While Zhang Xuan was relinquishing his title as a Celestial Master Teacher by releasing the aura that he had absorbed in his five previous acknowledgements, a huge uproar erupted across the Master Teacher Continent.

Previously, when Zhang Xuan obtained the acknowledgement from the heavens, the phenomena that occurred had mostly been limited to the regional Master Teacher Pavilions. In view of the severity of the issue, the Master Teacher Pavilions had chosen to suppress the matter, so there were not many people who were aware of it.

However, at that moment, nearly every single living being on the Master Teacher Continent was witnessing the release and dissipation of the heavens' aura back to the world with their own eyes.

They would really have to be fools if they still did not get what was happening.

It was not easy for another Celestial Master Teacher to appear on the continent once more, but who would have thought that the other party would quit just like that?

"As expected of Teacher…"

The reverence reflected in Zhang Jiuxiao's eyes was more than what any words could possibly bring out.

Upon discovering his teacher's identity, he had not hesitated to become the latter's student. Yet, it turned out that his teacher did not even care about that identity at all, throwing it away without the slightest hesitation.

As expected of someone who had already seen past the material world! Things such as glory and honor were not even worth a gold coin to him!

While the whole world was going into a frenzy due to the happenings, Zhang Xuan was still sitting in front of the barrier, forcefully expelling the energy in his body.

Unless he emptied out the aura that he had received from the previous Celestial Master Teacher acknowledgements from his body, there was no way that he would be able to become the World's Teacher!

Geji! Geji!

Even as the heavens exerted a pressure so great that it seemed as if his soul would be crushed to bits, Zhang Xuan maintained a nonchalant look on his face. It was impossible to tell what was going through his mind.

In truth, he harbored some doubts about relinquishing his Celestial Master Teacher title as well. He knew of the significance of the title after all. However, when he came into contact with the barrier and inherited Kong shi's philosophy, he had become certain that this was the path that Kong shi had walked on as well!

Otherwise, no matter how powerful or talented he might be, he would never be able to go any further than being an Ancient Sage in this world. It would be impossible for him to break the dimension barrier and ascend to a higher dimension!

The recognition from the heavens of this world was both a blessing and a curse. It served to shackle one down to this world. If he wanted to free himself from his shackles, he would first have to relinquish his identity!


As the aura dissipated, the pressure coming from the heavens seemed to intensify, as if symbolizing the rage of the heavens at the blasphemous act. Ominous clouds swiftly rolled in together with devastating lightning and flames.

"Here it comes," Zhang Xuan murmured as he rose to his feet.

However, he remained within the underground hall, not leaving at all.

He knew that if he left, the strength of the lightning tribulation would surely ravage the entire Tianxuan Kingdom, destroying every last soul within the perimeter of the tribulation.

As long as he remained in the underground hall, the lightning tribulation would have to have no choice but to concentrate its prowess within the area. It was fortunate that the manor extended far and wide, so it was unlikely that any bystanders would be caught in the conflict.


The cataclysmic lightning swiftly gathered in the sky and formed a massive saber with destructive flames and lightning crackling around it. Even the fabric of space seemed to be as feeble as a piece of paper in the face of the powerful saber, and it seemed as if everything would be eradicated in its face.

This was the most fearsome trial of the Ancient Sage Ordeal, the Ordeal of Lightning Armament. Who would have thought that he would face it once more there?


The lightning saber surged right down toward the underground hall, appearing right above Zhang Xuan's head in the blink of an eye.

Tz la!

The formations around the manor and the underground hall were decisively sliced in two as if they were mere tattered pieces of cloth.

"Heh. I've been waiting for you!" Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan's fist shot right up to strike down the lightning saber.

The previous time he faced the Ordeal of Lightning Armament, he had been far too weak to be able to withstand its might. However, he was no longer as helpless as he used to be. Even without using the Dragonbone Divine Spear, the might that he exerted would allow him to take down any Blood Reincarnation realm expert!


As the fist and the lightning saber clashed, Zhang Xuan found himself knocked several steps back. This momentary clash had left his fist marred with slightly charred flesh and boiling blood.

