"This is…"

Zhao Ya immediately shot to her feet in shock.

This was because she realized that even with her current cultivation… she was unable to see the entire span of the ominous clouds!

Due to her hard work over the past half a year, her cultivation had already reached Blood Reincarnation realm consummation. Of course, she was still nowhere close to pushing for a breakthrough to the Dimension Shatterer realm, but there was no doubt that her strength was more than enough to put her at the top of the world.

Despite that, she was actually unable to see the end of the ominous clouds…

Did this not mean that the ominous clouds extend over several hundred thousand li?

"What in the world is this? How could there be such a huge congregation of dark clouds here?"

Zhao Feng and his wife also swiftly noticed that something was amiss, and they were horrified by what they were seeing.

"It seems to be a cultivation ordeal… Teacher! That's right, my teacher must be back!" Zhao Ya's eyes lit up in excitement.

Not in the mood to cultivate anymore, she quickly rushed in the direction of where the ominous clouds had come from.

Other than her teacher, there was no one in the world who was able to summon such a huge congregation of clouds! He was the one and only one in the world!

"A teacher seeks to impart knowledge and clarify doubts. While our Combat Master Hall does not have the capacity to impart wisdom, we can still demystify combat techniques and fighting skills. This is aligned with the responsibilities of a teacher, and that's also why we are a subsidiary of the Master Teacher Pavilion instead of a separate organization!"

Standing in front of an army of ten thousand, Zheng Yang looked at the newly recruited combat masters sternly as he spoke.

Over the past half a year, the Combat Master Hall had grown significantly stronger, especially after Zheng Yang passed down the knowledge that he had received from Zhang Xuan.

The members of the Combat Master Hall were stronger than ever, each of them wielding the strength to fend off hundreds of cultivators simultaneously.

"We understand!"

The crowd nodded in agitation.

All of them had heard of the incredible deeds of the hall master and his teacher, and they looked forward to becoming a part of the legend they were creating. It was their dearest wish to follow behind this esteemed young man, and their wish was coming true!

Seeing that everyone was pumped up, Zheng Yang stopped his speech right there. "Alright, we shall start the training for today!"

He was just about to gesture for the instructors to begin when he suddenly raised his head and saw darkness creeping in from afar.

"Those dark clouds… Is it a cultivation ordeal?" Zheng Yang was stunned for a moment before realization struck him. "It's my teacher! He's going to achieve a breakthrough to Ancient Sage!"

With a slight push against the ground, he vanished right from the spot.

In the capital of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, Liu Yang was seated upon a high throne, looking down upon his subjects. With a cold voice carrying unquestionable authority, he commanded, "I have mentioned this far too many times, and it bores me to repeat myself time and time again. All Otherworldly Demons are to maintain friendly relations with the humans, and conflicts are to be avoided at all costs. Anyone who infringes on this will be killed without fail! Do I still have to teach you what to do?"

The Otherworldly Demons quickly kneeled on the ground fearfully and replied, "Yes, Your Majesty! We'll carry out your will!"

Shortly after his inauguration, the new Sovereign Chen Yong had implemented a series of swift but severe reforms. Under his efforts, the Otherworldly Demons were starting to accept their coexistence with the humans, and the initial tension between the two races was starting to calm down. Of course, a feud that had lasted over tens of thousands of years could not be halted so easily, but at the very least, the battles had stopped for the time being.

Eventually, time would wash away the hostility between the two races, ushering in an era of stability and harmony.

Not to mention, coexistence with the humans was not without benefits for the Otherworldly Demons either. The Otherworldly Demons gained access to the precious resources traded on the Master Teacher Continent, and they were also able to develop their industries through implementing the technologies of the humans.

Having experienced the benefits of coexistence, there were some factions among the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe who were starting to openly support the new Sovereign Chen Yong's policies.

More importantly, Sovereign Chen Yong had started pushing out a new set of cultivation techniques that allowed Otherworldly Demons to cultivate swiftly even if they did not devour the flesh and souls of master teachers and humans.

With the mutual benefits of the two races aligned, the friction between them lessened significantly.

"Alright, we shall end the court here. You are dismissed!"

With a wave of his hand, Liu Yang stood up to walk away. As a sign of respect, the subjects were only allowed to leave after the emperor had left the royal court.

However, at that moment, ominous clouds suddenly swarmed over from afar, covering the sky in a flash.

"Teacher…" Liu Yang's eyes reddened in agitation at this sight.

Without any hesitation, he flicked his wrist and tore open a spatial passageway. He walked into the spatial passageway and disappeared from the astonished eyes of his subjects.

After his hard work over the past half a year, the situation in the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had finally stabilized. He finally had the rights to pursue his teacher once more.

