In the Elder Council, all of the inner elders and above were gathered together. The atmosphere was a little heavy.

"The books that I organized with great difficulty in the Compendium of Sword Wisdom sensed the Sword Intent and bowed simultaneously to it. In the end, they collapsed together from the shelves and ended up getting messed up once more," Elder Wei said indignantly.

"The massive sword that out founder left behind collapsed, causing the mountain gate to fall apart as well," the bubbly elder reported.

Another elder clasped his fist and said, "The disciples who were having their swordsmanship evaluated in the Sword God Hall were all suppressed by that Sword Intent and ended up sustaining some injuries."

After hearing the reports from all of the elders, Elder He, who sat at the centermost position in the room, stood up and gazed at the faces around him. "I believe all of you should have some understanding of what happened earlier!"

"Yes!" the crowd replied.

"Ever since the passing of our founder, who comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent, no other sword practitioner has reached the same height as him," Elder He said. "Even the most talented individual in our history was only able to reach Ten Li Sword God. But today, someone has comprehended our ancestor's Sword Intent, causing the massive sword at the entrance to collapse and all of our Sword Books to bow in submission. I would like to hear your opinions regarding this matter!"

"I think that the emergence of such a talented sword practitioner is the blessing of our sect! Back then, our founder appeared from nowhere and came to fame with a single battle. He stole half a character of '神 (God)' from the Hall of Gods, and that's where the term 'Sword God Hall' and the title 'Sword God' come from!" an elder said in agitation.

"For thousands of years, our predecessors have tried to bring the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion back to its former glory, but it's a pity that no one was able to reach the same height as our founder. But today, someone managed to comprehend our founder's Sword Intent. This means that it's just a matter of time before our sect rises through the ranks!"

"Indeed. Of the Six Sects, even Starchaser Palace, which can communicate with the gods, dare not carry the name of 'god'. Our sect's Sword God Hall is the only exception! And right now, another person has comprehended the same Gods' Sword Intent that our founder did. As long as we nurture him well, our Sword Pavilion could very well complete the half a character, thus becoming the Sword God Pavilion. That would make us an existence equivalent to the Ethereal Hall!"

"For this half a character, many of our predecessors have fought hard and bled rivers, but success still eludes us so… Finally, a ray of hope is before us…"

Quite a few elders rose up in agitation.

"The person who has comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent is indeed likely able to acquire the other half a character from the Hall of Gods, thus allowing our sect to bear the full '神 (God)' character! This is the wish, as well as the greatest honor we can bring to the sect!" Elder He nodded as he clenched his fists tightly.

The Forsaken Continent was a place that was abandoned by the gods. There was only one way to receive the recognition of the gods, and that was to acquire the bestowed character of the gods!

The Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion was the only one among the Six Sects that had been bestowed with a character, but it was only half of one. That meant that they were unqualified to place it amid the name of their sect. So, they had chosen to put it within their examination hall instead.

The reason he had stood at the entrance for thirty years, cultivating diligently regardless of the weather, was in the hope of comprehending the conceptualization of the founder and grasping the crux behind the unparalleled Sword Intent.

However, his hard work did not pay off.

Eventually, the one who comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent was not him. Nevertheless, it was still a huge blessing for the sect for something like this to happen!

"Relay my orders! Investigate this matter carefully, and find out who released the Sword intent. If any of you uncover the identity of the person, you are to report the matter to me immediately. There mustn't be any delay at all!" Elder He instructed strictly.

"Also, this matter has to kept with the utmost confidentiality. Anyone who reveals it to outsiders will be viewed as traitors of the sect, and they will be shown no mercy!"

"Yes!" The crowd nodded grimly.

"Before I end the meeting, let me re-emphasize the agenda. Uncover the person behind the Gods' Sword Intent and report it to me. I'll make sure to relay the matter promptly to the sect leader and ensure that the sect leader rewards him personally!"

"A personal reward from the sect leader?"

Everyone's eyes reddened in excitement.

