"This…" Zhang Xuan scratched his head in embarrassment.

It was true that he had deciphered the jade token, but given his low-profile character, he would have waited patiently for Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng to complete the test before heading over to the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism. Unfortunately, he could not have expected the other party to actually whip out a barrier that would suck in anyone who had deciphered the formation!

In a moment of carelessness, he actually ended up being sucked in!

Turning around to look at the countless berserk faces behind him, Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly and said in encouragement, "Well… Everyone, try your best! I'll be going on ahead to see what's on the other side!"

"Going on ahead? More like he has already crossed the finish line before we have even gotten ready at the starting point!"

"Kong Shiyao took a total of seven hours, but he… That probably wasn't even a single breath, right?"

"Is it possible that his jade token is spoiled?"

"You are thinking too much. How could the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism possibly make such a mediocre mistake? That being said, it's really ridiculous for anyone to clear a seal within just a single breath… Is he still human?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

A huge uproar erupted in the area.

It was just a moment earlier that Scholastic Master Zhong Qing had said that even the fastest record was six hours, but he had actually finished it in a single breath. If so, did that not mean that even the most talented genius in the entire history of the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism could not even match up to a twenty thousandth of that young man?

It was not just the examinees who were causing a huge ruckus. Zhong Qing, Nangong Yuanfeng, and the other invigilators were in a completely flustered state as well.

They had thought that it would already be a huge blessing if any one of the examinees was able to make it to the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism within a single day. But who could have known that they would encounter this monster?

"Were Zhong Zixun and the others eliminated by that young man?" Zhong Qing asked.

"Hmm, that isn't entirely it," Nangong Yuanfeng said with a frown. "The ones who eliminated Zhong Zixun and the others were Fan Xiaofeng and Fan Xiaoxing, but he was guiding them by the side too…"

"His guidance actually allowed those two to eliminate all eight examinees from my lineage…" Zhong Qing felt a tightness in his throat as he struggled to come to terms with what he had just seen.

While others might have been oblivious to the prowess of those eight juniors of his, he knew that they were a force that could not be underestimated in the examination. If they had not been eliminated by Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng, there was a good chance that they would have become the dark horse of the examination.

Those eight had specially undergone a rigorous training regimen in order to clear the examination, and even if they had encountered Yan Yixiao, there was a good chance that they would have been able to get away safely. Yet, all of them had ended up being eliminated just like that.

Furthermore, it was one thing if that young man had made a move himself⁠—there was no shortage of monstrously overpowered individuals in the history of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers⁠—but he had actually empowered others to do so through his guidance. Not even Zhong Qing himself would be capable of pulling off something like that!

A middle-aged man walked over and asked, "Shall we apprehend him temporarily to check his jade token?"

"There's no need for that. The fact that he's been absorbed by the barrier means that he truly wields the ability to decipher the formation. Besides, the other teachers are waiting beyond the barrier, and they should have already noticed the pulsations in the barrier. It's too late to stop him now…" Zhong Qing shook his head before turning his gaze to Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng.

It was a gaze filled with intrigue.

Ancient Sage Zi Chi's lineage had always been lagging behind the others… How did they suddenly become so formidable?

Harboring such doubts, Zhong Qing leaped forth and appeared right before Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng. With a wave of his hand, he said, "In total, the two of you have eliminated more than half of the examinees. I would like to see if you really wield the extraordinary capabilities that you have displayed through your results in the examination."

Fan Xiaofeng and Fan Xiaoxing clasped their fists and replied, "How do you wish to test our strength?"

If they had not gone through Zhang Xuan's rigorous training, they would have already been in utter panic. It was apparent that Zhong Qing was suspicious of them cheating, and the implications could be severe if they were found guilty of it.

However, the elimination examination had caused a huge change in their state of mind. They were much more confident than before, such that they did not feel apprehensive even when standing before Scholastic Masters.

"I have a really simple suggestion. I'll suppress my cultivation down to your level, and the two of you can come at me together. If you are able to defeat me, it'll prove that you do possess capabilities far beyond those of your peers," Zhong Qing explained calmly.

As a Sempiternal realm consummation expert, even if he did suppress his cultivation, his eye of discernment and battle experience far surpassed those of the two youths standing before him. No matter how powerful those two youths were, they would stand no chance against him if they did not possess any extraordinary capabilities.

Hearing those words, Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng looked at one another and nodded resolutely before replying in unison, "Very well, we accept your challenge!"