The same situation was occurring in the Hundred Schools of Philosophers' Kunxu Domain.

Kong Shiyao looked at the gloomy sky as her body trembled in excitement.

Was her teacher finally appearing once more after his long absence?

"I'll leave the Kunxu Domain to you for the time being. I'm heading out to take a look!"

Without waiting for the other party to respond, Kong Shiyao rushed toward the Master Teacher Continent.

After spending six months in anonymity, Zhang Xuan finally caused a huge uproar in the world with his breakthrough!

"It's him… It really is him!"

"There's no doubt, there's no one other than Zhang shi who could pull something like this off. To think that we wouldn't be able to recognize him when he was right before our eyes, and we even attempted to capture him…"

"My gosh, I actually got a chance to see Zhang shi's splendor with my own eyes! Now, I can die with no regrets!"

As the truth dawned upon those in the little town, countless silhouettes gathered around the stage stiffened in shock.

Previously, when Shen Bi Ru mentioned that she was Zhang shi's colleague, there had not been a single person among the crowd who believed her. When she said that the young man standing before them was actually Zhang shi, they had scoffed at her words, thinking that they were utter nonsense.

All of it turned out to be real!

The incredible figure who had won the world's respect and admiration was really standing right before them in the flesh!

"He's just the same as ever. He's always the brightest one in the crowd," Shen Bi Ru remarked with a helpless smile.

For as long as she had known this young man, he had always caught everyone's gaze. She had thought that he would tone down after coming this far, but the other party turned out to be the same as ever. It was as if he did not know the concepts of humility and low profile.

Zhang Xuan was oblivious to the uproar among the crowd.

He was carefully ruminating over his new enlightenment, and it felt as if the rays of the dawn sun had pierced through the darkness in his mind, showing him a new route.

This feeling was so strong that it touched even the depths of his soul.

"So, this is what I've been pursuing all this while," Zhang Xuan muttered with a faint smile as he looked at the endless dark clouds and lightning bolts gathering around him.

It was apparent that the cultivation ordeal that he was going to go through this time would be highly destructive, commanding a might far beyond what he had ever experienced before.

Si la!

Lightning bolts and heavenly flames condensed together to form innumerable massive weapons, and each of these weapons darted right toward Zhang Xuan.

Just from the sheer momentum, it felt like not even Dimension Shatterer realm experts would stand a chance against this fearsome might.

In fact, it felt like it had far exceeded everything in the world.

It was a transcendental force that was bound to bring destruction upon its target, and not even the newly enlightened Zhang Xuan would stand a chance against it.


Since he did not stand a chance against it, why should he bother fighting against it?

Without the slightest change in his expression, Zhang Xuan parted his lips.


His voice pierced through the void, echoing into the high heavens.


As if they had encountered their greatest nemeses, the weapons made of lightning bolts and heavenly flames swiftly disintegrated into nothing.

At the same time, under his command, the ominous clouds slowly scattered, returning a clear sky to the world.

Previously, he would still have had to utilize all kinds of techniques in order to overcome his cultivation ordeal, but with his current ability, he was actually able to resolve it with a single word.

It was as if the heavens of the Master Teacher Continent had submitted to him. He had become the ruler of the world, and his words dictated the future course of the world.

This was the ability of the Word of Law!

A breakthrough to Ancient Sage meant surpassing the world in a certain law, but the current Zhang Xuan had gone far beyond that. His entire existence had surpassed the limitations of the world, making him a being who stood above the heavens.

He had become a transcendental being that existed beyond the three realms, unrecognized by the Five Elements.

As the Ancient Sage Ordeal vanished, overwhelming energy gushed out from his body and pierced into the heavens, suppressing everything in the area.


Unable to suppress his zhenqi any longer, Zhang Xuan's aura began surging forth. In an instant, from Sempiternal realm consummation, he had already reached Ancient Sage.

Ancient Sage 1-dan Bloodline Continuance realm!

Ancient Sage 2-dan Great Philosopher realm!

Ancient Sage 3-dan Blood Reincarnation realm!

All of the accumulation prior to his breakthrough was showing its effects now.

In less than ten breaths, he had already pushed through three realms, rising all the way to Blood Reincarnation realm consummation!

In a sense, his achievement was even more fearsome than Kong Shiyao's. In fact, not even Kong shi's breakthrough had been so swift!

Feeling vigorous energy coursing through his body, a smile slowly etched itself onto Zhang Xuan's lips as he gazed down upon the world as if an immortal of the heavens. At that moment, his profile looked ever so inviolable and authoritative.

A long silence lingered in the world as the sky cleared up completely. Following which, a majestic voice boomed across the world.

"From this day onward, I am the World's Teacher!"The three realms are namely the heavens, earth, and hell.



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