"Wait a minute…" One of the master teachers bowing the ground noticed that something was amiss. "Aren't Celestial Master Teachers individuals who have earned the recognition of the heavens? Why does it seem like that person… is looking down on the heavens?"

Logically speaking, when a Celestial Master Teacher received the acknowledgement of the heavens, they should accept it with the utmost pride and glory. Yet, the towering person was trying his best to shake it off as if something disgusting had latched onto him.

"Looking down on the heavens?"

Stunned by that remark, the elder raised his head, only to see the towering figure shaking his body wildly. He was desperately trying to prevent any of the aura that had come from the heavens from getting stuck to him.

The elder gulped before muttering with reddened eyes, "He is actually rejecting the acknowledgement of the heavens… Does he not want to be a Celestial Master Teacher anymore?"

The history of Kong shi's acknowledgements as a Celestial Master Teacher had been fully detailed in the records and passed down through the ages. Even though many years had passed since then, the significance of a Celestial Master Teacher had never vanished from the minds of the population. But somehow, events did not seem to be going in the direction that they were expected to go in.

At the same time, when the other master teachers around the elder heard his words, tears began brimming in their eyes.

Bro, if you don't want to be a Celestial Master Teacher, you can pass the position down to us! We would be laughing even in our dreams if such an opportunity were to ever chance upon us!

Really, is it alright for you to reject the heavens so directly? Aren't you pretty much making an enemy of the world?


While they were feeling deeply stifled by the happenings, the figure in the sky suddenly bellowed before kicking at the heavens, which had latched onto his leg.

Hong long!

A rift appeared in the sky.

"He's indeed abandoning his position as a Celestial Master Teacher…"

If there had still been any doubts previously, they had completely vanished without a trace.

It was obvious that the towering figure no longer wanted to be a Celestial Master Teacher, but the relentless heavens simply refused to back down and continued trying to suffuse the towering figure with their aura.

"Who in the world is that fellow?"

Unable to take it any longer, the elder leaned in to take a closer look. He wanted to know the identity of the man who was so heartlessly shattering their image of a Celestial Master Teacher!

For tens of thousands of years, there had been no master teacher who did not desire the acknowledgement of the heavens. Such a feat meant the resounding of their name through the ages and the continued inheritance of their lineage through thousands of generations.

Yet, that fellow was trying to shake off the heavens as if they were pests on his hands, going to the extent of even stomping on the latter.

Will you die if you don't provoke us like that?


It was at this moment that the towering figure in the sky turned around, revealing his appearance. He was a dashing young man in his early twenties with sharp eyebrows.

"Isn't that… Zhang Xuan? B-but… I thought that he was dead!" The elder was taken aback.

The Master Teacher Pavilion had once issued an arrest warrant on the young man across the entire Master Teacher Continent, such that there was no master teacher who did not know this name. Afterward, things had gotten worse, and eventually, the young man had ended his life at the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters.

A person who should have died three months ago… how could he possibly bounce back to life and even be a Celestial Master Teacher at that?

What in the world had happened in between? It was as if the story had jumped from the prologue to the epilogue all of a sudden!

The master teachers in the area were flabbergasted by this unexpected happening.

The same scene was occurring in other Master Teacher Pavilions across the world.

Countless master teachers looked at the towering figure in the air with reddened eyes. Some were even crying miserably, exclaiming that they had lived in vain.

It was way too much.

For someone to reject even being a Celestial Master Teacher…

Could anyone be more arrogant than that?

In the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, a group of Ancient Sages and 9-star master teachers were gathered together in a stately room.

"So, that's what happened," Yang shi said. "The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe has almost been unified, so we can be certain that it no longer poses a threat to us. This means that it's time for our Master Teacher Pavilion to shift its strategic goals and manpower deployment. We should devote more resources into imparting the wisdom of the predecessors and nurturing young talents."

"Yang shi, if I understand your words correctly, you are saying that not only did Zhang shi not betray mankind, he's even a Celestial Master Teacher as well. The reason he ended his life at the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters was to use the incident as a cover to sneak into the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and resolve the threat once and for all?" a 9-star master teacher asked with a deep frown on his forehead, seemingly unwilling to believe this tall tale.

"Indeed." Yang shi nodded. "However, some of what I have shared so far is still conjecture on my part, so we'll need some further verification. Nevertheless, I'm ninety percent certain of the matter!"

"As long as we can't fully verify the matter, there is a chance that your conjecture might fall through. With all due respect, Yang shi, I find it hard to believe your story. If Zhang shi is truly a Celestial Master Teacher, he should have reported it to the Master Teacher Pavilion. Why would he hide his identity?"

