Sword of Forlorn Sentiments was one of the top sword arts among the inner disciples. If one was able to execute all nine swords at once, this technique would definitely rank in the top three.

While Zhu Yanzhi had only cultivated it up to eight swords, it was still a force to behold. Yet, it was as if the other party knew the ins and outs of the technique. As soon as the other party made a move, he dashed right into the opening created by his inability to execute the ninth sword!

As powerful as the Sword of Forlorn Sentiments was, it had a major flaw. Until one mastered it up to the nine swords, it could only be considered an incomplete sword art!

The other party exploited this incompletion and dashed right into this blind spot, rendering him unable to hurt the other party even if he wanted to.

Even the strongest sword practitioner among the inner disciples was incapable of such a feat!

Anxious, Zhu Yanzhi attempted to redirect his sword to launch another sword art, but the young man suddenly raised the sword in his hand and pointed it toward his glabella.

This simple movement deciphered his Sword of Forlorn Sentiments and all its transformations. All his moves were sealed, and there was nothing that he could do in this situation.

If the other party really pushed through with this strike, there was a good chance that he would lose his life right there!

"I..." Zhu Yanzhi felt his body turning ice cold with horror.

He had thought that he would at least be able to force the other party to reveal his true identity through his ultimate technique, but who could have known that he would be defeated right after the match just started?

Against such overwhelming prowess, would the two of them really be able to uncover the other party's identity?

And if they were unable to do so... goodbye 720 Sword Pavilion Coins!

Filled with regret, Zhu Yanzhi was just thinking that he should not have listened to the words of others and continued gambling when the sword that was directed toward his glabella suddenly halted.

Perplexed, Zhu Yanzhi looked over and saw a conflicted look on I Am Low Profile's face.

He had no idea why I Am Low Profile would suddenly lose his focus in the midst of the battle, but he knew that there was no better chance than this for him to make his escape and regather himself. Thus, he swiftly took a step back to avoid that killing blow before gathering momentum to execute yet another ultimate technique.

The Sword of Forlorn Sentiments was his trump card, but since it had been deciphered, there was no way it would pose a threat to his opponent anymore. This time around, the move that he executed lacked the might that Sword of Forlorn Sentiments possessed, but it had the advantage in terms of speed.

Berserk Gale Swift Sword!

Every move that he executed was faster than the previous. By the tenth strike, his movements were already reminiscent of a raging hurricane, tearing everything down with unstoppable speed.

In truth, this was a technique that was only suited for Ancient Sage 4-dan experts. Executing it with the zhenqi and body of an Ancient Sage 1-dan cultivator was truly pushing it a little, but given the dire situation, Zhu Yanzhi had still chosen to use it.


The sword tore forth amid roaring wind, creating innumerable sword afterimages in the air. Zhu Yanzhi thought that the other party would fall into a fluster before his unstoppable barrage of attacks, but contrary to his expectations... the other party simply took another step forward and hacked down with his sword.

With yet another simple movement, the other party struck the core weakness of the Berserk Gale Swift Sword. If the strike had landed, he would have been chopped into two and die on the spot.

In other words, barely after he had executed his second move, he was yet again on the verge of death.

Zhu Yanzhi was going insane.

Just when he was about to give up and resign himself to his fate, I Am Low Profile suddenly halted with a conflicted expression once more.

Zhu Yanzhi made use of this opportunity to roll to the side, thus surviving this calamity.

Unwilling to give up just like that, he executed yet another ultimate technique right after.

Having lived in the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion for so many years, he had grasped plenty of formidable sword arts, and every single one of them boasted immense might.

But once again, barely after he had begun moving, the other party deciphered his sword art and aimed an attack at his core weakness. He would have died if it landed, but the other party simply would not push through with the attack.

Just like that, Zhu Yanzhi went through seven movement techniques and twelve sword arts, but the result did not change at all. He was really on the brink of going ballistic.

That was not just the case for him. The crowd beneath also stared at one another with flabbergasted looks on their faces.

"He could have won in a single blow. Why does he stop every single time just as he's about to win?'

"I have no idea what he's doing at all... Does he not want to win?"

"Initially, I thought that he was afraid of Zaozao's counterattack, so he was playing it a little safe, but that's clearly not the case at all!"

"Zaozao is obviously outmatched, so I think we can all agree that I Am Low Profile is doing it intentionally. Could it be that he's teaching Zaozao a lesson?"

Everyone was rather mystified by the happenings.

