Ancient Sage Yan Qing had thought that they were goners, but against all odds, the person whom they had a complicated relationship with, Zhang Xuan, suddenly appeared at this moment and charged toward the deity without any hesitation.

Looking at the splendid spearmanship that he might never be able to reach in his lifetime, Ancient Sage Yan Qing sighed deeply in embarrassment. "I guess he's a greater master teacher than I'll ever be. For mankind, personal grudges are nothing to him at all. I wronged him."

For mankind, the other party was willing to bear the criticism of the world and fake his own death so as to sneak into the midst of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and quell the threat. This spoke volumes of his character.

How could such a noble person possibly leave them in the lurch when crisis truly hit?

While Ancient Sage Yan Qing was lamenting over his own misjudgment, Kong Shiyao and the others were awestruck by Zhang Xuan's attack. They were unable to find the words to describe how powerful that spear thrust was. It was perfectly aligned with nature, making the movements feel extremely smooth. In that instant, their pain and frailty seemed to have disappeared from their minds. The only thing that their attention was on was the beauty of the spear.

The deity floating in the air was stunned as well. He did not think that there would be such a powerful adversary in this lower dimension. In his moment of hesitation, the spear had already arrived before his throat.


Fresh blood splattered as the spear pierced through his skin. However, barely after entering an inch, it was as if he had struck a metal plate. No matter how hard Zhang Xuan pushed, he was unable to thrust his spear any deeper.

"I never would have thought that this scarce environment could give birth to an expert of your caliber. Not bad. Not bad at all. I'll take you along with me too…" With a cold sneer, the deity grabbed the spear that was in his throat.

In response, Zhang Xuan swiftly flicked the spear, and it warped into a massive black dragon that wrapped itself tightly around the deity's body.

Taken aback by this move, the deity was stunned for an instant before fury filled his mind.

How could he, an expert from the Azure, possibly be trapped by a mere being from a lower dimension? This was an insult to him!

"You're asking for it!"

His muscles bulged out as he exerted his might in both of his arms. He was intending to crush the black dragon when a massive brick suddenly fell down from the sky and smacked him right in the face.


Previously, Zhang Xuan had forged the Golden Origin Cauldron into a Sempiternal realm consummation artifact. Over the past month in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, he had allowed it to absorb the Aeon of Ancient Sage inside the painting, and it did not take long before it managed to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage realm. While it was still miles away from reaching the Dimension Shatterer realm, with its astounding weight and remarkably resilient material, it was still able to inflict some damage to the deity through a direct hit on his head.

The direct hit rendered the deity momentarily dazed as a ringing sound persisted in his ear.

Just as the deity was going to blow his top, the brick suddenly spoke up. "Let me just clarify this in advance. I am not a brick but a cauldron. What struck your face was my bottom!"

Following which, the Golden Origin Cauldron did not forget to wiggle its bottom on the other party's face to emphasize its point.

Kong Shiyao and the others were stunned by what they had just seen.

Why would such a powerful expert have such an underhanded and seemingly lewd artifact?

Furthermore, that fellow actually said that it was a cauldron…

The heck, do you even know what a cauldron is? You are obviously a brick!

There's not a single part to you that looks like a cauldron at all!

Or are we getting behind times?

"AHHH!" Feeling the cauldron rubbing its bottom on his face, the deity went berserk. "Scram!"


A powerful shockwave burst forth from the deity, causing the Golden Origin Cauldron and the Dragonbone Divine Spear to be sent flying. The latter swiftly warped back into a spear before returning to Zhang Xuan's grasp.


The furious deity landed a fist on the Golden Origin Cauldron's body.

"My bottom!" the Golden Origin Cauldron yelped as it spun anxiously on the ground, as if trying to reshape its dented bottom.

"You b*stard. I've changed my mind; I'm going to slaughter you!"

The face of the deity twitched a little as he glared at Zhang Xuan. Without any hesitation, he lifted his palm and thrust it down upon the latter.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan quickly activated the Zhang Clan's bloodline and flitted several hundred meters away in an instant. Then, he brandished his spear and charged toward the deity once more.

"Time Quintessence?"

Seeing how the young man seemingly teleported away to dodge his attack, the deity harrumphed disdainfully. He raised his hand with the intention to wrap the young man in his energy so as to seal his movements, but clanging sounds suddenly echoed in the air above at that moment. Raising his head, he could not help but narrow his eyes in alarm.

At some point, countless weapons had filled the sky, be it swords, sabers, hammers, spears… All in all, there were several hundred of them.


Those weapons immediately descended to launch a flurry of attacks on the deity.

"Do you think that these trash weapons can hurt me?" the deity scoffed in disdain.

With a mere glance, he was able to tell that those weapons were all Great Sage artifacts. Not a single one of them had reached Ancient Sage. Putting aside defeating him, none of these weapons would even be able to pierce his skin!

"Well, I'm not banking on them hurting you either," Zhang Xuan replied nonchalantly.

He had gathered those weapons from the Otherworldly Demons that he had killed back at the Temple of Confucius. Placed on the market, they were artifacts that were highly sought after by other cultivators, but they were insufficient to harm ordinary Ancient Sages, let alone those who were at the Dimension Shatterer realm.

"You aren't banking on them?" The deity was slightly taken aback.

He was unable to figure out what Zhang Xuan's intentions were.

At this moment, the deity suddenly felt a coldness beneath him once more. Lowering his head, he saw the spear from earlier warping into a black dragon once more to trap him tightly, sealing his movements for a moment.

"You…" the deity bellowed with gritted teeth.

In the end, the attack from all of those weapons was just a distraction for the spear to trap him once more!

But so what? Even if they had him trapped temporarily, there was nothing that they could do to him.

As long as he exerted his full strength, he would be able to swiftly break free from his restraints. It would be interesting to see how many times this black dragon could do this before it was broken into pieces.

While the spear had been tempered many times, its cultivation was still far beneath his. Each time it was jolted away, it would sustain significant damage. With his eye of discernment, he could tell that the spear could only do this for another five times at the very most!

Just as he was about to knock the spear away once more, the young man suddenly lowered his head and said, "You are Kong Shiyao, right? Lend me your sword."

"My sword?" Kong Shiyao was stunned.

Nevertheless, knowing how urgent the situation was, she did not hesitate to pass her sword over.

Knowing that the young man was intending to use her sword in the battle, Kong Shiyao hurriedly said, "My sword is a treasure passed down within our Kong Clan. Those who don't possess our bloodline won't be able to assimilate it. If you wish to use it, I can lend you a droplet of my blood…"

This sword had been forged by one of the best blacksmiths in the Hundred Schools of Philosophers. The sword had already reached Blood Reincarnation realm consummation, a mere step away from reaching the Dimension Shatterer realm. Those who did not possess a sufficiently pure bloodline would not even be able to move the sword.

It had taken her nearly three years before she was able to assimilate the sword and use a portion of its prowess.

If the young man before her wished to use it, he would need to use her blood as a medium to temporarily tame the sword.

"We don't have time for that now!" Zhang Xuan replied as he flicked his wrist powerfully.


A crisp sound echoed by the sword, and the next moment, it bowed down before Zhang Xuan, almost like a loyal, domesticated dog.

"Y-you've already tamed it?" Kong Shiyao's mouth widened in disbelief.



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