"I don't deny that he has a way with imparting knowledge to others, but going to the extent of saying that he's a Celestial Master Teacher seems a little too far-fetched to me!"

"Indeed. All of us here are familiar with Kong shi's compassionate temperament and benevolent heart. I have browsed through Zhang shi's records, and I don't think that he has the character needed to be acknowledged by the heavens."

Some master teachers posed their doubts.

It was not that they were intentionally making things hard for Yang shi, but it had been tens of thousands of years since a Celestial Master Teacher last appeared. Furthermore, the person who was said to be a Celestial Master Teacher was someone who had a relationship with the Spirit God.

It was inevitable that there would be some doubtful naysayers.

"I'm afraid that you are mistaking my intention. I'm not opening this matter up for discussion; I am informing you of it! I'll permit you to discuss it among yourselves behind closed doors, but for the time being, we are going to proceed with this meeting under this premise," Yang shi replied sharply.

The reason he had chosen to roam the world was because he did not like that the Master Teacher Pavilion had already strayed from its original intentions. He wanted to make use of this opportunity to correct things, but it was truly frustrating how he was facing obstacles every step of the way. He knew that there was no way to fully convince those master teachers, so he chose to take a more forceful approach.

"I'm willing to go on with the meeting under such a premise if that's what you wish, but I refuse to believe that he's a Celestial Master Teacher. If even he's able to become a Celestial Master Teacher, there's no reason the rest of us can't…" one of the 9-star master teachers replied indignantly, but in the midst of his words, the ground suddenly began to tremble.

Alarmed, the crowd quickly left the room to look outward, and they soon saw a familiar figure towering in the sky. A unique aura originating from the world was surging toward him, attempting to enter through his apertures and fill his body.

Who else could that familiar figure possibly be other than Zhang shi, who had ended his life at the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters three months prior?

"That is… the aura bestowed by the predecessors during the acknowledgement ceremony?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"No, that's not the aura from our predecessors. It's the aura bestowed from the world on a Celestial Master Teacher…"

As 9-star master teachers, they swiftly comprehended what was going on with just a glance. However, just because they were able to comprehend it did not mean that their minds were capable of processing it in a moment's time.

That was a historic moment where an entire group of 9-star master teachers and Ancient Sages stood with slackened jaws and widened eyes.

Just a moment earlier, some had claimed that there was no way that Zhang Xuan could be a Celestial Master Teacher. It was as if the other party was carefully timing his actions in order to bring about the greatest face slap to them!

"Wait a moment. He doesn't seem to be accepting the acknowledgement at all… On the contrary, it seems like he's trying to free himself from that identity!"

It did not take long for someone to notice the anomaly.

"Now that you mention it, that does seem to be the case. Zhang shi seems to be trying to expel the celestial aura within his body…"

"A Celestial Master Teacher casting away the aura bestowed from the heavens? Is he out of his mind?"

The sheer preposterousness of what they were seeing had exceeded the limits of what they could rationally process. All they could do was shake their heads endlessly and murmur words of disapproval as they watched Zhang Xuan flinging out the aura from his body with a look of disgust on his face, as if he was purging his body of some repulsive poison.

Even the heavens seemed to be a little taken aback by the situation.

Such a thing had simply never happened before!

"Do you still think that he isn't a Celestial Master Teacher?" Yang shi asked as he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

His senior was truly an extraordinary individual. Everything he did was able to leave one utterly shocked.

Becoming a Celestial Master Teacher was something that everyone desired, but he was so frantically trying to free himself from it such that it almost looked as if he was a heartless man trying to dump his girlfriend.

The world was really going mad!

"He is a Celestial Master Teacher…"

"We were blind…"

Those 9-star master teachers who had doubted Yang shi's words earlier felt a fiery pain on their cheeks. If there was a pit in the ground, they would have dived right in without a moment's hesitation.

It was truly embarrassing how they had to swallow their words a moment after making such confident declarations!

Sighing deeply at Zhang Xuan's actions, Yang shi turned to the 9-star master teacher who had argued with him a moment ago. "You said earlier that there's no reason why the rest of you can't be Celestial Master Teachers if Zhang shi is one, right? Since he's going to shake away his identity right now, why don't you give it a try?"

Given all the miracles that his senior had produced, this bunch of people still dared to doubt his credentials as a Celestial Master Teacher.

If you think so highly of yourself, why don't you give it a try?

The 9-star master teacher really burst into tears on the spot.



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