They swiftly cleared the surroundings before Zhong Qing began suppressing his aura down to Saint 9-dan. Despite his lowered cultivation, he still emanated an unfathomable aura that made others dare not challenge his authority.

"I'll allow the two of you to make the first move!" Zhong Qing beckoned with a single hand, and he stood calmly on the spot.

No matter what, he was still a Great Sage expert who had lived for several centuries. Even though he had challenged Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng to a battle in hopes of clearing up his doubts, he had no intention of taking advantage of them.

"Since you have said so, we won't stand on ceremony!"

Fan Xiaofeng and Fan Xiaoxing drove their zhenqi to the peak and roared.

Of the thousand examinees that they had eliminated, there were some who had been an entire realm stronger than them. Challenging such powerful enemies had refined their sense of danger and grasp over the flow of battle. They could tell that even with his suppressed cultivation, the middle-aged man standing before them would not be an easy opponent.

Thus, they chose to go all out right from the start.


So, the two of them bolted forward one after another, and one of them aimed for the chest whereas the other aimed for the back.

Noting the exceptional speed of the two and the decisiveness of their moves, Zhong Qing nodded in approval. "Not too shabby!"

It was no wonder they had been able to eliminate so many people in the examination, such that even his juniors had ended up falling victim to them. Their fighting prowess was indeed not to be underestimated.

Putting everything aside, just the fact that they were able to empty their movements of hesitation was already an incredibly remarkable feat. It was a subconscious reflex to falter before powerful enemies and doubt one's decisions, and this was a problem that even top cultivators faced.

Such hesitation might not appear to be much at first glance, but in an intense battle, granting the opponent an additional split second to react could easily spell the difference between life and death.

However… if that was all they had, they would never be able to defeat him!

This was because their intentions and maneuvers were utterly lacking in complexity. It was as if they were standing naked before him!

He could even foresee what they would do several steps ahead! To defeat such opponents, all it would take him was one good move!

With a deep sigh, he raised his two palms and thrust them downward, intending to knock the two of them back simultaneously so as to let them know the gap between them.

However, before his palms could even strike, the duo bolting in his direction suddenly swerved and flanked his sides. Using the incredible momentum of their movements, they sent out a left punch and a right punch simultaneously to the both sides of his face.

"What?" Zhong Qing narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

In a usual battle, should they not have started with minor movements to test out their opponent before leaping in for a decisive attack to overwhelm him in an instant?

They had already been in an advantageous position earlier, so why would they change their moves all of a sudden?

Furthermore, was it really fine to aim the attacks at the face of an elder like that?

"Humph!" With a cold snort, Zhong Qing swiftly redirected his palms to block the trajectory of the punches from the duo. After which, he was just about to move in to teach those two a good lesson on respecting their elders when he suddenly felt a sharp pain assaulting his chest and crotch.

Lowering his head, he found that Fan Xiaoxing's leg had struck his chest whereas Fan Xiaofeng's foot had shot up his crotch.

"Ahhh!" With a piercing cry of agony, Zhong Qing flew over and collapsed onto the ground. His body scrunched up like a cooked prawn.

Even though he was a Sempiternal realm consummation cultivator, it did not mean that he had cultivated his body equally throughout. As such, he still shared the common weakness that all men faced. To be struck with such a decisive kick, it was a huge blessing that they had not cracked on the spot!

However, as if out of fear that their attack would not work, those two had actually put everything they had into the previous attack, such that the excruciating pain that assaulted him left even someone of Zhong Qing's caliber sweating profusely.

Kacha! Kacha!

He had to swiftly release the seal on his zhenqi and recover to his Sempiternal realm consummation before he was able to alleviate the injuries. Just as he was about to talk, he heard the hushed whisperings of those two not too far away.

"Is it just me, or does he seem really weak?"

"Could he just be going easy on us? That can't be the true strength of a Scholastic Master, right?"

Those words were the earnest thoughts of the confused Fan Xiaoxing and Fan Xiaofeng.

All along, the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism had been the ultimate goal that they had envisioned in their minds, so they could have never imagined that they would actually be able to incapacitate one of the almighty Scholastic Masters with just a simple kick.

It was as if the heroes whom they had worshipped since they were young had turned out to be all talk!

"Weak? Going easy?" Zhong Qing felt a surge of blood gargling within his mouth, and he completely lost his cool.



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