It seemed like despite the massive increase in his cultivation, his strength was still not up to par with the Ordeal of Lightning Armament.

The last time he underwent it, he had needed to summon Little Tribulation and further augment it by summoning hundreds of cultivation ordeals all at once before it was a match for the Ordeal of Lightning Armament. However, in the Tianxuan Royal City, there was no way he would be able to do what he had done previously. Nevertheless, that did not mean that he was going to go down without a fight.

Zhang Xuan flitted over to the side of the barrier before turning to face the massive saber once more.

Driving his zhenqi to the maximum, he punched in the direction of the massive saber, which threatened to scorch every inch of his body with the blazing heat it was emanating.

Once again, the collision ended with Zhang Xuan's defeat as his body was knocked back from the saber, causing a series of energy ripples to traverse across the barrier.

On the other hand, the massive saber continued to descend with formidable might, striking right down upon the barrier.


There was a light buzz as the massive saber inflicted its black flames onto the barrier, causing a small hole to corrode on it. However, the black flames only lasted for a brief moment before they were extinguished by the tremendous energy rippling through the barrier.

"It's working!" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Part of the reason for him choosing to cultivate and summon the lightning tribulation there was because he wanted to use the power of the lightning tribulation to deal with the barrier.

Considering how the barrier was able to withstand both his and Vicious' strength, it was unfeasible to attempt to break it with their strength. Furthermore, even though the barrier had been left behind by Kong shi, it did not seem like it would open up solely on the merit that he was a Celestial Master Teacher.

Since that was the case, he had no choice but to tap into external forces to breach the barrier!

Opening his fist into a palm, he struck at the massive saber once more.

Kacha! Kacha!

The massive saber retaliated with ferocious slashes time and time again, but most of the energy coming from its attacks was halted by the barrier right behind him. Under the relentless attacks of the saber, cracks began to appear on the surface of the barrier.

However, due to the multiple clashes with the saber, Zhang Xuan's body also sustained significant damage. Just like when he had faced the Ordeal of Lightning Armament before, he was already on the verge of collapse.

"Canvas of Four Seasons!"

With a thought, Zhang Xuan swapped into the appearance of Sovereign Chen Ling with the disguise amulet before taking out the Canvas of Four Seasons to release the energy that he had sealed within it.

He had stolen this energy from the deity whom Sovereign Chen Ling had summoned, and it was exceptionally effective in healing injuries.

It took a few moments before Zhang Xuan fully recovered from his injuries. After he was all healed up, he turned his sights to the massive saber and continued his attacks once more.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The massive saber continued striking down on the barrier, causing the cracks that had appeared to grow larger and larger, seemingly on the verge of being torn apart at any moment.

By this point, the Ordeal of Lightning Armament had already expended a large portion of its energy, making it much weaker than before.

"It seems like it's indeed possible to grind it down…" Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

The risk had paid off. Even though he was not the World's Teacher yet, it seemed like he would be able to free himself from his position as a Celestial Master Teacher, allowing his cultivation to rise once more.

At the same time, he would probably be able to shatter whatever was left of the barrier. He had no idea what lay on the other side, but considering the secrecy surrounding it, he had a feeling that the Hundred Schools of Philosophers might have something to do with it.

Even if the Hundred Schools of Philosophers was not involved, it was bound to have something to do with Kong shi. As long as he traced Kong shi's footsteps, he would eventually be able to ascend to a higher dimension.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Kacha! Kacha!

As the Ordeal of Lightning Armament struck down another two more times, the cracks grew larger and larger, to the extent that they were already large enough for a person to pass through. At the same time, the ominous clouds in the sky were starting to dissipate.

Another few breaths passed, and it seemed like the Ordeal of Lightning Armament had finally reached its limits.

The multitude of attacks that it had launched had completely sapped its energy. With a light tap of Zhang Xuan's finger, it dissipated into countless strands of energy.

"Let's enter!"

Finally overcoming the lightning tribulation, Zhang Xuan beckoned the others before diving right into the hole in the barrier.

Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan nodded. They swiftly sent a message to Zhao Ya before following their teacher to the other side of the barrier.



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