"Un!" Seeing that Fan Xiaoxing had understood the intentions behind their conversation, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in approval.

Since he had borrowed Fan Xiaoxu's identity, he had to give something back to those in Ancient Sage Zi Chi's lineage in compensation… Through the general pointers he offered them and inculcating in them a habit of reflection, they would be able to continue improving themselves even after he left.

Peng peng peng!

After taking down two of the opponents and eliminating one of them, there was only one last person remaining. It didn't take long for Fan Xiaoxing to subdue him too.

After crushing their jade tokens, he stomped up to Fan Xiaoxu and Fan Xiaofeng, wanting to berate them for simply watching the commotion by the side. But after a moment of hesitation, he chose instead to clasp his fist and bow slightly, "Thank you for your pointers earlier!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hand calmly in response.

It didn't matter to him whether the other party as grateful to his help or not. He was just doing what he thought was right to him. This was the man he was all along—principled, humble, and low profile.

"Everything happened so quickly earlier… How did you all see through their flaws and come up with a countermeasure with just a look?" Fan Xiaoxing asked doubtfully.

His cultivation was around the same level as the other two of them, but why was he unable to see through anything at all whereas the pointers given out by those words ended up becoming words of gold?

It was as if they could peer right into the hearts of others!

"Xiaoxu was the one who taught me this!" Fan Xiaofeng replied excitedly. "In a battle, one has to observe one's opponent carefully and determine his intentions in order to predict his movements…"

After which, he moved on to throw out several other ways.

Hearing those words, Fan Xiaoxing was rendered completely mystified.

He had never heard of those at all, and it was definitely not part of the lineage within their clan either… How did Fan Xiaoxu know about all this?

"Cultivation is not about blind diligence; it requires one to ruminate and evaluate…" Seeing the doubt in Fan Xiaoxing's eyes, Zhang Xuan explained calmly.

However, before he could finish his words, he suddenly turned his head to the side.


There was a gust of wind, and following which, three groups of people arrived from all around the forest.

Each of the groups consisted of four people, and altogether, there were twelve people in total. Coming from three different directions, they sealed off all routes of escape for Zhang Xuan and the other two.

They are the ones… They have eliminated quite a few people along the way. If we don't partner together to get rid of them, it's only a matter of time before they destroy us too!" one of the team leaders harrumphed coldly.

This team leader was a tall and bulky individual. His voice was loud and deep, a little reminiscent of metal clanging against one another.

"Heh, I guess we have to thank them for eliminating so many people for us then!" another team leader spoke up with a smile. He turned to Zhang Xuan and said, "You should have curbed yourselves a little. I don't deny that you are strong, but in battles like this, knowing when to lie low is also of utmost importance!"

"Are you challenging us?"

Before Fan Xiaoxing could make sense of the situation, Fan Xiaofeng had already stepped forward with a confident smile on his face. "Let's not waste any time then. All of you should come at us together!"

Along the way, they had already eliminated at least seventy examinees by now. Most likely, their results had already sprinted all the way to the top. It was inevitable that they would catch the attention of other teams.

After all, it was a common strategy for weaklings to band up together to get rid of the greatest threat in a competition.

Given their spectacular accomplishments, it was just a matter of time before teams began to partner with one another in an attempt to eliminate them. 

If they were to succeed, their results would be moved over to them, allowing them to leap to the first place in a single shot.

"Xiaofeng…" Not expecting the other party to be so reckless as to provoke the other three teams, Fan Xiaoxing's face turned green from fright.

That was twelve people before them! Against such a huge force, they would surely be crushed without the slightest sliver of doubt! To provoke them further at a timing like this was no different from courting death!

Come at us together? Come your head!

I have just finished my battle a while ago, and I can hardly open my eyes at all. I'll really die if I were to fight those twelve of them right now!

"You want to fight us together? Lad, you sure are arrogant, aren't you?" the bulky young man sneered coldly. "Since you are asking for it, don't blame us for not showing mercy then! Attack!"