As skilled sword practitioners, they could tell that I Am Low Profile could have won the battle, but he chose to stop at the crucial juncture each and every time. It was as if he had brought everything up to the peak. Just a bit more, and it would have been the climax. Yet, of all times, he chose to take a rest then.

If it was just once, they could still have attributed it to his weak stamina, but if it happened each and every time, even the densest person in the room could tell that it was on purpose.

After failing yet another strike, Zhu Yanzhi finally came to the limits of his patience and roared, "Just what are you doing?"

He had fought plenty of battles in the dueling ring, and this was the first time that he had desired to just be killed so that everything could come to an end.

Seeing that Zhu Yanzhi had halted his attacks, Zhang Xuan lowered his sword arm and replied, "What am I doing? Aren't I sparring with you?"

"Sparring? You had so many chances to kill me, so why did you stop?" Zhu Yanzhi bellowed furiously.

Since everyone there was able to tell, there was nothing for him to hide anymore.

"Ah, was it that obvious to you?" Zhang Xuan scratched his head awkwardly. "If you've read my name, you should know that I am not a person who likes to attract attention to myself. If I killed you in a single strike, wouldn't that be going against what I stand for? I don't really want to cause a huge commotion!"

"You don't want to cause a huge commotion?"

That ridiculous excuse nearly made Zhu Yanzhi's heart stop from sheer rage.

Is that what you meant by low profile?

Low profile my ass!

You exploited every single one of my flaws, only to let me go, as if a predator toying with his prey. This isn't keeping a but intentional bragging! Aren't you just trying to tell everyone how advanced your swordsmanship is?

And what? You don't want to cause a commotion?

Look around you and touch your heart. Is that really what you believe in?

Every single one of those faces below looks as if someone has stuffed an egg into their mouth... You would have been much more low profile if you had killed me with a single blow!

"I admit defeat!" Overwhelmed with frustration, Zhu Yanzhi shouted before turning around and leaving the dueling ring.

It was not that he did not want his money anymore, but any amount of money he had would be meaningless if he died of depression right now!

Honestly, while he was on the stage, he had really contemplated whether he should have just killed himself so that it would all end.

"Sigh, I seem to be terribly misunderstood here. If he knew how distressing it is when everyone's attention is on you, he would have surely sympathized with me..." Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly.

Other than that, he also felt bad taking so much money from Zhu Yanzhi. Since the other party had put up so much money, would it not be rude of him to end the battle so quickly?

This was a win-win situation!

While he was able to earn his money, Zhu Yanzhi was also able to practice his techniques and have his pride spared.

After Zaozao admitted defeat, the gray-robed young lady, Onset of Twilight, stepped into the dueling ring.

"I have to admit, you are a powerful opponent..." Onset of Twilight looked at Zhang Xuan warily with narrowed eyes.

Their original plan had been to wear the other party down and force him to execute his strongest move. From there, they would have been able to deduce the other party's real identity.

It was clear that their plans were in shambles. They had never thought that Zhu Yanzhi would lose without being able to inflict the slightest damage on the other party.

Given so, all the pressure was now on her.

"I have a request," Onset of Twilight said. "I hope that you won't hold back against me. I want you to use your strongest move to defeat me!"

You want me to use my strongest move?"

This request left Zhang Xuan slightly hesitant.

"That's right!" Onset of Twilight nodded.

As long as the other party used his strongest move, even if she lost, she would still be able to deduce his identity at the very least!

This... Very well then!" Seeing the other party's earnest eyes, Zhang Xuan eventually gave his word.


Onset of Twilight took a deep breath and drove her zhenqi. Lifting her arm, she was just about to get into stance when a blur flashed across her eyes. Before she knew it, a sword was already pressed against her neck. The sharp glint reflecting off it blinded her eyes. It felt like she would be killed on the spot if she dared make a single move.

Onset of Twilight was stupefied. She could not even react to what had just happened. The heck!

Bro, when did you get here?

I haven't even seen your move yet, so why do I have a sword pressed against my neck?

Onset of Twilight had thought that she could finally figure out the other party's identity, but even as the other party's sword was on her neck, she did not manage to see his movements, let alone deduce the sword art that he had used!

Do you have to be so fast?

"You have lost," Zhang Xuan remarked calmly.

He had thought of dragging the fight a little longer to make it more worth their money. However, since this young lady had made such a request, he would just have to accommodate her. After all, this was what good service was about!


At this moment, Onset of Twilight was in complete panic.

With a sword against her neck, she could not even deny her loss. It was already over.

In two rounds, they did not even manage to come close to putting the other party in danger, let alone see through his sword art!

