Even though Zheng Yang did not want to make a move, he knew his junior's temperament too well. She was not so heartless as to allow Xiang-ge to really kill Su Feifei, but she would only step in at the very last moment.

Even though he no longer felt the passion that he once had for the young lady before him, he could not stand to watch her suffering right before his eyes.

Zheng Yang's arrival was like a final ray of hope for Su Feifei. Clutching tightly onto that ray of hope, she desperately cried, "Zheng Yang, save me!"

"Don't worry!"

With a wave of his hand, the energy that Xiang-ge had wrapped around Su Feifei immediately dissipated.

"Who are you?" Xiang-ge asked with narrowed eyes.

He only had an incense's time left. If he did not quickly find someone to transfuse blood to him, he might just lose his life.

This fellow seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, and from the looks of it, he seemed to have some ties with Su Feifei. This made him extremely wary.

"It doesn't matter who I am. I just want to ask what your relationship with her is. If you don't like her, why did you get together with her, even building such a huge manor for her?" Zheng Yang asked calmly, as if a judge dictating the life and death of a criminal.

After all that he had been through, he was not the young man whom he had been. If not for the fact that Su Feifei was the final fragment of regret in the depths of his heart, the innocent dream of his youth, he would not have come over in the first place.

Xiang-ge pondered for a moment before replying. "I do have feelings for her. Otherwise, given my identity, why would I lower myself to live in such a trivial Unranked Kingdom?"

He noticed that the young man had been sitting together with the young lady who had poisoned him, and he realized that he was unable to see through the young man's cultivation as well. Furthermore, the fact that the young man was able to make his zhenqi dissipate was enough to show that the young man was no ordinary figure.

All in all, this made him instinctively realize that he could not afford to offend the young man before him.

"You have feelings for her?" Zheng Yang scoffed. "If you have feelings for her, how could you ask her to sacrifice herself for your sake?"

If the two of them truly had feelings for one another, that would probably have been the end of it. After all, he had already let go of his feelings for Su Feifei, so there was no reason for him to interfere in her affairs anymore.

However, the middle-aged man had actually disregarded Su Feifei's life just to ensure his own survival. In fact, there was not the slightest compassion or regret that could be seen in his eyes. This made Zheng Yang enraged.

For a noble from an empire to come over to an Unranked Kingdom to build such a massive manor, if it was not due to love, he had to be up to something.

"I really do love…" Xiang-ge hurriedly tried to explain himself.

"There's no need to lie to me. You aren't strong enough to do that," Zheng Yang interjected coldly as he snapped his fingers.


With a scream of agony, Xiang-ge collapsed to the ground in pain as sweat drenched his entire body.

It was just an instant, but it made him realize the unbridgeable gap between him and the young man before him. It would take a mere thought for the other party to kill him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Who in the world are you? Just what kind of grudge is there between the two of us? If you want her, I can give her to you!" Xiang-ge screamed as he pointed frantically as Su Feifei.

Xiang-ge was a person who could sacrifice his loved ones when his life was at stake, let alone a woman whom he had absolutely no feelings for.

"Give her to me?" Zheng Yang's face turned even colder. "Is she nothing more than a commodity in your eyes, or do you view her as a chip that you can give to others as and when you please so as to guarantee your own survival?"

"I…" Xiang-ge's teeth clattered in fear.

In a moment of rage, Zheng Yang failed to control his own aura, leaving Xiang-ge feeling as if he was facing a ferocious beast. With a thought, the latter would be able to crush him into dust, leaving no trace of him at all.

Prior to getting together with Su Feifei, he had made sure to investigate the latter's background. As someone born and raised in Tianxuan Royal City, there should have been no way that she would be acquainted with such a powerful person!


While Xiang-ge was scared out of his wits, Su Feifei found her mind blanking out in confusion.

A year ago, Zheng Yang had been a nobody whom even someone like her could toss to the ground and stomp on. Yet, a year later, it seemed like their positions had completely reversed.

Even Xiang-ge, a figure whom Shen Zhui dared not offend, was nearly scared out of his wits before him…

Just how powerful was the current Zheng Yang?

Seeing that Xiang-ge was on the verge of being crushed to death under Zheng Yang's pressure, Wei Ruyan walked over while stretching her back lazily as she remarked with a smile, "Our teacher will get mad if you go too far. Don't say that I didn't warn you."


Hearing those words, Zheng Yang retracted his aura before gazing down on Xiang-ge once more. With eyes narrowed into slits, he said, "I only want to hear the absolute truth, so don't you dare play games with me. The person who has just poisoned you is my junior. If I notice any falsehood from you, I will have no choice but to get my junior to conduct a Soul Search on you!"


Xiang-ge's body trembled as he quickly turned his gaze to Wei Ruyan. Meeting with the smile on her face, his body froze on the spot.

If even the junior was so powerful, would it not be even more so for the senior?

"Speak! Who are you, and what is your purpose here?" Zheng Yang eyed Xiang-ge coldly as a blue glint flashed from the tip of his spear.

In truth, even without relying on Soul Search, he had several hundred methods that he could use to force the other party to speak.

He would truly be a failure as the head of the Combat Master Hall if he did not possess some interrogation methods!

Seeing the blue glint on the spear, Xiang-ge felt as if someone had grabbed his zhenqi and rattled it all around, leaving him with a terrible aching feeling throughout.

If even looking at the blue glint could leave him with such a feeling, he could not imagine the suffering that he would be put under if such a thing penetrated his body.

Knowing that there was no escape from this, Xiang-ge gritted his teeth before starting his story. "I am Xiang Yun, a treasure hunter. I have been scouring Unranked Kingdoms over the years, searching for all kinds of treasures… and my efforts eventually led me here!"

"A treasure hunter?"

Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan exchanged glances before nodding.

They had heard of such an occupation before, and the most famous treasure hunters in the world were none other than the Sage Yun Clan.

Treasure hunters possessed exceptional means that allowed them to pinpoint the location of hidden artifacts, making them one of the most lucrative occupations on the Master Teacher Continent.

"I detected incredible pulsations of energy coming from the place where Su Feifei lived, so I figured that it was an exceptionally powerful artifact," Yun Xiang explained. "My first thought was to buy the house, but I quickly dispelled the notion as I knew it would appear rather suspicious if an outsider like me abruptly bought a house in an Unranked Kingdom. Furthermore, treasure hunting is a long-term process, so there's a risk that an anomaly in my actions will draw the attention of others and place me in trouble. Thus, I used Su Feifei as a cover for me to conduct my work.

"With the relationship between the two of us serving as cover, I was able to successfully purchase all of the houses in the area without any trouble. After that, in order to ensure that I am able to conduct my operations in privacy, I chose to construct a massive manor right here."

As the saying went, 'danger comes to those who flaunt their wealth'. It was true that Yun Xiang's strength was unrivaled in the Tianxuan Kingdom, but news of the emergence of a superior treasure would indubitably draw in more experts from all around the continent. By then, even with the full force of his clan, it was unlikely that they would be able to claim the treasure for themselves.

Thus, he had used marriage as an excuse to buy all of the houses in the area and built a manor before setting up all kinds of protective formations in the area.

This way, no one would suspect a thing.

"You said that you like me… but everything is just a lie so that you can obtain the treasure hidden beneath my home?" Those words made Su Feifei's face pale as she fell feebly to the ground.

Back then, she had been drawn in by the other party's flowery words and immense wealth. She had thought that she had captured this man with her charms. However, it turned out that what the other party desired had never been her but the treasure hidden beneath her house.



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