The sect leader possessed unfathomable capabilities. A reward from him was bound to be extraordinary.

Just when everyone was getting hyped up about uncovering the identity of the mysterious sword practitioner, a voice suddenly sounded outside.

"Elder He, External Elder Lu Yun seeks an audience with the Elder Council!"

"Lu Yun?" Elder He frowned.

Given the scale of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion, there were many elders to manage the administrative affairs of the sect. Generally speaking, external elders were unqualified to seek an audience with the Elder Council due to their low standing.

"What's the matter?"

"He said that he has discovered a talented sword practitioner, so he has come here to report it. He hopes to apply for the position of an inner disciple for him," the voice reported.

"He has discovered a talented sword practitioner?" Elder He's eyebrows shot up. "Summon him in!"

The reason he had gathered everyone to conduct this meeting was to uncover the identity of the genius who had comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent. Elder Lu Yun's sudden arrival at that moment sparked some hope in his heart.

It did not take long for Elder Lu Yun to arrive before the Elder Council.

"You mentioned that you have found a talented sword practitioner. What happened?" Elder He asked.

"First Elder, I am responsible for recruiting outer disciples and menial disciples. While I was passing by Starlight City…"

Elder Lu Yun swiftly went through the entire incident, including his encounter with World's Edge, Dan Xiaotian easily defeating Huo Jianghe, and the manifestation of his Sword Intent reaching 499 meters.

"Here is the jade token he left behind in the Sword God Hall!"

"He's only an Ancient Sage 1-dan cultivator, but he's already able to extend his Sword Intent to nearly a li?" Elder He was visibly astonished.

He was not the one. The other elders in the council also widened their eyes in disbelief.

It was conventionally viewed that one's ability to conceptualize higher swordsmanship was related to one's innate talent. However, without sufficiently powerful cultivation, one would be unable to seal or drive a powerful Sword Intent!

For this reason, it was inconceivable for an Ancient Sage 1-dan cultivator to actually manifest his Sword Intent to nearly a li.

That was a feat that far surpassed that of other core disciples! This was indubitably talent at a terrifying scale.

The bubbly elder turned to Elder He and asked, "Could it be him?"

"A seventeen-year-old Ancient Sage 1-dan sword practitioner… I don't think that it's likely that he will have been able to comprehend the Gods' Sword Intent. Even if he's able to, he wouldn't be able to drive such tremendous power. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that he's a rare genius!" Elder He nodded.

Even someone of Elder He's cultivation realm might not necessarily be able to harness the tremendous might of the Gods' Sword Intent, let alone the fact that the other party was a seventeen-year-old Ancient Sage 1-dan young man.

Thus, he swiftly eliminated this possibility.

"Our sect welcomes talented individuals with open arms. Dan Xiaotian will hereby be promoted to an inner disciple, and he shall be bestowed with the privileges of a core disciple. When he reaches Pseudo Immortal realm, he'll be promoted directly without undergoing the examination!"

At this point, Elder He paused for a moment before continuing on. "Elder Lu Yun, your merit for discovering such a talent for the sect will not go unnoticed. You are bestowed with a Grand Divinity Pill, and Elder Wu and Elder Bai will aid you in pushing for a breakthrough to the True Immortal realm. Once you succeed, you will be promoted to an inner elder of the sect!"

Hearing that he had received such a huge reward, Elder Lu Yun immediately kneeled onto the floor and exclaimed, "Thank you, Elder He!"

The Grand Divinity Pill was one of the most precious pills in the sect. Every single one of them was extremely precious, and it was one of the few cultivation resources that one could not buy even with ample money.

If a Heavenly Pseudo Immortal cultivator used a single one of those, their chances at achieving a breakthrough would be increased by twenty percent. With this, the odds of him reaching the True Immortal realm would be greatly increased!

Not to mention, he would have the guidance of Elder Wu and Elder Bai too!

It could be said that he was not too far away from becoming an inner elder anymore!