But it was not all for naught. They were not able to confirm the other party's true identity, but they were able to narrow down the scope of candidates.

Among the inner disciples, there were no more than five people who wielded such abilities!

However, those five, due to their superior fighting prowess and talents, were highly regarded by the sect. They did not lack resources, and there were far easier ways for them to earn Sword Pavilion Coins. They would not stoop down to the level of gambling just to earn some spare change. After all, why would they allow something like that to besmirch their name when there was such a great future ahead of them?

On the other hand, the person whom they had faced was like a slave to money. They had little doubt that if they threw Sword Pavilion Coins into the water, the other party would dive right in to get them.

This did not tally at all!

The more they thought about it, the more confused they became.

After leaving the dueling ring, Zhang Xuan walked up to them and demanded with outstretched hands, "You have lost. 720 Sword Pavilion Coins!"

He had learned both of their real identities through the duel, so he was not afraid of them shirking payment.

"Here you go..."

Seeing that their ploy had failed, Zhu Yanzhi and Onset of Twilight were despondent. However, they knew that they had met with a real expert. So, they could only pool their money together and repay the debt.

"Thank you for your patronage. Feel free to find me if you ever want to bet again," Zhang Xuan replied gleefully.

Words could not begin to describe how thankful he was to his two Gods of Fortune. In just twenty minutes since entering the Ethereal Hall, he had already earned 1,400 Sword Pavilion Coins!

Seeing the other party's sincere eyes, Zhu Yanzhi and Onset of Twilight felt a pain in their hearts.

Why does it seem like we are good people who are here to deliver money into your hands? No, we are here to get all your money!

They could not help but feel like they had become fools.

But thinking about it, they were indeed fools for giving away all their wealth in a brief twenty minutes.

"Can you tell me your real name?"

Seeing that I Am Low Profile was going to leave, Zhu Yanzhi could not help but give it one shot.

"Hmm? You want to know my real name?" Zhang Xuan met their expectant eyes for a moment before releasing the clip holding his hair and combing it backward. Placing his hand behind, he showed those two his imposing back profile. "Please call me... Gao Jin!"

Without bothering to look at the two dumbfounded individuals behind him, Zhang Xuan walked away before retracting his consciousness from the Ethereal Hall.

The reason he had entered the Ethereal Hall was to earn some money to use, and now that he had a huge fortune of 1,440 Sword Pavilion Coins with him, it should be enough to last him quite a while. There was no need for him to idle around anymore.

"Gao Jin?"

"Is there an inner disciple called Gao Jin? Quick, go and check it!"

Perplexed, the two swiftly whipped out their information books and looked through the list of inner disciples that they had compiled. A few moments later, they looked as if an inferno was going to erupt from their eyes.

That fellow had scammed them!

"That b*stard! I shall make him spit out whatever he has taken from us, or else I shan't be Zhu Yanzhi!"

The more he thought about it, the angrier Zhu Yanzhi became.

"But given how powerful he is, what can we do about him?" Onset of Twilight was infuriated as well, but the sliver of rationality in her told her that there was not much they could do to I Am Low Profile.

"Simple. He might be formidable, but there's no way he can match up to the top experts of the inner disciples. Since that's the case, we'll just pay a visit to them and tell them that a remarkable sword practitioner has appeared in the Ethereal Hall and goad them into making a move. Meanwhile, we_ll make another bet with him on that!" Zhu Yanzhi said as a glint flashed across his eyes.

"You're right! We can do that too!" Onset of Twilight's eyes lit up in excitement. "It's settled then!"

As powerful as I Am Low Profile might seem, there was no way he could compete with those monsters who ranked at the top among the inner disciples. Since that was the case, they could engage their help to teach him a lesson!

After returning to his room, Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before walking out.

It had been some time since his cultivation had reached the Dimension Shatterer realm, so it was about time for him to push to higher realm!

However, in order to do so, he would require a sufficient number of cultivation techniques. It was too pricy to buy from the Ethereal Hall, so he could only hope to pay a visit to the Compendium of Sword Wisdom to take a look!

After all, it was for this reason that he had encouraged Dan Xiaotian to become an inner disciple of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion!

So, he walked out of his room, and just as he was about to leave the residence, the door suddenly creaked open. Elder Lu Yun walked in with an excited look on his face.

At this moment, Elder Lu Yun's aura had become a little unfathomable, as if a veil of clouds were shrouding his true prowess. Astonishingly, he had achieved a breakthrough to become a True Immortal!



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