What appeared before Zhang Xuan was a vast world.

The blue sky, dabbled with traces of white clouds, extended far and wide. Greenery flourished from the earth, creating a peaceful scene that went well with the melodious chirping of birds. The spiritual energy in the air was so concentrated that it was on par with the most blessed land back at the Master Teacher Continent.

Not too far away from where Zhang Xuan was standing, there was a farmland filled with wheat.

"Where are we?" Wei Ruyan asked with a confused frown as she slowly walked out from the darkness. She drove her zhenqi carefully for fear that there would be danger lurking in the area.

"It's probably some sort of ancient domain," Zheng Yang replied.

Zhang Xuan carefully assessed his surroundings as he slowly proceeded over to the farmland. He bent down before one of the wheat plants and plucked it out in order to conduct a closer examination. A moment later, he chuckled softly and asked, "Have you noticed?"


The two youths replied in bewilderment to Zhang Xuan's abrupt question.

Zheng Yang walked closer to take a closer look at the wheat stalk in Zhang Xuan's hand before remarking, "The wheat over here seems to be much bulkier than what we can find in the Master Teacher Continent. It seems to retain more spiritual energy from the surroundings too!"

"You're right. The wheat here seems to be infused with much more spiritual energy." Wei Ruyan nodded with a slightly confused look still on her face. She could not understand why her teacher was more interested in a stalk of wheat than figuring out where they were and what they should do.

As Ancient Sages, they could continue living without any problems even if they went without food. As such, agriculture produce and the like no longer caught their attention.

"This is Greensprout Wheat. Due to the high concentration of spiritual energy it contains, an ordinary human will be able to enhance their constitution if they consume it for a long period. Take your Innate Poison Body for example; if you had consumed the Greensprout Wheat from a young age, you wouldn't have had to go through so much pain. Instead, you would have easily awakened your unique constitutions."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It was the potency of Wei Ruyan's Innate Poison Body, to the extent that she was unable to awaken or control it, that caused a huge strain on her body, resulting in her constant feeble condition back when she was younger. If not for her father, Wei Changfeng, going to great lengths to find all sorts of treasures to sustain her life, there was no way she would have survived long enough to meet Zhang Xuan.

If she had eaten this Greensprout Wheat from a young age, her constitution would have been strengthened significantly, allowing her to better cope with her unique constitutions. Perhaps she would have been spared from much suffering, and Wei Changfeng would not have lost his life over a single stalk of a medicinal herb.

"If this Greensprout Wheat is that formidable, wouldn't it be a blessing to mankind if we could bring it back to the Master Teacher Continent and cultivate it?" Zheng Yang's eyes lit up in excitement.

As the head of the Combat Master Hall, he had to constantly push himself to think of issues from a higher perspective. There were also medicinal herbs on the Master Teacher Continent that could enhance one's constitution, but those medicinal herbs could not be cultivated on a large scale due to the stringent conditions required for their survival.

On the other hand, the fact that the Greensprout Wheat was growing in large fields meant that it was possible to cultivate it on a large scale!

If they could enhance the constitution of mankind as a whole, there was no doubt that it would be a huge blessing to mankind!

The reason mankind had been unable to claim the absolute advantage in the battle against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe despite the efforts of countless master teachers was because the starting point of the Otherworldly Demons were simply too far ahead of their human counterparts.

Even the Otherworldly Demons with the weakest bloodlines were bestowed with the strength of a Transcendent Mortal from birth. This difference in the starting points created a gap that was nigh impossible to bridge with effort alone.

In fact, it could already be said to be a miraculous feat that mankind had been able to survive for so many years in the face of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe's aggression.

Knowing what Zheng Yang was thinking of, Zhang Xuan replied with a shake of his head. "It's impossible to cultivate the Greensprout Wheat on the Master Teacher Continent."

The existence of this plant was not detailed in the records of the Master Teacher Pavilion. Instead, he found it amid the knowledge from the mountain of books in the Temple of Confucius. This was a plant that Kong shi had conceptualized in accordance to his vision, and it should have been non-existent in their world.

Zhang Xuan had to verify time and time again before he could be certain that the plant that he was holding was indeed the Greensprout Wheat.

"Why not?" Zheng Yang asked with in incomprehension.