"Those who have accrued merit are rewarded, and those who have erred are punished. This is the rule of our sect, so there's no need for you to stand on ceremony. Until you become an inner elder, you'll be in charge of managing Dan Xiaotian. If you notice anything peculiar, report it to me immediately!" Elder He instructed.

"Yes, First Elder!" Elder Lu Yun replied excitedly before backing out of the Elder Council.

"Un!" Elder He took one last look around the Elder Council before waving his hand. "Alright, you're dismissed. Remember what I've said. As long as you find that sword practitioner, your rewards will be even more generous than those given to Elder Lu!"

"Yes, First Elder!" the crowd replied before leaving the Elder Council.

To them, while Dan Xiaotian was indeed a genius, the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion did not lack people like him. There were plenty of those who could reach two li among the core disciples.

There was no doubt that they were surprised by Dan Xiaotian's feat, but that was all. Unlike the sword practitioner who had comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent, his presence would not change the sect at its core.

Everyone quickly left the room, leaving behind Elder He and the bubbly elder.

"Are you going to send a message to the sect leader?" the bubbly elder asked.

"Yes. This matter is of grave importance, so we must inform the sect leader of it as soon as possible!" Elder He replied with a nod.

"Our sect leader is currently with the leaders of the other five sects to discuss the once in a century 'Azure Bridge'. Will we be disturbing him by contacting him at this juncture?" the bubbly elder asked worriedly.

"I doubt it. Even if we don't inform our sect leader of it right away, those from the other sects will surely transmit the news too. It'll be terrible if our sect leader doesn't receive firsthand news from us directly!" Elder He replied.

He took out a special jade token and swiftly carved a message on it. After he was done, the special jade token suddenly burst into flames before vanishing from sight.

White clouds drifted peacefully on a mountain peak of unimaginable height. From afar, the melodious cries from a flock of divine cranes could faintly be heard. A small stream trickled not too far away, and the light refreshing fragrance of nature lingered in the air.

From afar, this place looked no different from paradise.

Beneath an ancient pine tree, several figures were gathered in a circle.

A beautiful lady raised her teacup and sipped on it gracefully before speaking nonchalantly. "I propose that we stick with our previous rules. There's no need to waste our time bickering over the same matter again."

"The rules we agreed on previously are fair and rational, but we have never succeeded even after so many attempts over the years. I fear that sticking to the conventions will get us nowhere," an old man replied.

"Oh? You sound as if you have a better plan in mind. Why don't you share it so that we can confer over it!" the beautiful lady scoffed.

"Du Qingyuan, your Starchaser Palace is the only one among the Six Sects that is able to liaise with the Ethereal Hall. You should know that the main reason we are gathered here is to listen to your opinion on the matter. Could it be that you wish to remain here instead of finding a way out? If I'm not mistaken, your lifespan is already nearing its limits, right?" the middle-aged man seated opposite the beautiful lady said with a frown.

"It's true that we are able to liaise with the Ethereal Hall, but you should also know what kind of existence the Ethereal Hall is. Just because we are able to liaise with it doesn't mean that we have a complete understanding of the entity. Also, while my lifespan is indeed nearing its limits, if you think that our Starchaser Palace is a pushover just because of that, you can give it a try. I am more than happy to have a duel with you right here, right now!" The beautiful lady, Du Qingyuan, smirked coldly.

"Alright, calm down. We are here to discuss the matter, not to come to blows with one another!" The old man who spoke previously swiftly mediated between the two. "Sect Leader Qin, you should cool down a little. Palace Master Du, you also know that Sect Leader Qin has always been a little extreme with his words, so do bear with him a little. I don't think that we'll be able to come to a conclusion discussing the matter like this. Thus, I have already liaised with Hall Master Kong from the Ethereal Hall, and he should be arriving soon enough…"

Before the old man could finish his words, a scholarly middle-aged man dressed in a robe suddenly appeared before everyone. He had a faint smile on his lips.

"It seems like Brother Han understands me well…"



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