphed coldly as a vicious glint flashed across his eyes.

"To dare disobey Xiang-ge, that Shen Zhui sure is brazen! If we don't teach him a lesson, he might think that he's really something!" Su Feifei covered her mouth with her hand as she scoffed coyly, fully revealing her disdain for the emperor of the Tianxuan Kingdom.

In the eyes of others, Shen Zhui was the respected emperor of the Tianxuan Kingdom, but to her, he meant nothing at all.

"That's right! He's just the emperor of a measly Unranked Kingdom, but he sure thinks highly of himself. If not for my benevolence, he would have already died many times over…" Xiang-ge sneered coldly.

In the midst of his words, his face suddenly twitched, and strength suddenly drained from his legs.


He fell over and kneeled onto the ground.

Taken aback, Su Feifei exclaimed in horror, "Xiang-ge!"

She knew full well how powerful the middle-aged man beside her was. In terms of strength, even Shen Zhui was no match for him at all. He was an existence that far surpassed Zhizun realm. Yet, for him to fall down just like that… something had to be up!

"Who assaulted me?"

Not expecting to be humiliated in public, Xiang-ge glared at the surroundings ferociously as he spat with clenched jaws.

"You have been afflicted with my Divine Ghost Heart Beguiling Poison!" A calm voice sounded in the air. "If you wish to live, you need someone to willingly transfuse their fresh blood to you. Otherwise, within an incense's time, you will die from excessive blood loss from your seven apertures, and not even the deities will be able to save you!"

Tracing the voice, Xiang-ge hurriedly lifted her head, only to see a young lady seated gracefully before a tea stand with a cup of piping hot tea in her hands.

"Who are you? We have no grudge against one another, so why do you want to kill me?"

Judging from how the young lady was able to poison him from afar and render him powerless, as well as the fact that he found himself unable to gauge the depths of the young lady's strength at all, Xiang-ge realized that he was not a match for the young lady. Thus, he did not dare move recklessly.

"How could there be so many grudges in the world to deal with? I simply found the sight of you irksome." Wei Ruyan leisurely tucked her hair behind her ears as she placed the teacup back onto the table. With absolute nonchalance, she remarked, "You don't have much time left. I don't think you have the luxury to be dawdling around here if you want to live."


Xiang-ge swiftly drove the zhenqi in his body in hopes of neutralizing the poison in his body, but he found that he was unable to flush it out. It was likely just as the young lady had said; he needed someone to transfuse their blood into him in order to be cured.

With a livid expression, he turned to Su Feifei beside him and shouted, "Feifei, come over here!"

"I…" Knowing what Xiang-ge was thinking of, Su Feifei's face paled in horror as she retreated fearfully.

Even true love would falter in the face of life and death, let alone a relationship built on mutual benefits.

Watching as Su Feifei backed away, Xiang-ge narrowed his eyes threateningly. "Are you thinking of disobeying my orders?"

"I…" Su Feifei trembled in fear.

"You are just a countryside bumpkin. It can't be that you actually think of yourself as a noble person? You should have known the price behind the luxury you were given! Hurry up and transfuse your blood to me! If I recover from this poison, I'll dote on you like before. Otherwise, I'll have your life right here, right now!" Xiang-ge roared as killing intent flared from his eyes.

What Su Feifei and Su Maoqing? They were all just convenient tools at his disposal!


Knowing that she would likely lose her life if the transfusion took place, Su Feifei backed away fearfully. However, barely after taking a few steps back, she suddenly felt a powerful energy sweeping over her. In that instant, she realized that if she continued backing away, there was no doubt that Xiang-ge would have her life.

The light in her eyes immediately vanished, replaced with sorrowful darkness.

There was a person who had loved her wholeheartedly a year ago. He had confessed to her, but she had scorned him for his shabby background and rejected him. Who knew that the young man would actually find himself a good teacher and rise to the top? Even Shen Zhui had to honor him as an esteemed guest!

She had thought that she had lost the only opportunity in her life to break out of poverty, but who could have expected that she would meet Xiang-ge a year ago?

Xiang-ge treated her extremely well, even building her this massive manor. She had thought that he was truly in love with her, but at that moment, she realized that she was nothing more than a toy to the other party.

Paying no heed to the arguments between those two, Wei Ruyan turned to look at Zheng Yang with a smile on her face. "How is it?"

There was no better trial than life and death to test a person's feelings… and clearly, these two people were only making use of one another!

"How she wishes to live her life is her own choice. I don't have the right to interfere in her affairs," Zheng Yang replied, but he felt as if his heart was being sliced into innumerable pieces.

He had liked this young lady from a very young age, and for the longest of time, his greatest wish had been to get together with her. He had never thought that they would end up like that.

"I'll give you an opportunity to play the hero. Don't you want to make her regret her decision? There's no better opportunity than this!" Wei Ruyan incited Zheng Yang.

"There's no need for that. I have already removed her from my heart!" Zheng Yang shook her head.

He realized that it was meaningless even if he made her regret her decision. They were already two people from two different worlds; it was already impossible for them to get together.

Besides, upon knowing Su Feifei's nature, even if they did get together, he knew that there would be a lingering doubt in his mind that the other party was only interested in his fortune and power, not he himself. He would hate to put himself in a position where he would constantly be doubting his partner.

Since that was the case, why even bother?

"It doesn't matter whether you have removed your feelings for her or not. If you don't do anything now, she will really lose her life," Wei Ruyan remarked calmly as she continued sipping on her tea.

Zheng Yang hurriedly raised his head, only to see that Xiang-ge's eyes had gone completely red. Xiang-ge raised his arm and pulled Su Feifei toward him with his zhenqi. Using his finger as a sword, he lightly slit the young lady's pale wrist, causing warm blood to flow out.

Transfusing blood and transferring a bloodline were two different matters. Transfusing blood only needed one to use the blood of another to replace their own poisoned blood. The process was not too complicated, and even a normal 2-star physician would be able to carry out such an operation. Even though Xiang-ge had been poisoned, his cultivation had not been suppressed. As long as he carried it out carefully, he would be able to do it himself.

Seeing that Su Feifei would really lose her life at this rate, Zheng Yang immediately got up and bellowed, "Hold it right there!"

In response, Xiang-ge turned his head around and glared at Zheng Yang coldly.

At the same time, Su Feifei heard that familiar voice, and her body trembled. She quickly turned her gaze to the figure walking toward her, and tears began streaming from her eyes.

"Zheng Yang… y-you are back?"

There was no way she would not recognize that voice. It belonged to the young man who had bucked up the courage to confess to her, only to be rejected.

Watching as he walked over a step at a time, his figure looked incomparably large under the rays of the sun.-ge means elder brother, but it's also commonly used by ladies to address their lovers. In Legend of the Condor Heroes, Huang Rong addresses her husband, Guo Jing, as Jing-gege, too.~15 minutesRefers to the two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, and one mouth.



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