It was apparent that they had already negotiated with one another before coming over to confront them. As the bulky young man spoke, the twelve of them slowly advanced forward, making sure to leave no gap for them to escape at all.


Despite facing a numerical disadvantage, Fan Xiaofeng didn't seem nervous in the least. Instead, his eyes were gleaming brighter and brighter in excitement. He turned to look at Fan Xiaoxu, only to see the latter nodding his head in affirmation.

Thus, with a joyful war cry, Fan Xiaofeng dashed right into the crowd of enemies.

"Xiaofeng, don't be reckless!" Fan Xiaoxing felt as if his body had turned completely cold.

That was twelve people in total, and none of their cultivation was any lower than theirs! To dash right in at this moment was as good as seeking death!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Xiaoxu, we need to devise a plan to save Xiaofeng and escape!" Panicked, Fan Xiaoxing turned to Zhang Xuan and urged anxiously.

"Escape? There's no need for that. Calm down and see what Xiaofeng is capable of," Zhang Xuan replied with a shake of his head.

It was just a moment ago that he had corrected Fan Xiaofeng's state of mind. If he were to encourage the latter to flee at this moment, wouldn't all of the confidence he had built up be shattered in an instant?

As a teacher, there was no way he would allow such a thing to occur!

"But we'll die at this rate!"

Fan Xiaoxing didn't think that Fan Xiaoxu would be as extreme as Fan Xiaofeng. Just as he was conflicted as to what he should do, he suddenly saw the bulky young man charging right across Fan Xiaofeng.


With his fingers spread wide like a fan, he thrust his palm right toward Fan Xiaoxu's head, seemingly wanting to end his life.

Just based on his aura, the bulky young man felt no different from an ordinary Saint 9-dan. However, when he drove his strength to its limits, it turned out that he was actually a Half-Introspective Convalescence realm expert! 

"It's over…" Fan Xiaoxing's face paled in fright.

The reason why he was able to defeat the four of them earlier was because their cultivation was beneath his. Even so, he was still badly pummeled in the end.

However, with the frightening might of this bulky young man and many other experts watching menacingly from the surroundings, it seemed like they were really doomed this time around… 

With a wail of desolation, he began thinking about where he should have a drink to drown his sorrows after he was eliminated. On the other hand, a slight frown crept onto Fan Xiaoxu's forehead, and instead of dodging, he raised his hand.


Before the palm thrust of the bulky young man could land, Fan Xiaoxu's slap had already struck the other party's face squarely.

The slap seemed to be packed with plenty of power as the bulky young man spun two rounds before crashing into the ground.


The bulky young man stunned for a moment before his daze warped in rage, and he charged at Zhang Xuan once more.


Another slap struck the other side of his face, and he spun two rounds before crashing into the ground once more.

"Small fries like you should scram to the side! Don't come here and cause trouble!" Zhang Xuan harrumphed coldly.


The bulky young man wanted to say something to at least salvage some of his reputation, but when he thought about the two slaps he had just suffered, his face immediately reddened, and his words choked up in his throat.

Was he really a small fry unworthy of the other party making a move?

He turned to look at Fan Xiaofeng and saw that there were already four men collapsed on the ground. Even though Fan Xiaofeng's cultivation was beneath his, for some reason, his movements were exceptionally difficult to deal with. It was as if he was a wolf who had leaped into a pack of sheep; there was no one here who could withstand more than three blows from him!

"A-alright, I'll go fight with him…"

Without much hesitation, the bulky young man turned around and charged at Fan Xiaofeng instead.

"..." Fan Xiaoxing was so shocked that his eyes nearly plopped to the ground.

Can anyone tell me what is happening here?

Why did Xiaoxu and Xiaofeng become so weird in the hour we have parted from one another? Am I dreaming or something?

Fan Xiaoxing was dazed.



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