With Zhang Xuan's capabilities, taming a Blood Reincarnation realm consummation sword was a piece of cake. After assimilating the sword, he raised it high in the air and hacked it down upon the trapped deity.


There was a resounding clang as sparks rubbed off the top of the deity's head. A layer of skin fell to the ground.


The eyes of the deity turned scarlet with rage.

On the other hand, Kong Shiyao widened her eyes as she muttered incredulously, "That's not how you are supposed to use a sword…"

The greatest strength of a sword lay in its swiftness, but that fellow actually used it as a hacking tool instead! Even the best of weapon would eventually spoil under such misuse!

Dang dang dang!

In a single breath, Zhang Xuan executed over a hundred hacks all on the same spot, causing a laceration to appear on the deity's skull. It was so deep that one could almost see his brain.


Overflowing with the rage from being humiliated, the deity released a massive outburst of power once more and sent the Dragonbone Divine Spear flying. He turned to Zhang Xuan, intending to slaughter that arrogant young man who dared lay his hands on him, when a brick suddenly fell on his face once more.

This time, the brick descended upon the laceration on his head, causing blood to spurt out like a fountain.

"The heck!"

The deity nearly lost his mind.

That fellow's fighting style was really the epitome of underhandedness and despicableness.

We are all top-notch experts. Shouldn't you show some honor in your fighting style?

We should be crossing swords valiantly with one another instead of throwing out everything at our disposal as though we are mere ruffians… Your image is crumbling, you know!

Infuriated, the deity shook off the brick and turned his gaze once more toward Zhang Xuan, only to see that the latter had fled far away using his bloodline ability.

Trembling with rage, the deity turned his sights to Ancient Sage Yan Qing and the others and bellowed, "Since you wish to play games with me, I'll start by slaughtering the lot of them!"

He needed Kong Shiyao alive for his own purposes, but as for the other Ancient Sages, their lives meant nothing to him at all.

Thus, the deity thrust his palm downward, but once again, before his palm could connect, a spear suddenly stood in its path and halted its movements. Zhang Xuan stood right before the deity and wagged his finger provocatively. "Preying on the weak, what a formidable person you are. But I guess there's no other choice, considering that there's nothing you can do about me!"


With a wave of his hand, Zhang Xuan sent another barrage of weapons flying toward the deity.

"What cheap taunts! But very well, I shall start with you then!" With a cold glint in his eyes, the deity began dashing forth.

His movements were not too fast, but every step that he took caused a tremendous pulsation of energy that collapsed the space in the surroundings, rendering it impossible for others to traverse across wherever he had been through.

He had to admit that his speed was lacking in comparison to Zhang Xuan, but as long as he shattered the space in the surroundings, the latter would have nowhere to escape to!

"What a distasteful move!" Zhang Xuan's lips twitched. He turned to Ancient Sage Yan Qing and the others and said, "You lot should make use of this opportunity to recuperate and heal up. I'll handle him for the time being!"

Following which, he began flitting away into the distance once more.

On the other hand, seeing that Zhang Xuan was fleeing into the distance once again, the deity glanced at Kong Shiyao, intending on making use of this opportunity to capture her once more.

However, as if having read his mind, Zhang Xuan suddenly turned around and launched a counterattack. The brick, sword, and spear all flew right toward him, prepared to slip in through the cracks of his defense at any moment to harass him. At the same time, several corpses flew over and exploded right in his face.

Finally, the deity reached the limits of his patience and began chasing Zhang Xuan like a crazed dog.

As long as that fellow remained alive, it would only be a matter of time before he was driven insane by the other party. It seemed like he would really have to get rid of that fellow first!

Boom boom boom!

Just like that, the two of them began on a seemingly endless chase. From time to time, the one fleeing would turn around and launch a couple of attacks before fleeing once more, leaving the one chasing more enraged than ever.

The battle between the two of them caused the whole of the Kunxu Domain to rattle ceaselessly.


Yet another Scholastic Master was sent flying. Standing on the spot, Fan Xiaoxu scanned his surroundings with a forlorn look on his face, reminiscent of an expert lamenting the lack of a rival in the world. "Is there anyone else who wants to test my strength?"

Mi Xuan and the others were the first few who had rushed over to welcome the freshmen, so there were still a couple of Scholastic Masters who were not there yet. Upon hearing that a powerful freshman had arrived at the academy, they swiftly made their way over, suppressed their cultivation, and challenged the other party to a battle. To their dismay, they found that none of them were able to survive a single blow from the other party!