It was true that the spiritual energy there was considerably more concentrated than that on the Master Teacher Continent, but given their capabilities, it should be possible for them to create large enclosed spaces that emulated that environment. Why would it be impossible for them to cultivate it on the Master teacher Continent?

"In the many years of battle with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, the atmosphere of the Master Teacher Continent has already become suffused with their killing intent, albeit in nearly undetectable amounts to us. Unfortunately, the Greensprout Wheat is exceptionally vulnerable to killing intent, such that even the slightest contact with killing intent can lead to its death!"

As Zhang Xuan explained, he tapped his finger lightly and infused the field before him with a surge of zhenqi harnessing a slight hint of killing intent.


As if a droplet of ink falling in the midst of clear water, the Greensprout Wheat within an area of ten mu from his fingers turned yellow and fell limp in an instant. It was almost as if someone had set the crops in the entire area ablaze.


Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan were surprised. Even Zhang Xuan was slightly taken aback by how sensitive the Greensprout Wheat was.

While he had known that Greensprout Wheats were exceptionally vulnerable to killing intent, he did not think that they would be so weak to it.

He had controlled the killing intent in that surge of zhenqi to an extremely minute amount, but it had still ended up afflicting such devastation upon the field. As such, there was no way that those plants could possibly survive on the Master Teacher Continent.

"There are quite a few Otherworldly Demons hidden on the Master Teacher Continent, causing there to be a slight concentration of killing intent in the air. While it's negligible and perhaps even imperceptible to most humans, it's more than enough to spell a catastrophe to the Greensprout Wheat," Zhang Xuan remarked.

Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan nodded in agreement.

"The lands of the Tianxuan Kingdom aren't plagued with killing intent, right? So, shouldn't it be possible for us to cultivate the Greensprout Wheat there?" Wei Ruyan asked.

She had noticed as soon as she entered the Tianxuan Kingdom that there was a natural barrier in the ancient domain that seemed to prevent the killing intent lingering in the atmosphere from corroding its lands.

In other words, this ancient domain was devoid of killing intent.

"You're right to say that there isn't any killing intent in the Tianxuan Kingdom, but it's a pity that its spiritual energy is simply insufficient. Furthermore, haven't you noticed that there isn't the unique aura that allows one to advance as a master teacher there?" Zhang Xuan replied.

"This…" Wei Ruyan pondered for a moment before nodding slowly in response.

She had not paid particular attention to the matter since it did not affect her as a poison master. However, that did seem to be the case.

There was no killing intent in the Tianxuan Kingdom, but the conditions required for master teachers to advance to higher ranks were also absent.

As such, one who wanted to be a master teacher had no choice but to depart from the Tianxuan Kingdom and head elsewhere.

Even Lu Xun, whom they had met earlier, had become a 2-star master teacher because he had migrated to other kingdoms.

"Ancient domains are barren places, devoid of any auras and poor in spiritual energy. While killing intent is completely absent in this area, its climate is still unsuitable for the growth of the Greensprout Wheat. Even if the Greensprout Wheat is able to survive in the Tianxuan Kingdom, it won't be able to germinate and grow!" Zhang Xuan replied with a sigh.

It was after he forsook his Celestial Master Teacher title that he gained a clearer view of the Tianxuan Kingdom. With just a glance, he was able to see right into the crux.

He was still unable to figure the reason behind the anomalies present in ancient domains, but he was certain that the Greensprout Wheat would be unable to thrive there.

Otherwise, Kong shi would have turned the ancient domains into the core of the Master Teacher Continent!

"Even though the Greensprout Wheat won't grow in ancient domains, it seems to be flourishing well here. Just what kind of place have we entered?" Zheng Yang wondered in curiosity.

For something that wouldn't survive anywhere else to actually thrive in this land… could there be something special here?

Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before replying. "If I'm not mistaken, this is probably the Kunxu Domain where the Hundred Schools of Philosophers reside. This area is unlike any of the other folded spaces we have entered. Instead, it has already developed to become a brand-new world!"

"The Hundred Schools of Philosophers?" Zheng Yang and Wei Ruyan widened their eyes in astonishment.


Just as they were about to ask further about the matter, the sound of a horn suddenly echoed from afar. Following which, a large group of people suddenly rushed over with wrathful looks on their faces.



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