More importantly, Fan Xiaoxu seemed to be further refining his skills over the course of the battle, causing his fighting prowess to swiftly grow. By now, there was no one who could match him in his cultivation realm.

In fact… even those a realm stronger than him were no match for him.

"There's no need for that. It'll be meaningless to continue the battles at this point…" Zhong Qing shook his head and sighed deeply.

The result could not have been any clearer. None of them was a match for Fan Xiaoxu.

Fan Xiaoxu scanned the crowd around him and asked, "Then… who should I choose as my teacher?"

While he had defeated all of these Scholastic Masters, it still did not change the fact that he was only a Saint 9-dan freshman and needed a teacher to guide him around.

"I'm unqualified for the role!"

"I don't think that I have the ability to become your teacher…"

The defeated crowd lowered their faces in embarrassment.

They would have loved more than anything to accept a powerful student as their direct disciple, but considering how they could not even defeat the young man, what right did they have to teach him?

Anyone whom Fan Xiaoxu laid his eyes on would swiftly avert their gaze awkwardly. Some time passed, but not a single person spoke up. The surroundings were as silent as a graveyard.

Expecting such an outcome to his words, Fan Xiaoxu finally spoke up with a smile on his face. "Actually, I already have a teacher in mind, but I'm not sure if I will be able to come under his tutelage!"

Seeing a ray of hope to free themselves from this awkward situation, the Scholastic Masters in the area quickly asked, "May I know who it is?"

At this point in time, they would do anything to get out of this terribly uncomfortable situation!

"He goes by the name of Zhang Xuan. However, I'm not too sure whether that is his real name or not!" Fan Xiaoxu replied.

"Zhang Xuan? Is there anyone in the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism who goes by the surname of Zhang?" Zhong Qing was startled.

Those in the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism all came from the lineage of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, so how could there be a 'Zhang' around?

Nangong Yuanfeng suddenly stepped forward and said, "That name sounds rather familiar. I do know of a Zhang Xuan in this world, but I'm not sure if we are referring to the same person."

While not many in the Kunxu Domain would have heard of Zhang Xuan, that name was practically a household name on the Master Teacher Continent.

"Hmm?" Zhong Qing and Fan Xiaoxu quickly turned their curious gazes over.

"This man isn't from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers. Instead, he's a powerful master teacher from the Master Teacher Continent, as well as the head of the Zhang Clan. The reason we failed to acquire the Celestial Amulets of Legacy back then as per the requirements of our mission was due to his interference!" Nangong Yuanfeng said.

"Ah, that Zhang Xuan?" Zhong Qing widened his eyes in realization.

The top echelons of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers had already heard about the happenings in the Temple of Confucius. Based on the information that they had received, almost everything that they had sought to obtain, be it the Canvas of Four Seasons or the Bodhi Fruit, had ended up getting stolen by him.

"How did you hear of his name?" Zhong Qing stared at the young man before him intently.

It was deeply suspicious how Fan Xiaoxu knew of Zhang Xuan's name even though he had spent his entire life in the Kunxu Domain. There was likely something deeper to this.

"I…" Fan Xiaoxu's body suddenly stiffened as he realized that he had just let something important slip.

All along, he had thought that Zhang Xuan was an Ancient Sage of the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism or at least someone who was close to the academy. But contrary to his expectations, it turned out that the other party was not even from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers!

That would explain why the other party had borrowed his identity in order to get in! He had really messed up.

"You've never left the Kunxu Domain before, so you shouldn't have known of that name. Does this mean that… Zhang Xuan is currently in the Kunxu Domain?" Zhong Qing's eyebrows shot up as a bad premonition struck his mind.

Considering how Fan Xiaoxu and the others had suddenly grown so much stronger, as well as the fact that they actually knew of Zhang Xuan's name, the most logical deduction that he could think of was that the renowned master teacher of the Master Teacher Continent had somehow managed to find his way into the Kunxu Domain!


Fan Xiaoxu was in a quandary. He had no idea how he should respond in such a situation, but it turned out that he did not have to.

A split moment later, a deafening rumbling echoed in the air, and the clear sky began to collapse into a void.

Everyone hurriedly raised their heads in alarm, only to see two figures fighting one another in the air. Each time they clashed with one another, a gorge formed in the sky that extended over several li. Lightning rained down so furiously that it seemed as if the world would soon collapse under the devastation.

"Who the hell are you?" a person with blood dripping down his head bellowed with gritted teeth.

"Your grandfather, Zhang Xuan!" the other person replied gleefully.

"He's Zhang Xuan?"

Everyone was stunned.



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